Saturday, September 28, 2013


India lost the final of the 2nd Sultan of Johor Cup last year but Manpreet Singh turned out to be a winner.
For the 21 year old that hails from Mithapur, Punjab, won over the heart of a Malaysian girl. And it was no puppy love for the duo are now in a serious relationship.
Meet Illi Najwa Saddique,the girl from Johor Baru that Manpreet fell in love at first sight at the Taman Daya Stadium last year.
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Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Malaysia will be looking towards a win in the match against England on Wednesday. But they are well aware that the familiar foes could well pull the rug beneath them and thus will be cautious in their approach.
Having won both their matches thus far, a 4-2 win over Argentina followed by a 5-1 win over Korea on Monday night, Malaysia will inch nearer to Sunday's final if they can defeat England.
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The bid by Malaysia for the hosting rights for the 2018 World Cup is a strong one.
And the International Hockey Federation (FIH) will make the decision by November 7 this year on just who will host the 2018 event that will see participating teams increased from 12 to 16. Four official proposals to host the men’s World Cup have been made, with a further three submissions being made for the women’s equivalent. The National Associations of Australia, England, India, Malaysia, and New Zealand have all put extremely strong cases forward in an attempt to lure the sport’s top properties to their territory.
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The Sultan of Johor Cup continues to gow in strength and the efforts of the Johor Hockey Association were commended by the President of the Malaysian Hockey Confederation Tengku Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah.
In describing the SOJC as a tournament that had gained international acclaim despite only being the 3rd edition, Tengku Abdullah paid ribute to HRH Sultan of Johor, the JHA as well as the various sponsors that make this annual event a great success.

Pakistan, Malaysia & India dominate Sultan of Johor Cup

Host nation Malaysia have established themselves as serious contenders for the title at the Sultan of Johor Cup in Johor Bahru. The Sultan of Johor Cup may only be two days old, but it is already looking likely that the invitational under-21 event is going to be dominated by three teams – Pakistan, Malaysia and India.
The trio have each won both of their opening matches at the competition in Johor Bahru, Malaysia, leaving the junior national teams of Argentina, England and Korea without a point to their respective names.  
Pakistan are the current table-toppers with six points thanks to wins over Korea (0-3) and England (2-6), with Muhammad Dilber netting two goals in each match to establish himself as the tournament top scorer.
Host nation Malaysia have also been in impressive form, surging to victories over Argentina (4-2) and Korea (5-1), while India proved themselves to be too good for England (1-2) and Argentina (3-2) in their opening matches. Both Malaysia and India sit level with Pakistan on points but behind on goal difference.
There are three more rounds of matches to be played over the coming days, the next of which will take place on Wednesday 25th September. Argentina and Korea will go head to head before host nation Malaysia take on England. The final match of the day sees a potentially classic encounter between old rivals India and Pakistan.
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Friday, September 20, 2013


There were several surprises when the national team of 30 was named by Paul Revington today.

With the national juniors out of bounds, due to their commitments for the Junior Word Cup, Revington was forced to recall several players that have been left in the cold for the past few years.

Among them are Mohd Madzli Ikmar who last don national colours at the Dublin Olympic Qualifiers in March 2012. Also recalled to the side is S. Selvaraju who last played in the 2009 Invercargill World Cup Qualifiers.

Other notable names in the list are Megat Azrafiq Mwgat Termizi, Engku Abdul Malek Engku Mohammad, Harvinder Singh, Ismail Abu, Mohd Noor Faeez Ibrahim and keeper Kairulnizam Ibrahim.

Some players like Dangerous Lee, Azrul, Harmesh Singh and Jiwa Mohan were however surprisingly left out.

“Dangerous/Azrul/Harmesh are still "U21" and I purposefully stayed clear of this group of players as per the arrangement with the Juniors Coaching staff last year when we drew up the calendar,” clarified Revington.

“These guys are for the Project 2013 coaches to train without any crossover with the Senior Squad. 

“I want to see if the experience of Madzli/Megat/Engku will add something to our defense over the coming months.

“Megat and Engku are only 29 years old and will be given a path in the absence of Faiz Helmi and Izad Hakimi and with the increase of Squad from 26 to 30. “

Meanwhile Selvaraju was elated with his recall.

“It is indeed good to be selected again and I will redouble my efforts during training and hopefully make the grade for the final 18 for the various tournaments,” said Selvaraju.

“It may be tough but I intend to fight every inch to get a place into the World cup squad.

