Saturday, March 31, 2012


The past month has been anything but rewarding for Malaysian Hockey Confederation president Tengku Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah.

From the failure of the national team to make it to the London Olympics to the sudden departure of his General Secretary, Tengku Abdullah seems tp have taken the bull by its horns.

Rather than sulk, he has promised sweeping changes, ranging from domestic competitions, bringing in more experts into MHC and sending players on attachment overseas.

But talking about sending players on attachment has been all talk, since the time of Tan Sri Anwar itself as it became a joke when two players were sent back from Australia last year for playing in the AHL without a valid working permit.

Restructuring MHC was to happen after the Executive Board meeting held on February 11, where 4 new administrative personalities were to be added to the MHC office, but nothing materialised.

Watch the video as he attempts to steer the MHC ship with all the tribulations.

Friday, March 30, 2012


It is with profound sadness that we report the demise of Raja Ashman Sultan Azlan Shah who passed away this morning.

Raja Ashman was a keen supporter for Malaysian hockey and knew the players by name.

It was during halftime in the match between Ireland and Malaysia at the Dublin Olympic Qualifiers ( 17th March ) that he left the VIP seats and sat amongst the Malaysian media so that he could shout encouragement to the Malaysian players.

He was a down to earth royalty and will be deeply missed by all.

May god bless his soul.

Thursday, March 29, 2012


Having seen the national team failing to qualify for the Olympics at the Dublin Qualifiers, Malaysian Hockey Confederation (MHC) President Tengku Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah never expected his strongman Maninderjit Singh to quit as the Secretary of MHC.

Thus he expressed sadness and surprised at the sudden resignation of Maninderjit, and also the fact that he has yet to hear from Maninderjit personally.

Tengku Abdullah also confirmed that Maninderjit had expressed his desire to leave last October but had agreed to stay on till the end of 2012.

However he accepted the resignation and said it was time to move on as so far as MHC was concerned and that it was important to move forward instead of dwelling over this.

And just prior to this interview, Tengku Abdullah met with national coach Tai Beng Hai to discuss about the national team and Beng Hai's future with MHC.

While a discussion was held between MHC Coaching Chairman Manjit Majid Abdullah and nine Chairman of the state coaching committees ( the absentees being Perlis, Terengganu, PDRM, Selangor, Malacca, Sabah and Sarawak ) and the consensus was that Beng Hai and his assistants continue until the Azlan Shah Cup, Tengku Abdullah was non commital.

"I have heard the views of the coaching chairman and also discussed with Beng Hai. However I have yet to decide on whats the best option although the consensus was to retain Beng Hai until the Azlan Shah Cup," said Tengku Abdullah.

"I need a couple of days more before deciding whats the best way forward for Malaysian hockey and also consider the options available and other possibilities.

"Thus please let me have a few days to decide and there has been no decision about who will coach the team for the Azlan Shah Cup."

Note: Watch part 2 of the interview tomorrow where Tengku Abdullah talks about restructuring MHC, domestic competitions and the national team.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012


It is reliably learnt that Malaysian Hockey Confederation (MHC) Secretary General Maninderjit Singh has submitted his resignation to Tengku Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah, the President of MHC on Friday, March 23.

The resignation is said to be effective immediately and it is believed that Tengku Abdullah has accepted the resignation of his loyal official and MHC Vice President Manjit Majid Abdullah, who enjoys a cordial relationship with the President, will assume running the administration affairs of MHC until a replacement is identified by Tengku Abdullah.

Efforts to seek confirmation from Mike, as he is fondly known, proved futile and the same was the case of Tengku Abdullah who did not respond to an email from this blogger. However several top officials have confirmed that indeed a resignation letter had been sent.

While some are speculating that Mike quit to assume responsibility for the failure of the national team to make it to London 2012, there is also the notion that he quit due to the fact that Malaysia had opted to pull out from the invitational tournament in Pakistan from April 9.

Malaysia it seems had confirmed participation but the fact that they failed to make it to London and the possibility of a new coaching set-up taking over, forced MHC to have a re-look and that was said to have irked Mike as he had given his assurance that Malaysia would participate.

However despite these speculations, it is understood that Mike resigned to pursue further studies, a fact that he had made known last October but was persuaded to stay on to ensure the merger of the MHF and MWHA went through without a hitch.

With two major tournaments on the horizon, the Asia Junior Cup and the Sultan Azlan Shah Cup, it will be interesting to see how Manjit will manage the affairs of MHC given the fact that he is based in Johor Baru and has a fulltime job managing a golf club.

However attempts to talk to Manjit were unfruitful as he was said to be in Kuala Lumpur attending to some matters, most probably about MHC affairs.

Mike is the first Secretary in the history of MHF not to have completed his term. He was appointed as the General Manager of the MHF in July 2009 and went on to assume the position of Secretary of MHF in October 2010, the same time he took over the Secretary General position of MHC.

During his term Malaysia won the silver medal at the Asian Games and the Project 2013 won the Sultan Johor Cup.

