Monday, December 31, 2012


In what can only be labeled as startling and a sheer abuse of power, it can be revealed now that a letter from SSTMI to field a girls team from the school was addressed to a Senior Vice President on MHC and not through the MHC Secretary.

And the entry form was not endorsed by Bahagian Sukan of the Ministry of Education thus raising concerns so as to why the team was listed by MHC in their micro website in the first place.

And it gets even murkier as the said official then tried to convince members of the MHC Competitions Committee to accept the entry via an email to the members.

Let us take a step back into 2011 and revisit the participation of a team called MWHA-SSBP in the MJHL that year.

Matri, a team from Perlis refused to play against the MWHA-SSBP team on religious grounds and that resulted into Matri being thrown out of the league, fined RM500 and banned for a year.

Is MHC willing to risk such a situation to satisfy the ego of one personality?

Several clubs and states contacted by this blog voiced their dis-satisfaction over the decision.

Looking at it from a develioment perspective, putting aside religious sentiments, it will be good for hockey but it will be better if there was a womens junior hockey league that I had advocated to this personality years ago.

Shifting goal posts in the midst of a match is something MHC should never do as it will be unfair to womens teams from states or clubs had this been made known earlier.

While it is left to be seen what MHC will do on this issue, they should investigate asvto why SSTMI was misled into addressing the letter to the said official; why was the entry accepted and listed on their official website and why the need to coerce the members of the Competitions Committee?

It is necessary for MHC to put their house in order,  not allow individuals to overstep their boundaries and above all protect the intergrity of MHC from being continously being dragged into the mud week in and week out.

Sunday, December 30, 2012


It seems that MHC has accepted the entry of a team SSTMI Girls. There was a girls team participating a couple of years ago but that was an exception as the MWHA failed to organize events to cater for women hockey.

But with the so called specialist office bearer who considers herself as gods gift to Malaysian Hockey insisting that every tournament for the men is duplicated for the women, then why is there no Junior League for women?

No disrespect to SSTMI, but the girls should compete at their own competition and since MHC has accepted a women's team, then lets have an influx of teams, lets let women club sides into the league as well.

Since some want to make a mockery of things, lets make it a full circus.


The MJHL entries closed on Saturday noon but till now there has been no update on the MHC Website nor its micro site for the MJHL. Hence the UNOFFICAL website takes the trouble to update hockey lovers. Its easy to talk but always difficult to construct a sentence, what more a full story. But wait, the easy way out, just copy and paste.

Though the closing date of the Malaysian Junior Hockey League was today, there are still teams missing from the official list released by the Malaysian Hockey Confederation.

It probably has to do with the fact that the MHC Office closed at 12.30 noon, and some teams could not make it on time to submit their entries. Hence while MHC says there are 24 teams in total, with 8 in First Division and 16 in the Second Division, this website has received confirmation that two teams from Johor had actually submitted their entries earlier in the morning, thus 26 is the correct figure.

Friday, December 28, 2012


At times, or rather most of the time, the MHC administration is accused of being so slow in acting on matters.

But take a look at the circular they sent out on the 2013 Malaysian Hockey League. Yup you read it right, the letter is dated January 1, 2013 but was emailed out today.

And that is not all, the circular is so shallow that a club actually emailed asking the following questions, which are valid points.

How many teams to play in Premier and Div 1

Which are team to play in Premier

How will the game be played –home and away or only at KL

Games to play only on weekend or even during normal days

What is the subsidy for the Premier Div Team

What is the subsidy for the Div One team

Price money for each category

Umpiring improvement plan, same as this year or we have any changes such as video or third umpire as reference

Media publicity for the participating teams

Players insurance due to injury during game

Who will sit in the organizing committee, will the team repsentitive will be included in the organizing committee

What is the plan for MHC to make this tournament the success one

Plans to attract crowd to watch games, we r playing in empty stadium

Medical assistance for teams from MHC

Will this league be better league than the last few previous year or just another calendar date to fulfill.

Ironically that is not all the inadequate issues the circular is guilty of for it is mentioned that each club will receive the RM2,000 as subsidy for using the sponsors logo. But whatever happened to the RM2,000 for the 2012 season which teams have yet to receive till today?

The President of MHC Tengku Abdullah promised a revamped MHL, but what the clubs are getting is recycled circulars as the Competitions Committee under the new leadership of M. Gobinathan seems to have gone into a slumber if they are dishing out re-runs.

The MHL is a marketable product but when you let personalities that could not care less about the sport, then you get have baked ideas as well.

Over to you President, live up to your word of improving the MHL. These questions beg for an answer and there are more then doubts your people know what they are saying right now.,



After having coached the national team for the past three months, Paul Revington has made an impression with his result orientated style.

A bronze medal finish at the AHF Champions Trophy, equalling the feat of Ordos last year, coming on the heels of an impressive outing at the Champions Challenge in Argentina has given the South African a renewed sense of optimism as to what the national team can achieve.

He spent some time replying to questions posed by this blog before flying of to Cape Town to spend a much deserved break with his wife Sandy and the family.

Read what he shares exclusively with this blog: 

Malaysian Hockey: Your overall assessment on the performance of the team? 

Revs: We scored 20 goals in 6 games (could have been more had we not battled with PC's in game versus Oman on bumpy surface) - so pleased again with that aspect to go with 22 from Champions Challenge 1. There is still lots of work to be done in attack and defence - but pleased with the speed of improvement made inside of 4-5 weeks of actual training time with squad. 
Malaysian Hockey: Any players that impressed you? 

Revs: Several - just not wanting to name them separately to the Team/Squad. 
Malaysian Hockey: What makes the team tick, adapt to new style fast? 

Revs: I think the new adaptations to the already existing Malaysian style are difficult not to like and/or embrace as a player. It just involves the next level of current evolution in the game. The Leaders in the Squad have played a big part as has all the support staff. 
Malaysian Hockey: The plans for January and February, any matches or tours lined up? 

Revs: I am in the process of getting these established and can't confirm any games/tours - although there are several lined up. I am wanting the squad to take a break until around mid January 2013 as their bodies (and minds) must be rested before we start the next 8-9 month season. 
Malaysian Hockey: Any changes to be made to squad of 30? Who from reserve list of 8 likely to be drafted in? 

