Monday, August 3, 2015

Question have arisen as to who the real Chief Executive Officer of MHC is.

This comes in wake of a peculiar incident that occurred last Friday that has raised an issue as to who is calling the shots in MHC.

There is no denying that officials from a certain state are in power in MHC, so much so that affiliates of MHC are virtually non existent. More of that in the next posting.

On July 31 there was a joint meeting of NSC and MHC and the CEO was not present. This meeting was at 3pm.

At 4pm there was a meeting of the newly formed International Affairs Committee, and once again the CEO was conspicuously missing.

At 5pm across town at the Olympic Hotel the Coaching Committee held a meeting and yet again the CEO was no where to be seen.

But at the NSC/MHC joint meeting it was the presence of Gundu Mama that raised eyebrows as he is a non entity in the heirachy of MHC yet was deemed important enough to be at a meeting of such importance.

And presto an hour later Gundu Mama initiated talks with the Pahang HA Secretary on the organization of the Junior Asia Cup, something that should be under the purview of the International Affairs Committee.

At the Second Executive Board meeting, minutes which have been made available to this blog, no mention or endorsementwas made on the appointmentof Gundu Mama as a staff of MHC.

So who in actual fact is the CEO?

Is the person named CEO merely a glorified clerk that takes instructions from Gundu Mama?

Surely that looks to be the case.


The Malaysian Hockey League is a third class tournament, fast losing its glamour as the premier hockey tournament in the country.

There are several factors that led to this conclusion but one of the most apparent is if it's actually a league or a lick!

The idea of holding the MHL is to have a LEAGUE competition amongst clubs in the country and not break up teams into groups as being practiced now.

Even when the number of teams was 14 or 16, the competition used to be a one round league and no breaking up into groups as the case today.

The so called learnerd personalitiesin the Competitions Committee obviously do not understand what a league is.

And stating that time did not permit running a league shows they have not looked at the matter seriously enough.

When entries were called, the format stated that teams were invited to participate in a league competition with a round robin format.

So why give the clubs an option after that and lay the blame on the clubs for a shortened competition?

Are the clubs allowed to also dictate the prize money for the MHL? Obviously not!

Then we have the inclusion of hordes of second class foreign players in the MHL as once again the Executive Board of MHC failed to excercise caution.

Are we the developmentarm for Pakistan Hockey these days as some 19 Pakistani players are representing 5 clubs in the Premier League.

There must be a qualifying standard for the inclusion of the foreign players - such as limiting the numbers and also that they must be current internationals, not those who are older then some of the team managers in the MHL.

Next we have the failure of the Media and PR Committee to ensure the top tournament is accorded telecast time on either terrestrial TV or pay TV.

It is hugely embarrassing to note that the Charity Shield was not shown live when some lesser sports in the country manage to get their tournaments to be shown live.

Even state circuits in badminton are live and thus the Media and PR Chairman should resign for a major blunder on her part.

Even the newspapers call it the MHL and not the TNBMHL thus not giving any PR value to the sponsors TNB who pump in millions for a league that is run like a kampung competition.

Fellow blogger Jugjet described that attendance of 300 people in the opening day as dismal, but that is the start of the problems.

The MHL is a cash cow for MHC but is now the grazing field for old cows as it's no longer developmentthat MHC cares for but the millions that they can milk from TNB.

May the lick run and die a natural death.

Sunday, August 2, 2015


Is there a conflict within the ranks of the MHC?

That seems to be the case when one studies proceedings that occurred over the past few days.

It started with a statement by NSC Director General Dato Ahmad Shapawi who revealed that the MHC had proposed several appointments such as Terry Walsh and Neil Hawgood for the men's and women's team respectively.

But the discussion that took place on Friday between NSC and MHC have further strengthenedtalk that two foreign technical directors are to be appointed, which is a sheer waste of tax payers money.

Oddly MHC and NSC opted to meet barely two hours before the MHC Coaching Committee met at the Olympic Hotel.

What was the hurry to rush the joint meeting on an important matter other then the fact that Neelan Pari had an hidden agenda as she wanted to decide what rightfully should be the job of the coaching committee.

Though the coaching committee did not make any formal announcements, speculation is rife that Stephen van Huizrn is the next national coach with K. Dharmaraj the women senior team coach.

Arul Selvarah retains his position as Junuors coach subject to the Asian Juniors performancewhile Lailin Abu Hassan will handle the junior girls.

Lim Chiow Chuan is expected to be named as the Project 2020 coach this opening up the 1Mas Director position which will likely go to Nor Saiful Zaini.

But all this is subject to the role Beelam Pari plays and the Selangor connection in MHC which will ultimately destroy whatever is left of the sport as in the kingdom of blind those with one eye rule!

Friday, July 31, 2015


Hockey is my passion and virtually I have dedicated most of my 53 years of life on it.

Over the past year I have been unwell and frankly it was only hockey  that drove me to overcome my ailments and lifted my spirits when I was depressed and giving up the battle.

Thus it hurt me a lot when those within the MHC accused me of lying when it was clear that they were dishonest right from the start.

I have principles, unlike these very people who think they are gods gif to Malaysian hockey, lest they forget that they live and warm the chairs as the sport is in ruins no thanks to their ineffectiveness.

I dare say that MHC has conspired against me and it starts from its highest leadership right until it's CEO whom I believe tells one lie to cover another. I dare say that he is a waste of time as a CEO as he practices selective persecution and cannot look at me with a honest answer cos he does not have one.

I had written in to the MHC Competitions Chairman George Koshy, Media Committee Chairman Puan Nagula Sivasothy, Media Committee Deputy Chairman Manjit Majid Abdullah and Competitions Executive Hashim Mohd Yusof registering my interest to provide Media and PR Services for the MHL.

