Monday, September 21, 2015

Naranjan needs your help

Long serving hockey official Naranjan Singh needs assistance.

He is currently warded at Pusat Perubatan University Malaya and is of urgent need of funds to undergo a surgery to implant a stent for his heart and needs RM10,000 for this.

Naranjan does not have the means to come up with that amount of money and this blog appeals on his behalf for donors to help by banking in money to his sisters account  Harvinder Kaur at  CIMB account number 14570009058527.

Please spread the word and assist him as the operation is on Wednesday.

God bless.


Penang State Hockey Association President Dato Ow Soon Kooi has quit.

He submitted his resignation last Monday and the state HA will convene a meeting this Sunday to decide their next course of action, after accepting the resignation.

It is learnt that Ow quit as he could not give his full focus and his election as MHC Vice President was also a factor.

It must be noted that Ow has done the right thing by vacating his state post so there is no conflict nor convergence of interest with holding two positions.

This resignation should be emulated by others that cling on to state positions and this Los not good as they will always have conflict of interest.

It will be interesting to see if others share these strong principles of Dato Ow.

Saturday, September 19, 2015


From the little I studied maths, 100 days is a culmination of 100 days to mark a particular day.

For instance, when a new government or Minister takes office, their plans or effectiveness is always measured by the 100 days factor.

Thus it comes as a surprise when claim that MHC new office bearers will announce a so called grand plan to mark their 100 days at the helm next Wednesday.

Any child who can do plus and minus in maths will tell you that 100 days, from May 13 till August 20 is the correct time frame.

And they have achieved zilch in the 100 days.

Let's list out the failures ;

1. Ran the MHL like a B grade movie, rushing the knockout stages in a week, facing scant respect to the Division One

2. Failed to make the Olympics with teams like Brazil, Ireland and Canada making it there .

3. unsure if the Razak Cup will be held where.

4. never paid their debts to umpires and technical officials for the Junior League.

Lots more but as I feel some just will bark at anything as long as they get something in return .......

Saturday, September 5, 2015


In life we cross paths with people from all walks of life, different customs, upbringing and values.

But separating the stones from gems is what our lives challenges are all about.

Some will go out of their way to help a stranger, while others will just be selfish and think about their own well doing.

On Saturday September 5, a group of former hockey internationals showed every trait a parent would be proud of.

They did something that one would never hope to learn at the Havard Business School.

These group of players got together to raise funds to help this blogger cover his medical expenses.

A total of RM27,500 was raised by their noble effort in conducting coaching clinics as well as a charity match against the KL Development Squad.

I had the pleasure of seeing all of them blossom from good hockey players into successful careers in their lives. God ha been kind to all of them and I hope and pray that he continues to bless them.

While some hockey players and officials pour sand in my rice bowl, it was refreshing to see that many still hold on to the believe that truth must be told, no matter how bitter it is.

I have suffered over the months, depleting my savings so as to meet medical bills, right from amputation of me toe last year, to losing my kidneys in April and recently underwent a cornea transplant after losing sight in one eye.

I have tried to earn a living doing what I know best - writing. But when there are people who cannot rationalism this, when there are people who come to Tampun and promise all kind of things yet fail to keep their words, what can one do?

To these players of the 1990 and 1993 Junior Asia Cup squads, no amount of words can express how grateful I am to each and everyone of them.

To the members of the media, young and old who came, my sincere appreciation and thanks.

There were others like Dato Sieh Kok Chi, Dato Dina Rizal, K. Maheswari, Melvin Chia, RosmanizamAbdullah, Dato Dr. Ramlan Abdul Aziz, Arrifin Ghani, Satish Kunar, Wallace Tan, V. Sasidharan and others that I may have overlooked, thank you for a memorable Saturday.

And to coach Paramalingam, you developed a fine bunch of gentlemen.

God bless you all.

Thursday, September 3, 2015


In what can be considered a blunder by MHC, a suspended player played 50 minutes in a Division One match before he was removed from the pitch.

The finger pointing has started as all involved blame one another, right from the admin staff at the MHC office, the technical officials to the team managers.

The rules are clear - the team that fielded the suspended player will be deemed to have lost the match by. 3-0 margin.

But why are those responsible administratively being let off the hook? 

The Chinese have a saying - to know if a fish is rotten, check the head.

Enough said as the MHL is truly a circus.

Monday, August 31, 2015


Having undergone a cornea transplant a week ago in additional to cataract surgery, I was unable  to read my emails let alone update this blog.