Revs: Any official changes only made after the next MHL round. Players could be requested to train with the Squad as additions - this could include players from the 8 attachment squad or from the National U21 Squad.

Thursday, December 27, 2012


Malaysia exacted sweet revenge over China, winning 3-1 and taking the bronze innthe second edition of the AHF Champions Trophy in Doha tonight.

China cost Malaysia a place in the final with a 2-1 win in the preliminary round and threatened a repeat performance as they took a halftime lead through a goal scored by Liu Yi Xian in the 21st minute.

Mohd Marhan Jalil scored the equalizer in the 41st minute with a delightful reverse stick hit. And in the 60th minute pint sized Mohd Razir Rahim put Malaysia 2-1 ahead from a penalty corner.

Hardly seconds later a Chinese player turned the ball into his own net after an attempt by Azlan Misron to give Malaysia a 3-1 lead which they held on to repeat the bronze feat achieved in Ordos China last year.

Earlier Oman created the pest of the tournament when they edged Japan 2-1 to take the fifth spot.


That seems to be the question mark in minds of many after Malaysia had taken a 4-0 lead over India in the AHF Champions Trophy match in Doha last night.

Malaysia needed six goals to pip Pakistan for a place in the final, and the Pakistanis were incensed when Malaysia scored four within 38 minutes, so much so there was an angry exchange of words between Indian and Pakistani coaches.

Pakistan’s 5-2 result meant that Malaysia knew exactly how much they had to score against India to qualify – six goals to be precise. Dark horse Malaysia, who had held Pakistan to a 3-3 draw earlier in the tournament, were all over the Indian territory right from the word go and they pumped in three goals – in the 18th, 20th and 27th minute before going into the breather leading 3-0.

Soon after the change of ends, India conceded another goal and now the scoreboard read 4-0. Suddenly an impossible target looked achievable. Several eyebrows were raised following the dramatic turnaround of events and chants of cheating and match fixing echoed around the ground.

Read the quotes lifted from The Gulf Timres and draw your own conclusions.

Malaysian coach Paul Revington also came in support of the Indian team saying, “I don’t think India was deliberately back paddling at any stage. I had given my team instructions to go all out and they did that. We piled on the pressure on India. It was unfortunate that we had a bad match against China or else we would have been through to the finals. We played well to even draw against Pakistan,” said Revington adding that, a third place would be a good rewards for the team after coming this far.

Pakistan coach Rasool also felt there was something fishy and he left the VVIP box, heading straight to the India dugout and was seen exchanging words (See picture).

Trailing 4-0, India replaced their custodian P Srejeesh with PT Rao and then the team showed some spine. They rallied back with three goals – in the 48th, 61st and 63rd minutes. And with every goal, Pakistan’s chances of qualifying brightened and the negative chants from the Pakistani supporters also stopped. Even the Pakistan team members, who were watching the game from the players’ enclosure, were seen getting behind the Indian players as they scored back. India eventually lost the match 5-3 and Pakistan made it through to the finals on better goal average than Malaysia.

As coach Rasool walked past the India dugout after the match, few of Indian players was seen giving him a mouthful. The Indian team physio Sreekanth Iyengar was heard saying, “Sir, we didn’t expect this from you. You are such a senior player. Is this how you talk to our coach? You guys are talking about playing Test series with this type of behaviour. You saw how we fought back in the second half.”

Rasool though choose not to respond this time, when probed by journalists later said, “What should I say? You all saw what was happening. It is for you all to judge. They were not giving 100 percent.”

India coach Nobbs speaking about the incident said, “Our players took things a bit lightly at the beginning. I think they were already thinking ahead after being in the finals. Malaysia is a strong team and they made us pay. We had to work hard for our goals.

“As far as Rasool goes, I don’t want to talk much. He behaved in a very unprofessional manner.”


Malaysia failed to make the final of the AHF Champions Trophy despite defeating defending champions India 5-3 in a pulsating match in Doha.

Pakistan had defeated Japan 5-2 thus setting Malaysia a target of winning by six goals against defending champions India to book a place in the final.

And Malaysia came within two goals as they raced to a 4-0 lead by the 38th minute. However in their haste to get the elusive two goals they left gaps in defence that allowed India to score three goals.

In the end the Malaysians will have to reflect on their 2-1 defeat at the hands of China that sticks out like a sore thumb as a win would have given them the final berth.

India and Pakistan will play in the final while Malaysia will get a chance to exact revenge against China in the bronze medal playoff on Thursday.

For the record Malaysia finished third last year in Ordos where India pipped Pakistan on penalties o take the title.

Malaysia dominated the early exchanges but could not turn it into goals.

But all that changed in a ten minute spell as Fitri Saari put Malaysia 1-0 up in the 18th minute. Azlan Misron made it 2-0 in the 20th minute, turning in a penalty corner.

And India were shocked again as Fitri scored his second and Malaysia's third in the 27th minute to give Malaysia a 3-0 lead.

Though India forced two penalty corners in the 32nd and 35th minutes, they failed to make a decent attempt at goal.

Faisal Saari then got into the scoring act, finding the mark in the 38th minute to make it 4-0, and Malaysia were within two goals of making the final.

Birendra Lakra however pulled one back for India in the 47th minute thus setting up an interesting final 20 minutes of the match.

SV Sunil reduced the deficit to just two goals scoring India's second in the 62nd minute before defender VR Ragunath scored a penalty corner in the very next minute to make it 4-3.

Although Azammi Abadi scored Malaysia's fifth in the 68th minute, it ended up only as a sensational victory as Malaysia had lost the chance, no thanks to the China defeat.

In an earlier match China defeated Oman 7-1.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012


National coach Paul Revington spent Christmas all alone, away from his wife Sandy who was with the family in Cape Town.

It gave him time to reflect on the 2-1 defeat against China on Christmas Eve , a defeat that could well extinguish hopes of Malaysia making the final of the AHF Champions Trophy in Doha.

Below is Revs reflections on the match and how he would approach the match against India tonight:

What went wrong versus China:

" China played well. They defended resolutely, they took the two chances we presented them with and were sharper on the day - technically and emotionally.

