Thursday, February 28, 2013


Baljit Singh, Ismail Abu and Mohd Amin Rahim were the surprise exclusions when the squad for the Azlan Shah Cup was named today by Paul Revington.

But the trio have a chance to fight for two more spots available as Revs will name the players after the two friendlies next week.

The duo are however in the 22 strong squad named to face New Zealand in two friendlies in Malacca on March 4 and 5.


S.Kumar, Roslan Jamaluddin, Mohd Razie Rahim, Azlan Misron, Jivan Mohan, Faisal Saari, Faiz Helmi, Chua Boon Huat, Sukri Abdul Mutalib, Mohammad Izad Hakimi Jamaluddin,Mohd Fitri Saari, Shahrun Nabil Abdullah, Azammi Adabi, Marhan Mohd Jalil, Nabil Fiqri Mohd Noor, Tengku Ahmad Tajudin Abdul Jalil

Wednesday, February 27, 2013


For coming to the rescue of the International Hockey Federation (FIH) several times, the world body is paying tribute by offering Malaysia to host at least one international event per year commencing from 2013.

In announcing this FIH President Leandro Negre said that the Malaysian Hockey Confederation had often assisted FIH at the eleventh hour, the latest being the Semi Finals of the World Hockey League this June.

"When Germany withdrew, the FIH was looking for a host and this was communicated to Malaysia and they had no hesitation to offer to host the event," said Negre who met the Malaysian media in Kuala Lumpur this morning.

"In the past when we had to find a replacement host for the Champions Trophy due to the reluctance of teams to go to Pakistan, it was Malaysia that helped saved the day as well.

"In the past we have had this arrangement of hosting at least one event with India and Netherlands. And from next year Malaysia will be included as well. It is not because they rescued us but also the fact that this country has tremendous faciliies for hockey."

The semis of the world league to be held from June 29 to July 7 in Johor Baru will feature Germany, South Korea, Pakistan, England and Malaysia. Three other teams will be determined by the FIH after the Round Two competition comes to an end.

The other semi final of the WorlD league will be played in Netherlands from June 12.

Malaysia is bidding to host the 2014 Champions Challenge 1 and going by what Negre revealed should have no problems securing the tournament when a decision is made by the FIH this September.

Negre said that the FIH was also appreciative of the fact that HRH Sultan Azlan Shah has been holding the Azlan Shah cup for the past 22 years and it was such a terrific tournament that has seen top teams participate.

"We at FIH are always looking forward to the Azlan shah cup and hopefully there will be a permanent slot in the world calendar of events," added Negre.

"Currently the window available is from june to August and this I am sure will be receptive to all teams, especially in Europe.

"Thus our hope is that the organisors of the annual Sultan Azlan Shah will try identify a permanent month for the tournament to be organised so that teams from Europe will be able to participate."

The Azlan Shah Cup is normally held in May but this time around it has been moved to March as the World League semis are in June while the Asia Cup, the World Cup Qualifier is in August.

The FIH President also touched on the 2018 World Cup stating that 16 teams will particiate and that he hoped in future World Cup the numbers can be increased to 24 teams.

"Ublike football, we are unable to fix a permanent month for the World Cup due to the climate between the northern and southern hemisphere," added Negre.

"But the members of FIH need to address this and come out with a solution that is acceptable to all for the betterment of the sport."

Negre also touched on the match fixing and doping scandals that have engulfed other sports like football and cycling.

"Football is football and cycling is cycling. And in that same breath hockey is hockey. We never faced a problem with regards to match fixing and hopefully will never have too," said Negre.

"Even in doping it has never been a case of performance enhancing drugs as no one player can change the game when relying on such drugs in team sports. But we have had doping cases and thankfully it was all cases of recreational usage and not performance enhancing.

"We have stringent rules and will continue to monitor for such activities and hopefully hockey does not have these issues."

Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Contrary to news reports filtering out of India, it can now be confirmed that India will participate in the 22nd edition of the Sultan Azlan Shah Cup that commences on March 9 at the Azlan Shah Stadium in Ipoh.

Sunday, February 24, 2013


There is some similarities between the Malaysian Hockey Confederation and NATO. Not that the two have something in common in terms of their jurisdiction but NATO at one time was labeled No Action, Talk Only.

Well that is the same with MHC, who is just providing lip service rather then Improving the standard of hockey or governing the sport in a more professional and accountable fashion.