However I must write and inform all that despite my poor medical condition, as I have no functioning kidneys and had a tow amputated due to diabetes and now loss of eyesight in one eye with the other partially affected, I have received a letter of demand from one Logan Raj kali Kavandan via his lawyers.

I am this seeking legal advice pro bono from legal eagles that wish to represent me in this matter.

I sought the assistance of a friend to type out this update as I am unable to read now type at this moment due to the eye surgery.

God bless the Juniors of 1993 who have organized a charity match on September 5 for my benefit. You are truly Angels that are God sent.

Friday, August 7, 2015


Each year the MHC organisors a Charity Shield match between the League and Overall Champions as the curtain raiser for the Malaysian Hockey League.

And it was no different this year as KLHC took on Terengganu HT for boasting rights in winning the first silverware of the season.

But wait a minute, what was the Charity all about?

It's just called the Charity Shield for the sake of giving it a name as no charity benefitted from the match.

In the 1990's when the Charity Shield was first introduced, each player had to contribute to enter the stadium for the match. And even the two teams playing had to buy tickets.

And the money raised would be given to a charitable cause at the end of the match, thus MHC doing its part for a charitable cause.

This year not only was there no charity but the match was not even telecast live.

So why keep calling it Charity Shield when no elements of Charity are attached to it?

It goes on to show that new brooms do not sweep that well and it's mere talk that hockey is headed for better times under the new leadership and administration.

We are in dire straits as countries like Ireland, Canada and Brazil will be at the 2016 Rio Olympics but we will be sitting at home in front of the idiot box watching the action.

Perhaps it's MHC"s way of being charitable - allow lower ranked countries to make it to the Olympics.

So charity does begin at home.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015


The failure of the Media and PR Committee to ensure the MHL matches are telecast can only mean one thing - that they are incompetent and must vacate their positions.

The idea of having a sponsor is to ensure that they gain maximum benefit in terms of publicity.

But here we have a scenario where the title sponsors name is not even mentioned once on TV or in the print media as all that is printed is MHL.

So where is the so called mileage to be accorded to TNB who pumped in millions into the MHL and are given a raw deal.

Word has it that the charity shield match between KLGx and Terengfanu was to be played in Twrengganu but was moved to KL due to telecast issues.

And it seems that the CEO further compounded the issue by claiming that the media will not cover the match in Terengganu.

That is shallow thinking and clearly shows that MHC has no interest to promote the sport nationwide and limits it to Klqng Valley.

The MHL has been in the calendar for a long time yet haphazard planning scares away the sponsors and with incompetent people running the show, it can only get worse.

Be accountable and resign Nagula Sivasothey for you have failed in an easy task.

Stop playing politics and own up that you have not  have a clue to what your job is.

And take this as a first step of the many failures I will highlight. 

Monday, August 3, 2015


This post was deleted


The Malaysian Hockey League is a third class tournament, fast losing its glamour as the premier hockey tournament in the country.

There are several factors that led to this conclusion but one of the most apparent is if it's actually a league or a lick!

The idea of holding the MHL is to have a LEAGUE competition amongst clubs in the country and not break up teams into groups as being practiced now.

Even when the number of teams was 14 or 16, the competition used to be a one round league and no breaking up into groups as the case today.

The so called learnerd personalitiesin the Competitions Committee obviously do not understand what a league is.

And stating that time did not permit running a league shows they have not looked at the matter seriously enough.

When entries were called, the format stated that teams were invited to participate in a league competition with a round robin format.

So why give the clubs an option after that and lay the blame on the clubs for a shortened competition?

Are the clubs allowed to also dictate the prize money for the MHL? Obviously not!

Then we have the inclusion of hordes of second class foreign players in the MHL as once again the Executive Board of MHC failed to excercise caution.

Are we the developmentarm for Pakistan Hockey these days as some 19 Pakistani players are representing 5 clubs in the Premier League.

There must be a qualifying standard for the inclusion of the foreign players - such as limiting the numbers and also that they must be current internationals, not those who are older then some of the team managers in the MHL.

Next we have the failure of the Media and PR Committee to ensure the top tournament is accorded telecast time on either terrestrial TV or pay TV.

It is hugely embarrassing to note that the Charity Shield was not shown live when some lesser sports in the country manage to get their tournaments to be shown live.

Even state circuits in badminton are live and thus the Media and PR Chairman should resign for a major blunder on her part.

Even the newspapers call it the MHL and not the TNBMHL thus not giving any PR value to the sponsors TNB who pump in millions for a league that is run like a kampung competition.

Fellow blogger Jugjet described that attendance of 300 people in the opening day as dismal, but that is the start of the problems.

