Monday, October 29, 2012


The hockey scenario in the country is somewhat baffling as many things have gone unreported over the past week. And despite being away in Delhi and Amritsar, there is so much information filtering that I am surprised that no one in Malaysia has picked it up.

1) The Malaysian Project 2013 Squad was to play in an invitational tournament in India next month ( November) as are teams from Oman and Pakistan. But suddenly some smart bloke from FIH, who does not run competitions writes an email to the organisors telling them it is not being sanctioned by FIH. But wait a moment, they are all Asian countries, so why does FIH wants to poke their noses into this. Sanction should be by AHF. And if it was unsanctioned in the first place, no thanks to the HI and IHF saga created by FIH, then why did MHC accept the invite in the first place? And then the whitewomen of HI sends an email to MHC and that has leaked out to media in India.

2) On the FIH Congress, I have been left out of the list of media invited to cover the event. This blog probably gives more hockey news then the main stream media, yet the MHC have opted to leave me out of an invite. And all this despite using my email address list to notify the press. I did not even get an accreditation form.

3) Still on the FIH Congress, Tengku Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah will face challenges from the Dutch, German and Russian hockey fedration President's in his quest to win a place in the FIH Executive Board. There are four candidates, vying for two positions and the Asian support is vital. But will we get the full support of the Asian countries when our neighbour down south harbours hopes of their officials taking over key positions in AHF? Ironically two Malaysians are working hand in glove with those from the south.

4) Oh yes before I forget, the FIH staff are so busy ( holidaying here as I am told there are 20 of them already in KL), that the FIH High Performance Coaching Seminar to be held during the Sultan Johor cup has been cancelled. This is, I was told, due to the fact the FIH people are busy with the Congress. So my question is, why are all of you here when you have a job to do, like running the seminar. On the Malaysian viewpoint, its an opportunity wasted especially when a Level 3 Coaching course, slated for during the Razak Cup was also called off. Mind you its three years since the last Level 3 Coaching Course. Perhaps thats a good way to emsure no one moves up.

5) This is the best, that is why I have kept it top the last. The Senior Vice President Dr. Shamala Subramaniam was elevated to the role of Project Manager for the FIH Congress on Oct 19, just before the MHC Annual general Meeting. Funny that happened at the 11th hour as Vice President Manjit Majid Abdullah was running the show for the past year. And where does the MHC Secretary Johari Aziz fits into this? Your guess is as good as mine. The morale of the story is that Shamala is after Johari's job, as is Manjit but the present Secretary General does not seem to be able to read the writing on the wall.

There you have it. Some updates for those hungry for the real hockey news. There is more, like how national coach Paul Revington is disappointed that the own goal rules were not applied at the MHL or Razak Cup, the list of the training squad of the 2013 squad - where I can reveal some players dropped previously have earned a second chance ( read the word earned as that is what Dharma practices as he does not give free rides).

Keep tuned as I bring you updates, sitting at the Golden Temple in Amritsar, praying that sanity prevails in Malaysian hockey and that Tengku Abdullah realises fact from fiction and put right the wrongs of hockey in the country.

Friday, October 26, 2012


The article below is from, a reputable website for hockey run by K. Arumugam from India.

While we are not too concerned with the "Indian" politics, the item highlighted in RED is of particular interest as communication within Mlaysian Hockey Confederation is now being leaked out, and that further enhances what the MHC President had said about the administration in MHC being weak.

Unless of course Indian Hockey have written directly to a club, as was the case of Sapura in May last year, and in that case MHC s not responsible.

Will the MHC top brass get to the bottom of this before we become the laughing stock as it might cost our President a place on the FIH Executive Board next week.

Read on....

Anything traditional seems to be anathema to our powers that be.

Hockey India perhaps believes Indian hockey is just two years old! Simply because they are as a new dispensation is old only two years!!

That's why we are made to believe Indian National Championship is two years old, for instance. So, what if it was held since the early 1920s.

Same way, as it had done with some others since its existence of two years, Hockey India has done everything to damage every domestic tradition which has been built over the decades.

And, now we now talk about All India Lal Bahadur Shastri Cup, an annual event regularly held in Delhi with much fanfare for over twenty years.

They want to continue the tradition, of hosting it in the spring season, and have made all arrangements.

In order to improve the quality of contests they invited foreign teams, and the ones from Malaysia, Oman and Pakistan have confirmed. They took out a press release last fortnight.