“The journey will be tough but getting recalled is a good start.”

1.     Ahmad Kazamirul Nasaruddin
2.     Amirullah Zainol
3.     Amir Farid Ahmad Fuzi
4.     Azlan Misron
5.     Azreen Rizal Nasir
6.     Baljit Singh Charun Singh
7.     Engku Abdul Malik Engku Mohamad
8.     Faizal Saari
9.     Hafifi Hafiz Hanafi
10. Harvinder Singh
11. Ismail Abu
12. Izwan FIrdaus Ahamd Tajuddin
13. Jivan Mohan
14. Kairulnizam Ibrahim
15. Kumar Subramaniam
16. Megat Azrafiq Megat Termizi
17. Mohamad Sukri Abdul Mutalib
18. Mohd Madzli Ikmar Mohd Nor
19. Mohd Shahrun Nabil Abdullah
20. Muhamad Amin Rahim
21. Muhammad Azammi Adabi
22. Muhamad Ramadan Rosli
23. Mohammad Marhan Mohd Jalil
24. Muhammad Noor Faeez Ibrahim
25. Muhammad Razie Abdul Rahim
26. Nabil Fiqri Mohd Noor
27. Noorhizat Sumantri
28. Roslan Jamaluddin
29. S.Selvaraju
30. Tengku Ahmad Tajudin Abdul Jalil 

Thursday, September 19, 2013


Well surely this time around one cannot deny that MHC is incompetent. Looking at the emails below, it is evident that the left hand does not know what the right hand is doing.

Or do we really have two MHC? 

On one hand an invite was sent by a Sports Consultancy company inviting the media for a press conference for the 8th Women Asia Cup on 20 Sept at 3.30pm at the Mines Hotel.

And MHC today sends an email calling for a Press Conference to name the national team on 20 Sept at 3.30pm at the National Stadium.

Competent, foolish, ignorant? Go figure it out please.

Dear All,

press conference will be held to name the players (MALAYSIA TEAM) for the September - December session:

Date        : 20th September 2013
Time       : 3.30pm
Venue     : MHC -Meeting Room
                Level 2
                National Hockey Stadium
                Bukit Jalil,Kuala Lumpur

Members of the press are cordially invited for the above function.Thank you.


Mohd Johari B. Abd Aziz
Secretary General
Malaysian Hockey 

Dear Friends

we would like to invite you to the Press Conference for the 8th Women's Asia Cup 2013
the participating teams will be present with their representatives.

details for the event are as below:
venue : 2ndt floor Meeting Room,Mines Wellness Hotel 
             (Behind Mines Shopping Mall)
time   : 3.30pm

your presence will definitely make an impact to the tournament and we hope to see you on the 20th.

if you have any questions ,please dont hesitate to call us at xxxxxx

Sports Analysis Services


If I can't have it, neither can you."
The metaphor refers to a pot of crabs. Individually, the crabs could easily escape from the pot, but instead, they grab at each other in a useless "king of the hill" competition, which prevents any from escaping and ensures their collective demise.
The analogy with regards to humans is that a group will attempt to “pull down” any member who achieves success beyond others out of envy with conspiracy feelings.
That best describes the actions of certain officials in the Malaysian Hockey Confederation that objected to the appointment of Ravinderpal Singh as the Assistant Umpires Manager in the 8th Women Asia Cup that commences this weekend.

When Ravinderpal’s name was proposed at FIH Appointments Committee on June 7th, it was a Malaysian that objected to his appointment.  Subsequently on June 30at the Malaysian Hockey Confederation Management Committee, another objection was raised.
But that too was rejected by HRH Tengku Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah who told the officials to get on with developing hockey and stop the petty arguments.

However at the Asian Hockey Federation Council meeting held on 1st September in Ipoh during the Asia Cup, ironically MHC Senior Vice President Prof Dr. S. Shamala raised an objection to Ravinderpal’s objection and this time it was accepted by AHF.
The question that begs to be answered is why Shamala, defied the MHC decision in June and showed disrespect to HRH Tengku Abdullah?
Double standards are definitely practiced as a check into the FIH website revealed that 90% of the umpires. Tournament Director’s, Technical Officials, Umpire’s Managers and Judges double up both as Indoor and outdoor officials.
Hence it is perplexing to note that officials within MHC conspire to deny Malaysians who are appointed to serve in international tournaments.
One look at the FIH appointments list will reveal that there are more Singaporeans in key positions then Malaysians and this too despite the fact that we host more international events then any other nation and have a far better team internationally then our neighbors.
The MHC must come down hard on the politicking and not allow this to continue. For now Ravinderpal keeps his appointment at the Women Asia Cup, but it has been made clear to him that he will no longer be considered for “dual” roles.