Just look at what happened today and readers will understand better that MHC is just lip service.

They held a long long long overdue Executive Board Meeting, the last one was held in June last year, so effectively NO meeting for the last EIGHT months.

Nevermind the fact that the Media was not informed NOR were they invited for the meeting, but this blogger was IGNORED even though waiting for TWO hours at the hotel.

NO official offered any explanation and the President was whisked away into the lift, not stopping for a few minutes to answer some pertinent questions despite the fact that the lot had tea for almost 25 minutes at the end of the meeting.

Do I feel slighted? I could not care less, hence since there is NO official announcement made after the meeting on decisions taken, let me reveal one startling fact - THAT THETE WAS A MOTION OF NO CONFIDENCE TABLED AT THE MEETING AND HE WHO

There we go, now I shall try to recover my wasted Saturday and let the OFFICIAL MHC Website and the wagon full of OFFICIALS at the meeting reveal the decisions.

And yes, he MHC Deputy President was obviously upset that I rebuked her on the PROCEDURE issue that she ignored me when in the lift though I greeted her. No big loss to me really, as I await their cannons and loaded guns against me.

Give it your best shot, and for gods sake do not miss please for from now on I will not hold my horses as two can play this game.

Friday, February 22, 2013


Malaysia recorded their third win from four games to remain very much in with a chance of finishing in the top two of the women’s Hero Hockey World League Round Two and possible qualification for round three as they got the better of Fiji.

They were scarcely troubled in this tie as Nadia Abdul Rahman was in exceptional form, first in midfield and then down the right wing.

After just 30 seconds, her side showed their intent, Nadia's switch to Kannagi Arumugam bouncing off the post.

They went ahead in the sixth minute when Fazilla Sylvester Silin finished off from Nobaini Hashim’s cross. Nadia scored the second before two goals from Nor Azlin Sumantri completed the first half scoring.

After the break, Nadia completed her hat trick while Siti Noor Amarina Ruhani also scored three times. Fazilla, Juliani Mohamad Din and Siti Rahmah Othman also weighed in for a comprehensive victory.

Thursday, February 21, 2013


Walt Disney was fired by a newspaper editor for lack of ideas and went bankrupt many times before he built Disneyland. 

Winston Churchill failed sixth grade and had a lifetime of defeats and setbacks until he became Prime Minister of England when he was 62. 

Abraham Lincoln failed in business and lost nine times in his political career before becoming president of the United States. 

Henry Ford failed and went broke five times before he finally succeeded with the Ford Motor Company.

But can we allow that much of liberty when our sport that had tasted success in both administration and on the field in the past is starved off it in the last two decades?

Success holds you accountable for the costs of your actions. You contribute to this general well-being by accepting the failures as well as the successes that come your way.

If failure is viewed as an isolated occurrence, rather than an integral part of progress, it stands naked in the spotlight.

Fingers point and its judgments fly. When alone, away from the big picture of progress, failure appears harsh and unfair.

Although you could endure a brutal beating of criticism or an unhealthy round of self-condemnation, it is natural to protect yourself from such failure. However, avoidance of failure eventually impedes your progress.

There's no need to whitewash failure or to pretend that failure is an unmitigated blessing.

Hence the MHC President should not seek to find solace by saying that we have a bright future ahead of us when week in and week out his administration becomes the butt of jokes in the hockey fanbase.

The truth hurts, if we all look into the state of affairs in a fair and just manner with the interest of the sport at heart.

Mind you there would be startling revelations but the inquiry will not happen. Why, because we cannot accept criticism with an open mind.

However, a proactive response to failure is impossible as long as you see failure only in negative terms.

Failure serves an indispensable function in the production of any great success. It provides information and motivation for people who respond appropriately to its lessons.

Failure is part of the steering mechanism that directs an individual toward prosperity.

Preventing failure is equivalent to removing the steering wheel from a moving vehicle.

Failure will be seen as undesirable. Unless it's given the respect it deserves. That's not to say that you should be fond of failure.

Rather you can learn to embrace its purpose as an understated and unappreciated side of progress.

Rich lessons are the fruit of failure and you can extract them at will.
Failure isn't a permanent condition unless it's regarded as such by those unwilling to ensure their own progress.

Put failure in the right perspective, it’s an opportunity for regrouping and evaluation while accepting the experience as part of the journey of success.

