Saturday, June 5, 2010


There are reports that indicate all is not well in the national women's hockey team following their dismal outing in the World Cup Qualifiers in Santiago where they finished last.

It is learnt that a group of players had a session with top guns of the NSC and demanded that coach Yahya Atan be replaced.

It is yet to be determined what their bone of contention is but suffice to say that if the news is true, then it will mean that MWHA must be held responsible .

Besides the Asian and Commonwealth Games, the team is also likely to feature in the inaugural Asian Champions Trophy in South Korea in late July following the withdrawal of India. The other teams playing in the tournament are South Korea, China and Japan.

The demand for Yahya's removal and the request by a coach from the men's team to move into the setup for the ladies seem to be too coincidential, so is there any link to it?

For the record, both the NSC DG and TM Pahang are aware of the coach's request to be re-designated.