1. Jayadhevi Subramaniam    - TO Indoor ASIA CUP 2012 Bangkok
                                             - TO Outdoor ASIA Cup 2013 K.L.

2. Juriah Abd Wahab Fenner    - TD Indoor ASIA Cup 2012 Bangkok
                                                - TO ASIAN Challenge 2013 Bangkok

3. Mohd Azraai Zain             - TD Indoor ASIA Cup 2012 Bangkok
                                             - TO Outdoor Azlan Shah Cup 2009 Ipoh

4. Lingam K.                            - Outdoor / Indoor International Umpire

5. Annie Thomas                       - Outdoor / Indoor International Umpire

6. K. Kanaisan                           - Outdoor International Umpire
                                                - Indoor ASIA Cup 2008 / 2010 Ipoh

7. Jaswant Singh                        - Outdoor International Umpire
                                                - Indoor ASIA Cup 2008 / 2010 Ipoh

8. M. Thayalan                            - National Outdoor Umpire
                                                 - Indoor ASIA Cup 2009

9. Ravinderpal Singh                    - Appointed at National Outdoor UM by      
                                                    MHCUC U-14, U-16, U-21
                                                  - Indoor Nat. Tournament as UM 2010, 2011

Saturday, September 14, 2013


Look at the two images taken from the Official website and MHC Website. While the former is outsourced by a Vice President the latter is under the guardianship of the Sec Gen and the Senior Vice President.

Notice the GLARING mistake, about the semi final timing. I was asked by irked hockey fans why MHCbgot their schedule wrong when it was played at 6.00pm and not as stated. Some media even put it at 8.00pm.

Now why was this not corrected by those senior officials of MHC.

Bottom line about this whole scenario is you pay peanuts you get monkeys.

Thursday, September 12, 2013


National hockey coach Paul Revington is concerned at the direction the Razak Cup is heading. And the South African has made significant observations at the standard of play as well as planning put into the tournament, which is the second most significant domestic event after the Malaysian Hockey League.
In making clear that it is no one party to "blame" with regards to the current status of the Razak Cup, he however felt that the starting point to enhance the status of the event is simply to settle dates in advance. And in doing so the Malaysian Hockey Confederation should not change these dates randomly, and give states and coaches a fair chance to be accountable for performance.
Revington has a point with regards to planning as the MHC Competitions Committee has failed to implement its domestic calendar properly for the Razak Cup dates were moved from September to July and back to September while the National Under 21 Tournament has yet to be held.
“There is no question that this event should be a bigger and more high profile event in the local Malaysian calendar,” said Revington when met while catching the action in the ongoing Razak Cup in Kuantan.
“The reality is that players in Malaysia are only playing between 5-8 weeks of competitive local hockey in the MHL and thus the Razak Cup should become a critical 10 day competition period for all players and coaches at a high performance and development level. 
The South African was also posed with the question on what proposed changes ought to be made to make the event more attractive and useful for the standard of the game to improve.
“Without being too critical, I think there are several. There seems to be a lot of confusion from everyone involved in the event (players, coaches, officials, administrators) as to exactly what Malaysia want to achieve from the event,” contends Revingoton.
“For a start the actual Razak Cup dates are not set firmly in the Malaysian calendar (the year before) to allow the states, players and coaches to plan and prepare properly.
“Drawing up a calendar that truly makes sense to everyone is the first step toward enhancing the status of the Razak Cup. The fact that the Razak Cup seems to become an event "that moves date" suggests to me that no one really values it - a feeling that definitely filters through to the players.”
Revington added that once a date is set and adhered to it makes it very hard for the states to find excuses for poor preparation.
“The 2013 MHL finished on 19 May 2013. I am sure there are factors I am unaware of - however I find it hard to work out why so many teams have waited until a week or two before the Razak Cup starts to select their squads (not actual teams just squads),” asked Revington.
His argument makes sense as countries like Australia, New Zealand and South Africa have strong provincial/state competitions and traditionally manage to fit in these competitions despite obvious International events.
“The one obvious "addition" or change to the Razak Cup that I believe could enhance it is promoting 2 teams from division 2 and relegating 2 teams from Division 1 each year,” suggested Revington.
“This might ensure no state arrives complacent for the Razak Cup. They must be very clear what their goal is for the event - to win it or get promoted OR to develop a team and group of players to win the event in a year or two's time. 
Revington who has watched the Razak Cup over the past two years was also symphathetic to the plaight of coaches whe  asked if the state coaches are applying the modern tactics of world hockey or are still in the stone age.
“I don't think It is fair to just criticize the state coaches because the state coaches seem as confused as everyone else with regards to the status and position of the Razak Cup in the Malaysian calendar,” said Revington.
“The process of re-establishing the status of the Razak Cup starts with setting a date one year ahead (minimum), then the State administrators appointing coaches and managers for the team at least a year ahead.
“This is followed by the State administrators setting various performance targets and objectives for the Management Team, then the Coaching and Management Team designing a suitable program (that ties in with international Malaysian Team commitments) and communicating this to their selected state squad.
“All this enhances goal-setting, performance standards and motivates the state coaches to keep their knowledge and skill level high. This in turn motivates players to perform. All conversation and communication around the stadium currently revolves around blame and excuses - and this helps no one especially our Malaysian players.”
On the issue of some national players being forced to turn out for state teams after a gruelling period of international duty over the past three months, Revington, he felt that the national players were duty bound to turn out for their states.
“This again has to do with the calendar and planning in advance. The FIH and AHF set their dates and communicate them to Malaysia. Malaysia then set their MHL and Razak Cup dates, the two primary local events, based on FIH and AHF dates and on the Azlan Shah Cup and Sultan Johor Cup dates,” clarified Revington.
“It should be that simple. National players should be forced to play - but not when injured! The Razak Cup must be used as a selection opportunity for Malaysian Teams and Squads - which it is doing currently - however it is a real challenge selecting players within an environment of minimal preparation.”