Perception is everything and your perception of failure is your reality!
Progress depends on a constant supply of small failures.

Unless failure is understood and respected as an integral part of success, it will remain widely perceived as unnecessary and objectionable.

Thus put aside differences, work together towards one common objective, that is to stand tall beside the President, let there be no camps no master puppet, no power crazy officials, no barriers, no politicking, and above all no infighting as the whole 54 of the MHC Council close ranks for the betterment of Malaysian Hockey.

There are bound to be bad and rotten apples, just leave them to their devices, let them go crazy in the quest for power, and show them the door through the electoral process which is a year away.

But if all this does not work, get rid of the President for he does not need this so caled officials who cannot stand solidly behind our national flag, for they not only betray the sport, but the King and country.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013


India’s cutting edge helped them see off Malaysia in the key game of day two of the Hero Hockey World League Round Two 2013 in Delhi, moving into a share of top spot with Japan.

Vandana Katariya gave India the lead in just the eighth minutes into the tie when she got a great touch in front of the goalkeeper and post-woman to ramp up Joydeep Kaur’s swept penalty corner. Her side enjoyed the better of possession and territory from there but it was Malaysia who created the clearer openings.

Nor Azlin Sumantri broke free from the halfway to go one-on-one with Yogita Bali but the goalkeeper did not fall for her dummy and the striker slipped the ball wide. A sliding Nurul Nabihah Mansor could not redirect a first time shot on target while Sumantri was clean through again only for the half time hooter to end her run forward.

India, by contrast, were more clinical. They conceded a corner 50 seconds into the second half but Bali saved well, helping to launch a swift counter-attack which ended with Anupa Barla laying on a perfectly weighted pass for player of the match Katariya to dive onto, artfully chipping over the grounded Farah Ayuni Yahya. Another corner effort was deflected into side-netting, many of the crowd deceived by the ripple of the net, believing it to be 3-0.

Again, Malaysia had a clear sight of goal when Rabiatil Adawiyah Mohamed was left unmarked but Bali saved and Fazilla Sylvester Silin fizzed across the face of goal with the follow-up. But, again, India made their pressure tell when Rani rounded on a chance six yards out and duly smashed home.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Pakistan will not be able to send its national team for Azlan Shah tournament in Malaysia next month and the junior team to Singapore unless the government released the promised funds, Pakistan Hockey Federation (PHF) has said.

PHF secretary, Asif Bajwa said that the financial position of the body was weak because the federal government had promised a grant of 100 million rupees which was yet to be released.

"The Punjab government had also promised us 30 million rupees which is yet to reach us," Bajwa said.

The PHF has survived mainly on government grants since Qasim Zia and Asif Bajwa took over as President and Secretary.

Zia, a former Olympian and a sitting member of the ruling Pakistan Peoples Party government, has used his political clout to get around 850 million rupees by way of grants in the last five years.

Bajwa said in Pakistan, hockey being an amateur sport, survived mainly due to government grants.

"We have also supplemented our revenues by getting sponsorship but it is a expensive sport and we spend millions on one foreign trip. We are also not able to make more money because of the refusal of foreign teams to visit Pakistan because of security reasons," the former Olympian said.

Bajwa made it clear that the situation was a tight one for the federation and if grants were not received soon they might not able to send the senior team to the Azlan Shah tournament and junior team to Singapore for a Asian event.

"We are expecting the grant from the Punjab government in two or three days while we have written several times for the grant from the federal government."

Bajwa said the players were also uneasy and anxious because the cash prizes promised to them after winning the Asian Champions Trophy by the Prime Minister were yet to be given to them.


That is a saying often used for cock-eyed or cross eyed people in a joke. It's in bad taste to describe a medical condition.

But it surely is a correct way to describe events with regards to what has happened of late with the national hockey team.

Some high ranking officials conspired to take away the hosting rights of the World League away from Johor Baru and being it to Kuala Lumpur. And they sought the help of the NSC Director General who jumped in with two feet.

Little did they realize that their grand plan could not work as FIH had listed Johor Baru in the award letter and not Malaysia.

The main argument put forward then was that it will be conducive to play in KL as the team trains here all the time and were familiar to their surroundings hence giving them a distinct advantage in the process of making the World Cup.

Fast forward and Malaysia will play in the Azlan Shah Cup in Ipoh from March 9 to March 17 at the blue pitch of the Stadium Azlan Shah..