We don’t know what happened – and we are tired of chasing what would ultimately prove to be such stupid, egoistic and silly thing – Hockey India’s high profile (at least pay wise) Chief Executive Officer, Elena Norman, has written to these foreign bodies quoting, what else, Hockey India’s national anthem (composed by the FIH) – ‘Unsanctioned Event’.

The sole proprietors and monopolists of everything that is Sanctioned in India, has written against the tournament to the foreign teams who confirmed for Shastri Cup. Our sources in Malaysia have sent us Elena Norman’s letter which is reproduced as follows:

Dear Sir,

We wish to bring to your attention that as per the attached media report, the Lal Bahadur Shastri hockey tournament is being conducted from 27 November - 4 December 2012 and states that a team from Malaysia is participating in the tournament.

Please be aware that the above mentioned tournament is not sanctioned by Hockey India and as such your team should be notified of the same and should not participate in any unsanctioned event in India.

We thank you for your support.


So, what do you make out?

Hockey India drags foreign teams into Indian mudslinging. It blocks them to Indian tournament.

It is not only unethical but also rank bad in taste for a national body to write such a communication to another national body in a matter concerning not national team, but a domestic tournament. It is certainly damages India’s image in an another country.

Inquiries lead us to believe that presence of IHF Advisor KPS Gill in the last year’s edition of the same tournament might have worked up with HI so as to react this way. Whatever, this is again internal thing, need not have spilled overseas.

As a parent body, HI is ought to safeguard the interests of Indian hockey, but the case in question put a question mark on it.

To make it appear rationale, another tournament is allotted the same dates, though it caught the organizers unawares.

This is definitely not a way to promote hockey in India. Indian hockey needs sophistication, not arrogance.

Despite persistent efforts, Shastri hockey authorities refused to comment on the issue.

It will be of course a prestigious issue for them to hold the tradition.

We hockey lovers always want HI to adopt a policy of 'Live and Let Live'

Sunday, October 21, 2012



Spy / Spies Definition:

A person who acts clandestinely or on false pretenses to endeavour to obtain information of or within another state with the intention of communicating or selling it to others.

While the Malaysian Hockey Confederation Annual General Meeting lasted for a mere 27 minutes, there was a couple of things that were or are more interesting for readers of this blog.

News is that the Chairman of the Competitions and Finance Committees are soon to be replaced, as early as after the FIH Congress. And also be informed that newspaper adverts are soon to appear to fill up the four vacancies for administrative persons to oversee some committees, for example the appointment of a full fledged Competitions Manager and so forth.

But those are just stuff that the powers that be probably picked up from my blog posting after reminding MHC that these were long overdue, thus earning me the title of critic.

However what interest me is that there are some personalities that have now resorted to linkimg a few officials from states as my spies, that these are the people that are providing me information for my blog, that these are people closely associated with me and so forth.

This goes on to prove my allegation that there are some within the MHC President's inner circle that will go at great lengths to protect their self interest, so much so that they are willing to sacrifice even their best of friends.

The allegation that I have spies is an insult to me, as what you people in MHC do is crystal clear for all to see, you are so poor in acrrying out your responsibilities that you do not even know what is right and wrong.

There are several incidents over the past week that has led me to believe that the MHC President is now totally convinced that I am out just to find fault and the enemy number 1 to MHC. Not that it makes much a difference to me.

One of the incidents I wish to share is when our paths crossed before the MHC AGM, and my attempted handshake was met with a cold stare, venom in his eyes.

And a few minutes later he passed by me, with the same cold stare, asking if I wanted to interview him. When I replied that a press conference was planned after the AGM, he stared and remarked, you and I need to talk, we have to sort things out.

I have no problems meeting up with the MHC President but I am constantly told by those around him that I am not welcomed. So be it then was my retort as too many half truths are deemed truths as well.

I have time and again highlighted the misgivings of hockey and other sports in the country and that will remain. No coercian, threats nor warnings will make me change my principles as what we need is honest, conviction and above all those who are prepared to serve without fear or favour.

Thus to those who risked being branded as spies for being associated with me, its best that you just ignore me when our paths cross, for I rather lose a friend that my principles.


Kuantan must be a lucky hunting ground for Terengganu as they defeated defending champions Kuala Lumpur 2-1 in the semi final;s of the 50th Tun Razak Cup.

It was in July that Terengganu had defeated KL in the final of the Malaysia Games and they repeated the feat with a commanding display.

And Pahang made it an all East Coast affair in the final as they came from a goal down to defeat former champions Negeri Sembilan 3-2.

