Thursday, January 31, 2013


As the entries closed for the 2013 season of the Malaysian Hockey League, not only were there six entries for the Premier Division, but defending champions KL Hockey Club were also hit for a sixer as six of their more established players left for so-called greener pastures.

KLHC were the hardest hit in terms of players exodus with the emergence of a team from Terengganu, reportedly paying mega bucks to lure national players to migrate.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Read on the official statement from FIH on Malaysia hosting the second semi final of the World League in Johor Baru. Hopefully this statement by FIH will appease those who questioned the announcements made by HRH Tengku Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah a week ago.

Hockey World League Semi-Finals take shape
Netherlands and Malaysia announced as host nations

The FIH today confirmed the hosts and dates of three Hockey World League Semi-Final tournaments, which will all take place between June 13 and July 7.

These will kick off in the Netherlands, which will host a joint men’s and women’s tournament from June 13-23 in Rotterdam.

The second men's Hockey World League Semi-Finals will be held in Johor Bahru, Malaysia from June 29-July 7.

The host and dates of the second women's semi-final tournament will be announced shortly.

The four Semi-Finals will have eight teams each. The top eight men’s and women’s teams in the FIH World Rankings at the beginning of 2011 are automatically qualified for the Hockey World League Semi-Final.

In Rotterdam, the four men’s teams that are confirmed to play are Australia, the Netherlands, Spain and New Zealand. They will be joined by four teams who win their way through from Round 2.

The Semi-Final in Malaysia has five teams confirmed as Malaysia earned an automatic berth as the host nation. Joining Malaysia will be Germany, England, Pakistan and Korea along with three teams from Round 2. Malaysia had been scheduled to play in the Round 2 tournament in Elektrostal, Russia, at the end of May and their place in that tournament will now be taken by the Czech Republic.

The four women’s teams that are confirmed to play in Rotterdam are the Netherlands, New Zealand, Germany and Korea, while the teams confirmed for the other Semi-Final tournament are Argentina, England, Australia and China. At both venues, the four qualified teams will be joined by four other teams that qualify from Round 2.

Originally it was announced that Germany would host joint Hockey World League Semi-Final tournaments in late June. However, due to financial restrictions, the Germans announced that they would be unable to host three major international events within a one-month span. The Germans are the host of the Women’s Junior World Cup, which is being held in Mönchengladbach between 27 July and 4 August. As a result of the German’s decision, the second Semi-Final tournaments were split between Malaysia and another host nation.

“We are pleased that we can put our Hockey World League Semi-Final tournaments in the capable hands of these fine host nations,” said FIH President Leandro Negre.

“There is not a doubt in my mind that the month of June will be historic and fantastic for our sport. I would especially like to thank Malaysia for stepping into host on short notice. It is further evidence of the spirit of cooperation that we enjoy in international hockey.”

The Hockey World League Round 2 recently kicked off with a women’s five-team tournament in Cape Town, South Africa. Host South Africa and Belgium became the first two teams earn a spot in the Hockey World League Semi-Final through the qualification process.

They will be slotted into a Semi-Final based on the World Ranking of the other teams that qualify from the Round 2 events. Belgium is the first team to make it to the Semi-Finals after playing in both Round 1 and Round 2 tournaments.


Today was the closing of entries for the Malaysian Hockey League.

The MHL is scheduled to commence on March 22 and teams who wished to participate in the 2013 season were required to submit their entry.

They need not submit the names of players, only a duly completed form with the stipulated entry fee.

But no statement, press release, website update was noticed until 5pm and an email was duly dispatched to the MHC Secretary with copies extended to M.Gobinathan the Chairman of the MHC Competitions Committee and HRH Tengku Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah.

A reply from the MHC Secretary was duly received at 6.20pm and it stated that "will update tmrow".

It was a fairly simple request, what were the teams that had confirmed their entries and what Division were they placed?

Guess this blog did not follow "procedure" as pointed out by the MHC Deputy President the other day.

So guess we just have to wait for someone to sit down and write the release before news can be considered news as per the high standards set by MHC.

By the way hope all got the fixtures of the 22nd edition of the Sultan Azlan Shah Cup which was also released by a mere blogger.


Malaysia will open its campaign against South Korea in the 22nd edition of the Sultan Azlan shah Cup that will be held in Ipoh from March 9 to 17, 2013.

And defending champions New Zealand, who edged Argentina 1-0 in the final last year will open their title defence against Asian Champions Trophy winners Pakistan. The third game of the opening day will see Australia up against a resurgent India.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013


This is a copy of the 1975 World Cup Hockey Final between India and Pakistan at the Merdeka Stadium. It is well remembered for two reasons, it was the only time India won the World Cup and the controversional goal awarded by G. Vijiyanathan, the then MHF Secretary.

Friday, January 25, 2013


The closing date for the Malaysian Hockey League is on the last day of January with the tournament scheduled to commence on March 22 till May 12.

But the "market" so as to speak is abuzz with news of players switching clubs.

Akin to Manchester City which has deep pockets is Terengganu who have confirmed the signing of former Sapura player Jivan Mohan.

That is not all for KLHC seem to have to bear the brunt of Terengganu's purchasing power with players in the likes of Fitri Saari and Mohd Nabil Shahrun both targetted as well.

And there is also news that the East Coast team, with a budget of RM2 million will also be signing up from KLHC the likes of Roslan Jamaluddin, Nabil Fiqri Mohd Nor, Ismail Abu, Azlan Misron and Tengku Ahmad Tajuddin.

Another player in the Terengganu radar, Mohd Razie Abd Rahim is said to have made a U turn.

The catch by Terengganu is a monthly salary of RM7, 000 with a year long contract and an option of two years.

Sapura also lost keeper Mohd Khairul and are set to lose Izwan Firdaus Ahmad Tajuddin to KLHC.

Mohd Marhan Jalil too has turned his back on Sapura to join Tenaga Nasional Berhad, as has Mohd Ramadhan Rosli who left UniKL for Tenaga Nasional.

Maybank were not left out on signing players as they have pinched Jiwa Mohan from Sapura and are looking towards signing six Pakistanis led by Shakeel Abbasi.

Thursday, January 24, 2013


The national hockey team will play five matches ahead of the 22nd edition of the Sultan Azlan Shah Cup.