They will take on New Zealand in two matches, on March 4 and March 5, in Malacca. Yes you read that right, in Malacca, purportedly for a charity that no one knows of. And who made this decision as when the question was posed to the national team officials, it was a standard reply, the MHC requested.

So we train in Kuala Lumpur, play matches to prepare in Malacca and participate in a tournament in Ipoh.

Judge by yourself if the earlier argument of familiarity of moving the World League makes any sense at all. It was an ill conceived conspiracy that hits some smack in their face now that matches are to be played in Malacca.

And just who is MHC? A collective body or run by individuals that have personal vendettas instead of thinking for the good of hockey?

Wonder what the personal opinion of the NSC Director General is on his issue since it does not make sense.


The last I checked, the abbreviation MHC stood for Malaysian Hockey Confederation and it was a body that comprised of 14 state affiliates with Armed Forces and the Royal Malaysian Police.

MHC comprised of a long list of 'elected' office bearers, a total of 14, with 8 appointed members, and add that to the 32 state representatives, a huge number of 54 make up the MHC.

However with the exception of two, none were present at the final of the Division Two which took place at the National Hockey Stadium.

There was a feast prepared, fit for kings in the VIP room and that prompted the blogger to call some of the Vice Presidents and ask why they could not spare time and acknowledge the future of Malaysian Hockey strutting their stuff on the eight day of the lunar calendar.

And the answer I received was shocking, none of them knew about the final, with some saying they only read about it in the media. And all of them said they never received an invite from the Secretariat.

While we will argue about them waiting for an invite at another time, the ironic part is that the MHC, this in a whole, was and has been kept in the dark about such an event. And what was more fascinating was the fact that the main sponsor was not invited as well.

And this brings to the next issue, why was there no prize presentation ceremony? Rightfully and through precedent the medal ceremony is held after the final, but this was not the case.

The blame lies squarely on the Competitions Committee who should realize that these youngsters would have wanted to bask in the limelight, even for a few minutes on national Telly or with medals around their neck, pictures of which splurged on the national dailies the following day.

Even parents present at the final felt bad for their kids as the empty VIP stands showed the lack of interest from the office bearers.

Wonder if things would have been different had the President of MHC attended the final. No prizes for guessing the hordes of personalities lining up the staircases sticking their necks out to ensure he sees that they have hockey interest at heart.

Alas we can only write and lament about it, cos they have a legitimate excuse, they had no knowledge of the final and received no invite.

Monday, February 18, 2013


The Malaysian women's team opened their campaign with a 3-1 win over Russia in the 2nd Round World League at the Dyan Chand Hockey Stadium in New Delhi.

The team, coaches by Mohd Nasihin Nubli Ibrahim upstaged a team ranked two spots higher then their 22 position in the Wprld Rankings with a gusty display coupled with intelligent defending and killer instinct when in attack.

Siti Rahman gave Malaysia the lead via a penalty corner set piece and Russia paid the price for missing a penalty stroke as Nor Hasliza doubled the advantage.

Though Russia reduced the deficit, Fazilla Slyvester Silin made sure of all the three points.
Quotes from Mohd Nasihin Nubli Ibrahim, coach Malaysia.

" The girls played well and according to our plan which was to absorb the pressure and hit them on the counter.

" The first goal gave us the added confidence and I am happy the way Nadia playing the fetch and carry role in midfield.

" Our defense played extremely well, avoiding giving away unnecessary fouls within the semi circle.

" It has been a tough few days as the weather took some getting used to and playing India at night in our next match will be a severe test of character."

Malaysia take on hosts India on Tuesday night.

Friday, February 15, 2013


Well to some might describe it as a case of flogging a dead horse. And to others the conclusion will be that things will never change.

However one opts to look at it, the Malaysian Hockey Confederation website is reflective of how MHC operates, lack of ideas, dull, incompetent and above everything else a reflection of the thinking ability of those who opt putting politics above the sport.

The MHC-MILO-NSC link on the site has not been updated for weeks, not even listing the fixtures for the play offs. And what is more embarrassing is that despite Kuala Langat being thrown out of the MJHL, the standings have not been updated.

Is this they type of service that the Senior Vice President provides towards Malaysian Hockey? Why are those with negative perceptions on everything now not doing anything for the website? As stated earlier these people can only talk but not deliver, as it stands they are unable to write a sentence to save their lives, what more write an article.