Monday, March 26, 2012



Junior Asia Cup

Group A
Korea, Malaysia, Japan, Sri Lanka, Iran

Group B
Pakistan, India, China, Bangladesh

The Malaysian Hockey Confederation are expected to hold a Coaching Committee Meeting this Thursday, March 29, to determine the fate of coaches Tai Beng Hai, Nor Saiful Zaini Nasiruddin as well as NTCC Stephen van Huizen.

This follows the failure of the national team at the Olympic Qualifiers in Dublin were they suffered the ignominy of not even making the final to stand a shot at the London Olympics.

But before the MHC opts to proceed with the meeting, perhaps the Secretary of MHC would care enlighten hockey followers of the following:

- was the appointment of Chairmanship of the various sub-committees made at the MHC Executive Board meeting in February?

- if yes was it in accordance and in compliance with the provisions of the MHC Constitution as approved during the MHC EGM held on October 8?

- furtherance to that if both are in the affirmative, then why has not the list been released to the media, public and affiliates?

- what is the composition of the committee, in this regards the names of the members of the various sub-committees?

- why is there no MHC Council Meeting held to endorse the names of the Chairmanship and members of the various committees?

Having answered all those questions only can the Coaching Committee meeting be legitimate as the administration of MHC has many unanswered questions before they question coaches about the failure in Dublin.

It is pointless portraying the holier then thou attitude when it is clear that the weakness in administration has many a time left the MHC with egg on their face.

And do not be surprised if someone who currently wears two hats be handed the third this Thursday for the campaigning started even before the first step onto the Dublin bound plane was undertaken.

This is part of a grand plan in place to ensure that only those within a select group will reap the benefits of a plan hatched years ago in the name of saving Malaysian hockey.

Thursday, March 22, 2012


Having got off the phone with three senior Malaysian Hockey Confederation officials, it is likely that the coaching staff that failed at the Olympic Qualifiers in Dublin last week will be retained for the 3 Nations Pakistan Invitational Tournament and the Sultan Azlan Shah Cup Tournament.

The claimed that due to the fact that these two events were close, they had no choice but to retain Beng Hai and his staff until the Sultan Azlan Shah Cup as the invitational in Pakistan is is mid April and its too late to change coaches.

So failure it seems is condoned by MHC as they continue to put faith in failures. What is more alarming is the fact that NSC were never notified on the Pakistan Invitational Tournament and if the NSC decides not to pay, will MHC fork out thousands of ringgit to play against two teams that they will meet again in May during the Azlan Shah Tournament?

And to top it all, the Indians are sending their developmental squad but that is reason enough for MHC to retain a failed coaching set up. After all I guess its a case of you scratch my back and I scratch yours in MHC.

Wonder why the silence from MHC corridors of power in the National Hockey Stadium in Bukit Jalil? Perhaps the head of delegation is busy preparing his report for the stout support group or making plans as to who to destroy next so as to enable the corner shop friends to move up the appointment list.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Having arrived this evening I was alerted by a friend to catch the news of a sports channel with regards to the failure of the national hockey team.

And I was having a good laugh after watching the segment on hockey.

Firstly they addressed Dato Nur Azmi Ahmad as the Deputy President of MHC. For their information Azmi is now the Senior Vice President of MHC, a position he assumed since January 2012.

Secondly when I wrote that national coach Tai Beng Hai had sent a SMS offering his resignation, it was sent to the MHC President and not Azmi. So really Azmi should not comment on something he does not know as this information was shared with me by a senior official.

Thirdly, and more importantly Azmi is NOT the Chairman of the Coaching Committee so he has no right to talk about coaching appointment.

So it's best that those who want to pass judgement on the team either know what they are talking about and not just bark without knowing their facts.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


The national team has yet to land in Malaysia and the deafening silence from the Malaysian Hockey Confederation does not help things.

There is a three nation tournament in Lahore, Pakistan next month, from 9-13 April to be precise, and the two other teams are hosts Pakistan and India.

The National Sports Council are not aware of the tournament, as confirmed by NSC Director of Elite Division but the details of the tournament ha been released by the Pakistan Hockey Federation.

So the question that begs to be answered is just which team and officials are going for the tournament? Perhaps another junket in the offing?

Read the Hockey India release below:

Hockey India media release, selection trials for the team were conducted at SAI Centre, Bangalore on 16 and 17 March 2012 and the team was selected by HI selectors B.P Govinda and Syed Ali, along with Government Observer Harbinder Singh.