Were Malaysia Complacent

" No. It was an extremely high quality and tempo game against Pakistan the night before and I think both teams (Malaysia and Pakistan) battled to repeat anything near to the level of the previous night. That is not an excuse it is just a reality unfortunately. Although we missed chances - I don't believe we created enough. "

What will we do against India?

"These types of games are always tricky to find a balance! If we must win (for argument sake) by 5 goals - do we throw structure out the window?

"My answer lies in the process of searching for improvement all the time and knowing that persistence in this regard will always lead to performance and results.

We must still aim to perform well and if this leads to us winning the game, and then by the necessary number of goals - then that will be fantastic."


Malaysia take on India at midnight tonight at the AHF Champions Trophy in Doha. It is a match that Malaysia has to win to stand any chance of making the final scheduled for Thursday.

The equation is simple, if Pakistan loses to Japan, Malaysia just needs a win to book a spot in the final. Should Pakistan defeat Japan, then it will be a question of goals, depending on the margin of victory for Pakistan, Malaysia needs to do better by two goals.

And if Japan and Pakistan draw, Malaysia will need a win. In the event of a Pakistan and Malaysia defeat, China sneaks through to the final, the same if Malaysia and Pakistan end up drawing their matches.

All of these complications could have been avoided had Malaysia beaten China in their match on Christmas Eve . But a 2-1 defeat has virtually put paid to our hopes of at least being in the top two in Asia.

If there is anything good so far, then it has to be the fact that players in the national team are displaying confidence, able to win matches comfortably, albeit the China match, and are playing as a unit, something long not seen in Malaysian Hockey.

But while this augurs well, lack of long term planning will severely affect the sport and even the national team are unsure of plans in January as no matches have been confirmed for the two months.

Back to the AHF Champions Trophy, they have been detractors claiming that I get news from correspondents, Facebook and other means from Doha. The bottom line is I get the news, fast and accurate, better then the so called official website.

And as for claiming that mega bucks is paid for a six week competition, go try running three websites, not blogs, where the server fee alone is almost RM4,000 a month, not counting the managing and domain yearly costs.

If its about money, then maybe they want to tell me how I run the blogs for free then? It's easy to talk behind the veil of anonymous, sadly not proud to use the name the parents gave them, but try doing half of what others do, then you will realize its not something that money can buy - and that my dear detractors is called passion, something you lack when you even hide your identity. 

Monday, December 24, 2012


Malaysia lost valuable ground in their quest to make the final of the AHF Champions Trophy whn they lost 2-1 to China in Doha.

The defeat means that Malaysia must hope that Pakistan defeat INdia in a later match and they in turn defeat India in the final preliminary match on Thursday.

Malaysia had only themselves to blame as they squandered many chances and allowed China to score two quick penalty corner goals in quick succession via Huang Yue ( 31st minute) and skipper Yong Li (34th minute) just before halftime.

Although Faisal Saari reduced the deficit via a penalty corner in the 63rd minute, Malaysia could not conjure another goal and are now in with a mathematical chance of making the final.

And the defeat against unsung China must be viewed with deep concern by the coaching staff.


Malaysia go into the match against China today knowing very well that anything short of a win will derail their chances of progressing to the final of the 2nd edition of the AHF Champions Trophy Tournament being held in Doha.

After two wins, with identical 4-1 scorelines against Japan and Oman, Malaysia were held to a 3-3 draw by Pakistan, despite taking the lead twice in the match.

Several questions were posed to coach Paul Revington after the Pakistan match and this blog appreciates the effort taken by Revs to answer them via email.

Malaysian Hockey : We had domination of the game against Pakistan yet let them get away with a point. What went wrong?

Revs: I think we controlled the game without being completely "dominant". Both teams had their "up" phases and I think used those "up" phases well. 

Malaysian Hockey: Pakistan opted to play robust hockey thus disrupting our players focus. This is a tactic often used by experienced players against inexperienced ones. Though in long term this can be overcome, your immediate thoughts on this?

Revs: I would agree that experienced sides play robust hockey - however I think it is more of a sign that Pakistan respect our quality and will try and do anything to stop Malaysia from rising. They have realized we have a good group of players across senior and junior teams and are doing what every proud Team/Country would do to protect their turf - fight! 

Malaysian Hockey: We are almost assured of the top four finish, but how would you rate China, who defeated Japan and gave Pakistan a tough time as well?

Revs: China are always a tough opponent and will therefore always be respected

Malaysian Hockey: In a nutshell, how would you rate the match against Pakistan?

Revs: Very pleased with the growth of this Team so quickly (with 8 additions) and the overall performance across 70 minutes.


When even the national news agency BERNAMA needs to rely on info from this blog to keep Malaysians informed. Read on...

Malaysia Settle For 3-3 With Pakistan In Asian Champions Trophy

KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 24 (Bernama) -- Malaysia failed to capitalise on a two-goal advantage and settled for a 3-3 draw against Pakistan in their third Asian Champions Trophy match at the Al Rayyan Hockey Stadium in Doha, Qatar, late Sunday.

Paul Revington's boys had earlier chalked up two victories after whipping Japan and Oman, both with a 4-1 scores.

Mohd Fitri Saari opened accounts for the Malaysian side in the 20th minute when his shot was deflected into goal by a Pakistani player, according to

A few minutes later, Samir Al Shibi equalised for Pakistan -- last year's runners-up -- before national forward Mohd Faisal Saari restored Malaysia's advantage through his trademark reverse hit in the 43rd minute.

Rashid Mehmood converted a penalty corner to level the score before Muhd Waqas Sharif scored Pakistan's third goal to put the Champions Trophy's bronze medallist ahead.

Malaysia's Mohd Faisal bagged his second goal of the match through a field goal, two minutes before the final whistle, to ensure both teams shared the spoils.

Malaysia will play China today before wrapping up their match against defending champion, India, on Wednesday.

In earlier matches, India whitewashed Oman 11-0 while China defeated Japan 4-2.

Malaysia edged Japan 1-0 to bag the bronze medal in the first edition of the tournament in Ordos, China, last year.


