Sunday, May 31, 2015


A lukewarm smile, half a handshake. That's how the President of MHC greeted me at the Press Comference, obviously trying to show his displeasure of this blogs revelations.

To be honest the former MHC Senior Vice President who was ousted did better as he took the trouble to call to find out of my health.

This cold shoulder atituse was expected nonetheless as we will today reveal just what has become of MHC.

Let's take a look at the appointment of George Koshy as the Conpetitions Chairman.

When asked by a journalist as to the conflict of interest, the President retorted that Koshy will be relinquishing his role with KLHC soon as they have a team in MHL.

Just wait a minute here, why should Koshy stop running his club? Conflict of interest says the President as reported in the blog www.

Wait a minute please as you shoot yourself in the foot. With the exception of Koshy, nine of the elected officials of the EB hold positions at state level. Is that not conflict of interest? When can we expect them to resign!

The President clearly shows double standards being practiced and will be held in high esteem if he resigns his state position.

Next we come to appointment of Independent Members. The sole reason this positions were created was to help MHF and later MHC to have the option of bringing in personalities to help the sport.

So why appoint someone who just assumed the leadership of a state body and another who has no technical expertise in the sport.

There are many who can contribute effectively to the sport but were ignored as they are not in the right political camp!

Even the appointment of Chairmans of the various sub committees shows how shallow thinking rules the day.

Someone who headed the High Performance Committee in the past three years and recycled slides now is given Development. And no ex international takes charge of High Performance while International Affairs was an after thought as they ran out of committees to dish out.

And the list goes on and on as blunders rule the day in MHC. Just sad that one state continues to form the bulk of appointments when they cannot sort out a turd for the state but all has been hit air.

My thanks to the CEO for taking trouble to explain the PC invite issue and one simple advise - get rid of little napoleons in your office and those being placed as so called Admin Executives, also known as Gundu mama. 

And to Neelam Pari, any more positions you want? You can take the goal post as well!

Friday, May 29, 2015


There seems to be selective persecution by the newly appointed CEO of MHC as no invite was send to me for the post EB Press Conference.

Earlier I. The week I was sent an email inviting me to the naming of the SEA Games squads and subsequently the list of players.

I dulu replied to the email requesting the names of officials going to Singapore, and till at the time of writing I await a reply.

This it came as a surprise that the CEO conspicuously left me out of the email notifying the media on the PC at MHC. Still I hope to be there, maybe they will put up armed security guards to keep me out.

It is interesting to note that the CEO is doing what the old regime of MHC used to do, deny me an invite and perhaps the CEO is taking instructions from Gundu Mama on who not to invite.

Talking of Gundu Mama, those who watch Tamil movies will remember a character from the movie Padiyappa which is " Neelam Pari".

Now this character is a lady who thinks that whatever she says is right and all others are wrong.

This character thinks that whatever her decisions are for others to follow.

Why raise this character and what equation is it to MHC? Well there is an official within MHC that displays such a personality.

This person "was" relatively close to me and when I started dialysis used to message me daily, to encourage me.

But in the run up to the MHC elections the true character of this person was revealed as all was important was her election into office.

All her promises ended up to be mere reathoric as I was merely a pawn in her web of deceit.

This she is rightfully named as Neelam Pari as she really plays that role to perfection.

I have challenged her to take on the role of Competitions Chairman and as one of the inner mafias of MHC, she should have the guts to prove me wrong.

After all she wants to add titles to her position, having amassed many posts then goal posts in the country.

See you tomorrow CEO.

Thursday, May 28, 2015


Conflict of interest is a widely used term, but sadly never practised by those within MHC.

Last Saturday there was yet another Brainstorming session for teams participating in the Malaysian Hockey League, be it the Premier League, Division One and the Ladies League.

Several peculiar things happen that makes one sit up and view with concern the direction the new MHC is taking.

Firstly is the participation of the National Juniors.

A decision to field the Juniors as a team was taken in February 2014 and they then stayed out of last years MHL on basis that they are not adequately prepared.

Now a year later the excuse is the same as they get the clubs to object to the release of the players.

But what is the actual reason of the Juniors shying away? 

Simply put it is co flick of interest as many if not all the team officials are involved in a particular club and obviously receive monetary gains above what they get with the National Juniors.

One has to remember that national interests is to be placed above everything else especially money.

The end result of the brainstorming session was that the Executive Board would decide on the fate of the juniors.