Tuesday, September 10, 2013


The Malaysian Hockey Confederation inability to get a proper administration to manage hockey is a well documented fact.

But to shift the blame on others and hide their own inefficiencies is something that should raise concern for HRH Tengku Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah.

For the MHC has laid blame squarely on the shoulders of the Pahang Hockey Association, the state in the centre of the storm, and mind you it's not a storm in a tea cup.

For Pahang registered and fielded a player, Mohd Aminuddin Abu in their Razak Cup squad and the player went on to play for Pahang in their opening match of the Division One against Perak.

But this player who was suspended two years ago for a doping of fence still has more then a month to run for his suspension.

So Pahang HA registered him and played him. But now MHC says its Pahang's fault for not checking his status.

So what was the Managers meeting, the Tournament Director and the MHC Competitions Committee doing about all this? Are they not to be blamed at all?

This is not the only issue for Robert Alacantara and Mohd Rodhanizam Mat Radzi were suspended by MHC for playing in the unsanctioned Indian Hockey League but upon appeal saw the ban reduced to a RM1,000 fine each. They are to remain suspended till the fine was paid.

A week ago one of the players told me that he had yet to pay the fine. But they were registered and are playing for Pahang in the Razak Cup.

When the other teams asked about the status of their fines, MHC told them it was paid but could not produce the receipt for the payment of the fines, thus further casting doubts on the MHC, something Tengku Abdullah does not need.

Now back to fielding an in eligible player, the rule is simple, the team loses the match 3-0 and gets thrown out of the tournament, that is if MHC wants to adhere to rules.

It is clear that rules have been flouted and the MHC to cover their own deficiencies have opted to "close one eye" on this matter.

There is no doubt rules have been flouted and someone needs to answer for it, be it with resignation or sacking. But then MHC has always covered for each other, you scratch my back I scratch yours.

Wonder if things were to be handled differently if the team involved was not Pahang!

Monday, September 9, 2013


Faizal Saari got off to a grand start in the German League when he scored his teams winning goal in the 70th minute.

For more come back later.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013


The Malaysian Hockey Confederation Secretary has shown that he is more keen in playing politics rather then serve the interest of the Confederation. And he has gone out to who that playing the right cards can keep him in the hot seat, at the expense of hockey in the country.

It is indeed a shame that while the President of MHC Tengku Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah has made much effort to bring the lost glory back to the Tun Razak Cup, some of his officials are guilty of ensuring the event remains just another dying domestic event in the country.

For the Secretary made his displeasure known to the Organisors, the Pahang Hockey Association who wanted to engage my services to do Media Services for the Razak Cup. He told hem off and said that under no uncertain terms should they engage me. Perhaps he has his favorites and thus his objection.