There have been several issues on hockey that were uncovered over the weekend and what makes it more interesting is that it points to a chink in the armor of the Malaysian Hockey Confederation as people issues have now taken the hockey body to a new low.

Many are aware of the factions within MHC, some that are targeting a common enemy in Manjit Majid Abdullah, while others are marriage of convenience. All of this goes on to show that all is not well within the MHC, and the advice of the President Tengku Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah to close ranks is merely that, advice that fell on deaf ears.

Lets go thought the issues that have affected hockey and its left o the readers to construe what and who is actually behind these problems.

1) There was an Appointment Committee formed to look at employing a CEO and four full time officials, headed by Dato Abdul Rahim Md Ariff. The committee was hand picked by the President and despite that the MHC Secretary, who was not an appointed member of this committee, sat in the meeting held last Thursday. Mind you the terms of reference of the committee is o come up with job specifications for the five positions, thus affecting the MHC secretary position as well.

2) Then there is an issue of the misbehavior of two coaches during the Under 16 Manhiem tournament that went unreported until the MHC Secretary raised the issue at the Coaching Committee Meeting last Saturday. Now the Coaching Committee has decided to review the practice of sending the two top teams of Under 16 coaches to Manhiem, as over two successive years there have been incidents, ironically both are coaches from KL.

3) This is more interesting, for the Kedah representative raised the issue of the participation of the Kedah team in the recent Under 16 girls tournament. In a nutshell the questioned posed was who sent the team as Kedah never had a women's hockey association and amendments are in process to include women participation in Kedah HA. So why did MHC accept an entry not submitted by an affiliate of MHC? Not to mention where the RM3,000 subsidy went to, if it was paid as Kedah HA never received any money!

4) The Coaching Committee has raised its concerns about the interference of the National Team Management Committee on the issue of appointing coaches for national team. This is in wake of an incident involving I.Vikneswaran who was appointed coach of the national women Indoor team to Bangkok without any approval from the Coaching Committee. The MHC secretary is now to revert as to who made that appointment although Vikneswaran was asked at the meeting and made it clear who that individual was.

5) The merger issue of men and women at states has hit a snag. In NS the NSHA offered their women counterparts two Vice President and two Council Member positions, a fair deal as NSWHA is made up of individual representation with no affiliates. But this offer, though initially accepted has now been rejected as the women want three Vice Presidents, one Assistant Secretary and three Council Members positions. And not to mention there is no news about mergers from Selangor, Perak, Pahang, Terengganu as well.

The list goes on but for the moment the issues at hand are enough to rock the boat, and should be addressed soon. With just a week before 2013, the calendar of tournaments has yet to be revealed as well.

In the spirit of Christmas and New Year and the advice of the MHC President, I am prepared to bury the hatched, but where apologies are appropriate, they sold be made with a good intention. For even I am prepared o apologies for being harsh to some, but always remember that who provoked he issue.

I have offered the olive branch, it's up to these individuals o react, don't worry, I do not bite.


Malaysia withstood a robust Pakistan to hold the Champions Trophy bronze medallists to a 3-3 draw at the Asian Champions Trophy in Doha.

Malaysia twice took the lead but could not hold on but showed plenty of character to snatch a point, netting the equaliser in the 68th minute. And had they been sharper, Malaysia could have snatched all three points as they forced a penalty corner at the death but failed to find the elusive fourth.

Still it was a remarkable performance from a makeshift Malaysian squad that has rested eight players from its fourth placed squad that played at the Champions Challenge in Argentina last month.

Malaysia forced three penalty corners but couldn't find the mark early in the match. But they took the lead in the 20th minute when a hit by Fitri Saari was deflected into goal by a Pakistani player.

Barely a few seconds later as the Malaysians were still celebrating, Pakistan hit back to net the equaliser via Samir Al Shibi.

At half time the honors were even 1-1 but Pakistan was finding its footing and getting back into the game.

Faisal Saari then went on one of his solo runs and finished with his trademark reverse hit to give Malaysia a 2-1 lead in the 43rd minute.

Pakistan were then awarded a penalty corner but the defense held firm, denying the Pakistanis with sturdy defending.

But off their third penalty corner Pakistan found the goal to draw level via Rashid.

And Muhd Waqas put Pakistan ahead only for Faisal to pop up in the semi circle and steer a reverse stick attempt by Tengku Ahmad Tajuddin to assure Malaysia a share of the spoils two minutes before time.

Though awarded two late penalty corners, the Malaysian battery failed to find a way past Imran Butt in the Pakistan goal.

in the end Malaysia wondered how they let Pakistan off the hook in a match that they held a stranglehold on for long periods.

Malaysia play China on Monday.

In an earlier matches India whitewashed Oman 11-0 while China defeated Japan 4-2.

Sunday, December 23, 2012


There are those who love hockey so much that they want the sport to be recognized world wide.

Enjoy the pictures of the AHF Asian Trophy match between China and Japan from a concerned fan from Doha.

For the record China won 4-2 but for goal scorers go ask AHF officials.


Looks like the great B. Muthukumar has now taken the personal battle against this blogger beyond our shores and uses his position as Tournament Director to issue threats against officials against providing information for the AHF Champions Trophy in Doha.

This personality, who has done little for Malaysian Hockey, despite being given a position as Chairman of the Umpires Board, has questioned officials in Doha as to who provided this blog a copy of the match sheet after the Malaysia v Oman match.

Obviously he is not aware what is right and wrong and unable to comprehend that hockey is suffering in Asia due to lack of publicity.

Even FIH puts up match sheets at the end of the matches, and that is something that the Sultan Azlan Shah Cup and Sultan Johor Cup websites have being doing regularly.

Even in our own Malaysian Hockey League the match sheets are uploaded onto the website.

So what's the big deal Muthu?

The Asian Hockey Federation bulletins at times request for pictures from this blog and we have assisted them. But with such a conduct from their appointed official, a notification to Tan Sri P.Alagendra to voice our concern has been dispatched.

This goes on to show the level of maturity of an individual that cannot carry out his responsibilities without fear or favour and further enhances our concern on certain individuals within MHC that have taken the sport to disrepute.