Coach Paul Revington said that three of the matches will be against Ireland while another two are against defending Azlan Shah Cup champions New Zealand.

The three matches against Ireland will be played between 10-14 February in Bukit Jalil, who
E the two against New Zealand are tentatively scheduled between 24-26 February also at the National Stadium in Bukit Jalil.

"The additional plans are still dependent on discussions with other countries as we are trying to piece programs together and fit calendars together, " said Revington.

On the state on injuries in the national team, Revington disclosed that two players, Izwan Firdaus and Hafifihafiz Hanafi were still injured.

"Izwan Firdaus is out for at least another month from now while Hafifi is going to have an operation on his knee at end of the month. Both will likely miss the Azlan Shah Cup as a result," said Revington.

The coach added that the proposed specialist coaches program to be attached to the national team is an ongoing process working with the NSC and the budget process for 2013.

"We are aiming to get the goalkeeper coach out to Malaysia sometime during February, while we would like to debut a flicking coach too before the end of February if possible," added Revington.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Below is an email I received from Puan Sri Raja Noora Ashikin, the Deputy President of the Malaysian Hockey Confederation. I wish to place on record here that I am publishing this email as Puan Sri has stated in the final para that she has circulated her email to members of the MHC Council, hence the readers of this blog should be accorded the same privilege.

I must state here that I respect the right to reply by Puan Sri and thus will not respond to this email here but in another posting. While others take pot shots at me in the various sub-committee meetings, I applaud the initiative of Puan Sri responding instead of hiding behind the veil of authority.

Her reply shows that there are some within MHC who can accept criticism and respect the views of others. In short Puan Sri has shown that with mutual respect things can only progress. But at the same time I wish to state that I have the right to refute some points raised in he email, for clarity and betterment of the sport.

Read on....

Dear Satwant.

I am replying to clarify the situation. First of all, I emailed Manjit because I feel the statement should have come out from the secretariat since Tuanku president is away. Secondly, The official letter from FIH has not come out yet and there were other bidders involved.

I am overjoyed with the news Malaysia being playing host and I am sure all of us in MHC and all of us hockey passioniosta are to, but I believe MHC should officially release the news when we have been officially been informed. We can carry on doing all the background work as what Manjit had done to secure who to host in Malaysia but we should not jump the gun and announe and should also leave it to our president to announce the news officially.

There is no mutiny or defiance as you have put it. Kindly do not interpret a simple email of guidance if I may use the word. I am a person who believes in following the proper procedure and protocol. this a very important element in any organization

Kindly be respectful and let us all behave with decorum. I am here because I love hockey and so do you and many others. Let us show our deep sense of love and commaradie in this sport by remaining united. It does not augur well for hockey when every internal matter is publicised. Moral of officials and players I believed will be affected too

I am writing this note to you in good faith and am forwarding this email to council members. I have always have great respect for you because of your knowledge on sports and let us all remain respectful and civilised with each other

Yours sincerely
Raja noora ashikin


As a friend pointed out after reading the last posting in this blog, what has happened in the Malaysian Hockey Confederation  is akin to a mutiny on a ship and punishable by death.

However in MHC one can get away with murder so as to speak of late. Some pay scant respect to the MHC President as they continue to defy his instructions and the fact that there are camps is very evident.

These are they very people who forced former Secretary Maninderjit Singh to walk out with his head held high as ratger then conform to unethical means these so called officials were trying to force upon him, Mike just walked away.

These are the very people who now question why procedure was not followed in making public the awarding of the World League Semi Finals.

Its boikd down to losing face, cos it was a mere blogger that shared the good news, and MHC Secretary General was so peeved about it that hr gathered his troops to launch and attack on some within MHC.

Since emails have been flying throughout the day talking about proper procedures and so forth, let me now get these very people to address several issues of procedures that they have opted to forget when they make blunders.

- why is not action taken on the person or persons responsible in accepting the entry of the Kedah Women U16 team when it was not submitted by Kedah HA but rather by an individual? Is this in accordance with PROCEDURE?

- Teams were told via a circluar signed by the Secretary General that those playing in the National Women U16 will receive subsidy of RM3, 000 each. But only RM1, 000 was paid out and last weekend it was decided that it was a MISTAKE to say subsidy was RM3.000. Is this a correct PROCEDURE?

- The duo, Robert Alacantra and Mohd Rofhanizam Mat Radzi were banned by the MHC Disciplinary Committee on Septrmber 10. Its was a conditional punishment, that they either pay a fine of RM2, 500 or be banned from the sport for 2 years. Robert submitted an appeal in October and is said still awaiting the reply. Does it take that ling to convene a meeting? Now lets talk PROCEDURE?

- The Women Indoor team to the AHF Champiinships in Bangkok last October was selected based on personal relationships. No trials nor selections were held. Even the MHC Coaching Committee was not consulted in the appointment of the coach. Now now who discarded PROCEDURE?

- The pending appointments of Tai Beng Hai as Coaching Director and Hashim Mohd Yusof as Competitions Secretary remain just that, pending, despite the Special Committee for Appoinments and the MHC President giving their nod. Hence is PROCEDURE being followed or just that Beng Hai made a victim cos the so called power brokers prefer their own candidate?

- Why was there no lettter of show cause sent to Nor Saiful Zaini despite the Tournament Director having raised the issue on November 25 at the Competitions Committee in Seremban? And why was the subject matter left out from thr minutes? Who prepared the minutes and was it correct PROCEDURE that the Secretary General does not have to record minutes?

- And in talking PROCEDURE,  the last Management Meeting of the MHC was held in June last year with the Council Meeting in Spetember. So what hapened to the PROCEDURE in accordance with the constitution?

- Just take a look at the 2013 MHC Calendar that was recently distributed. It is littered with mistakes and will be the subject of another post. So are PROCEDURES followed?

One could go on and on with this but clearly the actions of a select few has tarnished the image of the MHC President.

While it is always good to be transparent and be forthcoming in presenting views, one must never be personal in their attacks. There is an unseen hand in all this who manipulate s others in order to serve his agenda.

