Saturday, January 28, 2017

Early start for MJHL?

Teams participating in the Malaysian Junior Hockey League are up in arms over a decision that does not make sense.

Initially the teams were told that the MHHL would start in late March but a revised circular has stated that the MJHL will now commence on Match 2.

But the National Under 16 has been scheduled from March 18 to March 26 in Kota Kinabalu.

Thus many teams contacted this blog to voice their displeasure that the  MJHL will take a break for the Under 16.

They cited two main grouses - states will not release players to the clubs and also inadequate preparations coupled with rising costs of training teams should there be a break.

The teams rather have the MJHL start as planned before, which is the end of March and to be completed before the fasting month commences in the end of May.

A total of 22 teams had initially confirmed entities in December but the figure has now grown to 32 teams with the closing date extended to February 6.

Ironically no calling of entities has been done for the National Under 16, which will cater for boys and girls yet despite the event being held in March in Kota Kinabalu.

Teams will have to cater for their own board and lodging and the question of flights payments also needs to be sorted out.

On top of that the Teo teams in the MJHL from Sabah want their home matches to be played in Kota Kinabalu and it will be left to be seen if this will actually happen as teams from the Peninsular might be put off by the cost of flying to East Malaysia.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Plaudits for Ow and Dharma

Giving credit where it's due is what this blog has advocated since it was first published.

The fear of the women's Hockey team to qualify for the Round 3 deserves all the plaudits and pat on the back as they defied odds to achieve something that was thought to be beyond them.

Women's hockey always had the ability to perform, deliver, succeed, yet they were never given a fair opportunity by sone quarters who only wanted to project self interest.

Hence this blog, while applauding and congratulation the likes of coach K. Dharmaraj and his assistants in the likes of Nor Saliza Ahmad Soobni, Lailin Abu Hassan, Roslan Jamaluddin and K. Gobinathan, wishes also to put on record a pat on the back to the MHC Coaching Committee led by Dato Ow Soon Kooi.

It was Ow and his committee that revolutionised women's Hockey as they overcame several objections to install Dharma has the head honcho for women's Hockey.

Ow knew that Dharma had the special ingredient to take women's hockey to greater heights and despite several hindrances, Ow persisted with his choice Abd the rest as we now see was history being created.

Others will be Jinping on the bandwagon to take credit and take the bows, but it was a visionary Ow plus a hard working Dharma that made this possible.

Dharma has proven his ability time and again and the win over Italy will probably Prive his detractors wrong once and for all.

Dharma has passion, something many claim they have, for he eats, sleeps and dreams hockey.

The scrawny Malacca lad that I came to know in 1987 is known to speak his mind, but this time around I hope he keeps his feet firmly on the ground.

This is hopefully the start to better times for women's hockey, neglected for two decades no thanks to the selfishness of ab individual who will no doubt be laying claim to a throne that was never her doing in the first place.

Go do what you have always done Dharma, coach with all you have, and thank you Ow for daring to stand your ground when change was necessary.

Monday, January 2, 2017

Marhan inks deal with UniKL

skipper Mohamed Marhan Mohamed Jalil has recovered form his shoulder injury and is ready to resume his playing career in the Malaysia Hockey League (MHL).
But only this time he will don Universiti Kuala Lumpur (UniKL) colours. 
Marhan signed a three-year deal with UniKL yesterday and has already started training with his new team.
The international midfielder will be a much needed boost for the UniKl team who is trying to break into the top four of the MHL.
UniKL coach A. Arulselvaraj said that he was [pleased to have Marhan in the team.
'He is a strong midfield players and has vast experience. He will be of great benefit to us and we are looking forward to the new season with relish,” he said.
Sapura, a former two-time overall and league champions, have decided not to enter a team in the MHL this season.
Most of their players have already been snapped up.
Marhan's return to the game will also be good news to the national team.
The players provides the thrust in the team and his injury sustained in October was expected to take six months to heal.
“But it has healed sufficiently and he can train normally. Of course we need to bring him into the game gradually but so far the signs are good that he wil be fully ready for the challenge,” added Arulselvaraj.