The team includes four players who represented India in the recently concluded Olympic Qualifiers in New Delhi, where India beat France in the final thus booking their London Olympic Games ticket.
India team for the Pakistan Tournament

P.T Rao
Nanak Singh

Rupinderpal Singh
Harbir Singh

Amit Rohidas

Gurbaj Singh (Captain)
Manpreet Singh (Vice-Captain)
Kothajit Singh Khadangbam
Gurmail Singh
M.B Aiyappa
S.K Uthappa
Dharamvir Singh
Nithin Thimmaiah

Chinglinsana Singh
Akashdeep Singh
Pradhan Somanna
P.L Thimmanna
M.G Poonacha

Rahul Shilpkar (Defender)
Stanley Victor Minz (Midfielder)
Rocky Lochab (Midfielder)
Mandeep Singh (Forward)

Mohd. N. Riaz (Coach)
B.J Kariappa (Coach)
Dr. Umesh T.N (Doctor)
Harishankar (Video Analyst)
Ripudaman Sharma (Umpire)
Anupam Ghulati (Administrative Manager)
Rajeev Mehta (Manager)

Monday, March 19, 2012

Failure is not an option.

But fail indeed Malaysia did in their quest to make it to the Olympics, thus equaling the infamous record of 16 years hiatus from the World Cup, as we did from 1982 to 1998.

The last Malaysia played in the Olympics was at Sydney in 2000 and since then it has been one failure after another – Spain 2004 and Japan 2008.

And with that in mind, the Malaysian Hockey Confederation (MHC) must shoulder the complete responsibility on the failure of the national team in qualifying for the London Olympics via the qualifiers that were held in Dublin.

While the coaching staff, in the likes of Tai Beng Hai and Nor Saiful Zaini Nasiruddin must shoulder the blame for the failure, the MHC Council are equally to blame as all plans and preparations of the team were endorsed by the council.

It is learnt that Beng Hai had sent a short messaging service (SMS) to the MHC President Tengku Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah after the match against Ireland – offering his resignation. But Tengku Abdullah it seems has told the coach to hang on and wait for the decision of the Council.

While pondering on what are the next steps of MHC pertaining to accepting responsibility, we should look at what went wrong with a team where millions were spent but nothing was achieved.

Firstly the team was not short or lacked preparation for they played some 40 odd international matches since the Azlan Shah Cup in May 2011.

The players were assembled for full time training and in contrast Ireland train on part time basis. What was more fascinating was the fact that the Irish players had to fork out money from their own pockets to fund their 15 matches playing tour of Europe in January.

It all boils down to looking at the preparation of the team after the qualifiers were decided. It was shocking to know that the MHC had failed to get suitable matches and all the arrangements were left to the manager George Koshy.

How is it that the MHC administration failed to convince countries that are regularly invited to play in the Sultan Azlan Shah Cup to play matches? Perhaps it is time to reconsider the invite list for the Azlan Shah Cup, especially India since they put a spanner in our preparations by denying us matches in February despite confirming earlier.

Looking at the qualifier, it was always going to boil down to the matches against Korea and Ireland and it was against these teams that we failed to deliver.

The strike force was awful, safe for the performances of Tengku Ahmad Tajuddin Tg Jalil who gave his all and was easily Malaysia’s most outstanding player.

It was the failure of players such as Izwan Firdaus and the much-touted Faisa Saari that let the team down upfront. We just do not have players who can think on the pitch but rather have remote controlled players who depend on instructions to perform.

No doubt youngsters in the likes of Fitri Saari gave a good account but when push came to shove, nothing beats experience, especially in must win situations.

Which now boils down to the fact, were the best players selected to represent the country? Korea showed that recalling players who have loads of experience actually helps the cause, as they had two players who won silver in the 2000 Sydney Olympics in their squad.

The truth be told – we faltered to deceive and the reality is we were never good enough to make it. No matter how much the MHC talks on the movement in world rankings, we do not have the material to deliver at the international stage.

No denying the fact that the players tried their best, but it was tactically where we lost out. And the match against Ireland proved that we do not have coaching staff that could handle pressure.

Malaysia needed a win, and there was 10 minutes remaining. Ireland kept the ball, and Malaysia was defending with all 11 players behind the ball. So why did we not push players upfront which would have forced Ireland to pull players back to defend?

So we will just have to live with the fact that we cannot match even third rung teams unless we do something drastic. There is much to be done, but I would rather those who went on the junket and witness matches to come up with solutions. After all they are part of the MHC Council, a body that should really look at itself properly, for MHC is doing more damage then good.

Beng Hai and Saiful should have principles and leave, and as to who succeeds them, lets wait the learned personalities from MHC to decide.


Ireland suffered a huge disappointment as they missed out on Olympic qualification as Korea hit a last-gasp winner in Sunday's clash in Dublin. 

The Irish twice led through goals from Peter Caruth and Timmy Cockram but Korea levelled and then hit the winning goal with two seconds remaining.

It was a cruel finish for the hosts and a number of the Irish players were in tears after the 3-2 defeat.
Only one qualifying place for London 2012 was available at the tournament.

Caruth struck the Irish ahead in the 13th minute after a John Jermyn effort had been parried.

The Koreans levelled five minutes before half-time as Young Nam Lee danced his way through the Irish defence before slotting past David Harte.

Ireland pressed after the restart and Cockram slammed in a penalty corner with less than 20 minutes remaining.

However the lead lasted less than five minutes as Woo Hyun Ham netted from a penalty stroke.