What I do want to know is where were these so called concerned personalities when Dangerous Lee broke down and walked away from the National Juniors Squad? Why was there no concern from these officials who write in contempt just because a blogger helped the MHC President prepare and distribute a Press Release? And you want to talk PROCEDURE?

Has the MHC in the last 10 months ever prepared and sent out a Press Release? Have fhey kept abreast with the media on what is happening? Have they ever wrote a story to publish on their Official Website?

The advise, and I repeat to them again the words of their President - Jangan cakap saja, buat kerja, is a timely reminder to all. Stand shoulder to shoulder, hand in hand with your President, stop your whining and delegations to Shahzan House to run down others. Enough is enough.

And if you cannot do that,  then instead of crying PROCEDURE,  do the correct thing by submitting your resignation for undermining a leader is akin to mutiny.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013


If only Malaysia had good relations with the Australian coaches, Malaysia would have benefitted from the departure of the Pakistani players from the Hockey India League.

Instead it's Australians that continue to cash in, both in terms of experience as well as hard cash as five more Australians are picked to replace the Pakistanis.

Ric Charleswoth who coaches Mumbai Magicians and Punjab Warriors coach Barry Dancer immediately filled their sought after vacancies with trusty foes - 2013 Kookaburras national squad players.

Charlesworth added Kookaburras co-captain Liam de Young, London Olympic bronze medallist Tim Deavin and 2012 Champions Trophy gold medallist's Glenn Simpson and Jason Wilson. The Magicians team now comprises 8 Australian players while the Warriors have 7. Dancer opted to replace Kashif Shah with Victorian and 2012 Champions Trophy gold medallist, Russell Ford.

Here in Malaysia we have tons of committees to look after various aspects and its the responsibility of the High Performance Committee or the National Team Management Committee to look into this matter ( the two can sort it out together as their Chairpersons have things in common as the saying goes birds of a feather flock together, through their sheer display of ignorance of regulation) .

But while the anarchy in Malaysian Hockey continues, for the plea of the President Tengku Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah to close ranks and work together is ignored due o pettiness and greed for power, it is the sport that continues to lose out internationally.

If only these personalities could see the damage they are doing to hockey, all because they want the attention of the President.

Maybe it's time for the President to ride away into the sunset and let this devilish creatures fend for themselves and we continue to suffer the ills of greed.

Monday, January 21, 2013


In what can only be categorised as an open defiance of the leadership of Tengku Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah as the Malaysian Hockey Confederation President, a few officials have resolve to work against him.

For so upset are they that HRH gave a statement to this blog about the hosting of the World Hockey League semis that they even did not load any story of the said subject on the official website of MHC.

Not that they are capable of putting pen to paper and come up with their own articles as they have only lifted or rather copy and paste articles from two major English dailies onto their website.

Its a crying shame that the President is being enticed into the gutter politics being practiced by a select few who really should walk away if unprepared to work with the President.

After all most of these officials parachuted into their positions when the merger took place and were not duly elected at an AGM.

And for calling me a mere blogger, well at least I am proud to use the name given to me by my parents and can write, unlike some who copy and paste and could not construct a sentence to save their lives.

Move on lah for your bickering is damaging to hockey as a whole. Walk the talk or get out.

Sunday, January 20, 2013



Malaysia has been awarded the hosting rights for the Semi Final stage of the World League that offers six spots for the 2014 World Cup to be held in Holland.

In revealing this, Malaysian Hockey Confederation President Tengku Abdullah Sultan Ahmad said that the International Hockey Federation (FIH) confirmed Malaysia as the host for the tournament that will be held in Johor Baru from June 1-9.

"It is indeed an honor to play host to this prestigious event that will not only feature top ranked teams but also provide Malaysia an opportunity to qualify for the 2014 World Cup in Holland,” said Tengku Abdullah.

"I must record my appreciation to the Johor State Government for graciously having consented to hold the event in Johor Baru.

"There is no doubt that hockey has a tremendous fan base in Johor and I am sure that the Malaysian team will benefit from the support they will receive in their quest to make the World Cup on merit for the first time since 1998."

The last time Malaysia played in the World Cup was in 2002 when it was held in Kuala Lumpur. Malaysia played in the 1998 World Cup in Holland after a hiatus of 16 years as prior to that India 1982 was the last appearance for Malaysia.

There will be two Round 3 tournaments with eight teams each. These tournaments will feature two pools of four teams and will have placement games following the Round Robin. The second semi final is to be held in Holland.

In the semis, the top eight teams from the FIH rankings will join the qualifiers from the four second round tournaments that are to be held in India, Brazil, France and Russia.

Tengku Abdullah said the opportunity to host the Semi Finals arose when Germany who was the original hosts withdrew and FIH approached Malaysia.

"A lot of thought was put into the idea of playing host and after looking at the benefits that will avail to our national team, we put in a bid, but only after getting the official nod from Johor," said Tengku Abdullah.

"With this development Malaysia is exempt from playing in Round Two in Russia in May and this provides us with a perfect opportunity to try qualify for the World Cup."

National coach Paul Revington was naturally happy with the turn of events and had this to say:

"Malaysian hockey has a very proud history of successfully hosting FIH World Level events and it is no surprise that the FIH has turned to the MHC to host the World League 3 Semi Final stage.

"The timing of this World Level event also fits perfectly with the long-term MHC development drive to promote the 1Mas, Project 2013 and 2017 teams as these youngsters need to see more elite teams and players perform on Malaysian soil.

"This is obviously very exciting news and an added bonus for our Senior Team too who will relish the challenge and will aim to make full use of this opportunity.”

For National Team Manager George Koshy, hosting the Semi Final stage meant that Malaysia would have two bites of the cherry, as Malaysia will also host the Asia Cup that offers a single spot for the World Cup.

"Malaysia having won the bid provides us with an opportunity to make the cut for the World Cup not once but twice on home soil! The strong home support will the impetus to accomplish this fete, " said George.

Saturday, January 19, 2013


While Hockey India has gone on to sign Dutchman Roelant Oltmans as their High Performance Manager, the Malaysian Hockey Confederation is still grasping with basic issues in employing two full time staff for their Competitions and Coaching Departments.

In this respect we are not even talking about the so called MHC High Performance Committee which has proven to be only a seasonal committee that only talks about workshops and nothing constructive.