Negri Sembilan opened scoring in the 11th minute through a penalty stroke after his initial attempt via a penalty corner struck defender Ahmad Kazamirul Nasruddin.

But Pahang were on level terms when Hairul Nizam Abdul Rani scored off a penalty corner in the 21st minute as Neger keeper Azrul Hairi Abdul, playing in place of S. Kumar, made a hash of his attempt to parry the ball away with his gloves.

Ikhwan Ishak could have given Negri the lead at the stroke of halftime but sent his shot wide after being put through by M.Kaliswaran.

Pahang staved off a penalty corner by Kuhan in the 51st minute and the ball was sent to the right flank where Mohd Sabri Shamsuddin weaved past two defenders before unleashing a sweet reverse stick hit to put Pahang 2-1 ahead in the 52nd minute.

Hairul Nizam scored in the 65th minute to give Pahang a 3-1 lead and although Kuhan scored in the 70th minute, Pahang were still celebrating.

Meanwhile Terengganu led Kuala Lumpur 1-0 in the first half thanks to the efforts of Faisal Saari who scored in the 30th minute via a penalty corner.

KL drew level in the 50th minute through Yazid Yusof. But Terengganu were undeterred as they got the winnrer in the 60th minute through Mohd Fitri Saari.

Saturday, October 20, 2012



Malaysian Hockey Confederation President Tengku Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah has issued an ultimatum to the affiliates – merge the men and ladies at state level by 31st December 2012 or risk losing their right to vote in MHC.

And he went a step further as not only did he take the MHC administration to task for the poor performance but warned Sub Committee Chairman that they might be replaced if they do not live up to what is expected of them.

In issuing the warning at the MHC Annual General Meeting, Tengku Abdullah said that MHC was dead serious in this matter and no extension will be given to the affiliates as this was a serious matter as it is inline with the regulations of the International Hockey Federation (FIH).

“Those who fail to merge will not be eligible to vote at our meetings. We will make sure they do and although they will not lose their affiliation, they will lose their voting right,” said Tengku Abdullah.

Currently Penang, Kedah, Malacca, Kuala Lumpur, Johor, Armed Forces and Police have on entity resprsenting them while Sarawak have formed a pro-term committee to administer hockey in the state.

Those who have yet to merge are Selangor, Perak, Negri Sembilan, Pahang, Sabah and Terengganu while Perlis and Kelantan do not have a womens wing.

However Tengku Abdullah may well want to have a look at the MHC Constitution as taking away their voting rights is a dicey affair if not provided for in the Constitution. It would be easir to revoke their affiliation as that will ensure that the merger will proceed without hitches.

With regards to the Chairmanships, Tengku Abdullah had this to say;

“ I am in the process of reviewing some committees and I hope this call is enough to wake them up. I will look up at the important ones and we hope to buck up from here.

“I hope that the administration to take heed from this and improve.”

On the FIH Congress, Tengku Abdullah said that it will an interesting conest and he was taking all in good faith.

“It does not matter if I am in or not as I am here to serve hockey. I hope that Asian countries will support my candidancy in the forthcoming elections,” added Tengku Abdullah.



The Tun Abdul Razak Cup will most likely be held in Kuantan for the next five years as Malaysian Hockey Confederation President Tengku Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah attempts to make it one of the most popular and competetive hockey tournaments in the country.

Despite it being the 50th year in existence, probabaly the longest hockey tournament in the world, the Razak Cup has been criticised, right from the poor timing, fixtures to poor attendance, let alone the lack of importance paid to it by the MHC and hosts Pahang Hockey Association.

And that got Tengku Abdullah all riled up and when met after the MHC Annual General Meeting in Kuantan this afternoon, Tengku Abdullah admitted that it not only needs a revamp but more a reinvention in order to give the prestigious tournament the due respect it deserves.

“What I have in mind is to create a benchmark, improve standrads in other words to something akin to Malaysia Cup, so that it can renew the inter state rivalry in hockey,” revealed Tengku Abdullah.

“I have some ideas, and want to be hands on, thus I want the Razak Cup to be held in Pahang.

“Other states can apply to host it if they can match what is being offered in Pahang. So what I ask for it to give me a chance, I would not call it privitisation but would like to form a working group in order to make it happen.”

When asked if MHC would want to look at the ossibility of forming a MHC owned company, similar to what the Football Association of Malaysia did when they formed the MSL Sdn Bhd during Tengku Abdullah’s tenure earlier in 2000, he did not discount the possibility but lamented that it was two different sports.