Both sides had late half-chances with Mitch Darling just failing to get in a close-range shot with less than three minutes remaining.

Extra time looked certain as the clock counted down but Korean won a free deep in the Irish half in the closing seven seconds and Nam Young Lee got the final touch with the match officials confirming the winning goal after viewing the replay.

A clearly devastated Ireland coach Revington added that the defeat was "pretty difficult to take".

"These things happen in hockey unfortunately," said the South African.

The world-ranked 16th Irish had battled impressively to progress to the final and held their nerve to earn the draw that they needed in Saturday's game against Malaysia.

 The Irish had drawn 1-1 against the sixth-ranked Koreans earlier in the tournament.

Sunday, March 18, 2012


There was regret in their voices. And they were disappointed with the failure to get Malaysia into the Olympics after the match against Ireland in Dublin yesterday.

Azlan Misron and Mohd Amin Rahim have been the mainstays of the national hockey team for more than a decade.

But they will never see action at the Olympics, a dream for every player.

Azlan stopped short of saying directly that he will quit but the intention was clearly stated, that he is prepared to call it a day.

As for Amin, it has been a third failure to make it to the Olympics. Today in Dublin he will play his final match donning national colours.


Accepting responsibility is always difficult when we fail in something that we are supposed to deliver, be it in sports or politics.

There is always a veiled manner in which personalities attempt to cling on, hoping that their failurte will somehow be overlooked and another chance be provided.

But I was somewhat surprised ay contrasting reaction after Malaysia were bundled out of yet another Olympics following the failure to get past Ireland in a crucial match in Dublin on Saturday.

To be fair I did not ask Tai Beng Hai on his future with the national team, but others did and the answer fron him was that he would leave his fate in the hands of MHC, a body that is full of personalities that have failed to recognise the grey areas in develoment.

However National Team Coaching Co-ordinator Stephen vam Huizen was more forthcoming off the camera as he said he was prepared to take responsibility.

Watch how both handle the situation differently in the videos above. There was a tinge of sadness looking at Beng hai as one could see he was on the verge of tears while Stephen was steady, givng indications that even players might go.



I wish to correct my statement. There were 3 officials - namely Dato Dr. Ramlan Abd Aziz (ISN CEO), Tan Sr Bashir Ahmad ( ex MHF Vice President) and Arrifin Ghani ( NSC Director Elite Division). As for Dato Zolkples Embong ( NSC Director General) he had to accompany the Minister and other VVIP's and am sure he would have been there as he did when we lost to Korea.

It was a moment when the players of the national hockey team needed a shoulder to cry on following their exit from the final of the Olympic Qualifiers in Dublin.

But with the hordes of VIP's and the Stout Support Group comprising of MHC officials specially flown to provide support, none were on the pitch to provide comforting words to the players or officials.

Those present, be it HRH Sultan Azlan Shah, MHC President Tengku Abdullah, Sports Minister Dato Shabery Cheek, the Malaysian Ambassador, the office bearers and staff of MHC and also the council members of the MHF - they all just walked off after the final whistle, as if there was a plague epidemic that had just broken.

No doubt most, if not all would have been there on the pitch had Malaysia made the final, and if we actually made the Olympics, then trust most of them trying to squeeze into a picture that will make headlines back home.

It was sad to see the faces of the players, treated as if they were akin to something that brought shame to the nation.

The players tried their level best, and if they have failed then not only has Tai Beng Hai and the rest of the coaching or management staff failed but so has the entire MHC Council, for all plans and preparations were endorsed by the so called Council Members.

It is perfectly alright to be disappointed, to be sad, even angry at times, but I have been down this road several times - when we failed in the 2004 Madrid Olympic Qualifier, when we failed at the 2009 Invercargill World Cup Qualifier.

We did not make it because we are just not good enough, it is plain and simple for all to see. Forget about being ranked 13, as some proudly proclaimed of late, we fail at big events and we will continue to fail if those warming the seats do not accept responsibility.

So reflect and drown your sorrows in what Ireland is known for, but reality will always haunt us - that we are obviously way off tandem and unless we are man enough to admit that we too are at fault, and be prepared to take necessary remedial action, then we will continue to fail, be it tomorrow, a year from now or four years from today.


Ireland held Malaysia to a 1-1 draw and tat was enough to send Malaysia crashing out of the final of the Olympic Qualifiers in Dublin.

Malaysia started off brightly as they moved the ball well, with Tengku Ahmad Tajuddin looking very dangerous whenever in possession.

They had Ireland in deep defence in the opening minutes, attacking on the right with Razie Rahim finding Faisal with some long balls.

Ireland were awarded a penalty corner in the 7th minute but it was well saved by keeper S. Kumar who looked very confident in between the post.

Timothy Cockram broke through the centre in the 11th minute but sent his shot wide with only Kumar to beat.

It was all Ireland as they mounted attack after attack and were awarded their second penalty corner in the 14th minute.

This time the attempt by John Jeremyn was heading for the top right hand corner but once again Kumar came to the rescue with a magnificent save.