The MHL is a cash cow for MHC but is now the grazing field for old cows as it's no longer developmentthat MHC cares for but the millions that they can milk from TNB.

May the lick run and die a natural death.

Sunday, August 2, 2015


Is there a conflict within the ranks of the MHC?

That seems to be the case when one studies proceedings that occurred over the past few days.

It started with a statement by NSC Director General Dato Ahmad Shapawi who revealed that the MHC had proposed several appointments such as Terry Walsh and Neil Hawgood for the men's and women's team respectively.

But the discussion that took place on Friday between NSC and MHC have further strengthenedtalk that two foreign technical directors are to be appointed, which is a sheer waste of tax payers money.

Oddly MHC and NSC opted to meet barely two hours before the MHC Coaching Committee met at the Olympic Hotel.

What was the hurry to rush the joint meeting on an important matter other then the fact that Neelan Pari had an hidden agenda as she wanted to decide what rightfully should be the job of the coaching committee.

Though the coaching committee did not make any formal announcements, speculation is rife that Stephen van Huizrn is the next national coach with K. Dharmaraj the women senior team coach.

Arul Selvarah retains his position as Junuors coach subject to the Asian Juniors performancewhile Lailin Abu Hassan will handle the junior girls.

Lim Chiow Chuan is expected to be named as the Project 2020 coach this opening up the 1Mas Director position which will likely go to Nor Saiful Zaini.

But all this is subject to the role Beelam Pari plays and the Selangor connection in MHC which will ultimately destroy whatever is left of the sport as in the kingdom of blind those with one eye rule!

Friday, July 31, 2015


This post has been deleted

Wednesday, July 29, 2015


The National Sports Council has decided no longer to sponsor the annual National U16 Indoor Tournament.

The annual event held for the NSC Director General Cup is the only indoor tournament held in the country.

Despite the effectivenessof indoor hockey, MHC has largely ignored it and the last national championship for men and women was held in Ipoh in 2013.

"I told MHC officials that they should find a title sponsor if they wish to continue with the tournament,"said NSC Director General Dato Ahmad Shapawi Ismail when asked as to why the government body pulled the plug.

"I feel it's time to set the priorities when it comes to funding tournaments as NSC is already assisting in other tournaments such as age group and the Junior League as far as hockey is concerned."

The decision by NSC is surely a bitter pill for the state affiliates who not only now lose an event they used to be subsidized to participate but also are voiceless following the removal of the governing council in the MHC Constitution.

And it goes on to show the failure of its leadership and administration in failing to handle sponsorship and marketing on the sport.

Word has it that a major sponsor has also withdrawn its support lately after the failure of hockey to meet its international targets.

Monday, July 27, 2015


This post has been deleted

Saturday, July 11, 2015


It is going to be a bleak Hari Raya for the dozens of Umpires and Technical Officials that served in the Malaysian Junior Hockey League.

They served unselfishly in the heat and rain, forking out their hard earned money to travel to venues, to ensure the future generation of hockey players get to showcase their ability.

The MJHL was completed in March and the sponsors had paid their commitment towards the tournament that was inaugurated in 1995.

So what happens to the money and why are these officials still waiting for their money?

Remember that most of them have Hari Raya to celebrate next week and as one lamented, we do not have money to lighten the lamps to usher in the joyful occasion.

Each official is owed a sum averaging RM800 to RM1,000 and surely those who had promised to overcome the RM2.7 million debut should do the correct thing.

Staff at MHC have received their July salaries in advance plus a Raya Bonus of RM1,000 each but what about those owed money months ago.

Perhaps not paying the CEO and two others who have been receiving money for their supposedly voluntary work could have gone towards paying these umpires.

What about money used for the trip of a support group to Antwerp.

Getting priorities right was never a forte of administrators in the past and obviously the new brooms do not sweep well.

Talking about being above board and transparent in their dealings, perhaps the CEO would want to issue a Press Statement as to what happened to the money paid by the sponsors?

And word has it that even the sponsors might be replaced due to greed instead of loyalty to someone who has stood through thick and thin before some childish character was born.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015


The Malaysian Hockey League made its debut in 1987.

Prior to that it was the Champions Club tournament that used to be at the forefront for club hockey.

For those who are shallow in their knowledge of hockey, the Champions Club tournament catered for the champions of state hockey associations.

Meaning a club had to emerge champions of their state leagues in order to qualify for the national level tournament.

This spurred club development at the state level as there were keen battles amongst teams for the honour to represent their state at the week long carnival.

The tournament was discontinued after 1986 as the Lucky Strike National Hockey League became the focus of attention.

It was good seeing sponsors coming in and after Lucky Strike there was Sporrts Toto and Sharp who stepped forward.

