Thursday, October 30, 2014


It was supposed to be the curtain raiser for what is said to be the most important domestic hockey competition in the country.

In reality it was a case of same shit different day as far as the manner in which the match was held.

Put aside that the quality was low but the entire organizational structure of the match revealed that the MHC is only concerned in wearing corporate shirts and basking in glory to project individuals who are vying for seats in the forthcoming elections.

It was a good gesture that MHC honored former national coach C. Para malignant with a cake for his 80th birthday. But where is the consistency?

The legendary William Fidellis turned 80 last week and the boys from NS Sikh Union held a birthday bash for him, and not even the Negeri HA or MHC did anything for person who spent his major part of his life contributing to hockey with his two sons Derek and Gary even donning national colours.

Some sikh boys appreciated the efforts of William but the NSHA officials were basking in glory at national level, with a could not care less attitude about what's happening in their own backyard!

Back to the charity shield and in the 90's the match saw even umpires paying RM1 to gain entry to the stadium for the match as the money raised went to a selected charity.

But today MHC can not even get fans to the stadium let alone do something charitable.

That goes on to show that it was just a parade to show sponsors that branding was done, match was played and wide grins all around.

Who cares if the performances on the pitch was akin to azalea KL league match, with extra officials and players sitting on steps next to team benches!

Let the circus move on, the big top has perched it's tent as the clowns rule the day.

Friday, October 10, 2014


The dates have yet to be decided, but the battle lines have been drawn.

For so long it is a well known fact that those in the Malaysian Hockey Confederation will not hesitate to stab anyone be in in front or the back to fulfill their agenda.

And mind you the agenda is not with regards to the progression of Malaysian Hockey, but just how inner can they get into the circle of a select few within the trusted camp of MHC President Tengku Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah.

Word has it that the MHC Extra Ordinary General Meeting will be held in JB on October 13.

That it is a Monday does not concern those charged with running the national body.

The attendance and subsequent voting at the EGM is vital as the agenda is to adopt the changes made to the MHC Constitution.

And this is where it gets murky with a power struggle that could affect the whole administration of MHC will be compromised.

When the MHF and MWHA first merged to become MHC, the key principle was power sharing. And this came the consensus to have positions for male and women candidates.

The very fundamental aspect of that socially bound contract has today been discarded if one looks at the decisions made at the recent MHC Council meeting.

For with a razor thin majority of 13-12, it was decided that the Deputy President position will no longer be reserved for a fairer sex should a male candidate be elected President.

This came about as some unscrupulous individuals started this campaign prior to the holiday trip for the World Cup in June in The Hague. Now how many actually watched the matches is a matter for another days tell all.

One male candidate has openly declared that he has the support to win the Deputy President position and that the affiliates have given him their pledges.

Obviously this candidate and his supporters forgot as to what happened in the Selangor State Government fiasco.

Back to the EGM. One does not need to be a genius to understand that in order to change the constitution . A majority of two thirds is a pre requisite.

With almost half of those attending the EGM being women, this change could well be derailed thus seeing a major crisis for MHC.

And it will be interesting to see how the President elect, a handpicked candidate of Tengku Abdullah solves this ruckus.

After all a spade is a spade, call it by any other name.

Thursday, October 9, 2014


The man in the news Dato Seri Subahan Kamal said that he leaves it to the wisdom of the MHC Council and affiliates to determine who will lead the national hockey body upon the stepping down of current President Tengku Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah.

Subahan who is touted to take over the reins of MHC said that he was prepared to serve the national body.

" Those are big shoes to fill and I leave it to the wisdom of the affiliated to determine the future leadership of MHC, " said Subahan.

"It is pre-mature to talk about the presidency as we need to work as a team to ensure the sport which was put into a high profile position by Tengku Abdullah to carry on improving,"

Subahan was returned unopposed as President of Selangor Hockey Association for the second consequtive term at the associations's AGM held tonight. 

Deputy President Dato’ S. Sivasundaram was also returned unopposed by the delegates present in a simple and smooth meeting.

In the elections for Vice President Maj. Rtd V. Manisegaran, Noor Azman  Ali retained their post and 3 new faces were Mr. Ganesan Shanmugam, Mr. Kuna Senathirajah & Dr. S. Shamala were elexted unanimously without contest.

SHA implementing their new constitution at this AGM also saw the position of Committee members uncontected as Mr. Zanal Abidin, Mr.Gurdip Singh Mann, Mr.P.Balamuraly, Mr. M.Karunakaran, Mr.Brian G. Fernendez filled up the 5 seats.

The new council will now meet at a later date to filling up the position of Secretary & Treasurer and 3 Appointed Member.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014


There used to be a TV series titled the Band of Brothers.

Perhaps that was how the notion to build a group called Brotherhood was formed within the confines of the national hockey body.

This revelation surfaced lately after the Commonwealth Games debacle and although MHC had formed a panel to investigate the issues that caused the last placing in the World Cup, the report was never made public.

It seems that the Brotherhood, backed by a senior official conspired to rid the national coach of his responsibilities and had the clout to determine who coached them to the Asian Games.

Such was their strength that they could even get to determine who replaces who in the national set up.

And is the country so short of talent that we needed to bring in a foreigner as an Assistant Coach?

The fact is there is a mastermind behind all these and that person stooped so low to destroy the national agenda so as to enhance his position.

It was the "kampung" mentality that is the cancer of Malaysian Hockey and unless stemmed, the rule of "Brotherhood" will continue to prevail.

The fact that some top civil servants have also given backing to this grand plan is worrying as hockey is headed to a dark dimension with no light at the end of the tunnel.

There is no place for honest hardworking and passionate individuals as the Brotherhood has virtually done the same as the infamous 102 group that surfaced many years ago.

And do the states care? As so long as they can fill the President's ears with far fetched tales of deceit and contempt about some individuals, they warm the seats.

By the way what has happened to all the show cause letters issued to the former national coach, the two Vice Presidents and the star striker?

One player who turned his back on the nation was even given a release to play in the Hong Kong league when his reasons were "rest" to stay out of the team.

Whoever issued the release should be issued a show cause letter.

Or will someone else be issued a show cause for not acting on these show causes?

Or is it a case of "close one eye". 

Monday, October 6, 2014


This is the first time the Malaysian hockey team have failed to win the bronze medal playoff since 1986. And they had two years of training and not the 35 days the coach claims. So those who blindly shower praises must also state facts like Pakistan have not played in any international tournament since November 2013 whereas we played in the Azlan Shah Cup, Champions Challenge 1. World Cup, Commonwealth Games. So let's not go overboard as we did not meet target, simple. Two months from now no one will remember how we played, that's why we still talk of 1975 and the 4th placing and 1998 and the silver medal.