But barely 48 hours before the nations Premier event takes off, not a single story appeared in any major dailies or television stations and this speaks levels of the Secretary's ability to engage the media and social media to carry news on this tournament.

The bottom line is you have failed. Take for example the MHC Twitter that is more interested in promoting the Women Asia Cup, the fact that UPM wins Masum, everything related to a particular office bearer in MHC who has the Secretary General " under control".

Why is the MHC website so pathetic, so much so that even the Razak Cup fixtures are not up on this MHC owned and administrated website? Is the website only to carry news that is a mere cut and paste from papers and that too badly done?

But the blame lies on the politics that the Secretary General is playing as he behaves akin to a holier then thou personality, but in reality cannot write a sentence to save his life.

Grow up please and start working and doing your job, and if you want to play politics please stand for elections and not hid behind the skirt of someone.

Monday, September 2, 2013


Malaysia needs to get rid of its Jekyl and Hyde mentality if it harbours hopes of doing well in the international arena.

In making this conclusion at the conclusion of the Asia Cup, national coach Paul Revington was frank about his assesment of his charges, who he deemed failed to play consistenly.

And Revington admits that the players were brilliant at some stages and mediocre the very next minute, thus causing them to failed to target of winning the Asia Cup for the first time since its inception in 1982.

Read more in THE MALAY MAIL on Tuesday...

Sunday, September 1, 2013


Korea emerged champions of the Asia Cup when they edged India 4-3 in a pulstating final at the Azlan Shah Stadium in Ipoh.

However the loudest cheers probably came from the Malaysian team who have now officially confirmed their place in the 2014 World Cup to be held at The Hague.

Germany, Argentina and England qualified from the World League ,Johor Bahru leg while Belgium, Australia and Netherlands made it from the Rotterdam leg. But since the Dutch qualify as hosts, New Zealand, the highest (FIH) ranked fourth finisher in the World League semis, became the seventh team to qualify.

That left five more slots to fill. Korea (fourth in Johor Bahru) qualified as first reserve courtesy Argentina’s victory in the Pan-American Cup, Spain (fifth in Rotterdam) qualified as second reserve thanks to Germany’s win in the European championship.

India will now have to wait until the Oceania Championships this November to book their berth which is virtually assured as either Australia or New Zealand win will drag India into the World Cup.

This is Korea’s fourth Asia Cup title and they have successfully defended the title they won in Kuantan four years ago.

After a rather subdued 20 minutes, Korea burst into life to take a 2-0 lead within the space of a minute.

Jang Jong Hyun converted a penalty corner in the 28th minute to give Korea a 1-0 lead. And hardly had the cheers died down that You hyo Sik ghosted in from the right to tap the ball into goal with Indian keeper PR Sreejesh and defender Amit Rohidas both caught unawares to make it 2-0.

Rupinderpal Singh reduced the deficit for India in the 48th minute as his penalty corner drag flick sailed into the roof of the Korean net. And in the 56th minute India were on level terms as Nikkin Thimmalah sent in an unstoppable reverse stick hit sailing into goal from the edge of the semi circle.

However Korea were awarded a penalty stroke when the attempt by Jang bounced off Sreejesh and hit the body of Manpreet Singh on the goal line. Nam Hyun Woo stepped up to convert and restore the Korean lead in the 57th minute.

But Nam lost the ball at the edge of the semi circle and Ramandeep Singh squared it to Mandeep Sing who tapped it into goal to draw India level yet again in the 65th minute.

Korea scored the winner two minutes from time as Kang Moon Kweon scored from a penalty corner set piece to give them the title, and assure the Malaysian spot at the World cup.


South Korea 4 India 3

Malaysia 1 Pakistan 3


Man of the Match (final): Kang Moon Kweon (S Korea)

Best Goalkeeper: PR Sreejesh (India)

Top Scorer: Jang Jong Hyun (Korea, eight goals)

Most Outstanding Player:  VR Raghunath (India)

Fairplay: Japan.


It hurts,
Every time the feeling passes
As tears roll down my cheeks

Every time I look at the chair,
The one Mum used to sit on.

I have no desire to be here
For I miss MUM more then ever

Emotions run wild wanting
me to give in.
But logic keeps me from
ending all of this pain.

Crying every night is a norm
getting closer to the blade.

In my world
GOD, is just playing another game.

Tragic as stories go!
About how one loses their mind
But in reality
I am losing  mine!