“It is difficult to do that, let me look at the MHL structure first as the committee responsible is supposed to get back to me about their proposal first,” said Tengku Abdullah.


The wait for tea was timed at 37 minutes, longer then the 27 minutes spent on the Annual General Meeting of the Malaysian Hockey Confederation at Kuantan this afternoon.

It was somewhat a luke warm response, with some affiliates sending just one delegate and Kuala Lumpur was not represented, despite having submitted a resolution but withdrew it at the 11th hour.

Several times during the 27 minutes of the AGM, the MHC President Tengku Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah gave the delegates a chance to speak out. But none did and hopefully none will now claim that democracy is not alive in MHC.

Tengku Abdullah even adjourned the meeting and then invited anyone from the floor to present their views, but once again many just bit their lips. 

The President had much to say at the Press Conference but unfortunately only this blogger as well as TV3 and RTM were present. And at the AGM, Tengku Abdullah issued warnings, spoke about critics and the failure of the administrative section and sub-committees.

But I will post the happenings later tonight as rightfully I am giving MHC the opportunity to put it up on their website and serve the media industry.

Thus its a notion that the states should practice, speak now or forever hold your peace.


After narrowly losing to Negri Sembilan in last year’s Division Two title final, Selangor will look for a positive result this year.

“It was sad to lose in the final last year and I am confident that we will not repeat the same mistake,” said team manager J. Elangovan.

“The boys have been playing very well after a slow start to the campaign and I am confident that we can make it this year.”

Elangovan said they had use video reviews to analyse their earlier performances and this has helped correct the players’ mistakes.

“It shows how important the video replay is to our team, we make the necessary tactical changes to the team as we can point out the mistakes,” he said.

“The players get a clear picture of what they need to do and seldom commit the same mistakes.”
In this morning’s match, Selangor took the lead in the fourth minute through Muhammad Syafiq Zulzairi, but it was cancelled out three minutes later when Muhammad Iderus Ali scored.

Selangor pressed forward and took the lead once again in the 19th minute through Mohd Faizal Daud and in the 65th minute Muhammad Amirruddin Abdul sealed the game for them from the penalty spot.

“This was one of our best games of the tournament, I hope the boys maintain their game till the finals” added Elangovan

Selangor have one more game against Kedah and will likely rest several key players to avoid fatigue and suspensions.

“Muhammad Amerullah and S. Selvaraju are suffering thigh strains as they have not had enough rest after featuring in the Malaysia Hockey League,” said Elangovan.

“They are the key players for us and we will be looking to give them a break from the next game.”

Friday, October 19, 2012


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First they used my emailing list to promote their website, copying blindly as foreign journalists are also in the list.

And then they even blunder on providing results.

Take a look at the picture taken from the homepage of

Find anything wrong? Well Perlis defeated Kelantan and not as the official MHC site puts it.

Imagine being the butt of jokes internationally?

Thursday, October 18, 2012


Perak were left fuming as Negri Sembilan did the unexpected to defeat defending champions Kuala Lumpur 2-0 for a place in the semis.

And Negri have to thank the manner in which the fixtures were drawn up as it provided them with the knowledge of what was required before their final group match.

With Perak and Armed Forces playing at 8am, and the match ending in a 3-3 draw, Negri knew a one goal win over KL will do the trick. And they ended up with a 2-0 win.

Rightfully the final group matches should be played simultaneously and that should have been the case as for these four teams.

Oddly though that is being done for the other group where Pahang, Terengganu, Johor and Penang will play at 7.30pm.

Thus Perak have every right to feel aggrieved as they were given the short end of the straw.



FORMER kingpins Negri Sembilan stunned defending champions Kuala Lumpur 2-0 to qualify for the100PLUS Razak Cup Division One semi-finals at the expense of Perak.

KL, who had already qualified for the last four as Group A champions, took it easy and paid the price as Negri scored the two goals they needed to pip the 1992 champions on goal difference.

Negri and Perak finished with four points each. Negri scored five and conceded five while Perak have a goal difference of negative three after scoring seven and conceding 10.

KL finished with six points while Armed Forces finished last with two points.

Perak only have themselves to blame as they allowed Forces to comeback from a 3-1 deficit to draw 3-3 in the morning match.

Perak took the lead through Muhammad Hafiq Samsul in the seventh minute only for the Army side to equalise in the 13th minute through Zaini Sarip.

Hafifi Hafiz and Amir Farid then gave Perak a comfortable lead with goals in the 25th and 30th minutes.