The MHC President had announced this in November and candidates were handpicked as a daily reported that former National Coach Tai Beng Hai was the new Coaching Director and former Secretary Hashim Mohd Yusof was the full time Competitions Secretary.

More later....

Thursday, January 17, 2013


Keeper S.Kumar will not be in between the posts during the Hockey India League match between Uttar Pradesh Wizards and Jaypee Punjab Warriors at the Surjit Singh stadium in Jalandhar tonight.

But that does not deter the Malaysian, who won numerous awards as best goalkeeper, from fighting for a place in the team in coming matches. Not even the fact that coach Roelant Oltmans told Kumar that he will not be playing for the next three matches has made any negative impact on Kumar.

For the Tampin born lad is made of sterner stuff, knowing that George Beazley of Australia was always going to get the nod ahead of him. And Kumar hopes to prove his worth when given the chance to make the position his permanently.

"The coach told me that in the first three matches George will keep goal and that does not bother me as it is important the team does well overall," said Kumar when met in Jalandhar today.

"But I am looking forward to be fielded and am focussed on winning the numero uno job as far as keeping goal is concerned."

Kumar said that he was probably 10 years too late in playing in foregn leagues and hopes that in future more talented players are sent out to play at a younger age.

"I should have gone abroad to play as the experience is totally different. We may be the best but there is no end to the learning process<" said Kumar.

"Just look at my position here, as I get to train with players who have tons of experience in both the Olympics and World Cup. And it does make a world of difference.

"There are new skills on cam pick up, new training drills and above all pick up pointers from those who have played at the highest level."

The Malaysian custodian said there were many good thing in the HIL that should be implemented in the Malaysian Hockey League and hopes that the MHC will look into this.


Faisal Saari made his debut in the Hockey India League but failed to inspire his team Mumbai Magicians as they went down 2-1 to Delhi Waveriders at the Dhayan Chand National Hockey Stadium in New Delhi.

And after the match, Faisal admitted that it was not one of his better performances as he could have played better.

But the dimunitive striker who has carved a name for himself at the international arena said that being on the field for short spells of three minutes each time had affected his performance.

Faisal and Glenn Turner took turns to be on the pitch, with each playing just three minutes before substituting each other.

"I am not happy with my performance and feel I should have done better. I had a word with coach Ric Charlesworth about the short spells that both I and Glenn had on the pitch and he said that it will be different in the next game on Friday when we play Ranchi Rhinos," said Faisal after the match.

"I had to play wide, either on the left or right but that are the tactics adopted by the coach and frankly it helps me put variation into my style of play.

"It is important that I learn as much as I can and I hope to perform better and lift my game, maybe even net a goal in the next game.

"I will give my best on the pitch in order to lift the name of Malaysia in international hockey."

For coach Charlesworth, the defeat was attributed his inability to field the four Pakistani players in the match.

And even the penalty stroke miss by Sandeep Singh in the 69th minute said Charlesworth due to the fact that it was his fifth choice flicker that had stepped forward to take the stroke.

"Really I do not know when the replacements will arrive as I have made the choice and its up to the management to make the arrangements to get them here," said Charlesworth.

"It is unfair to name them as they have visa and other arrangements to sort out and I hope it will be done soon.

"We had five penalty corners but did not have a decet stopper as the best stoppers were the Pakistanis. But I am proud of the performance of the players given that we were four short."

Wednesday, January 16, 2013


So the nine Pakistani players have been told to return and the decision raises more questions then answers as the Hockey India League gets off to a start that they would have wanted to avoid. Far from being the best ever league in the world, it is now remarked as the four and the half countries league or even more sinister is it being called the Australian Development League.

Four Pakistanis, Mahmood Rashid, Fareed Ahmed, Muhammad Tousiq and Imran Butt, were hired by Mumbai. The others were Mohammed Rizwan senior and Mohammed Rizwan junior (Delhi), Kashif Shah (Jalandhar), and Muhammed Irfan and Shafqat Rasool (Ranchi).

Hockey India says that the players had to return due to security issues and seriously i find this baffling. Two incidents have caused me of being skeptical in the first place.

Firstly a meeting was planned to discuss the participation of the Pakistani player, just after the first match between Delhi and Punjab.

And ironically TWO protestors were then seen on the pitch holding messages warning of severe reprecussions with regards to te continued presence of the Pakistani players.

How were the two protestors allowed onto the pitch when the security was so tight, as jounalists too were not allowed to roam to certain areas? One had to show the accreditation card continously to move from one spot to another.

And how is it that they moved directly towards the area where the pixmen were located and ony acted to make their presence felt when play was at the other end?

Another issue is where was the security as the access to that part of the pitch is via a gate and spectators were not even seen near that area of the pitch?

What about what happened to them after the incident? They were brought off the pitch and ejected from the stadium. A rap on the knuckle with no criminal charges being filed?

Reasons being called the four and a half countries league is due to the fact a large number of players come from India, Australia, Holland and Pakistan, with a sprinkling others from Spain, Germany, Malaysia, New Zealand and England.

And why the term the Australian Development League? It all boils down to the fact that the team coaches are from Australia and therefore their preference for players that they are familiar with. Unknowingly or willingly India is paying to develop the Aussues. Have they not learnt from the Indian Premier League in Cricket?

But enough of that as we move towards discussing the issue of the Pakistani players. And none was more vocal then Australian Ric Charlesworth.

"When sport is above prejudice, sport is wonderful. But, when it aligns with prejudice, sport begins to diminish," said the Australian hockey legend told the Indian newspapers.

"I am very disappointed and I'm upset and sorry for what has happened because it diminishes the game. When I was at the age of these boys I was protesting against the apartheid (in South Africa).

If India wants that, this is where it leads," he said bluntly. "It's been my huge protest against this (current) prejudice. A few people show up and make a noise (and the rules change).

But on the subject of the HIL organisation as a whole, the word professionalism should not be associated with it as its far from being professional.

Firstly they could not afford a air horn to signal the end of each quarter, using a whistle that only confused spectators and players alike. And the technical table looked like a fish market with so many officials just standing around.

And the above is the view from the Media Tribune, with the goal area being blocked by light towers used for the laser show for the opening ceremony.