Ireland threatened once again in the 23rd minutes Eugene Magee broke through on the right but sent his shot wide of the post, much to the the relief of Malaysian fans behind the goal.

Ireland were awarded their third penalty corner in the 36th minute but this time their set piece failed to find the mark.

Against the run of play Malaysia took the lead in the 40th minute when Nabil Fiqri pounced on the ball in a goalmouth melee to send it into goal to give Malaysia the lead.

Ireland won their fourth penalty corner in the 47th minute but once again they fumbled, unsure on how to break past the runners.

Things changed in the 60th minute as Fitri Saari was yellow carded and with the numerical advantage Ireland won their 6th penalty corner and John Jerymn sent in a net high flick to equalise.

 And afterthat Malaysia were left chasing, and their Olympic dreams were over.

Saturday, March 17, 2012


Korea booked their place in the final of the Olympic Qualifier with relative ease as they demolished Russia 5-1 at the UCD ground in Dublin this morning.

It did not take them long to open scoring as You Ho Sik put them 1-0 ahead in the 10th minute. Jang Jong Hyun made it 2-0 in the next minute, converting a penalty corner.

After being 2-0 up, the Koreans stroked the ball around and still managed to score the third in the 32nd minute, this time via Jung Man Jae.

With one eye on the final, the Koreans eased up and moved the ball around, making the Russians work hard to regain possession.

The class of the Koreans showed and they had no trouble going 4-0 up with skipper Seo Jong Ho finding the net with a deft shot from the top of the circle in the 43rd minute.

Nam scored another penalty corner goal in the 50th minute before Russia reduced the deficit, also through a penalty corner converted by Nikolay Yankun in the 56th minute.

Korea will play either Malaysia or Ireland in the final on Sunday to determine the lone spot available for London 2012 Olympics.

Friday, March 16, 2012


Arul Selvaraj was the centre of attraction at the post match press conference after the match between Ireland and Chile.

The former Malaysian assistant coach now helps South Africa's Paul Revington chart the fortunes of the Green machine as Ireland are known.

And the Irish media wanted to know what emotions would Arul be going through during the crucial match between Ireland and Malaysia on Saturday that will decide the fortunes of both teams.

Malaysia need an outright win while Ireland need a draw.

So Arul was asked what he will be going through during the match.

" It is different this time around compared to 2007 when a number of players were with me in the national set-up.

Have a look at the video....


Though Malaysia lost 3-2 to Korea, they still have another chance to make the final on Sunday and onwards to London 2012.

In order to do that they will have to defeat Ireland on Saturday and that will set a match against Korea where 70 minutes will separate them from being in London in July.

View the videos below on the hopes and aspirations of players and officials as we are still with a glimmer of hope.






Malaysia lost 3-2 to Korea in the Olympic Qualifier and have to defeat Ireland on Saturday in order to make it to the final, and remain in contention for a place in the 2012 London Olympics.

It was end to end stuff and a lapse in concentration fivre minutes from time left them a mountain to climb.

Present to lend support was HRH Sulatn Azlan Shah, MHC President Tengku Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah and the Malaysian Ambassador to Ireland. Not forgetting the bunch of officials from MHC who are on a expenses paid trip to Dublin.

Malaysia were dealt a blow in the opening 30 seconds when Mohd Madzli Ikmar receiived a knock on the face and was substituted by Mohd Amin Rahim.

And although Malaysia were awarded a penalty corner in the 2nd minute, it was a wasted set piece as Amin relayed it to Faisal Saari who was slow to react.

And Korea almost hit back in the very next minute but in the ensuing action Nabil Fiqri Mohd Noor was shown the yellow for an off the ball incident.

When Korea was awardeca penalty corner in the 5th minute, Baljit Singh did well to run down the attempt but the ball was played back into the semi circle where a lurking You Hyo Sik had the easiest of tasks to beat S. Kumar in the Malaysian goal.

Korea came close a couple of times but the Malaysian defence held firm and in the 34th minute it was Madzli who was sent to the sin bin.

Malaysia were then awarded their second penalty corner seconds before halftime but the attempt by Amin was well saved by Lee Myung Ho.

Malaysia came out gunning for the equaliser in the second half, playing with more urgency, but were always one step behind the Koreans.

And in the 43rd minute You scored the second, picking up a long pass from defence, out foxing Amin before unleashing a reverse stick hit that beat Kumar in the far post.

Tengku Ahmad was in his eement and in the 59th minute went on a  jinxing run on the right and won a penalty corner.

Instead of a direct hit, Amin sent the ball to Tengku Ahmad whose deft touch sent the ball past a despairing dive from Korean keeper Lee and Malaysia were on level terms.

With ten minutes remaining, Malaysia were on top and had the Koreans reeling in defence,

But Korea won a penalty corner three minutes from time and Jang Jong Hyun sent the ball into the roof of the net, breaking the hearts of the Malaysians.