But Armed Forces secured a point when Moohd Norhafizie Jamal Azomi and Mohd Rahimie Abd Razak scored in the 36th and 59th minutes repectively.

“We have ourselves to blame for giving away the game so easily,” lamented Perak manager M. Selvakumar. “We have four experienced players (Azlan Misron, Ismail Abu, Hafifi Hafiz, Amir Farid) and the other are still young. We lacked experience at vital points of the match.”

Division 1 (Group A)
Perak 3 (Muhammad Hafiq Samsul 7th, Hafifi Hafiz 25th, Amir Farid 30th)
Armed Forces 3 (Zaini Sarip 13th, Mohd Norhafizie Jamal Azomi 36th, Mohd Rahimie Abd Razak 59th)

Negri Sembilan 2
Kuala Lumpur 0

Division Two
Malacca 8 (Ahmad Anuar Sham Kamar 22nd, 25th, 68th, Dedy Ariadi Jumaidi 29th, 30th, Amirullah Zainol 46th pen, 57th pen, Namasivayam A/L Batma Nathan 47th)
Kedah 0

Sabah 4 (Mawardi Hamirin 15th, Nor Shafiq Sumatri 23rd, Mohd Shazwi Rani 29th, Dick Chewy Waili 40th)
Kelantan 0

Perlis 3
Police 3



Division One (Group B)
Pahang vs Joho (7.30pm)
Penang vs Terengganu (7.30pm)

Division Two

Malacca vs Selangor (8am)
Kedah vs Police (8am)
Perlis vs Kelantan (5pm)




ATM were held to a 3-3 draw by Perak thus putting NEgeri Sembilan back in contention. N9 has now to defeat defending champions Kula Lumpur for a spot in the final. 


Hosts Pahang only need one more point to qualify for the semi-finals of the 50th 100PLUS Razak Cup competition after edging Terengganu 5-3 in a Division 1 Group B match this evenin

Pahang, who had earlier defeated Penang 4-1, now have six points while Johor, whom they face on Friday, have three points, the same as Terengganu.

Penang have zero points after losing 3-1 to Johor earlier today and it means the southerners will have to upset Pahang by at least three goals to qualify for the last four.

Terengganu only need to beat Penang by one goal to qualify for the semi-finals.

Johor scored three goals in 15 minutes to put Penang under the sword. Shaheeb Shah Halim Shah (1st) and two penalty corner goals from Faez Hilmi Jali (18th) and Mohd Afzanizam Zakaria (27th) gave the three-time Razak Cup winners a brilliant start in their morning match.

Jiwa Moha pulled one back for Penang three minutes into the second half, but it was too little too late.

“As the sun grew stronger we took our foot off the pedal after an impressive start. Still, a win is a win and it has given us the lifeline we needed to stay in contention for a place in the semi-finals,” said Johor coach, Shaiful Azli Abdul Rahman.

“We were in a haste to score more and in the process muffed at least three easy scoring chances. I have told the players to be cool inside the D.”

On the game against Pahang, Shaiful, who is also Qatar’s national coach, said: “Anything less than a win would be disastrous. We need to beat Pahang but we will have to improve our scoring conversion.”

In Division Two, Selangor continued their march towards the title when they thrashed Perlis 5-0.

Muhammad Farhan Danial Zulzairin  (22nd), Muhammad Amirrullah Abdulaziz (30th), Muhammad Syafiq Zulzairi (38th) and Mohd Redza Maadun (59th, 62nd) scored for the former champions.

Sabah stunned Malacca 2-1 while PDRM thrashed a hapless Kelantan 12-1.

Division 1
Group B
Penang 1 (Jiwa Mohan 38th)
Johor 3 (Shaheeb Shah Halim Shah 1st, Faez Hilmi Jali 18th, Mohd Afzanizam Zakaria 27th)

  ( 3 )       -        ( 5 )


Division 2
Malacca 1 (Namasivayam A/L Batma Nathan 69th)
Sabah 2 (Jubil Towe Dalut  Munite 22nd, Dick Chewy Waili Munute 55th)

Selangor 5 (Muhammad Farhan Danial Zulzairin  22nd, Muhammad Amirrullah Abdulaziz 30th, Muhammad Syafiq Zulzairi 38th, Mohd Redza Maadun 59th, 62nd)
Perlis 0

Kelantan 1

   ( 1 )           -      ( 12 )


Division 1
Group A
Perak vs ATM

Kuala Lumpur vs Negri Semblan (7.30pm)

Division 2
Malacca vs Kedah

Sabah vs Kelantan (5pm)

Perlis vs PDRM (7.30pm)

Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Time and again we hear that the Malaysian Hockey Confederation wants to revamp this and that. And it always ends up as mere talk. It has come to the stage where a song from the past, do not know if some of the readers are old enough, the recycle song that was famous in the 1990's. Sorry to say that it could well become the official song of the MHC.

