Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Malaysia in to Junior World Cup

Malaysia invited to participate in the Uttar Pradesh Hockey Junior World Cup Men, Lucknow 2016 

Malaysia invited to participate in the Uttar Pradesh Hockey Junior World Cup Men, Lucknow 2016 

Malaysia invited to replace Pakistan

Pakistan’s invitation withdrawn after failure to meet deadlines

Action taken due to commitments to event partners

28 November 2016: Earlier today the International Hockey Federation (FIH) invited the Malaysian junior men’s team to take part in the Uttar Pradesh Hockey Junior World Cup Men, Lucknow 2016, being held in India from 8 to 18 December. The late invitation came after FIH had to officially withdraw Pakistan's invitation to the event.

Friday, November 25, 2016

Sapura out of MHL?

After 16 years of participation in the Malaysian Hockey League, Sapura has decided to stay out of the competition in 2017.

Sapura won the newly introduced knock out tournament this season and had an array of former and present internationals in their line up.

There was talk in the Hockey circles for the past week that Sapura might pull the plug on their participation in the MHL.

But it was eventually confirmed today, the day entries closed for the MHL.

" Sapura has withdrawn," was what MHC Competition Chairman and Deputy President said when contacted,

" MHC was informed of the decision of Sapura's withdrawal today," added Koshy.

The MHL had 6 teams in the Premier Division - KL Hockey Club, Tenaga Nasional Berhad, Terengganu Hockey Team, Maybank , UniKKL and Sapura.

The league was to commence in the first week of January.

However with Thunderbolts moving up from Division One, at least 6 teams will see participation in the top division.

The status of SSTMI which also was promoted but appealed to remain in Division One remains unclear as it was promotions was made mandatory and known to all teams at the start of last season.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

NSHA Honours Greats

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A total of 11 ex players and administrators will be inducted into the Negeri Sembilan Hockey Association Hall of Fame this Saturday.

This is the second consecutive year NSHA has honoured those who had served the state in Hockey following the inaugural event held last year.

Three Hockey stalwarts, namely Lawrence van Huizen, William Fidelis and Satwant Singh Dhaliwal were the Pioneer group that were honoured last year.

They will now be joined by 1975 World Cup players N. Palanisamy and Brian Sta Maria, the skipper of the 1977 Razak Cup winning squad Michael Yan, double international , Hockey and athletics, Savitri Ovinis, former NS Women Hockey Secretary Parkiam Lingam,  former coach Harbhajan Singh and umpire R. Subramaniam.

Also honoured  are three officials who have passed away - S. Satgunam who was the secretary of NSHA and MHF as well as double international  M. Joseph ( Hockey and Football) and  former goalkeepers coach and Olympian 
Peter van Huizen.

A match featuring ex players representing Palanisamy XI and Michael XI will be held at 4.30pm.

" This is our way or remembering and honouring those who served unselfishly towards the sport both for the country and state," said NSHA Vice President M. Gobinathan.

"We started this last year and hope to extend this further over the years to come.

" We need to revive the glory years of Negeri Hockey and what better way then to pick up pointers from these greats.

" Negri Hockey has a rich tradition and has produces players and officials that sent on to achieve great things for the sport."

Some 200 ex players and officials are expected to attend the event that will commence at 3pm at the Seremban 2 Hockey Stadium.

" It will also serve as a walk down memory lane for many and rekindle old friendships," added Gobi.

" Nothing can describe the looks on the faces of the stalwarts of Negri Hockey as they discuss their exploits on and on the Hockey pitch."

Gobi hoped that those who had served Negri would join the ceremony this Saturday to Honour those inducted into the Hall of Fame.

Those keen to join can contact NSHA Secretary P. Tamil Selvam at 019-365

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

National Under 14 Fixtures

Below are the fixtures of the national Under 14 that many had requested as it has yet to be made public via main stream media.

Thursday, October 20, 2016


The Malaysian Hockey League for the 2017 season will proceed as planned.

Earlier there were doubts that the league could be moved from its January to March window as the national team needs to prepare for the Round 2 if the World League at Trinidad & Tobago.

But Competitions Chairman George Koshy dispelled such fears.

" The men's Premier and First Division will proceed as planned," said Koshy.

" The women's league will commence after their Round 2 World League commitments in January.

" A meeting of all the team managers will be held to determine the exact dates."

With this it is anticipated that the Junior Hockey League will now be held only after the Raya, which means it will only start in July.

However some teams have voiced concerns as its too close to the SPM trial examinations.

The meeting with the team managers will be held this Saturday it was learnt but no confirmation was given.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Understanding FIH Ranking System

The Asian Champions Trophy awards continental ranking points, not world ranking points. 

Continental ranking points affect the world rankings indirectly: from these points, a continental ranking is compiled which then translates to a certain number of world ranking points (1st within Asia equals 750 points, 2nd equals 700 points etc.) 

The change mentioned happens within the continental ranking for Asia. This is currently calculated on the basis of the results of the Asian Games and Asia Cup only, but in the future will be calculated from four tournaments in a four-year cycle, i.e. Asian Games, Asia Cup and two Asian Champions Trophy tournaments

To understand better let's take a look at the present scenario.

Malaysia is currently ranked 14th in the world rankings, 4th in Asian rankings based on the 4th place at the last Asian Games.

The total points Malaysia currently has is 866.

Pakistan is at 13th position with 935, Japan at 16th with 678 and China at 18th with 551.

The other Asian teams are India in 6th position with 1681 points and Korea at 11th position with 1025 points.

After the Asian Champions Trophy, at the next listing of the world rankings in January 2017, changes will reflect the positions team finished at the Kuantan tournament.

Meaning if Malaysia emerges champions, they will earn a maximum of 750 continental ranking points and adding to their FIH tournament points of 326 makes it a total of  1026 points overall.

But hold your horses as other Asian Trans too gain from the points depending where they finish.

Hence it is vital to know where the Asian teams stand based on solely FIH ranking points to further comprehend the whole matter.

Let's remove the continental points and just look at the FIH points

India - 911
Korea - 375
Pakistan - 235
Malaysia - 326
Japan - 183
China - 101

The points offered at the Asian Champions Trophy are as follows

Champs - 750
Runner Up - 700
Third - 650
Fourth - 540
Fifth - 495
Sixth - 450

One must also bear in mind that teams that qualify for the FIH Champs Trophy will gain points later this year as well.

So really for Malaysia to improve its world rankings it needs to break into the World Cup and Olympics and finish in a reputable position to gain points.

If not we will be talking on our rankings day in and day out, languishing where we are currently for years to come.

And before one seeks to twist the facts, the 2018 World Cup in India will have 16 teams. So qualification really is no big deal but finishing in the ranking between 1-8 will change our standings drastically.