I now leave it to the wisdom of FIH Board members HRH Tengku Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah and Asian Representative HRH Sultan Azlan Shah to look into this matter where information is being provided to selective persons by Muthu.

Readers do not fret, we shall continue to provide news on Malaysian Hockey and regard the efforts of Muthu as a mere fly in the soup.

Saturday, December 22, 2012


Malaysia take on Pakistan in their third match of the AHF Champions Trophy in Doha and it will be a six pointer as so far as national coach Paul Revington is concerned.

For a win for either team will put them in good stead for a top two finish in the preliminary round, thus virtually assuring the winner a place in Thursday's final.

Malaysia registered two wins thus far, defeating Japan and Oman with identical 4-1 scorelines while Pakistan too won their two matches, a 8-3 against Oman and 5-2 against Japan.

While the general notion of elation was expected with the win over Oman, the fact that Malaysia failed to get enough goals and also went a goal down before scoring four goals to run out comfortable winners.
"I am naturally pleased with the result and the three points for I never take this for granted," said Revington.
"Performance wise we were all a bit frustrated as the overall effort and technical application was inconsistent. 
"We did manage to still score four goals, however we left a few goals out there!" 

Malaysia will play Pakistan on Sunday night and it will be vital three points at stake for both teams. A win for either will put them in the drivers seat as they both have India to play.

And Revington is well aware of the tough task awaiting his team.

"Pakistan are obviously a very good side and have made minimal (two) changes to a side that did well at the recent Champions Trophy," said Revs 
"They enjoyed good crowd support this evening and it sounded like they were the home team! It will be a very good battle between two quality teams."

Revington also paid tribute to the hosts stating the the tournament has been very good so far and the general organization has been simple and effective. 
But it will be the second consecutive time that Revington will spend Christmas away from his family and wife Sandy.

"Sandy is already back in Cape Town with her family for Christmas, so it will be another Christmas away from her and the family," said Revs. 
"Last year was the first Christmas we missed with the family (we stayed in Ireland). Hopefully this scheduling is avoided in the future - including playing two big events so close to another. "
So the Malaysian team should raise their game and deliver the three points and in the process deliver an early Christmas present.


Below is what the MHC website showed after the Malaysia v Oman match. Go figure it out. Made my point.


Malaysia registered their second win in as any matches when they came from a goal down to defeat Oman 4-1 at the AHF Champions Trophy in Doha.

But while the win was welcomed, the fact that Malaysia conceded the first goal and took 23 minutes to get onto the score sheet must surely be of concern to national coach Paul Revington.

Oman opened scoring in the 16th minute through Bait Jandal who converted a penalty corner.

Faisal Saari put Malaysia on level terms in the 23rd minute, also from a penalty corner before Mohd Razie Rahim made it 2-1 in favour of Malaysia in the 28th minute.

It was not till the final 10 minutes that Malaysia assured themselves of all 3 points with Razie scoring his second in the 62nd minute and Tengku Ahmad Tajuddin delivering the final blow to Oman in the 66th minute.

More details later in the day, good night Malaysia where ever you are...


Malaysian Juniors lost 2-3 to Air India in Ubaidullah Khan Gold Cup in Bhopal. It was their second successive defeat and effectively rules them out of the semi finals.

However the team played much better according to an SMS from team manager Mirnawan Nawawi.

The Malaysian goals were scored by by Mohd Haziq Shamsol in 21st and 63rd minutes.

However Malaysia will be without the services of Azri Hassan who fractured his finger while Zulhairi Hassan too could miss the final group match against Bhopal after receiving six stitches for a gash on the shin.

In another match Indian Oil Corporation defeated Bhopal 3-2 and top the table following their 6-1 win over Malaysia in the earlier match.

Friday, December 21, 2012


Another win and three points are expected to be on the card tonight when Malaysia takes on Oman in the AHF Champions Tropy at Doha.

Still smarting from their 4-1 win over Japan, Malaysia really should have no problems winning all three points and scoring goals to ensure a healthy goal difference that could well decide the positions at the end of the preliminary round.

Malaysia started off with Roslan Jamaluddin in goal and a back four comprising of Faiz Helmi, Mohd Razie Rahim, Azlan Misron and Nor Faeez Ibrahim.

The midfield trio were Shahrun Nabil, Fitri Saari and Mohd Marhan Jalil with Tengku Ahmad Tajuddin Tg Jalil, Faisal Saari and Hafifihafiz Hanafi leading the onslaught for goals. But there was plenty of action on the sidelines as coach Paul Revington made substitutions at regular intervals.

"The newer players blended in well and made solid contributions throughout.  Though we had eight new members to the team, it did not make any effect on playing style," said Revs. 

" I would have liked more penetration into 23m for the possession we had - but that is certainly down to new team blending together. 

"In addition I would have liked to score some more opportunities that we created - we were a bit careless at times."

On today's match against Oman, Revs had this to say:
" Oman is another game and more improvements to be made. The video will lead us."

For the record Pakistan blanked Oman 8-3 in their match last night.


The above two pictures tell the tale of the tape, so as to speak.

The top picture shows stats of this blog, a total of 2,805 page views for December 20 alone. On an average I get more then 40,000 page views per month. Remember this blog is self funded with no revenue.

The second picture shows the pride of Malaysian Hockey Confederation, where money is no issue, and experts in the field of Computer Science spearheading it. Visitors were a mere 336 yesterday, with a total of 5,015 so far this month.

Let us now take a look at the Under 16 National Championships that concluded yesterday and the Return of Investment that sponsors got out of it. Virtually zero as not one paper provided coverage of the tournament and not one picture bearing the sponsors appeared on the MHC website.

Stats do not lie and when even the media shun the event, one has to take stock of the situation, come down from the pedestal and start doing things the sensible way. In the end its hockey that will suffer and power means zilch when it comes to justifying the requirements of a sponsor.

Another matter is the abuse of the MHC twitter account, projecting certain teams and certain individuals. This is pure abuse of position and on the MHC website the pictures of players in action is conspicously missing.

Always remember one thing, that the officials cannot exist if there are no players. So time to get off the horses you are on, step onto earth and start learning to be humble.