Revamping competitions, revamping the administration, revamping the states and so forth is what MHC is all about as it ends up as just talk, letting people forget what was said and promised in the past but never implemented.

We often hear that the 1MAS is a success, and I was informed that there are some 19 centres in operation. To me that is a failure as we have close to 45 artificial pitches in the country so we ought to have a minimum 45 centres so to speak. But when personalities are not focussed and facts not readily available, this is what happens - the truth is twisted.

Below is what has been said, as we have to revist the past to know the current and plan for the future. Read on, enjoy the clarifications in red. The MHC Council has been sent the proposals to revamp the competitions from the past, and as of now, some three hours after the email was sent, only one state has responded. There you go, they do not care, as the truth hurts...

This was from the text of the speech by the MHC President during the MHC Council Meeting held in February 2012.

"Therefore, I have suggested that we need to organize a Seminar in Kuantan, Pahang after the Olympic Qualifiers in-conjunction with the MHC Governing Council Meeting to brainstorm again on the Strategic Planning in which we intend to include the facets of women hockey plus the targets and journey of the Malaysian Women Hockey Team so that we could realign the shortcomings and achievements in every two years. 

During the Seminar, I intend to bring few personalities from FIFA and AFC to share with us on their experience on how they manage world class events and administration aspects of managing an Association.

Whatever happened to this so-called Seminar? We have seen a new Secretary General in place yet no seminar is being held? Mike did not have time to see this through but really is 6 months not enough to organise such a seminar?

Following this, we cannot forget another support area and that is the Secretariat. This is the “heart center” of MHC.  If this structure is weak it can create “bottlenecks” along the way and affect most of the facets related to hockey.
Currently, we have about 7 to 8 staff on full time basis to escort the secretariat headed by Secretary General of MHC and Treasurer of MHC who has constitutional duties. However, it is a small organization compare to the task in hand to oversee the whole MHC as a governing body of hockey in this country.

Therefore, I intend to strengthen the current Secretariat by establishing a well- balanced secretariat with detail job description and accountability. As for the 13 MHC Sub-Committees’, I intend to create 4 division or business unit with a full time “Working Secretary or Program Director” who will be put to task to handle the facets and accountable for the respective Division.

The current MHC administration is weak, as emphasised by the President during his speech in Kuantan. Yet all that has been done so far is just talk, nothing more. Why the delay in advertising the positions? was MHC really serious nad the other office bearers just nodding their heads in agreement? Perhaps we might end up like India, having no faith in locals and employ a foreignor to run hockey in the country.

Communication is an essential cog in the operations of MHC and the key ingredient here is dissemination of information to Affiliates, Officials and the public. For a better understanding what takes place in MHC and its Affiliates, I am proposing to discuss during the Seminar on how to devise a system where all parties shall be given regularly platform to highlight the status of activities including strength and weaknesses at the MHC Meetings.

Just one look at the MHC website will provide you an answer to this. Social media is the in thing or are we still groping in the dark about it. The 1MAS website is a joke, RM12,500 paid to set it up and monthly payments done for a website not updated. And before I forget the 1MAS people claim they have an updated website- that is a free Wordpress Blog, not a website. A kid can do that.
The principle idea is to ensure that we all could work as a team and help one another to achieve each other objectives at National and State levels.

However, the detail structure and mechanism on the above ideas will be discussed during the MHC Seminar and the final approval will be tabled at the next MHC Executive Board Meeting before implementing the new administrative structure for MHC.
Now talking about revamping competitions, steps were taken to do just that but it is enforcing the changes where MHC has failed big time. A day long workshop was held last year in July and attended by State HA Secretaries/Competition Chairman from States as well as representatives from the MHL teams. Discussions, heated at times, were held but a consensus was reached and forwarded to the MHC. It was approved at the MHF ( then it was not merged) and endorsed at the MHF ouncil Meeting in August 2011. Why are those decsions not followed? Was is just a sham? And to refresh all here are the findings/recommendation from the Workshop as presented to the MHF Council.