The whole purpose of the website propaganda was by the Senior Vice President who wanted to show her power to this blogger.

My only advice is that it's not power of dollar and cents that is required to carry out a task of keeping a website going, but PASSION, and that many in MHC sorely lack for all they do is think of plunging knives into someone's back, either through their positions or using devious methods to run down their opposition.

Really there is nothing to be proud of the MHC website as its a true reflection of the ability of MHC - which is nothing has been done for the sport. The President is powerless to act and does not enjoy the full support of his Executive Board.

So really the time has come for Tengku Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah to act or as he wrote on the board in Johor Baru - Jangan Cakap Banyak, Buat Kerja. So act by doing something positive for hockey or do the next best thing, walk away from MHC.

Thursday, February 14, 2013


Hockey was just three votes away from being thrown out from the 2020 Olympics and this raises concern as the International Hockey Federation continues to just put their focus on India and let the sport rot.

The voting trend, as listed below is a seriously worrying factor and unless changes are made to the sport, things are going to get more difficult for hockey to survive. And there is serious concern that things will get tougher for hockey to remain an Olympic sport.

Not that it is a major concern to Malaysia as we have failed to qualify for the Olympics since Sydney 2000 where a Malaysian coach Stephen van Huizen was given the task to train the team via the qualifying rounds.

Realistically Rio could well be Malaysia's last chance at Olympic participation, had hockey not survived the cut.

Back to hockey the sport. At times its baffling how the IOC members think given the fact that tickets for hockey at the 2012 London Olympics were sold out weeks before the event got underway. So how is it a sport that brings revenue joins others on the chopping block?

Let us look at the other aspects, like the sheer number of players/officials in the sport. A team will comprise of 16 players and 4 officials and with a total of 24 teams ( 12 each for men and women ) the numbers grow to 480 players/officials. And that is not taking into account the various technical officials/umpires and it swells up by another 100.

Compare that to say for instance squash which will allow a draw of 32, meaning 63 players for men and women and officials not more then 30 or so. Less then 100 and IOC could look at icreasing the numbers by FIVE sports as opposed to hockey.

The answers are simple - hockey needs a change and in the words of Australia's Ric Charlesworth it needs to re-invent itself.

Changing the rules frequently is not helping but more confusing as evident by the own goal rule which has created unpleasant incidents of late. Video referrals used in hockey should be done away as its not only time consuming but also irks the spectators and costly to say the least.

Then there is the question of numbers on the field. Perhaps Charlesworth's suggestion years ago to reduce the players to 9 should be given a serious consideration as well as it helps cut down numbers, not to mention that there is hardly space available for individual skills left with 22 players on the pitch.

To start with perhaps the MHC could try out 9 players on the pitch in the forthcoming Malaysian Hockey League, and submit findings to the FIH. But then again who really cares about the sport in the country, and even in the world stage.

Here’s how the IOC reports the voting went, as the 14 executive board members were asked which sport they would like to see eliminated from the core of the Olympic program.

Round 1
Wrestling: 5
Modern Pentathlon: 5
Field hockey: 2
Canoeing: 1
Taekwondo: 1

Round 2
Wrestling: 7
Modern Pentathlon: 4
Canoeing: 1
Field hockey: 1
Taekwondo: 1

Round 2 
(Tie-break for the three third-place sports, with the lowest vote tally guaranteeing survival)
Field hockey: 6
Taekwondo: 5
Canoeing: 3

Round 3
Wrestling: 6
Modern Pentathlon: 5
Field hockey: 3
Taekwondo: 0

Round 4
Wrestling: 8
Field hockey: 3
Modern Pentathlon: 3

Friday, February 8, 2013


Martijn Drijver, the goalkeeping specialist coach arrived yesterday afternoon and had his first session with the keepers this morning. He will be here until the 16th February.

Drijiver was also responsible for coaching the keepers in Holland prior to the Champions Challenge in Argentina last November and also joined the national squad in Argentina.

Meanwhile Chua Boon Huat will have to give the Chinese New Year a miss after he was named in the squad of 21 players that will take on Ireland at the National Hockey Stadium in Bukit Jalil.

While Hafifihafiz Hanafi, Izwan Firdaus and Nabil Fiqri Mohd Nor were left out due to injuries, Baljit Singh was left out as he is on his honeymoon after tying the knot last weekend.