There is no merchandise sold, no replay of action on the pitch on the giant screens being put up, and yes they used yellow balls, on a green pitch with a team using yellow socks. What say you the mecenaries imported to run the HIL?

I seriously though India was an independent country, but looking at how they sold their souls to FIH, I find that India is colonised, at least in hockey

Tuesday, January 15, 2013


"If only I had a few more Faisal's in my team. He is so talented and I feel he has the ability to make an impact in both the Hockey India League as well as international hockey."

Those were the words of renowned hockey coach Ric Charlesworth when met at the Dhayan Chand Hockey Stadium in New Delhi after the opening match of the Hockey India League between Delhi Waveriders and Jaypee Punjab Warriors.

Charlesworth is the coach of Mumbai Magicians while Faisal was bought by them at an auction last month for a cool USD26,000.

"There is no doubt that this boy is good and I hope that he will be able to contribute to the team in the HIL," said Charlesworth to this blogger.

"We celebrated his birthday yesterday and he has fitted in well with the other players, and I like his commitment in training.

"I feel he will be the future star and in order to do that he has to be totally focussed on what he wants to do in hockey."

Faisal was smiling sheepishly as Charlesworth put his arm around the Malaysian when requested to pose for a picture.

"I am truly realishing the chance to play in the HIL. It is a totally new experience for me and I am learning a lot from the coach as the drills are different in training and he pays special attention to every detail," said Faisal who trains in Mumbai.

"So far everything is okay, both on and off the pitch and the players ae getting along really well. I hope to find the back of the net as regularly as I can if fielded.

"Its truly a great moment in my hockey career and my hope is that in future more Malaysian players will be given a chance to play in this league."

Faisal said that while the weather was cold it would not pose much of a problem for him as it was a matter of getting used to.

On another note, Charlesworth said he was preplexed as to why this stadium was picked to host the matches as the pitch was slippery.

"One could see the players falling in this match and I wonder why they did not want to play in the othe stadium ( Shivaji Stadium)" said Charlesworth.

"We play the home team (Delhi) on Wednesday and will try to take all five points, as its always good winning the opening match."

Note: This is my 1,000 post in this blog. Thank you for the fans who visit it without fail daily and I hope to continue to serve you in the years to come.


Was at the Dhayan Chand Stadium to watch the launch of the HIL, right from the opening ceremony and the first match between Delhi Wave Riders and Punjab Warriors.

There were several interesting things with regards to the whole concept of HIL and it was truly an eye opener.

Some of the things they do or try to do even baffled the staunchest of Indian hockey supporters and just like Malaysia, more emphasis is given to the VIP's.

Will; blog more on HIL as I will watch Faisal Saatri in action for Mumbai Magicians on Wednesday before running off to Jalandhar to catch S. Kumar turn out for UP Wizards.

Monday, January 14, 2013


It seems that two office bearers of the Malaysian Hockey Confederation do not care about what happens to hockey players.

For the duo chided MHC Vice President Jeniffer Williams for having played a decisive role in getting Sarawak born Dangerous Lee back into the Project 2013 training camp after the boy had pulled out citing lack of confidence.

It seems that the duo took Jeniffer to task for getting involved and perhaps were more peeved by the fact that its was not them but Jeniffer who got the accolades.

That is why hockey is where it is today, these self centered officials ahould just step down and walk away, after all they went in via the back door, not duly elected.

Thursday, January 10, 2013


Dangerous Lee, the Sarawak player that pulled out of the National Juniors side on Monday has made a U-turn and was back at training at the National Hockey Stadium in Bukit Jalil this evening.

Coach K. Dharmaraj said that he was going to have a heart to heart talk with the player and will help him build his confidence.

The return of Dangerous was as a result of an initiative of MHC Vice President Jeniffer Williams who went to meet with the parents of Dangerous at his village in Kuching.


Bukit Jalil Sports School have not beaten Sekolah Sukan Tengku Mahkota Ismail since 2009 in the MHC-MILO-NSC Junior Hockey League. And they hope that the four year jinx will finally come to an end when thay take on the defending champions at the Ministry of Education pitch on Friday.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013


The MHC-MILO-NSC Junior Hockey League gets underway on Thursday with a record number of 27 teams playing in two divisions. All states in the peninsular are represented but sadly teams from east Malaysia continue to stay out due to logistical issues. Though Sabah did submit their entry, they cried off at the 11th hour due to problems relating to the education of the players.

The MJHL was initiated in 1995, a joint effort by the NSC,Nestle and MHF then with key personalities in the likes of Dato Wira Mazlan Ahmad, Dato Dina Rizal and the late S. Satgunam coming up with the initiative to have a league for the juniors. And thanks to the foresight of these gentlemen, the league has grown from strength to strength over the years.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013


An off the cuff remark by his sister acted turning point in this contemporary Malaysian star’s hockey career. 

“Here everyone can play football. Not many can play Hockey. You should play Hockey!”

That is when this diminutive forward, who is a thorn in the flesh of rival defence, decided to take up hockey -- and the rest is refreshing history.

Faisal Saari is one of the two picks from the vast pool of Malaysian talent – the other being goalkeeper Kumar Subramaniam -- for the upcoming Hockey India League (HIL). He was sold for USD 26000. This may sound not so huge to many, but when translates into Malaysia Ringgit, it becomes big, RM 78,000. 

“That is huge money in Malaysia,” says the young 21-year old with a child like enthusiasm.

Faisal debuted for the Malaysia team back in 2009 and has been a regular since but he is also Malaysia’s best bet in the Under-21 category. 

And only when travel back in time to May 2012, and observe that the top-scorer in the Junior Asia Cup, Malacca, was none other than Faisal Saari, you realize why Ric Charlesworth picked this young dashing forward for the Mumbai Marines team.

“May be because I am fast, I can score field goals or may be because I can drag flick too,” guesses the humble Electrician in Malaysia, with a proud smile on his face. 

“I want to make Malaysia proud in India and make a mark in India with this league. I am very excited to play under Ric Charlesworth. I am waiting to see the likes of Jamie Dwyer, Taeke Taekema in action,” shares the 2010 Asian Games Silver Medalist (where India has to console themselves with a Bronze medal) 

So, is the league all about money?

