Monday, August 31, 2015


Having undergone a cornea transplant a week ago in additional to cataract surgery, I was unable  to read my emails let alone update this blog.

However I must write and inform all that despite my poor medical condition, as I have no functioning kidneys and had a tow amputated due to diabetes and now loss of eyesight in one eye with the other partially affected, I have received a letter of demand from one Logan Raj kali Kavandan via his lawyers.

I am this seeking legal advice pro bono from legal eagles that wish to represent me in this matter.

I sought the assistance of a friend to type out this update as I am unable to read now type at this moment due to the eye surgery.

God bless the Juniors of 1993 who have organized a charity match on September 5 for my benefit. You are truly Angels that are God sent.

Friday, August 7, 2015


Each year the MHC organisors a Charity Shield match between the League and Overall Champions as the curtain raiser for the Malaysian Hockey League.

And it was no different this year as KLHC took on Terengganu HT for boasting rights in winning the first silverware of the season.

But wait a minute, what was the Charity all about?

It's just called the Charity Shield for the sake of giving it a name as no charity benefitted from the match.

In the 1990's when the Charity Shield was first introduced, each player had to contribute to enter the stadium for the match. And even the two teams playing had to buy tickets.

And the money raised would be given to a charitable cause at the end of the match, thus MHC doing its part for a charitable cause.

This year not only was there no charity but the match was not even telecast live.

So why keep calling it Charity Shield when no elements of Charity are attached to it?

It goes on to show that new brooms do not sweep that well and it's mere talk that hockey is headed for better times under the new leadership and administration.

We are in dire straits as countries like Ireland, Canada and Brazil will be at the 2016 Rio Olympics but we will be sitting at home in front of the idiot box watching the action.

Perhaps it's MHC"s way of being charitable - allow lower ranked countries to make it to the Olympics.

So charity does begin at home.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015


The failure of the Media and PR Committee to ensure the MHL matches are telecast can only mean one thing - that they are incompetent and must vacate their positions.

The idea of having a sponsor is to ensure that they gain maximum benefit in terms of publicity.

But here we have a scenario where the title sponsors name is not even mentioned once on TV or in the print media as all that is printed is MHL.

So where is the so called mileage to be accorded to TNB who pumped in millions into the MHL and are given a raw deal.

Word has it that the charity shield match between KLGx and Terengfanu was to be played in Twrengganu but was moved to KL due to telecast issues.

And it seems that the CEO further compounded the issue by claiming that the media will not cover the match in Terengganu.

That is shallow thinking and clearly shows that MHC has no interest to promote the sport nationwide and limits it to Klqng Valley.

The MHL has been in the calendar for a long time yet haphazard planning scares away the sponsors and with incompetent people running the show, it can only get worse.

Be accountable and resign Nagula Sivasothey for you have failed in an easy task.

Stop playing politics and own up that you have not  have a clue to what your job is.

And take this as a first step of the many failures I will highlight. 

Monday, August 3, 2015


This post was deleted


The Malaysian Hockey League is a third class tournament, fast losing its glamour as the premier hockey tournament in the country.

There are several factors that led to this conclusion but one of the most apparent is if it's actually a league or a lick!

The idea of holding the MHL is to have a LEAGUE competition amongst clubs in the country and not break up teams into groups as being practiced now.

Even when the number of teams was 14 or 16, the competition used to be a one round league and no breaking up into groups as the case today.

The so called learnerd personalitiesin the Competitions Committee obviously do not understand what a league is.

And stating that time did not permit running a league shows they have not looked at the matter seriously enough.

When entries were called, the format stated that teams were invited to participate in a league competition with a round robin format.

So why give the clubs an option after that and lay the blame on the clubs for a shortened competition?

Are the clubs allowed to also dictate the prize money for the MHL? Obviously not!

Then we have the inclusion of hordes of second class foreign players in the MHL as once again the Executive Board of MHC failed to excercise caution.

Are we the developmentarm for Pakistan Hockey these days as some 19 Pakistani players are representing 5 clubs in the Premier League.

There must be a qualifying standard for the inclusion of the foreign players - such as limiting the numbers and also that they must be current internationals, not those who are older then some of the team managers in the MHL.

Next we have the failure of the Media and PR Committee to ensure the top tournament is accorded telecast time on either terrestrial TV or pay TV.

It is hugely embarrassing to note that the Charity Shield was not shown live when some lesser sports in the country manage to get their tournaments to be shown live.

Even state circuits in badminton are live and thus the Media and PR Chairman should resign for a major blunder on her part.

Even the newspapers call it the MHL and not the TNBMHL thus not giving any PR value to the sponsors TNB who pump in millions for a league that is run like a kampung competition.

Fellow blogger Jugjet described that attendance of 300 people in the opening day as dismal, but that is the start of the problems.

The MHL is a cash cow for MHC but is now the grazing field for old cows as it's no longer developmentthat MHC cares for but the millions that they can milk from TNB.

May the lick run and die a natural death.

Sunday, August 2, 2015


Is there a conflict within the ranks of the MHC?

That seems to be the case when one studies proceedings that occurred over the past few days.

It started with a statement by NSC Director General Dato Ahmad Shapawi who revealed that the MHC had proposed several appointments such as Terry Walsh and Neil Hawgood for the men's and women's team respectively.

But the discussion that took place on Friday between NSC and MHC have further strengthenedtalk that two foreign technical directors are to be appointed, which is a sheer waste of tax payers money.

Oddly MHC and NSC opted to meet barely two hours before the MHC Coaching Committee met at the Olympic Hotel.

What was the hurry to rush the joint meeting on an important matter other then the fact that Neelan Pari had an hidden agenda as she wanted to decide what rightfully should be the job of the coaching committee.

Though the coaching committee did not make any formal announcements, speculation is rife that Stephen van Huizrn is the next national coach with K. Dharmaraj the women senior team coach.

Arul Selvarah retains his position as Junuors coach subject to the Asian Juniors performancewhile Lailin Abu Hassan will handle the junior girls.

Lim Chiow Chuan is expected to be named as the Project 2020 coach this opening up the 1Mas Director position which will likely go to Nor Saiful Zaini.

But all this is subject to the role Beelam Pari plays and the Selangor connection in MHC which will ultimately destroy whatever is left of the sport as in the kingdom of blind those with one eye rule!