Thursday, March 15, 2012


Some of those in the picture above have not been to a domestic hockey match for years. Yet here they are, in Dublin, in bone and flesh, going to follow the fortunes of the Malaysian hockey team in the Olympic Qualifiers.

Do they in the first place deserve to be here or are they just personalities who assume positions, get free trips for not doing much is for you readers to judge. I have said enough of people who do not lift a finger for hockey yet get to go places.

Evy them? Not at all for those who do not do anything but enjoy the benefits of the sport are just a bunch of jokers. If there is anything, then I pity Malaysian hockey, put in the hands of such persons who do not care about development.


The honeymoon period is over for the national team at the Olympic Qualifiers in Dublin after notching three wins in as many matches.

For on Thursday the battle commences, one that will determine the difference between men and boys, the difference of getting there or just merely being there and more importantly if the team has the desire to quest the hunger of making it to the Olympics after a hiatus of 12 years.

Malaysia takes on Korea on Thursday and Ireland on Saturday, fully aware that three points from either of these two matches will put them into the final on Sunday, where the winner grabs to coveted prize of getting to London 2012.

A win against Korea will kill two birds with one stone - for not only will Malaysia make it to the final, but can afford to pick their opponents for Sunday's final. And a defaet for Korea virtually puts them out of running for the final, unless Malaysia decides that they rather play Korea then Ireland in Sunday's final.

The royal entourage of Tengku Mahkota Pahang is in town and he dropped by the national team hotel to speak to the players, and though not all would say it in as many words, suffice to say that he promised the players rewards if the defeat Korea.

While the TM has his own opinion and style of motivating the players, veteran player Azlan Misron wants his team mates to give it their all in the final three matches.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Malaysia have an opening to book a spot in the final of the Olympic Qualifiers after Korea nad Ireland played to a 1-1 draw this evening.

A win over Korea this Thursday will out Malaysia in the drivers seat and render their match against Ireland be less pressure for Malaysia.

But a defeat will mean that Malaysia will have to beat Ireland in the final match.A draw against Korea too will be  a good result as it will mean Korea would have dropped four points while Malaysia and Ireland two each.

Ireland took the lead in the 27th minute when David Aimes converted a penalty corner but Korea were on level terms in the 44th minute through Nam Hyun Woo.

As coach Tai Beng Hai and manager George Koshy state above, it will all be left for our team to determine their fate, win both and we are safely through to the final.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Malaysia defeated Ukraine 5-1 in the Olympic Qualifiers in Dublin today but the performance of the team left much to be desired despite nothing up their third win in as many matches.

It was a poor opening 20 minutes by the Malaysians as their only decent move resulted in a penalty corner that Mohd Razie Abdul Rahim muffed in the 12th minute.

Faisal Saari and Tengku Ahmad Tajuddin lacked imagination as they kept running into the defenders and on the flank Izwan Firdaus fared no better for he too moved inwards when in possession rather then staying wide to draw the defenders out.

Still the 3 points was what mattered and its matches against Korea (Thursday) and Ireland (Saturday) will determine their fate.

For more, read the papers or go to


Many have often asked me why I run this blog, especially when there is no income derived from it?

I too have often wondered why I do this, when I could just easily ignore the malpractices so often seen in this sport and just turn a deaf ear, a blind eye, and let those in power and positions do what they want.

And in the process I could rake in the money, compromising my principles as I just do what is the beckoning of this incompetent, power crazy and above all abusive officials.

Take for example my being here in Dublin, for I am the only person from a group of 50 who is here that forks out his own money, not being sent here by employers, nor am in the government sponsorship or part of the royal entourages or the stout supporters group.

Yes I did earn money from hockey doing events like the Azlan Shah Cup and Sultan Johor Cup as well as the MHL.

But i have turned down the Azlan Shah Cup due to the fact that the MHC Secretary has laid claim that it was solely through his efforts that I secured the job.

So rather then be seen to be indebted to this person, I decided not to carry on this year and am told that the news was well received by the organisers and the MHC.

But the sad part was that they victimized my brother, for they could not bring me down and resorted to dubious means by denying my brother whose passion for hockey is second to none.

I was negotiating with the organisers of the Asia Junior Cup in Malacca in turn but that too seems to have fallen through even though they sent an appointment letter but never invited to the launch of the event two weeks ago.

And I received an email seeking confirmation that I had accepted the appointment, where I duly stated that the financial aspects had yet to be formalized.

Guess what, within 24 hours of putting up my costing, I was told by another person that the job had been already awarded to another company, well so be it then.

That leaves only the SOJC and might as well let others run it as well now.

For the information of hockey and sports fans out there, I had even submitted two proposals to provide content to the then MHF website but the proposals never reached the President, or at least that's what he told me via email.

Some may claim that I am bitter, for if I am bitter then why am I here writing on the Olympic Qualifiers? Why am improvising news to hockey fans out there who cannot get news safe from the print media at times?

I have decided not to provide match reports or news on the various tournaments anymore, no more writing on positive aspects, no more providing scores and reports of matches, just one liners from now on with regards to the progress of national teams and the domestic tournaments.

