Thursday, October 20, 2016


The Malaysian Hockey League for the 2017 season will proceed as planned.

Earlier there were doubts that the league could be moved from its January to March window as the national team needs to prepare for the Round 2 if the World League at Trinidad & Tobago.

But Competitions Chairman George Koshy dispelled such fears.

" The men's Premier and First Division will proceed as planned," said Koshy.

" The women's league will commence after their Round 2 World League commitments in January.

" A meeting of all the team managers will be held to determine the exact dates."

With this it is anticipated that the Junior Hockey League will now be held only after the Raya, which means it will only start in July.

However some teams have voiced concerns as its too close to the SPM trial examinations.

The meeting with the team managers will be held this Saturday it was learnt but no confirmation was given.