“Well, it’s 50-50 for money and hockey. More than that, it will be a learning experience for me, tactically, culturally and attitude-wise,” tells this player-to-be-watched-out-for in the upcoming Hockey India League.

And even at this young age, this short player has a vision about hockey and its prospects in Malaysia.

“There are very few players in Malaysia who have jobs like the one I have. I wish there are more players from Malaysia who get similar chances and opportunities like the Hockey India League,” says the prolific Malaysian flicker.

And, the time has really come for Faisal to take his sister’s to another level. 

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Sekolah Tuanku Abdul Rahman Ipoh are making their debut in the MHC-MILO-NSC Junior Hockey League. And gaining experience as well as improving their overall performance is the benchmark the team has set themselves for.

Monday, January 7, 2013


His name is Dangerous Lee but in reality there is nothing dangerous in him but the fact that he is living in a fantasy world, where he feels that life is a bed of roses, that glory comes without hard work, blood, sweat and tears.

Sarawak's Dangerous Lee pulled out of the National Juniors squad via a SMS to his coach K.Dharmaraj on Sunday evening.

He was the only East Malaysia player to have made an impression over the past two decades to warrant a place in a national set up as so far as hockey is concerned.

But he chickened out, so unlike the spirit of a Sarawakian that holds dear to the saying " agi idup agi ngelaban" .( still alive still fight )

Over the past 24 hours this blogger managed to speak to him and try get him to return to training, something Dharmaraj was keen on as he saw the potential of the player.

But despite a phone call where Dangerous Lee was in tears as he tried to justify his withdrawal which was centered around his lack of confidence, he stuck to his decision and sent in an SMS just minutes ago.

An attempt was made via MHC Vice President Jeniffer Williams to try talk to the player and his family but calls and SMS went unanswered.

No effort was spared to convince him but he just would not budge.

It may be a lost cause to some but efforts should be made by the other 11 Vice Presidents to talk sense into this boy. The team management and coaches can only do so much but it's the system that has failed us.

Take a step back into August last year when this player was in the centre of a battle of playing in the Premier Division or the First Division of the MHL.

Some archaic regulations were enforced by the Bukit Jalil Sports School to force this player and two others to represent the school in the MHL

And it must have been a tremendous boost to the boys confidence. Infact national coach Paul Revington was impressed by the display of Kavin Karthik in the Sultan Johor Cup and was left wondering how he missed the exploits of the player in the MHL. Simple as he played in the lower division.

So really it's pointless blaming the players when it's crumbs we are after when in reality these are unpolished gems that should be given a proper development system.

Sports Schools are neither boon or name for hockey but its the pencil pushers that are to be blamed for killing the careers of youngsters.

Over to you Mr. President of MHC to resolve this.

This now brings me back to one question, will the player be left of the hook for turning his back on the nation?

Flashback to 2001 and ismail Abu was banned from the MJHL cos he wanted to play for his club. So what's stopping MHC from shutting the door on Dangerous for the MHL?


Just three days before the commencement of the MHC-MILO-NSC Junior Hockey League 2013, the tournament which saw a record number of 28 entries  has been hit by the withdrawal of the Sabah Juniors team.

Sunday, January 6, 2013


Never a day goes by that the Malaysian Hockey Confederation makes mistakes that is highlighted in this blog.

While it is newsworthy, some of the decisions or rather actions taken are really mind boggling to say the least.

All we expect those in positions to do is to ensure hockey in the country is run without fear or favour and above all with sincerity.

But just when you thought it was a Sunday without much to write on since the MJHL fiasco, there pops up another piece of news that never should have surfaced in the first place.

Well the National Team Management Committee is holding a meeting this coming Tuesday, There is nothing wrong in them holding a meeting I must admit, for many committees with MHC are just there for namesake, some aleady covered with cobwebs.

The issue here is that this committee discusses the affairs of the various national teams, including the senior team. But the two coaches, Paul Revington and Arul Selvaraj are not in town as both will be arriving from Cape Town and Dublin on January 9 ( Wednesday) respectively.

Though in mitigation one could say that the team manager, George Koshy, could preset their proposals, it is still mind boggling as to why the meeting cannot be held upon their return.

Revington had made it clear that he has some plans in store for the national team, and could not divulge much information on it until the meeting with MHC and NSC. But while he respected authority, one wonders what is so important that this meeting is being rushed.

For starters does the Chairman, in this case Dato Nur Azmi Ahmad not know that the duo are cuttrentky away and will not be present?

Or did the MHC Secretary, who outsourced the preparation of the MJHL fixtures which became the laughing stock at the team managers meeting, not inform the Chairman that the two are unabkle to come on the said day.

Maybe it is because the Committee wants to discuss the issue of the 800 Euro per day coach that was with the team at the Champions Challenge in Argentina next month. This has become the talking point in the corridors of MHC, but its a whisper campaign at the moment, likelky to blow up real soon.

Saturday, January 5, 2013


It was one messy affair at the team managers meeting of the Milo-NSC Junior Hockey League at the National Stadium in Bukit Jalil today.

From fixtures that made no sense to over zealous manner of conducting the meeting right down to basic fundamentals of answering queries from team managers.

Lets take it one step at a time and start with fixtures that really take the cake.

Just because of the failure to address the issue of teams from the same school needing to play the first match to avoid the issue of "goals" coming into play, in this case from SSTMI, the MJHL will now start a day earlier, on Jan 10 instead of the next day.

Then the teams are required to play three consecutive matches. While that may be okay for a carnival like tournament, just look at this scenario - SMKDMT play a match in Tampin on Friday, play in Kuantan on Saturday and then rush back to play in Tampin on Sunday.

There are just so many mistakes or incompetency in drawing up the fixtures that one wonders the person responsible in drawing them up actually knows the fundamentals of how fixtures should be drawn up.

And while the rules clearly spell out that first mentioned teams are home teams, the answer received when it was raised smacked arrogance.

Then we look at the quarter finals where six out of eight teams in Division One qualify from Division One while 20 teams from Division Two vie for two spots. This is a ridiculous decision and when the stakeholders, being the teams, raised the issue, the answer they got was the Competition Committee has decided and no changes

Rightfully it should be taken back to the Committee for deliberation and even consider a play off between the sixth team in Division One and third in Division Two.