One interesting fact was how the MHF had to rename the league to Malaysian Hockey League from the original name National Hockey League. 

This was as a result of Sharp not being happy as National was a rival brand.

Hence pleasing sponsors is vital but that surely is not the present administration of the sport does.

There is no doubt that the millions pumped in by TNB helps the sport but in realty just how much is spent by MHC to actually manage the league.

Two years ago when I handled the PR and Media of the MHL the TNB conducted an independent study of the PR value and it was at RM22.5 million for their investment of RM1.5 million into the TNBMHL.

But this year with the MHL two weeks away, there seems to be some concerns if TNB will actually carry on with their sponsorship.

Checks reveal that TV rights have yet to be sorted out and there was hardly a whimper when entries closed on July 1.

The problem with MHC is that it does not know how to service sponsors or entice new sponsors.

Even injection of new ideas to make the MHL more interesting is lacking as sponsors suffer from the lackadaisical treatment hence tend to pack their bags.

Handling negative publicity correctly is never a forte and word has it that the first question a sponsor has asked MHC officials was why the blogs are so critical.

And here we have a top official claiming no one reads this blog.

Oh well continue living in your childish world as realty strikes.

Monday, July 6, 2015

Friday, July 3, 2015

Friday, June 26, 2015


Volunteerism is probably an alien word to some quarters of a particular national sports body.

But on the other hand many an official are virtually forced to cough up hard earn cash to serve they love.

Two contrasting scenarios but from a similar sport is indeed baffling but the stark reality is that it's the truth and I intend to tell it how it is.

The Malaysian Junior Hockey League was held from January till March and many of the officials who served as umpires/technical officials have yet to receive their dues.

Four months after completing their tasks diligently and efficiently, these officials face a Hari Raya without being reimbursed.

And more ironic is the fact that teams who were to be paid subsidies have yet to receive their money.

And here is the shocking part - the sponsors have paid their commitment to the national body in March itself.

Imagine that some people within the national body receive monthly allowances for what used to be volunteer work by the likes of the late S. Satgunam, S. Preamp alam, S. Jahendran and many more before them.

It will be easy to say that this is an inherited problem and blame the outgoing committee, but get the priorities right.

It is pointless saying that things will change and time is needed when small boys resort to childish ways to resolve issues that are perhaps to manly for some.

Do the right thing by paying all these officials their dues and not let them suffer in silence as others reap the benefits of being on the bandwagon.

Reading the truth hurts but then again as one keeps repeating - I do not care what the blog writes, could well haunt you. For this bloggers has seen many such arrogant officials come and go.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Sunday, June 21, 2015


In what can only be deemed as a wasted opportunity, the Malaysian women's hockey team refused the chance to play in the Semi Finals of the World Hockey League.

Azerbaijan had failed to turn up in Belgium and FIH offered the spot to Malaysia who turned it down citing lack of time and preparation.

And France instead took over the chance by sending their team.

Who made the decision for Malaysia as some members of the Executive Board have no knowledge of the invite.

And more importantly no circular resolution was sent to the members of the EB or a public explanation given as to why a team was not sent.

Was it a decision made by Neelam Pari? For others were not aware of the invite nor consulted.

The CEO should come clean on this matter and clarify if the NSC was consulted as they normally finance the participation.

The irony is Malaysia played in Round Two of the World League in Delhi and lost out following a 1-0 defeat at the hands of Poland.

The team has just returned from the Sea Games thus preparation should not be cited as an excuse.

And by merely turning down the invite Malaysia wasted a chance to collect ranking points.

NSC Director Dato Ahmad Shapawi Ismail expressed his shock and dismay at what MHC had done.

"I am not aware of the invite and for sure we would have grabbed the chance to send our team there," said Shapawi.

"I will seek an explanation from MHC but am shocked we let pass a wonderful chance to give our players vital exposure."

It is hoped the MHC will shed light on what happened and why the team let slip a golden chance of exposure.

Citing late notice is not a proper excuse especially when partners such as NSC are not consulted.

Saturday, June 20, 2015


This is a message from Malaysian Hockey keeper S.Kumar.

Dear official n players.. 

First of all, I would like to thank everyone for the support throughout my tough time n  allowed me to pay the last respect for my son.. Unfortunately it's really sad that  I can't be with u guys for this most important  qualifier in my life. But i believe that  you guys wil deliver the best n qualify for Rio Olympics..good luck n all the best for the heart n prayers wil always with u guys..


Malaysia open their campaign for a place in the 2016 Rio Olympics with a match against China.