Am sure the 23 STOUT supporters, the MHC officials, the royal entourages can do that.

From today onwards it's just commentary that will be provided by this blog and if you are upset and feel cheated, well go vent your frustrations to the MHC, for as incompetent as they are, they might not even get around reading your complaints as they do not work after 5 nor do they work on weekends.

I am not prepared to compromise my principles and refrain from writing the truth just to please some of theses officials who hockey could do without.

Monday, March 12, 2012


There was a major blunder in the match between Kore and Chile as the organisors played the Malaysian national anthem instead of the one for Chile.

And even with the Malaysian journalists pointing out the mistake after singing their hearts out, the second time around it was Negaraku that was blaring out of the speakers, much to the disdain of the Chile players who just wanted the match to get underway.

And once the match got underway, Korea had trouble breaking through the stubborn Chile defence, who at times had all 11 players behind the ball, opting to use counter attacks to catch the Koreans.

But they did enough to win the match with a 6-1 margin and will play hosts Ireland in a crunch match on Tuesday.

Though Korea were awarded a penalty corner in the 28th minute, te attempt by Nam Hyun Kyo was well wide.

However Korea were not to be denied and found the opening goal via Lee Nam Yeong in the30th minute.

And a minute before the halftime hooter, Nam Hyun Woo scored from Korea's third penalty corner to give them a 2-0 lead going into the breather.

Korea extended their lead to 3-0, making full use of a penalty corner in the 43rd minute, this time Yoon Sung Hoon providing the finishing touch.

It was soon 4-0 when Cha Jong Bok scored in the 56th minute before a solo run by Kang Moon Kweon in the 60th minute yielded the fifth goal for Korea.

Kang then scored an opportunistic goal from the top of the semi circle with a snap shot in the 61st minute to make it 6-0. But two minutes later Sven Richter scored a consolation for Chile.


Having beaten Russia 6-1 the previous day, much was expected from the Irish and they did not disappoint their supporters who turned up in full force despite the cold and blustery conditions around Dublin.

And they did not disappoint as they hammered Ukraine 11-0 in a game where they showed what finishing was all about.

Ireland took the lead in the 14th  minute through Michael Watt and could have gone 2-0 up 18th minute when Peter Caruth went around the Ukraine keeper Iaroslav Hordev but sent his shot wide of the far post.

They were awarded their first penalty corner in the 21st minute and Eugene Magee picked up a rebound to send a tremendous shot that sailed in between a host of players, leaving Hordev failing to see the ball until it hit the back of the net to give Ireland a 2-0 lead.

Things got worse for Ukraine as Magee scored the third for Ireland in the 26th minute before Timothy Cockram made it 4-0 three minutes later.

And at the stroke of halftime, Ireland went 5-0 ahead, thanks to the efforts of Michael Darling.

The Irish were not letting off despite a huge lead and in the 44th minute Michael darling made it 6-0 before Peter Caruth scored the seventh in the 54th minute.

Goal number eight came in the 55th minute via Michael Watt, and after that it was just a question of how many will appease the Irish.

And add to the score indeed they did as Watt ( 59th minute ) and Timothy Cockram (63rd minute) ,  Christopher Cargo ( 68th minute) and  John Jermyn ( 70th minute) completed the rout.


Despite the national registering two consecutive big wins in the ongoing Olympics Qualifiers in Dublin, coach Tai Beng Hai has his feet firmly on the ground.

While happy that the penalty corner department is delivering, as Malaysia has scored eight penalty corner goals from the 15 they have received so far, Beng Hai is a bit concerned in the field goals department as the players have failed to put away the numerous chances that they have created.

Sunday, March 11, 2012


His participation in the Olympic Qualifiers was in a doubt. But Mohd Amin Rahim has not only made it to the team but has emerged a savour of sorts for the Malaysian quest towards London 2012 qualification here in Dublin.

Amin scored a goal in the opening 5-1 win over Chile, coming off the bench to score a goal barely 5 five minutes after being put on.

And today he scored a hattrick in Malaysia's comeback 6-2 win over Russia, his first since the match against Egypt in the World Cup qualifiers in China 6 years ago.


Malaysia recovered from a 2-0 deficit to defeat Russia 6-2 in their second match at the Olympic Qualifiers in Dublin today.

It was a case of paying too much respect to the opponents as Malaysia caved in the opening 20 minutes ofbthe match but showed tremendous fighting spirit in a match where they scored four goals from the six penalty corners awarded.

And Mohd Amin Rahim scored a hattrick in a win that was crucial to ensure Malaysia stay on course for a ticket to London 2012.

Malaysia opted for high press in the opening minutes of the match and had the Russian defence back pedalling and thinking of ways to get out of the situation.

But Russia had the first look at goal though in the 10th minute as Aleksander Platonov broke through on the left and unleashed a shot that went inches wide of Roslan Jamaluddin's far post.