Thursday, December 20, 2012


Note: This is an example of the difference between passion and power. The MHC website led by a top gun still looking for info while a blog has all the details. Roll over and admit that passion wins all the time.

Read on, brought to you by the one and only accurate and fastest hockey blog in the country, accurate and speed matters.....

Another winning start and another four goals scored. That sums up the Malaysian team opening match in the 2nd AHF Champions Trophy in Doha where Malaysia defeated Japan 4-1.

It was a good start, something that coaches Paul Revington and Arul Selvaraj were looking for as Malaysia made eight changes to the team that played in the Champions Challenge in Argentina some three weeks ago where they finished fourth.

"It was a good match and the win was important to give the new inclusions confidence as the tournament progresses," said Arul when contacted in Doha after the match.

Malaysia opened scoring through Tengku Ahmad Tajuddin Tg Jalil in the 3rd minute before Faisal Saari doubled the advantage in the 17th minute, converting a penalty corner.

Hafifihafiz Hanafi gave Malaysia a 3-0 halftime lead by netting in the 32nd minute and Malaysia were coasting. Mohd Razie Rahim found the mark off another penalty corner in the 58th minute and though Japan got a consolation five minutes before time via Tachibana, it was too late to deny Malaysia all 3 points.


The Project 2013 squad were trashed 6-1 by Indian Oil Corporation in their opening match of the 66th Obaidullah Khan Gold Cup at Bhopal.

But before the critics launch any attack for the heavy defeat, they must bear in mind that the tournament that offers a prize money of 20 lakh rupees is participated by top club sides from India boasting of several current and ex-internationals.

An own goal in the 12th minute set the ball rolling for IOC who added another two via Prabhjot Singh in the 25th minute and Thimanna PL in the 29th minute for a 3-0 lead.

2013 reduced the deficit in the 34th minute via Rashid Baharom.

Two more penalty corner goals by Gurjinder in the 50th and 63rd minutes made it 5-1 before former international Deepak Thakur completed the rout in the 67th minute.

In another Group A match Air India Bhopal defeated Bhopal Reds 4-3.

The Malaysian Juniors take on Air India in their next match on Saturday and it will not be easy as Air India are represented by the likes of Arjun Halappa who scored a hattrick in the win and Olympian Samir Herpes.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Malaysia open their campaign against Japan at the AHF Champions Trophy in Doha on Thursday afternoon at 3.00pm local time ( 8.00pm Malaysian time).
For those unaware, this is the second edition of the Asian version of the Champions Trophy and the teams participating in the week long tournament are India, Pakistan, Japan, China, Oman and Malaysia.
After a good outing in the Champions Challenge in Argentina, Malaysia will be hoping for a podium finish, having won the bronze in Ordos last year in September.

The official mouthpiece of the Malaysian Hockey Confederation lacks the know how to write articles, opting to lift them from a particular newspaper and even when they do have an article posted, it is littered with grammar errors.

Below is a question and answer between this blog and national coach Paul Revington, on his thoughts with regards to the team and players selected to play in the Hockey India League/

No part of this interview is to be reproduced with the permission of this blog.

Malaysian Hockey: Pakistan and India have made minimal changes to their teams from Melbourne while Malaysia changed half the team from Argentina. Your thoughts on this?

Revs:  All three teams (and coaches) are at different stages with regards to building teams. I don't look too much into what other teams are doing when making team selections for Malaysia.

Malaysian Hockey: We finished with a bronze last year and I believe you are aiming towards that. How difficult of a task will that be?

Revs: I want to try and win every game - regardless of stage of process of team development.

Malaysian Hockey: We play Japan in the opening match and you saw them in Argentina, your thoughts on the match and the Japanese?
Revs : The Japanese are always a tough opponent and have a strong team work ethic. They showed this again in Argentina.

Malaysian Hockey: Putting aside the target, what are you hoping for from this team in Doha?

Revs :  I want a further enhancement in elements of team play and I want another group of the squad who join us reaching the same level of play and game understanding as players reached quickly in Argentina.

Malaysian Hockey: Only S. Kumar and Faisal Saari were successful in the Hockey India League auction. Your thoughts on them playing and the fact that other players failed to be picked?

Revs :  I am delighted for both Kumar and Faisal as they are terrific players. As the Malaysian Team improves world ranking and improve with regards to consistent performance and results - players will get consistently recognized in any HIL type event. This must be their goal.


Where MHC failed, this blog will attempt to keep you abreast.

The Project 2013 squad was treated akin to a step child by the MHC administration as no information was provided on their team and participation in the 66th Obaidullah Khan Gold Cup in Bhopal that commences today.

So here is what I have gathered from Team Manager Mirnawan Nawawi.

Malaysia is in Group A with Indian Oil Corporation, Aor India and Bhopal Red. Group B comprises of Bharat Petroleum, Auckland HC, National Gas Coorporation and Punjab Sind Bank.

Malaysia will take on Indian Oil today at 4.30pm before playing Air India on Friday at 8.30pm. They conclude their preliminary round against Bhopal Red on Saturday at 6.3pm.

The semis are on Monday with final on Tuesday.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012


The MHC Coaching Committee, was once an all powerful committee, entrusted with the selection of coaches to the various national teams, evaluate coaching reports, preparing coaching curriculum and more importantly providing coaches an opportunity to further enhance their coaching knowledge.

But of late it has been reduced to a committee whose powers of evaluating reports usurped by the Team Management Committee and its powers to appoint overtaken by power hungry officials within the greater MHC.

This Saturday the committee meets and if the Chairman Manjit Majid Abdullah has any sense, he will sort out the following issues-

1) The position of Tai Beng Hai. What is his role and designation given the fact that his contract comes to an end on December 31?

2) Evaluate and discuss the coaches report from the women's national team that played in the World League, Lanco Super Series, the Project 2013 squad to the Sultan Johor Cup, the national team that played in the Champions Challenge.

3) Seek answer and the report of coach I.Vikneswaran as to who appointed him to coach the women's team to the AHF Indoor Championship? Was this a one person decision and who authorized that person to act as selector as well.

4) Determine the position of Lim Chiow Chuan if he is to remain as 2017 coach or Project Director.