But when people who overstay their welcome and do not know what the MJHL is all about and try to assert their authority, then it's MHC that faces the wrath of the teams.

And in the end it's hockey that suffers.

Lets not even go into the issue of subsidy where the Secretary opts to blame the previous administration by saying files are missing.

You just need to walk out of your office and ask the staff in charge of accounts what the subsidy was last season.

But perhaps the person was too busy plotting with others how to destroy others when they are incompetent in the first place as evident today.

It sure is a Happy New Year.


Renowned master coach Paul Lissek will take up a role either as a consultant or chief coach with Korea later this month.

Lissek when contacted in his hometown in Limburg, Germany, confirmed with this blog that he will be going to Korea on January 13 after a brief stopover in Kuala Lumpur.

"It will present a new challenge to me and I have always admired Korean hockey. This is a good opportunity for me and I am happy to be heading to Korea," said Lissek.

"Very few people in Malaysia believe in me as a qualified and good coach.

"Australia sent to me big compliments through Ric Charlesworth regarding my work last three years.

"Germany let me know through Markus Weise (Head-Coach), that they regret my decision, for not being able to be their consultant from now on."

Lissek was first associated with Malaysian Hockey in 1995 when he used to come and conduct coaching clinics both for coaches and players under an NSC initiative.

While Malaysia were keen to get his services as a coach, Lissek instead recommended his understudy Volker Knapp who did well to lead Malaysia to the 1996 Atlanta Olympics and two years later made it even better by qualifying for the 1998 World Cup in Utrecht after a hiatus of 16 years.

Lissek took over the reins of the national team, albeit on a temporary basis as he was in Malaysia preparing the national team for the Commonwealth Games in 1998 where Malaysia won a historic silver.

It was not until February 2001 that Lissek arrived to take a full time job and held the position until the 2004 Asia Cup after which he was dumped by the then MHF.

He then went on to sign as a consultant with Australia from 2010 until the 2012 London Olympics after which he made a brief appearance with the German Juniors at the Sultan Johor Cup where the Germans emerged champions.

Though several efforts were made to retain Lissek in Malaysia, especially by NSC Director General Dato Seri Zolkples Embong, it was all in vain as factions with MHC were throwing a spanner in the works.

Lissek was the one who came up and prepared the plan to form the 2017 Project Squad, involved in selecting and training the players over brief periods in the last two years.

It will be a Lissek led Korean team that will play in the forthcoming Azlan Shah Cup next March but while they may not be able to prove themselves, it is the Asia Cup in August where Lissek could use his inside knowledge to derail our hopes of a World Cup appearance, our last on merit being 1998, an effort by another German.

Friday, January 4, 2013


Below is the list of 24 players and reserves that have been named as members of the Junior World Cup squad for the December challenge.

More on this later tonight.

Namelist for year 2013- Project team

Namelist for year 2013- Project team

























Norsyafiq Sumantri
Azrul Hasbullah
Azril Misron
Firdaus Omar
Zizi Azwan
Mohd Ridzwan


Received information that two umpires walked off the pitch during the Project 2013 v KNSU matches last month

This was after one of the umpires was involved in a shouting spree with the Korean coach after a Korean player was hit on the face by the stick of a Malaysian player.

This is interesting as MHC attempted to just "close both eyes" in a situation that is potentially embarrassing to the country.

So while the MHC Umpires Committee Chairman deems it fit to usurp every position within the Competitions Committee, why has he not acted on this matter yet? It's time to get the house in order as so far as umpiring is concerned in the country.

So it appears that the Chairman is so keen to do everything these days, from doing fixtures to pitch inspection when he really should be looking into such incidents and act upon them.

It appears that one of the umpires had influenced the other to walk off, pack their bags and leave the stadium, thus forcing team officials to officiate the match themselves. The said incident happened just minutes into the second half.

And how is it that the MHC website administrators failed to write or highlight the said incident? Perhaps the policy of you scratch my back and I scratch yours was put into place.

Time to act Tengku Abdullah. Am certain that you were not aware of this incident and the impact it has on the good name of hockey in the country and internationally with HRH an elected member of the FIH.

It's a crying shame when certain officials within MHC gang up to serve self interest and when Chairmanship of Committees is just mere positions of status rather then being effective.

Thursday, January 3, 2013


 S. Kumar ended up playing hockey by chance. For in 1994 when he was studying at the Tunku Besar Secondary School Tampin, he was training with the school football team that he was approached by the late V. Sivapathasundram to give hockey a try as a goalkeeper since he could kick with both feet.

Kumar was assured by Siva that he only had to be the reserve keeper for the school team, but little did he know that his whole life will change after that.
For not only did Kumar end up as the first choice keeper, but he went on to represent the national team, making his debut at the 1999 SEA Games in Brunei. He has gone on to win 203 interentional caps, playing in two World Cup Qualifiers ( 2006 China and 2009 Invercargil) besides three Olympi Qualifiers ( 2004 Madrid, 2008 Japan and 2012 Dublin) but never once played in the actual events as Malaysia failed to qualify.

And come January 16, Kumar will be creating history, for he will be the first goalkeeper from Malaysia to play in a foreign league when he turns out for Utter Pradesh Wizards in the Hockey India League.

The team is based in UP capital, Lucknow and holds one of the highest paid marquee players of the tournament, Teun de Nooijer from Netherlands. Among the notable players in the team are Tushar Khandker (India), Edward Ockenden (Australia), David Alegre (Spain) and  Luke Doerner (Australia.

UP Wizards will be coached Roelant Oltmans and the technical director of the team is Dhanraj Pillay, the former Indian captain who played in the Malaysian Hockey League.

The team has two goal keepers from the international circuit in George Bazeley from Australia, Kumar and one from India, Sreenivasa R. Katharu.

"Never in my wildest dreams did I think of this moment, that I will be auctioned and be part of the HIL,"said Kumar when met while applying for a visa ll by himself without any official from the Malaysian Hockey Confederation.

"It is indeed not only a personal honour but one for the country as well for I had to compete with well known custodians from all over the world. And to think that I was picked over some household names in goalkeeping has further bossted my confidence.