Placed in a group that comprises of Ireland, Great Britain, China and Belgium, the first four matches are of academic interest.

Malaysia need to finish amongst the top four in order to make the last eight and there is where the battle starts.

Actually it is only 60 minutes that seperates Malaysia from making a return to the Olympics after a hiatus of 16 years as they last played at the 2000 Sydney Olympics.

Malaysia need to avoid finishing fourth in their group so that they will avoid a potential exit as meeting Australia could derail their chances.

Thus it's imperative to defeat China and Ireland, their two opponents in the first two matches.

With the withdrawal of keeper S. Kumar, it will make the task all the more tougher for Tai Beng Hai.

Beng Hai underwent a personal tragedy just before the 2010 World Cup Qualifiers at Invercargil when he had to return to Malaysia following the passing of his father in Taiping.

The stats favour Malaysia as the two teams have played 43 times, with Malaysia having won  29, drawing 6, lost 8, scored 112, conceded 57    Last meeting Malaysia won 7-3  2014  Test Match.

At the Asian Games in Korea last September, Malaysia won 3-1.

China team manager Yang Liu said they too are looking for a winning start.

“Our aim is to defy the ranking. We know that an almost impossible task awaits us. But we would like to think that some upset is possible…maybe a win or two,” he said at the K.H.C Dragon stadium.

While China spent almost a month in Europe, Malaysia were contend training at home as they only played matches against the Dutch U21 side and the Belgium reserves in May.

And for final preparations Malaysia played Brazil, hardly an ideal preparation for a major task.

Just how we fare will be determined on July 1 when the quarterfinals are held. 

But making it to the last eight should be no problem for a team that has been kept together since a year ago.

Friday, June 19, 2015


Excuse the typos as done at 6am on my phone as I undergo dialysis and will only get a laptop later tonight

Penning down a few words in tribute of a friend who lost his 3 year old child is extremely hard to do.

Thus I looked towards music for something to provide me a form of inspiration and it was Eric Claptons "Tears in Heaven" that gave me strength to write something for S. Kumar who returns from Belgium to do the final rites for his beloved son Haarshenn,  taken away at such a tender age.

I am certain that there will not be a single dry eye be it at the home of Kumar or the crematorium as we come to terms of just how cruel life can be.

It was in 2010 that Kumar's wife delivered their first son in Malacca and I visited the wife and newly born with Dato Dr. Ramlan Abdul Aziz.

Kumar was at that time at the Asian Games as he put the nations interest first over family, something he has often done.

Even when his father died in 2010, Kumar was keeping goal for Malaysia at the Delhi Commonwralth Games.

Family always came first for Kumar as he often made his way back to his hometown in Tampin whenever opportunity presented itself.

Making sacrifices for the nation was a ritual for Kumar who was voted Asia's best in 2010 and won numerous awards as best goalkeepers in many an international tournament.

His dream has always been to play in the Okympics and now the burden of fulfilling that dream falls on the shoulders of his team mates in Belgium.

Many a time Kumar had played saviour to Malaysian hockey, throwing his body across the goal for the honour of Malaysia.
We cannot bring back what had been taken away by God, but we can jointly pray that Tai Beng Hai and his motley crew will earn the berth to Rio, thus in a way soothing some of the pain that Kumar is undergoing.

No father should undergo what Kumar is going through and we need to stand by him in this trying time.
Rest in peace Haarshenn, knowing well that your father will miss you a lot.

And together we pray that God will give strength to Kumar to overcome this test in life.

Thursday, June 18, 2015


Update - Funeral on Friday and Kumar arrives on Friday morning at 8am. 

Malaysian hockey keeper S .Kumar is flying back from the Olympic Qualifiers following the death of his youngest son this morning at the KL General Hospital.

The five year old son passed away from a blood infection and funeral arrangements are being made.

Kumar lost his father during the 2010 Commonwralth Games in NEw Delhi and we extend our condolences to him and his family.

Kumar wilill arrive in KL at 8am on Thursday and the funeral will be held in Kl later that dhway.

" He was admitted in hop spiral for a day and had high fever and suffered bouts of vomiting, " said Kumar.

"This is shocking and I will not be going back to Belgium as my family needs me.

"We hope to know the cause of death after the post northern  and really I am in no position to talk.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015


The time has come for the formation of a National Association of Clubs for hockey.

With the MHC Competitions Committee opening the gates by appointing individuals from the clubs that play in the Malaysian Hockey League, perhaps the timing is perfect for the formation of such a body.

The FAM had initiated such a move in 2006 when they amended their constitution, but it failed to materialise as the states were wary of giving any leverage to clubs.