5) Address the issue on the syllabus for all 3 Levels of Coaching and why no Level 3 courses have been held.

Manjit needs to take the bull by its horn, and not allow the pensioner who goes around belittling those in mourning from continuing to take MHC to newer depths in administrative ability.

Manjit stands accused of being the favorite son of the MHC President and can dispel this notion by making hard decisions that might not please some but help hockey survive turbulent times no thanks to the Gang of Four that wreck havoc.

Many are afraid of their own shadows and above all feel the chair of power they sit on slowly sinking.

But TRUTH is what we are after as we expose the wrongs towards the betterment of Malaysian Hockey, a sport we all care and cherish.


"I may end up dying a pauper but at least I would not have lived on compromising on my principles."

Those are not words of wisdom you will find googling on the Internet but words that I used on a very senior personality in Malaysian Sports who had attempted to get me to stop highlighting the corrupt practices that the sporting society in our country is so accustomed too.

It has been a roller coaster ride for the past three weeks, both on a personal and professional front and at times I do pray that the Mayan prophecy will come true and the world does come to an end on December 21.

Well for me personally it has ended though, for the ultimate insult by the FOUR MHC officials who had no shame, character and respect by belittling my brother in his time of mourning. 

The fact that one was a women, who showed scant respect for a mother who lost her children made me realize to what extent people will stoop, even neglect the fundamental thought of maternal instinct.

Yes,these people, with leadership of a tainted one, who stoops low to create clicks, have gone all out to ensure that I am deprived of contributing towards the sport I love. 

They have gone to extents of coercing, threatening, and above all will stoop so low as putting sand in the rice bowl of others, so that they can protect their positions. These are individuals that are bent on letting hockey serve their interests and more importantly remain incompetent at the expense of true hockey lovers.

If they can do half a job they claim they are capable off, then hockey would have prospered by now, but what they have done is create issues after issues so much so that sponsors shy away from the sport.

Then you have others who merely use individuals who truly care for the sport to get their agendas fulfilled, no shame whatsoever to lay claim to good deeds as if it was their ideas to start with.

Fakers are norm in sports, but when there are some that pocket money from hockey to ensure that heir top notch lifestyle is to affected, then it's time to get worried as to where we are heading. 

Getting cheques made payable to their personal accounts is akin to a criminal breach of trust but this indeed is the final straw.

But alas if my detractors think I am giving up on writing on hockey and highlighting their abuses and weakness, they ought to think again for now I have more time to to highlight their discrepancies, more time to write about their abuses, and since they did not spare my family, I will not stoop so low even though some have used their positions to get relatives gainfully employed.

Before you readers think that I am being vengeful, picture the look of a mother to be who lost her twins, picture two aged people who cannot live their twilight years in peace. I intend to prevail, writing about truth and justice, nevermind how difficult things are.

Ride your luck, continue to do what you want without remorse, for I will be watching you....

Sunday, December 16, 2012


National keeper S. Kumar and striker Faisal Saari were sold in an auction for the HIL today. they were priced at USD15,000 and USD25,000 respectively and will turn out for their teams as listed below.

UP Wizards
Teun de Nooijer (NED, marquee player)
Tushar Khandker (IND)
SK Uthappa (IND)
Pradhan Somanna (IND)
Nithin Thimmaiah (IND)
Harbir Singh (IND)
VR Raghunath (IND)
Sreenivas Rao (IND)
Kumar Subramanian (MAL)
Goerge Bazeley (AUS)

Mumbai Magicians
Sandeep Singh (IND, marquee player)
Faisal Saari (MAL)
Mahmood Rashid (PAK)
MB Aiyappa (IND)
Fareed Ahmad (PAK)
Joel Caroll (AUS)
Imran Butt (PAK)
PT Rao (IND)
PR Sreejesh (IND)

The fate of the other three, Razie Rahim, Tengku Ahmad Tajuddin and Azlan Misron was not reported.

Saturday, December 15, 2012


The matches were over some 4 hours ago, yet the pride of the Senior Vice President, the website she claimed could do better then this blog, has somewhat gone to sleep, probably due to the fact they do not work Saturday's.

The results of matches on Saturday afternoon have not been updated and the great Secretary and the Senior Vice President claimed that they can do better then me. But it's obvious that talk is cheap.

What you do not have is passion, and that is not something that you can buy in a 24 hour shop nor can your back biting and rumor mongering do that for you, that is getti g down to do actual work, rather then just mutter ok, ok, ok.

So if you can work, no need to shape up, better ship out.


There is no gag order on players as so far as national coach Paul Revington is concerned.

In an email to this blogger, the Sputh African took the trouble to explain the misunderstanding and reiterated his support and cooperation with the media, stating clearly that he fully understands the role of the media.

More on this later.

Friday, December 14, 2012


Seems like the new coaching set up of the national senior squad have imposed a gag order on the members of the national team.

Several players contacted were reluctant to be interviewed over the phone and in return asked this blogger to come to the National Hockey Stadium in Bukit Jalil where they could be interviewed in the presence of the coaches.

While this cautious approach may have its merits, in the long term it is the sport that will lose out, as evident in the National Under 16 Tournament where some who claim to know it all, akin to the saying Jack of all trades but master of none, could not get the stories into the main stream media and sports websites as well as blogs.

It is indeed a shame if Revington and Arul have imposed such conditions on the players, and from what is learnt this is not the only rule that has irked the players.

On another note, it is also learnt that a member of the national training squad went to Hong Kong to play in an invitational tournament thus missing out on a chance to play in the AHF Champions Trophy in Doha next week.

Was there a need to protect the players when rightfully he should have been shown the door for ignoring national duty.

Well I do not have time to go to the National Stadium in Bukit Jalil unlike journalists that receive mileage, nor can I rely on any employer to send me to Doha to get an answer and see in person how the players perform.

But a far bigger story is about to be revealed soon, something that could well irk many a coach in Malaysia.

Thursday, December 13, 2012


How I wish that those who live in glass hours will not throw stones. They claim they can do a better job then this blog in terms of providing hockey news. But just look at the two pictures taken from the OFFICIAL MHC Website.