The one-day workshop, organized by the Competitions Committee of the Malaysian Hockey Federation was held to deliberate, discuss and come to a common understanding with regards to domestic competitions in Malaysia.

The purpose of the workshop was to determine the suitability, planning as well as decide on key areas such as regulations, suitable dates, justification of competitions in addition to coming together to provide a solution towards avoiding unnecessary conflicts in the domestic calendar that have affected the administration of MHF for the past few years.

Thus the participants, comprising of key stakeholders of the MHF, ranging from several members from the affiliates to office bearers and staff of MHF, were divided into several groups and tasked with providing options to be discussed in order to come up with a workable formula that will be accepted by all.

During the course of the workshop, all participants had their say with regards to various issues that were raised with the morning session limited to inter state competitions only.

The afternoon session saw the participation of several stakeholders from the clubs participating in the MHL and two of the clubs that were unable to attend the workshop- KLHC and Nur Insafi, provided their views via emails that were read out to the participants.

Below is the summary of the decisions taken at the workshop for the deliberation and approval of the MHF Management Committee or Council.


Date: To be held in either February/March
Mode of Competition: Two groups
States hosting must have minimum two pitches (lighted)
Registration of players: 18
Subsidy: RM3,000 per affiliate + 22 Transnational bus tickets reimbursable
Hosting Fee: RM35,000
Prize Money: Not cash but in terms of equipment
Coaches of top two teams to be attached to National U16 team


Date: To be held in either March/April
Mode of Competition: Two groups
States hosting must have minimum two pitches (lighted)
Registration of players: 18
Subsidy: RM3,000 per affiliate + 22 Transnational bus tickets reimbursable
Hosting Fee: RM35,000
Prize Money: Not cash but in terms of equipment
Coaches of top two teams to be attached to National Juniors team


Date: To be held in November
Mode of Competition: Two groups
Venue: NSC Complex Bukit Jalil
Subsidy: Fully subsidized by NSC/MHF
Hosting Fee: Not applicable as hosted by MHF
Prize Money: Not cash but in terms of equipment


Date: To be held in conjunction with annual Azlan Shah Cup
Mode of Competition: Two groups
Venue: Ipoh Indoor Stadium
Organised by MHF Indoor Committee
Subsidy: Teams to be provided with accommodation and internal transportation
Players involved in Azlan Shah barred from playing
To be played over three days on the opening weekend of Azlan Shah Cup


To change the tournament to Under 23
Too many age group tournaments at junior level hence require a different age group tournament (refer to decision on MJHL)
Tournament Dates: May/June
Alternates with Sukan Malaysia every two years
Registration: Only 5 national players at maximum, Must register 4 Under 16 players
Prize Money Structure: Champions : RM7,000, Runner Up:RM5,000, Third: RM3,000, Fourth: RM2,000
Subsidy to host: Below 8 teams competing: RM25,000, Between 8-12 teams : RM30,000, More then 13 teams : RM40,000


To be held in December each year
League format with knockout to be played
Subsidy: For teams: RM1,000, Host State: RM7,000
Each team to provide one qualified Umpire (minimum Grade Two)
Prize Money: Champion RM5,000, Runner Up RM3,000, Third RM2,000
The prize money will go towards providing equipment for nominated school in the state and no cash will be provided.


States must organize separate competition to determine champion. Will be provided RM2,000 subsidy if 5 or more teams participate at state level tournament to determine qualifier
To be hosted by MHF
Subsidies to remain as they are


Zonal System to be scrapped
Revert back to Two Division Format – to use ranking based on this years tournament in Malacca
Tournament to be hosted by MHF in Kuala Lumpur
Tournament Dates: June each year
Each team must register 4 Under 21 players with two to play at each time
Player Eligibility: Maximum of 5 current national players
Players must have minimum 1 year employment at state they represent
Or must be residing for 5 years in that state
Players released can only play for states they were born in
MHF to provide accommodation for teams in KL, limited to 18 players and 4 officials – 11 twin sharing rooms

Age eligibility to be changed from Under 19 to Under 21
With tournaments at U14,U16, U18 MSSM, too may tournaments at age group thus no new players utilized.
To commence early January, simultaneously for all zones.
Mode of Competition: Zonal – Four Zones
North Zone: Perlis, Penang, Kedah
Central: Perak, Selangor, Kuala Lumpur
South: Johor, Negri Sembilan, Malacca
East: Kelantan, Terengganu, Pahang
Limited to 10 teams per zone
Sabah/Sarawak to field a team at the final rounds or be involved in play-offs
Top two teams in each zone move to final round to be played in KL
Eight teams will be involved in knockout stage
Subsidy: RM2,000 per team
Prize Money Structure:
Zonal : Champion RM500 x Number of teams, Runner Up RM300 x Number of Teams, Third RM100 x Number of teams
Final Round Prize Money: Champion RM30,000, Runner Up RM20,000, Third RM15,000, Fourth RM7,000
Trophies to be provided at Zonal Level as well