"It will be a totally newexperience for me as I will be up against the world best players, what more playing in India, where hockey is amongst the most watched sport after cricket.

"This is a chance of a lifetime and I hope to fight for a place in the starting XI as it will be tough competing against Bazeley."

Kumar owes much of his interest in hockey to his late father S. Subramaniuam who passed away when Kumar was representing the nation at the 2010 Commonwealth Games. And it was with the encouragement of his mother K. Sarasah that Kumar continued playing the sport.

Not many are aware the sacrifices that Kumar had to make as a parent, for he was in China for the 2010 Asian Games when his first son Varshan was born two years ago. And he could only spend hours beides his wife L.Parimalah and their second born Haarshenn before catching the flight to Amsterdam for a goalkeeper coaching stint in November last year.

"My family is very understanding and have been supporting me. This month long stint requires a lot of sacrifices and I am indebted to my wife for being able to manage the kids," said Kumar who has won several accolades during his career as the best goalkeeper in many an international tournament.

Kumar feels that there is a wide gap between the senior and junior goalkeepers as both he and Ros;an Jamaluddin are in their 30's.

"It all boils down to have match exposure. And one will not get that sitting on the bench and waiting for their chance. Thus my advise to the keepers in the junior squad is to look for teams in the MHL where they will get to play instead of warming the bench," said Kumar.

"There is not better way to gain experience but by getting the necessary exposure. So what if you are on the losing side always. You will get to improve your game instead of just standing between the posts playing for a top team."

The UP Wizard Squad

George Bazeley (Australia), Sreenivasa Rao Katharu (India), Kumar Subramanium (Malaysia), M Gunasekar (India), Jeroen Hertzberger (Netherlands), P.L Thimmanna (India), Nitin Thimmaiah (India), S.K Uthappa, Pradhan Somanna, Tushar Khandker (India), Teun de Nooijer (Netherlands), Edward Ockenden (Australia), David Alegre (Spain), Pradeep Mor (India), Harjeet Singh (India), Sander Baart (Netherlands), Rocky Lohchab (India), Vivek Dhar (India), Siddharth Shanker (India), Luke Doerner (Australia), Harbir Singh (India), V.R Raghunath (India), Marcel Balkestein (Netherlands),Wouter Jolie (Netherlands).

Wednesday, January 2, 2013


A total of 28 teams will participate in the 2013 season of the Malaysian Junior Hockey League that will run from January 11 until March 3.

This is the highest number of entries since the MJHL was initiated in 1995 and the teams have been placed in two divisions.

Division One will comprise of 8 teams while Division Two will have two groups with each group comprising of10 teams each.

The attempt to include the SSTMI Girls team by the MHC Senior Vice President was defeated at the MHC Competitions Committee Meeting.

The teams in Division One are defending double champions SSTMI, UniKL Young Guns, Bukit Jalil Sports School, MSSSPP-USM, MBI-Anderson, PJCC, SSTMI Juniors and newly promoted Malacca High School.

For Group A the teams comprise mostly from the northern region in order to cut down the cost of travel. The teams are, Sabah Juniors, Anderson Juniors -PHA, PHK-MSSS Kelantan, 1MAS Penang, Matri, SM Sains Tun Azlan Shah, KHA Juniors, MSN-PHP-MSSS Perlis, Nur Insafi and Sekolah Tuanku Abdul Rahman Ipoh.

Group B will comprise of Tunku Besar Secondary School, SMK Dato Mohd Taha Gemencheh, Olak-PKT, SMK Padang Midin, MSN-PHJ-MSSS Johor, Politeknik KPT, Kuala Langat, BJSS Juniors, KL Sports School and Tunas Muda Pahang.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013


While the Malaysian Hockey Confederation continue to play games with regards to the participation of the SSTMI girls team in the Malaysian Junior League, the MHC President Tengku Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah spoke like a true leader, taking the bull by its horns.

"Since its just an idea,I think its not a good suggestion. Ladies should have their own league, with the inclusion of strong team from the girls school," said Tengku Abdullah when his views sought on the statement by the MHC Secretary Johari Aziz in a local daily today.

That statement alone should make matters crystal clear as Tengku Abdullah made it obvious that he is not agreeable and proposed a women's MJHL, something the Competition Committee should have thought of instead of allowing one of their members to bulldoze her way.

The said personality should be taken to task for bringing disrepute to the game and at the same time putting MHC in bad light and rightfully should be brave enough to admit the error and design from the Competition Committee.

The issue was first highlighted by this blog when the name of SSTMI Girls appeared on the MHC micro website as one of the teams of playing in the Division Two.

It was then learnt that it was the prodding of the MHC Senior Vice President that led SSTMI sending in an application addressed to the said Senior VP who in turn tried to lobby members of the MHC Competitions Committee via email.

In the first place procedure was not followed as the entry was not submitted through the Sports Nit of the Ministry of Education. And more importantly MHC was shifting the goal posts to allow a favored team instead of opening the MJHL to other girls teams as well.

It was in 2011 that a MWHA team played in the MJHL but that was on invitation and that led to issues when Matri refused to play them and were subsequently thrown out from the MJHL, fend RM500 and barred from participating for a year.

So why would MHC want to revisit history and create an issue. Best is the matter not be discussed at all and ignore the entry, but not before taking those responsible to task first.

Infact many hockey officials have voiced their concerns with regards to the participation of the SSTMI Girls. Here we carry their messages either ia email or SMS to this blog without naming them as MHC is known to go after them.

"Regardless of lack in women tourney ( which need to be address as well), SSTMI girls don't belong in MJHL albeit Division Two,( competitiveness wise). I might agree to women national team to participate (still some might cry over sensitive religious issue). if this is already a decision, I wold question which body in MHC that resolute to this ridiculous precedent."

"Do all the participating teams know about this? Will this be discussed during the managers meeting? Why are they taking the risk again and what has the Competition Committee to say about this?"

"We already had a problem a few years ago where a Perlis team refused to play?"

"I totally disagree. In MHL do we let the senior women team participate. That will be better instead of wasting money participating in overseas tournaments. Will Matri play against the girls team. They should let other girls team to participate as well and not bother doing a JHL for girls."

"MHC making a mockery of the MJHL. I don't agree and MHC should consult teams first."