The whole concept of giving clubs some say in what direction hockey is headed is noble but some form of control on their inclusion has to be made, for they could usurp the powers of state affiliates and also the numbers factor must be taken into consideration.

At present there are only 6 clubs in the MHL but at the same time there are several more in the Division One as well as the Women's League.

Thus the clubs should get together and form a body called the national association of clubs.

Membership will be exclusive to clubs participating in the MHL, Division One and Women's League.

And the National Association of clubs will then be accorded the rights of an affiliate, including voting at the elections as well as be allowed to sit in various sub committees.

This will give clubs some legitimacy in providing fresh impetus towards the progress of the sport.

Football is state based and hence it failed to make changes it needed but hockey should set the tone towards clubs to be given proper autonomy.

But does MHC have what it takes to initiate change?

Tuesday, June 16, 2015


Having gone through the list of members of the various sub committees of MHC and taking into account the views of several former office bearers of MHC as well as former players, this blog comes up with a shadow list which could have been considered by the respective Chairpersons.

Amongst the basic principlea adopted in order to reflect proper governance and effectiveness, the following were adhered to :

1. Since no governing council, therefore affiliates involvement is based on zonal such as north zone; central zone; south zone; east coast zone with Sabah and Sarawak. Total 6 Affiliates to be included into key sub committee to chart the policies, activities and communication between federal and state are effectively done.

2. Members appointed based on his/her hockey knowledge and qualification including experience.

3. Term of reference and KPI"s must be given to the respective chairman's as to assist him /her to select the relevant members in order to facilitate the effective as of programs to be undertaken.

Coaching committee
M. Mahendran
Colin sta Maria
Yang Siow Meng
Wallace Tan
Lum Sau Fong
6 Affiliates from Zonal basis

Dato Vijaynathen ( advisor)
Dato Marina Chin - KPM
6 Zonal Affiliates
2 reps from National Association of clubs ( formed by teams in MHL)

Pengarah Bahagian Pembanguna. from NSC
6 State Development Officers from 1MAS on rotational basis
6 Zonal Affiliates
ISN rep
KPM rep
Lim Chiow Chuan

Tan Sri Tony Fernandes
Tan Sri Shahril (Sapura)
Dato Azman (TNB)
Dato KT Rajan 
Tan Sti Mustapha Mansur (FMM)

Dr Calvin Frrnandez
S. Nishel Kumar
Dr SS Cheema
Dr. Anuar Suun

6 Zonal Affiliates
3 Retired International Umpires

High Performance
Dato Wira Mazlan Ahmad
Prof Rabinderjeet Singh USM
Dato Dr Ramlan
Rizal Razman (UM Sports Science)
3 Former International - S. Sivabalan 
S.Suriagandhi Maninderjit Singh all who (played hockey at the highest level)

6 Zonal Affiliates
Rodzhanizam Mat Radzi
Rep from KPM Nsc n ISN

Anand Ponnudurai
T Devendra
Oomen Koshy
S. Indran

Johnson Fernandez
Dato Fauzi Omar
Peter Martinez
Tony Mariadass

National Team Mgt
K Balasingam
Ahmad Fadzil (GK expert)
MA Sambu
Arrifin Ghani
I. Vikneswaran
Invitation - team managers n coaches of all national teams

Hockey 5s
6 Zonal Affiliates
Yahya Atan
Rep from KPM


With the national sports complex set to undergo major renovations, perhaps the timing could not have been so perfect.

As the list of sub committees was released, it does not have to take someone with a genius mind to figure out things.

For several individuals appear in more then one committee, so much so that they will be shuttling to Bukit Jalil attending meetings, thus what they will deem as giving up their life for hockey.

And if one is to look further into the appointments, there are three individuals who appear everywhere, which leads one to believe that it's a conspiracy to ensure the control of MHC by certain parties.

The composition of the committees is poor to say the least and it is more of recycling the same people all over.

It seems that Malaysia has a lack of talented women as some of those appointed appear in as many as 3 committees.

And another ironic issue is the appointing of the Deputy President 1 to sit in committees like 5 a side. Why on earth should a number 2 want to be a mere member in another sub committee.

The inclusion of club representatives into the competitionscommittee is another error as clubs cannot dictate things for states which are affiliates. This should have been handled better and the one major decision they have made this far is already receiving flak.

The Competitions Committee decided that the national juniors not play as a team in the MHL and the team officials are blaming MHC for their lack of preparation and exposure. This is what we keep harping on - conflict of interest.

As for High Performance, we need experts in the sport to come out with ideas to take the sport to a new level and I do not see that about to happen here.