Malaysia were not playing half as well as they did inntheir opening match withTengkuAhmad Tajuddin and Izwan Firdaus looking off colour.

And it was a shaky performance by the defenders when Russia applied the pressure, using their upper body strength to put off the Malaysian defenders.

Just when Malaysia were getting into gear, the Russians struck but what a beauty of a goal it was as Pavel Golubev ghosted past three defenders on the right before sending in a reverse stick hit that sailed high into the goal givingb Roslan no chance at all.

And it was more heartache for Malaysia as Golubrev struck again two minutes later after being put through and slamming it in from 7 meters out.

Malaysia then forced a penalty corner in the 26th minute but Mohd Razie Abdul Rahim's shoat was parried away by Russian custodian Roman Rogov.

However Mohd Amin Rahim reduced the deficit to 2-1 when he found the mark off Malaysian second penalty corner in the 28th minute.

At halftime the Russians were ahead 2-1 but Malaysia looked hopeful, still optimistic of winning.

All it took was two minutes into the second half for Malaysia to draw level as Amin converted a penalty corner in the 37th minute.

Malaysia then seized the initiative as Russia were pressed deep in defence and were duly rewarded for their efforts in the 45th minute through Faisal Saari, also via a penalty corner.

Moving with confidence, Malaysiathen extended their lead in the52nd minute, this time Razie converting a penalty corner.

Two minutes later Tengku Ahmad Tajuddin was felled in the semi circle and umpire Gary Simmonds from South Africa awarded a penalty stroke that Amin duly converted to complete his hattrick and extend Malaysia's lead to 5-2.

Hafifihafiz Hanafi scored in the 65th minute to complete a rousing fightback for Malaysia who will take on Ukraine next on Tuesday.

Saturday, March 10, 2012


The Irish hockey team is nicknamed the Green Machine and they showed that adding the word mean will be apt as they hammered Russia 6-1 in their opening match of the Olympic Qualifiers in Dublin.

It was a comprehensive win, but not a commanding performance as Ireland showed that they were vulnerable in defence.

And the Malaysian team will be optimistic against the Russians who looked unfit and unorganised.

Ireland hit the purple patch in the 15th and 16th minutes, scoring two goals inthe space of a minute.

First it was John Jermyn that found the back off the the net via a penalty corner in the 15th minute. And hardly had the cheers from the partisan fans died down that Ireland struck again inthe very next minute as Timothy Cocram scored to give Ireland a 2-0 lead.

They dominated the proceedings and made inroads but failed to make use of the opportunities created.

And out of the blues Russia reduced the deficit in the 24th minute via Ravshanzhon Zakirov.

At halftime the score stood at 2-1 in favour of Ireland and from the look of things it was going to be a close match.

But it was all Ireland as they scored at will with the Russians getting caught in defence as the Irish tran rings around them.

Michael Darling made it 3-1 in the 44th minute before Eugene Magee increased the lead in the 48th minute.

It was all Ireland after that as Conor Harte converted a penalty corner in the 56th minute to inctrease the scorline to 5-1 before Michael Watt scored three minutes later to make it 6-1.


Malaysia got off to a winning start in their quest for 2012 London Olympics as they trashed Chile 5-1 in the opening match of the qualifiers in Dublin.

Converting four out of the eight penalty corners helped Malaysia register the big win that puts on track for a place towards Olympic qualification.

Malaysia were awarded the first penalty corner just 90 seconds into the match but wasted the opportunity as Mohd Madzli Ikmar made a mess of the stop.

And in the opening five minutes, Chile had not even entered the Malaysian 25 yet alone the semi circle. It was a question of when Chile would crack.

Malaysia kept up the pressure and were duly rewarded in the 18th minute as the penalty corner attempt by Mohd Razir Rahim sailed into goal, giving chile keeper Mathias Anwandter no chance whatsoever.

After that it was one chance after another wasted by Izwan Firdaus and Faisal Saari with Tengku Ahmad Tajuddin ably supported by Azlan Misrton making the decisive passes.

However lack of concentration in defence allowed Chile to create chances and after having wasted one penalty corner in the 12th minute, Chile made the second in the 20th minute count as Jan Richter sent in a low flick that had Kumar beaten.

Stung by the setback, Malaysia went onto the offensive from the restart and were rewarded with the second goal in the 22nd minute, this time it was Faisal Saari who struck to give Malaysia a 2-1 lead.

Malaysia stretched their lead in the 49th minute as Hafifihafiz Hanafi met a cross from Tengku Ahmad Tajuddin to deflect the ball past a despairing dive from the Chile keeper.

The constant pressure yielded another penalty corner for Malaysia, this time in the 51st minute and Razie stepped up to send a low drag flick into goal, much to the joy of the band of Malaysian supporters in the stands.

Malaysia were now coasting, everything going right for them as they broke through at ease. But what was worrying was their inability to finish off the chances created.

Mohd Amin Rahim came off the bench in the 58th minute and three minutes later he was on target from Malaysia's eight penalty corner to put Malaysia 5-1 ahead.