Other Recommendations:
Coaches must have minimum Level 2
Coaching Committee to organize Level 2 course in December
Open Draw system in place for knock out stage
Tournament at Zonal level to be completed by end February
All players must have group insurance
Final Round: MHF to provide accommodation – no subsidy


Several options were discussed and put forward at the workshop, taking into account the views of the National Coach via email that stated:

-     that the MHL be postponed
-     that players not be released for MHL as it will affect training and preparation of national  team
-     that players might be injured during the course of the MHL.

Taking into account the views of the coach as well as views presented by KLHC and Nur Insafi, the participants were of the view that the MHL must be held as scheduled die to the following:

-   that it was vital for continuity
-   that clubs face the risk of withdrawal of support from their management should the MHL
     be postponed
-   that MHF will lose out financially
-   that some 400 players and 40 coaches will lose income should the MHL be postponed
-   that clubs were supportive of the national coach and hence were prepared to play without
     the national players

Having taken those views into consideration, several options were discussed and among them were as follows:

-  that the MHL be run on a five week schedule from September to October without the
    National Players
-  that the MHL be run on a five week schedule from September to October with the National
    Players who have to be released for matches commencing Thursday evening and report to 
    camp on Sunday night. Clubs and players who do not comply will face sanctions
-  that the MHL be played in a single division from September to December without the
    national players.

Having deliberated the suggestions, those present agreed that in the interest of the nation, national players – in agreement with the views of the national coach – be barred from playing in the MHL.

And that the MHL be run from September to December, with all 16 teams playing in a single league. However it shall revert to a two division league next season without affecting the standings of the clubs who opt out of the MHL for this year.

It was also agreed that the prize money be increased as following:


Champion: RM80,000
Runner Up: RM60,000
Third: RM40,000


Champion: RM60,000
Runner Up: RM40,000
Third: RM30,000

This was taken from Bernama:

Time To Review Razak Cup Format - Tengku Abdullah

KUANTAN, Oct 15 (Bernama) -- The Malaysian Hockey Confederation (MHC) wants to review the format for the Razak Cup competition that is approaching its 50th anniversary.

MHC President Tengku Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah said based on the quality and performance of a number of teams competing in the Razak Cup, it is quite apparent that there is a huge gap between well prepared and the not so well prepared teams.

"Teams that suffered huge losses to Kuala Lumpur, like the 6-1 drubbing of Perak yesterday, shows that some teams are not well prepared. So, I hope the oldest hockey tournament in the country can be given serious attention by teams," he told reporters here today.

The reason is obvious, how do you expect teams to train when the MHL finished on October 10 and the national team chose to be together for 2 days after that. With eligibility of players a joke, and with a state dominating the bulk of national players, how do we improve. Imagine Perak had only 13 players available for match against KL while Malacca only registered 15 players when the registration is 18?

Tengku Abdullah urged teams competing in the Razak Cup to raise their level of play to achieve a satisfactory level.

He added that there were also weaknesses in the tournament, especially the fixtures, since too many matches are played on match days.
What would you expect when there are 3 pitches and not utilised. Playing matches at 7.30pm is a joke as its prayer time. And why play matches at 5.00pm when fans are at work? MHC had the chance to change things before tournament started by why was it not done? Perhaps because it was this blog that pointed out the shortcomings.

Tengku Abdullah said to overcome the weaknesses, a new format may be adopted for the tournament in the future.
It was just two years ago that a NEW format was introduced by the states threw it out of the window after a year. Yes it was not a perfect change but it was a start. So why call for change when obviously the mind changes as the wind blows.

In the 50th edition that started yesterday, 15 teams will vie for honours over a nine-day period at the Kuantan Hockey Stadium.

Division One is divided into two groups with Group A headed by defending champion Kuala Lumpur, Armed Forces, Perak and Negeri Sembilan and Group B features host Pahang, Terengganu, Penang and Johor.

Division two has Melaka, Selangor, Kedah, Perlis, Sabah, Kelantan and Police.