And the MHC President had so loudly trumpeted the importance of KPI for these committees. So why are the KPI not released to the public?

The whole idea of KPI is to ensure certain standards are achieved and one appoints members based on the needs and abilities. But here it is a case of putting the cart before the horse.

We are also appealed by the lack of inclusion of capable ex officials and internationals in the committees and will come up with a list of those who should have been there.

Monday, June 15, 2015


Wining the gold medal at the Se a Games has brought mixed reactions.

I can only sum it up in one single phrase - in the kingdom of the blind the one with one eye rules.

There was never an iota of doubt that Malaysia will win the gold medal in both the men's and women's competition on Singapore.

Fair enough we sent a junior side for the men's competition and the team received flak for struggling in the final against Singapore.

But let's get real here - beating Singapore via shoot out is a pathetic performance to say the least.

Before more get on the defensive saying that they are Under 20 players, consider the facts.

The Malaysian team has been kept together since April 2014 and train full time.

On top of that the team had several training tours, even to Australia and played in the Sultan of Johor Cup last year.

The players have played in the MHL for several top clubs over the past year and that is a reason attributed for not fielding a team in the MHL last year and also this year ( but we all know the real reason is due to fact officials have their own contracts with clubs).

Against Singapore in the final, Malaysia had 10 penalty corners and scored one as the second was a muffed up set piece that ended up as a goal.

But does one realise that players were sent to Holland to train in the execution of penalty corners? And one out of 10 simply means money wasted as Kuhan with his fat belly could have trained these players in our backyard.

And what about field goals? If one was to recollect at a post match press conference in the SOJC, the coach and manager so proudly declared that the manager, one of the nations top strikers in the past, will start showing the finer points of goal scoring to the strikers. Obviously that was just one of the dramas we have been accustomed to.

Winning gold was not the answer as the performance was more important and the team failed to impress. Period.

And with the SOJC in October, and the Junior Asia Cup in November, questions need to be asked on the state of preparation of the team.

The entire preparation is in shambles and if the team does not finish at least 3rd at SOJC and make the final of the Junior Asia Cup, one would expect the coach and manager to walk the plank, in simple language resign and let others rescue the team.

And what about the women's team? They played without direction despite training 365 days a year.

Once again MHC is at fault as no changes to the coaching structure has been made for 4 years despite alarm bells ringing.

And once again before getting defensive, why is there no national juniors women's hockey team formed?

Is it because Neelam Pari does not have a coach she can control?

Enough is enough, do not claim success by winning gold at SEA games as out states used to trash Singapore at the Razak Cup.

Monday, June 8, 2015


Kidney failure according to the Malays is a rich mans disease.

And I used to wonder why they said that until I was struck with kidney failure in April this year.

The fact of the matter is that you either get a transplant or resort to dialysis for the rest of your God given life to survive.

And mind you dialysis is an expensive affair as it costs around RM250 per session, and one needs 3 sessions a week meaning you are down RM3k a month before you think of anything else.

So how does a free lance writer like me survive?

There are two sides of the coin as in everything in life I guess.

Firstly I have suddenly lost many friends as the tendency is to stay away from a sick man. Some used to call me daily in the past but now days calls and messages go unanswered.

Then you have those who made use of me for their personal growth but now have never called to inquire on my health.

But help comes from unlikely sources and I must appreciate the assistance given by Dato Ow Soon Kooi who has helped secure a dialysis centre via a foundation and the players of the 1993 Junior World Cup squad Mike, Vicky, Nara, Jayamaran, Lam and coach Param who cheered me up. 

And a thanks to the SOJC organisers for settling a long overdue bill.

There are those who will say all kind of things to boost your spirit but when even simple help is requested like a lift to the dialysis centre, they come up with all kind of excuses.

So hitting the streets in search of a job is what I am doing right now. That is the only way to pay for dialysis as in reality talk is cheap as people have used me all their life.

I have gone through the mill and realised that I was merely a stepping stone for some to pursue posts and positions within society so as to be important in decision making process.

And then there are those who utilised friendship to benefit their businesses as they tend to stab you in the back.

Sincerity to me today is the most over prostituted term used by these so called Devils in disguise and I am wary of them already.

So as I head for my dialysis today, I shall await the MHC release their list of Sub Committees as there are RM5.1 million reasons why many have been left out.

And as the abuses go on in the sport I shall continue to expose them as long as the dialysis keeps going on.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015


Choosing the right people for the right job is what will make the naming of the members of the various Sub-Committees of MHC very interesting this Saturday, the day when the list is to be unveiled.

While the Chairmans were unveiled last Saturday after the EB meeting, they were given a week to come up with names of the members.