Imagine leaving the decisions in the hands of the very people who have conflict of interests as they are holding federal and state positions in hockey bodies and some who have no locus standi.

Then we have an issue as to why gold such a brain storming session when MHC has yet to appoint a Compeitions Chairman or Committee.

Such a session was held five years ago at OCM and the recommendations are probably lying in the shelves of the MHC.

The Malays have a saying the describes well the atituse called "bodoh sombong" or loosely translated means stupid yet arrogant to describe those who do not ask when they are not clear.

Let's see what those on mighty chairs decide on Saturday, nation or friendship.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

YAARE GUNDU MAMA - Part 5 Untold Stories

In simple English the title above translated means " who is this fat uncle".

That seems to be the question asked right from the corridors of power at the Jalil Hill to the wide spectrum of the hockey fraternity.

It is indeed baffling why this individual wields so much power when he is not an elected office bearer and not a paid employee of MHC.

He has been introduced as the Deputy CEO to the NSC Director General, as Admin Executive to staff of MHC and also as Executive Secretary to others.

But one thing is certain - he is a decision and executor of directives of the President.

Basically this individual has no locus standi when one examines the MHC Constitution yet he has made phone calls to some officials offering them Chairmanship or Membership of various Sub Committees when he obviously has no say in such matters.

Perhaps the biggest blunder was to an elder statesman in hockey who was offered the Fisciplinary Board Chairmanship when the constitution clearly spells out that any individual appointed must be in legal practice and has legal qualification.

While this individual may mean well by acting on orders of the President, there is an appointed CEO whose job is to administer MHC, unless he is merely a puppet in the system.

So it's best that Dundu Mama should take a step back or get into the system and vacate his state position if the federal position is what he seeks.

Let the Executive Board make impartial decisions, after discussions unlike being forced to accept decisions like the appointment of the CEO.

Monday, May 25, 2015


Change often is meant for the better. But the changes in MHC has shown a wider split in the hockey fraternity barely  three weeks after its AGM.

While there are bound to be disgruntled personalities amongst the losers, what is shocking is the reaction from some in what can be perceived as the winning camp.

Indeed four phone calls to four affiliates revealed that a plan is in the works to move a motion of no confidence against the newly elected President and the Deputy President 1.

This conspiracy deems from the fact that these affiliates are unhappy with the proceedings within MHC where the President and his trusted lieutenants seem to make unilateral decisions instead of transparency and fair play as so loudly provocated in the run up to elections.

The President is quoted in a leading Malay daily as claiming that MHC is one big happy family, a claim denied by the four affiliates who feel that those holding positions in state bodies should vacate their state seats as there is a conflict of interest.

An attempt by the henchman to send out Whatsapp image of a paper report stating MHC will pay bonus to the players on May 30 actually does more damage then good.

For MHC has used up the sponsors money of the MJHL instead of paying the subsidy to teams who participated in the tournament or the technical officials.

It's best to feed your family instead of claiming glory as many have their own families to care for.

As for the conflict of interest issue, it's a question of ethics and let's see if any of the nine in the Executive Board live to upholding ethics.

Friday, May 22, 2015


One thing that I remember from my schooling days is the "tikan" game we used to make a beeline for during breaks and after school.

On the find sight it is nothing more then a game of chance and somehow it equates to how the MHC wants to determine their chairman of the various sub committees as provided for in their constitution.

It is vital that the right people be appointed for the correct committees and that is why there are four independent members position created so that it can be filled by those who can contribute effectively towards the progress and development of hockey.

But with the President having assumed the Chairmanship of the National Team Management and Finance Committees, that does not leave much for the others.

I was told that the President at the first Executive Board meeting had told the elected office bearers to send in their choices of committees via Whatsapp or SMS which set me thinking that such vital decision is being made akin to voting in the ever popular Akademi Fantasia.

So for those who might not comprehend the whole picture, let me walk you through the provision of sub committees in the MHC Constitution.

There are a total of 12 sub committees, excluding the three that come under judicial which are the Disciplinary, Appeals and Ethics Committee. The only committee not provided for in the constitution is the 1MAS Steering Committee.

So the 12 committees are as follows - Coaching, Competition, Development, Finance, High Performance, Indoor, Legal and Special Peojects, Marketing and Spinsorship, Media Public Relations, National Team Management, Umpuring and Medical Committee.
With the President having taken the Chairmanship of the Finance as well as the National Team Management, there are 10 more spots left.