Who played who? Selangor v Perak or Selangor v Terengganu or Sarawak v Perak?

Better no information then misinformed right?


Since three persons of the MHC Competitions Committee have made baseless accusations, I hereby go one step further to expose their lack of concern towards hockey by releasing the long overdue competitions schedule for 2013.

There seems to be a tendency to hold a women's tournament similar to the men's, and this will put a heavy burden on the finances of MHC.

-Malaysian Junior Hockey League - 11th Jan – 3rd March

-Malaysian Hockey League – 22nd March – 12th May

-National Under 16 (M) – 22 March – 31st March

-National Under 16 (W) – 22 March – 31st March

-RNA Cup (W) – 15th April – 21st April

-National Under 21 (M) – 18th May – 25th May

-National Under 21 (W) – 18th May – 25th May

-MSSM (M&W) – 3rd June – 8th June

-Razak Cup – 7th September – 15th September

-National Indoor (M&W) 2nd October – 4th October

-MSN Under 16 Indoor (M&W) 7th November – 10th November

-National Under 14 (M) 18th November – 27th November

-National Under 14 (W) 18th November – 27th November

-National Veterans 28th November – 1st December


There seems to be an hidden agenda in wanting to merge the Malaysian Hockey League and the Malaysian Junior Hockey League.

And it has nothing to do with the interest of hockey but rather the greed of making money at the expense of loyalty to a sponsor that has stood by Hockey for more then three decades.

Read later on how this blog reveals the sinister motives of some within MHC that are worse then ulat Tiket be it at taxi stands. Airports and sports venues.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012


When incompetent persons head something, it is bound to invite inadequacies as they are carrying out responsibilities entrusted to them with an hidden agenda.

Just take a look at the appointment schedule for the Under 16 and one could understand the haphazard manner in which the tournament is being organised, so much for the ability of some personalities who tend to undermine honest people, even to the extent of making false allegations when there are deaths in the family.

Suchj low esteemed personalities cannot even get a sufficient number of Umpires and Technical Officials for the tournament as one Technical Official is appointed for three matches in one day while some umpires have to officiate two matches.

So where are the Technical Officials and Umpires? Why not import them from across the causeway and do your friends a favour? As for Technical Officials, just two appointed to do five matches in one day?

Wonder what happened to the subsidy of RM3,000 promised to the teams, something that even MHC Senior Vice President Dato Nur Azmi Ahmad was unaware of.

"Who approved the subsidy of RM3,000? I need to check on this matter with the Competitions Chairman. Maybe the sponsors have pledged the amount," was what Azmi told this blog on Sunday when asked about the subsidy.

It is interesting to note as well tha in the Penang v Selangor match, an umpire awarded a goal but play was then stopped by the Technical Official on duty, ironically from Selangor, and upon chatting with the umpire the goal was reversed.

Wonder if the MHC website administrator will actually report on this matter and even write match reports, rather then just put up scores. Its the ability to write that matters as you do not need to be a professor and insult death of still born babies to show how "cute": you are.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012


There are eight changes to the Project 2013 squad that will participate in the Obaidullah Khan Gold Cup Tournament in Bhopal from the squad that played in the Sultan of Johor Cup last month.

The Obaidullah Khan will commence on 19 December with the finals slated on Christmas.

" It is a new look team and we intend to provide the players with the necessary exposure. This team is being build towards the Junior World Cup and I believe the level of competition will prove useful," said team manager Mirnawan Nawawi.

" We hope the players will adapt well to the conditions and play to their abilities despite facing more senior players in the tournament."

The players who played in Johor and are ineligible to play in the Junior World Cup at the end of 2013, Mohd Noor Faeez Ibrahim, Dedy Aryadi, Mohd Ramadhan Rosli, Amir Farid Ahmad Fuzi and Nor Hizzat Sumantri have been left put as coach K.Dharmaraj seeks to rebuild his team.

Mohd Izad Hakimi Jamaluddin, Shahrul Azaddin Auskrazie, Fitri Saari, Faiz Hemi and Mohd Syamim Yusof are included in the senior squad for the Doha Asian Champions Trophy that will be held at the same time as the tournament in Doha.

The new players included by Dharma who did not see action in Johor are Mohd Hazrul Faiz Othman, Mohd Haziq Shamsul, Mohd Nor Aqmal Ghaffar, Dangerous Lee, Meor Muhammad Azuan Hassan, Ibnu Fathillah Mutalib, Sobirin Illias and Mohd Fitri Ismail.

Those retained are Mohd Shahril Saabah, Mohd Zulhairi Hashim, Mohd Firhan Ashaari, Shazril Irwan Nazli, Mohd Hafiz Zainol, Mohd Azri Hassan, Kavin Karthik, Mohd Rashid Baharom, Shazrul Imran Nazli and Mohd Hafizuddin Othman.

The remaining players with a few to be called up will play Korean National Sports University in a series of friendlies at Bukit Jalil from 18 to 24 December.

The Bhopal bound team will play the Koreans on December 15 and 16 at the National Hockey Stadium.


A total of four players from the Project 2013 have found a place in the senior squad for the 2nd Asian Champions Trophy in Doha next week.

Two of them Mohd Syamim Yusof and Mohd Izad Hakimi Jamaluddin will be making their international debut while the other two junior players are Fitri Saari and Faiz Helmi.

Ironically the team will see two pairs of brothers donning national colours at the same tournament , Izad and Roslan while the other is Fitri and Faisal.

Had Jivan Mohan be retained, he would have teamed up with Jiwa Mohan to make it three set of brothers.

Eight players from the squad that finished fourth in the recent Champions Challenge in Argentina have made way for the inclusion of several youngsters.

The eight omitted are Chua Boon Huat, Jivan Mohan, Ismail Abu, Izwan Firdaus, Mohd Amin Rahim, Mohd Shukri Mitalib Mohd Marhan Jalil and Baljit Singh.

They have been replaced by Izad, Syamim, Hafifihafiz Hanafi, Jiwa Mohan, Mohd Sallehin Ghani, Mohammad Azammi Abadi Mohd Noor Faeez Ibrahim and Norhizzat Sumantri.