Keeper S. Kumar and striker Faisal Saari are playing in the Hockey India League hence their omission.

Those left out of the team are M.Jiwa, Mohd Noor Faeez Ibrahim, Mohd Syamim Yusof and Mohd Sallehin Ghani.

" The coaches want to give some players who did not feature in Argentina and Doha an opportunity and all players have to be given a chance to prove their worth," said team manager George Koshy.

" We will name 18 players for each match and there is also the two matches against New Zealand before the coach decides on his line up for the Azlan Shah Cup next month."

The Squad for the Irish Test Matches

Amir Farid, Azlan Misron, Chua Boon Huat, Faiz Helmi, Ismail Abu, Jivan Mohan, Kairulnizam Ibrahim (gk), Hazrul Faiz, Sukri Mutalib, Izad Hakimi, Fitri Saari, Shahrun Nabil (capt), Amin Rahim, Azammi Adabi, Ramadan Rosli, Amerullah Aziz, Marhan Jalil, Razie Rahim, Norhizzat Sumantri, Roslan Jamaluddin (gk), Tengku Ahmad Tajudin

Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Reading the newspapers today further enhances the theory that the Malaysian Hockey Confederation really do not know what they are talking about

There were contradictions in the statements made in The Star newspaper today.

While rejecting the appeal by UniKL Young Guns to move their match by two hours, from 5.00pm to 7.00pm, due to SSTMI claiming that their players had to rush back for school the next day, it was perplexing to note their stand when it came to the situation affecting MD Kuala Langat.

" I am puzzled that they can play on Wednesday but not on Monday because their players have to attend school too," said MHC Competition Chairman M.Gobinathan.

Yet the same official had disregarded the appeal of UniKL which would actually promote hockey on grounds that SSTMI had school to attend.

"The match will be played at 5pm as scheduled," said Gobinathan.

So really if MHC wants SSTMI to win so badly that they shifted goalposts several times to accommodate SSTMI, they might as well hand the trophies to them now.

Why bother with Fair Play when you cannot practice what you preach.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013


The whole purpose of the MHC-MILO-NSC Junior Hockey League was defeated when a couple of individuals opted to deny junior hockey to be show cased to the masses with a decision that showed their lack of knowledge and preference towards Sekolah Sukan Tengku Mahkota Ismail.

For UniKL Young Guns had made a request to shift the timing of the crucial match against SSTMI from 5.00pm to 7.00pm. But according to an email by MHC sent to UniKL Young Guns, the request was denied.


Johor Baru could well lose the rights to host the World Hockey League semi finals that are scheduled to be held from 27th June to 7th July this year.

The decision however is not made by the International Hockey Federation who only last week sent out a Press Release with regards to the hosts for the semi final stages of the World League.

But it is a certain group of personalities that have now roped in National Sports Council Director General Dato Seri Zolkples Embong to lead the call to move the event from Johor Baru to Kuala Lumpur.

While Zolkples may have noble intentions, even in calling for what he claims to be a "discussion" and not a meeting of select few on Wednesday to come up with the proposal, having got the nod from Tengku Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah, the plan however is sinister to say the least.

Before even considering it, Zolkples should look at the awarding of the hosting rights, which was given to a city by FIH and not Malaysia overall. This is clearly stated in the FIH release and there is also a clause in the FIH regulations. Perhaps the intellectuals failed to highlight this to Zolkples.

Then there is an issue as to why NSC is taking a lead role in trying to organize a tournament and in the process usurp the powers of a National Sports Association?

This is not healthy for the development of Malaysian sports or hockey in particular and of all people Zolkples should tread carefully as he is being sucked into the murky waters of MHC politics

The argument that these personalities have put forward is that the team stands to benefit more by having the event in Kuala Lumpur. While on the same subject where was this clarion call when Malacca was given the rights to host the Junior Asia Cup which was the qualifier for the Junior World Cup?

Or why is there no discussions held to move the Asia Cup this August from Ipoh to Kuala Lumpur since it offers a place to the 2014 World Cup?

Roll back the years and Kuala Lumpur did host the 1997 World Cup Qualifiers that saw Malaysia make the 1998 Utrecht World Cup. But over the years no major tournament has been held in Kuala Lumpur and MHC needs to ask and blame itself.