The Umpuring, Mesical Committeees will go to appointed Chairmans as none are Doctors nor former internationals in the EB at present.

From what is learnt Dato Ow Soon Kooi will assume the Chairmanship of Coaching, Dato Radhakrishnan the Indoor so leaving it 6 more vacancies.

The Development Committee is one of the most sought as the Deputy President 1 as she wants to be addressed S. Shamala and Kedah HA President Satish Kumar both want the Committee.

Shamala who used to head the High Performance Committee and was a member of the Competitions Committee should really take the Competitions Committee as she is after all a so called senior person in the pre and post elections process.

With this two fighting it out, that leaves us with four more Committees and ironically Deputy President George Koshy who was the giant killer will be left with an insignificant committee.

Manjit Majid should get Legal and Special Projects in anticipation of a long dispute that will follow as I intend to take legal action for none payment of dues to me for work carried out in the Sultan Johor Cup last October.

There you have it as the pies and crumbs are distributed, fairly and justly using the Tikam Nethod.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015


Having had a positive feedback motivates me to reveal more on Malaysian Hockey as we try to reveal the web of deceit.

Next I want to raise a pertinent point, one that is on the lips of many but no one dares ask the question.

Why are officials from one state hockey association dominating Malaysian Hockey?

This is a question of ethics and conflict of interest.

Let's give a clear example how it was handled in the past, where principles meant a lot more then what is being practiced today.

In 1988 the late S. Satgunam had to relinquish his position as the NSHA secretary as he wanted to contest the MHF secretary position. And in 1993 a new MHF Executive Secretary in the likes of R. beelakandan was appointed to keep the post separate from the Hon. Secretary position.

Such were the separation of powers then in order to maintain transparency so that hockey was administrated justly and fairly.

What is happening today is a clear abuse of the process where some officials have conspired to run MHC like its a family owned business.

Those who are holding positions in the states should do the honourable thing - resign from either MHC or the state.

And those who have no locus standi should not be dishing out instructions or deciding matters for MHF as they were not duly elected nor appointed.

The funny thing is while change was the key were being bandied around prior to the MHC elections but change did happen but not for the better.

The acenario now is one of cronyism as MHC makes decisions outside the boardroom and at the only meeting of the executive board the appointment of the CEO was shoved upon them by so called Presidential powers.

Perhaps the President wants to share how he felt when the same word Presidential prerogative was used by the then FAM President to reject their candidate after the 2007 FAM elections.

Let's restore dignity to hockey, be transparent and not rule it as if it's your toy. Take two steps back into history to learn but when arrogance rules the day, power corrupts.

Or come join me in my four hour dialysis sessions for as my blood gets cleansed, maybe I can clean your thoughts for the betterment of hockey.

My dare remains - if you live the country over state then please relinquish your state position, a practice currently adopted only by KLHA.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015


Having kept a low profile for the past few months, I am compelled to make a return to writing after looking at circumstances post MHC elections on May 13.

While some, like the axed Vice President took years to destroy the institution we call hockey, the current batch of officials have taken only a week to come up with mind boggling decisions that is leaving the hockey fraternity bewildered.

I am compelled to write my thoughts after some of my ardent followers prompted me through messages.

So Malaysian Hockey never ceases to amaze me, as over the years whatever good one hopes for never comes through as greedy, corrupt, self- cantered and power crazy people have laid siege to the sport that once operated from the homes of dedicated, passionate officials of the past.

Having grown up learning the ropes from greats such as S.Satgunam, MT Lingam, Balasubramaniam, C. Navaratnam, V. Sivapthasundram at state level and Dato G. Vijinathan, K. Indran, S. Perampalam, Tan Sri P. Alagendra, it sickens me to the core how fake some people who claim that they have interest of the sport actually violate the sport - sort of raping it for self satisfaction.

Over the next few days we shall dissect the decisions made by the new regime, reveal how a duly elected official has been left out of the decision making process, how an official who has manipulated the elections to thrust herselft into a powerful position, how hangerson are now kingmakers and how many are now the Devils Advocates.

Oh yes before I forget, I am undergoing dialysis three times a week having lost my kidneys five months ago. But the injustice in hockey has forced me to put aside my personal pain and grief so that the truth, no matter how bitter, must be told.

Watch this space and follow me on Twitter.