Only Koshy responded and I was verbally informed by Hashim that the matter was discussed at a Media Committee meeting and that the CEO was to seek quotations and discuss it at a meeting.

On Sunday July 26 I received two phone calls - from Nagula and Hashim asking me why I had not submitted a proposal for the MHL media services.

I made it very clear to them that I had not received any info or request from MHC to that effect.

I further called Dato Ow Soon Kooi the Vice President who is close to the CEO of MHC to ask him why the CEO had implied that I was lying when in the first place no forms nor email was sent to me. Ow has yet to respond.

Nagula said that she would get to the bottom of the matter but never called me back, perhaps after being told off by Neelam Pari.

The biggest insult came from Koshy who said that it was impossible that I was the only one not to have received the email. I made it clear that I had not and am even willing to lodge police and MACC reports to prove that my email accounts can be accessed to prove the point.

I stood up for Koshy and supported him all the way to be the Deputy President of MHC. I do not expect any payback but not being able to get into the bottom of this matter casts doubts on his effectivenessas the number 2 person.

As for Dato Ow, always look at two sides of the coin, why would I not want to earn a living by bit submitting when your blue eyed CEO was the culprit?

As for Nagula, be your own person and not be dictated by others. Learn to be fair and fear God and not Neelan Pari who I believe was party to all this.

The unseen hands of the President and Gindu Mama are so evident but believe in karma as you will get what you deserve.

I dare the MHC leadership to a sumpah laknat ( ultimate swear) at any religious house so as to prove that they sent me an email and I never replied. I am willing to swear and dare them to do the same.

I give them 3 days from Friday July 31 to respond if they have any scrotal gumption , which I doubt they have.

Karma will catch up with you eventually and the fact that Brazil, Ireland and Canada are at the Olympics at your expense is Gods message to you, repent while you can.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015


The National Sports Council has decided no longer to sponsor the annual National U16 Indoor Tournament.

The annual event held for the NSC Director General Cup is the only indoor tournament held in the country.

Despite the effectivenessof indoor hockey, MHC has largely ignored it and the last national championship for men and women was held in Ipoh in 2013.

"I told MHC officials that they should find a title sponsor if they wish to continue with the tournament,"said NSC Director General Dato Ahmad Shapawi Ismail when asked as to why the government body pulled the plug.

"I feel it's time to set the priorities when it comes to funding tournaments as NSC is already assisting in other tournaments such as age group and the Junior League as far as hockey is concerned."

The decision by NSC is surely a bitter pill for the state affiliates who not only now lose an event they used to be subsidized to participate but also are voiceless following the removal of the governing council in the MHC Constitution.

And it goes on to show the failure of its leadership and administration in failing to handle sponsorship and marketing on the sport.

Word has it that a major sponsor has also withdrawn its support lately after the failure of hockey to meet its international targets.

Monday, July 27, 2015


What is the real status of Tai Beng Hai?

It seems as if the pampers wearing CEO of a national body shoots his mouth without checking his facts.

What was widely reported by the media was that Beng Hai was free to coach a club in the MHL as his term as national coach ends July 31 and he remains as Coaching Director.

However checks with a senior NSC Director revealed that Beng Hai's term as Coaching Director ended on December 31 last year!

This was as a result of MHC appointing him as the national coach and he was given a 7 month term, ending with the World League in Antwerp.

So why provide the media with wrong facts? If one is unaware then he should just keep quiet.

The CEO should take lessons on how not to steal thunder away from sponsors as the focus on Sunday should have been on teams taking part in the MHL and not on Beng Hai and who he coaches!

Imagine when the Coaching Committee has sought the CEO's input on the details of the terms of various coaches, the response was he had no access to the files! A CEO saying that to his bosses!

Well this clearly goes out to show the gross incompetence within the administration of MHC and their inability to handle situations.

Well you asked for the war so I am merely adhering to your wish.


The title simply means no forgiveness for you.

cActually this article was written just after Raya but my health condition prevented me from completing it.

It goes out to the fake people in my life who claim to show concern but are akin to wolves in sheep clothing, self centered to such an extent that it's nectar they claim that comes out of their mouths when it's actually venom.

I used to dispel the notion that power corrupts but how wrong I have been proven to be.

Small boys walking around in their diapers when we used to sweat and toil to administer hockey are today making decisions as if they are Gods gift to hockey.

Caressed by the likes of Gindu Mama and Neelam Pari, hockey today is about being in the right camp.

There is no transparencynor is there any proper governance.

A simple question - the media committee decided to seek quotations for the MHL more then a month ago.

Yet till today the highly acclaimed CEO has not sent an email to that effect to me.

Such is the arrogance of the CEO that he has removed me from the MHC mailing list and was not invited to a buka puasa function.

The difference between a good leader and a great leader is the ability to manage situations and to that one has to take their hats off to Tengku Abdullah, Sultan Azlan Shah and others for they never took criticism against the hockey body personally.

But here we have a President that not only condones the actions of his emotionally charged CEO, but has the jesters in the court in the likes of Gundu Mama and Neelam Pari to clap their hands in unison. And Neelam claims to be God fearing !

Back to transparencyand proper governance, why are the Key PerformanceIndex of the various sub committees not made public yet?

The Committeesswere formed on May 30, with this new regime in power from May 13.

So some two months later the CEO is not capable of coming out with the KPI? 

And word has it that the International Affairs Committee does not even have its duties and jurisdiction outlined till now so much so they cannot meet!

It seems Gundu Mama has usurped the powers of this committee by forming his own clique representation for the tournament.

More to come on the blunders like the position of Tai Beng Hai, the Competitions Committee and sponsorship flaws.

You want a war CEO, I give you one.