While the selection of Chairman was done without much thought, be shell- shocked when the members list is released.

There is a Chinese saying, "when choosing a fish check if the head is rotten" for that's an indication that the flesh is no good.

And with almost all the EB members having vested interests by holding positions at state levels, it is expected that they will appoint virtual yes men to sit in their committees.

Discard the fact that what is more important is the generating of ideas to start improving the sport, for more important is pleasing the top brass of MHC by picking people who will be "publi" candidates - popular but have not done anything for the sport except for making noise rather then contribute effectively.

And while I applaud the decision of FIFA President to quit his post, I keep asking " MHC President Bila Lagi" and any person who does not lead by example is not a fit and proper leader.

From what has been gathered, several persons who have been approached to sit in these committees are those who have vested interest, either still active as players, coaches and more damaging and some being offered places in several sub committees.
The fundamental rule should be no person to sit in more then one committee, no person gainfully employed by MHC or its bodies, no serving self interests and no two persons from same state in the same sub- committee.

It will be pertinent to note that there is no constitutional requirement that forces Chairmans from picking their members from states but with the Governing Council removed, frankly what role have the states to play?

Let's see just how many use this opportunity to consolidate their positions as its time to reward cronies.

And interesting with one state having so much influence, just how will Gundu Mama worm his way into some of the committees.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015


Prior to the MHC elections on May 13, I must say that my phone lines were busy as candidates sought assistance in their quest for positions.

That was almost the same period that I had to overcome depression as I had lost my kidneys and had to resort to dialysis to stay alive.

But while some knew, many were unawares of my medical condition, not even close media friends.

It was trough the help of some individuals that I went through the initial weeks as they ferried me to the dialysis centres and brought me food.

There were a lot of promises made by these candidates to me but I know better as I have been in this sport for 33 years and knew who would use and abuse me after the elections were over.

While I was willing to stick my neck out for some of them, I told those on their face why I just could not support their cause.

I was time and again warned that I will be used and left to fend for myself but I felt that some of the candidates would have mercy on my medical condition and help me go through this difficult phase of life.

But these are no ordinary people as they are akin to academy award winners as they are such good actors.

But over the past few weeks they have showed their true colours and the word "backyard" comes to mind as they have a common watering hold where decisions are made.

Thus it was no coincidence that I actually puked when the Chairmans of various Sub Committees were named.

Cos it has always been a conspiracy from hell as decisions were made over a glass of the unholy spirit, something true to the tradition of the hockey fraternity of late.

The fact remains that you have to be from a particular state of have a shallow knowledge of hockey in order to be within the set - up.

God help these backstabbers and at least my blood is cleaner then yours.

Sunday, May 31, 2015


A lukewarm smile, half a handshake. That's how the President of MHC greeted me at the Press Comference, obviously trying to show his displeasure of this blogs revelations.

To be honest the former MHC Senior Vice President who was ousted did better as he took the trouble to call to find out of my health.

This cold shoulder atituse was expected nonetheless as we will today reveal just what has become of MHC.

Let's take a look at the appointment of George Koshy as the Conpetitions Chairman.

When asked by a journalist as to the conflict of interest, the President retorted that Koshy will be relinquishing his role with KLHC soon as they have a team in MHL.

Just wait a minute here, why should Koshy stop running his club? Conflict of interest says the President as reported in the blog www.

Wait a minute please as you shoot yourself in the foot. With the exception of Koshy, nine of the elected officials of the EB hold positions at state level. Is that not conflict of interest? When can we expect them to resign!

The President clearly shows double standards being practiced and will be held in high esteem if he resigns his state position.

Next we come to appointment of Independent Members. The sole reason this positions were created was to help MHF and later MHC to have the option of bringing in personalities to help the sport.

So why appoint someone who just assumed the leadership of a state body and another who has no technical expertise in the sport.

There are many who can contribute effectively to the sport but were ignored as they are not in the right political camp!

Even the appointment of Chairmans of the various sub committees shows how shallow thinking rules the day.

Someone who headed the High Performance Committee in the past three years and recycled slides now is given Development. And no ex international takes charge of High Performance while International Affairs was an after thought as they ran out of committees to dish out.

And the list goes on and on as blunders rule the day in MHC. Just sad that one state continues to form the bulk of appointments when they cannot sort out a turd for the state but all has been hit air.

My thanks to the CEO for taking trouble to explain the PC invite issue and one simple advise - get rid of little napoleons in your office and those being placed as so called Admin Executives, also known as Gundu mama. 

And to Neelam Pari, any more positions you want? You can take the goal post as well!