When MHC cannot even organize the MHL and MJHL properly, how will the incompetent personalities that occupy positions be able to handle a major world event?

Can MHC assure that funding will not be an issue? Can they assure that the stands will be filled up?

While we all want to see Malaysia make the World Cup, which this blog is certain they will, let's not resort to underhand methods to push for personal agendas.

Johor has its limitations, the major factor being the pitch as it is not fit for such an event as the drainage system is badly flawed.

It also has fan issues as its only when Malaysia plays, and wins mind you, that the fans continue to throng the venue.

It's best that Zolkples actually sits down and discusses with Johor included in the "discussion" to come out with a win win situation rather then be a pawn in the political game in MHC.

When FIH offered Malaysia to bid for the host job, all shied away but Johor. So why are these officials now all so worked up to move it to Kuala Lumpur?

If its national interest, then Zolkples should also ask these so called newly found friends of his why is the Women Asia Cup this October being given to Selangor Hockey to organize and not by MHC itself?

Let us not be flip flop and be consistent in our decisions. There cannot be two set of rules here and NSC should stay clear of hidden agendas by unscrupulous personalities that now are resorting to the popular phrase "baling batu sembunyo tangan" syndrome.

And while on this same subject, were the Junior World Cup accounts in 2009 actually submitted and made public? And who were the Directors of a company set up in Singapore which so called managed the SIN 250,000 sponsorship given by a bank as title sponsor ?

Making money from hockey, be it via hosting events or selling artificial pitches is the fashion these days. Wonder why the "recording" official has failed to produce minutes of the Competitions Committee as well.

And have you heard of the story in MJHL where one team turned up and the other failed to as they claim that MHC failed to inform them.

And we talk about hosting World events. Do the sensible thing Zolkples, steer clear of these self centered officials for you have enough on your plate.

Sunday, February 3, 2013


Pictures from wedding reception of national hockey player Baljit Singh to Jesvin Kaur.


S.Thyagarajan (Mr. T to the hockey fraternity) was felicitated last week by the Directors and the Staff of THE HINDU Group for completing fifty years in sports journalism at the newspaper. 

He is currently the Deputy Sports Editor in the rank of an Associate Editor. Joining THE HINDU in 1962, he has covered various national and international tournaments with hockey as the main sport.
Thyagarajan has reported for THE HINDU and its sister puiblication, THE SPORTSTAR, on six Olympic Games (1984-2004), eight World Hockey Championships (1982-2010), eight Asian Games (1982-2010), Asian Championships (1985-2005) apart from a host of internationals including Champions Trophy, Azlan Shah Cup and over twenty National Championships. Besides hockey, he has reported international events, athletics, tennis, table tennis and badminton.
Mr. Thyagarajan is now heading the Media Commission of the Asian Hockey Federation. He was President of the Field Hockey Commission in the AIPS from 1998 to 2006 and also served as member of the Communication Committee of the International Hockey Federation (FIH) till it was disbanded two years ago. He was also a former President of the Sports Journalists Federation of India. (SJFI).

Saturday, February 2, 2013


There is a strong possibility that Pakistani national players will not be allowed to play in the forthcoming Malaysian Hockey League.

Speaking at the sidelines of the Asian Hockey Federation Council meeting in Kuala Lumpur, Pakistan Hockey Federation Secretary Asif Bajwa said that they had to study the situation carefully in wake of several incidents in the past.

There were several Pakistan players that played in the MHL last season, notably Shakeel Abbasi, Waseem Ahmad and Muhammad Imran.

" We are rather concerned as the players form drops drastically when they return from playing in the MHL," revealed Asif.

" And as such we need to discuss matters first with the MHC before granting any approval.

" Our concern is the form of our players and also if the MHL is run professionally."

Another concern of Pakistan is that their forthcoming series against India that will be played over March and April.

Thus Pakistan is rather apprehensive about sending its top players to Malaysia.

"We will host India somewhere in late March and they will play hosts in April, said Asif.

"Hence we will not grant the approval for the players to play in Malaysia as the matches against India have a great significance."

A total of 11 teams have confirmed participation in the MHL that will commence from March 12 till May 12.

It is believed that Maybank are in negotiations to secure five players to beef up their squad.

Another team that utilizes players from the sub continent is Nur Insafi and Sapura.


Malaysia will have a relatively easier pool in the Asia Cup that will be held in Ipoh from the 24 August to 1 September.

In revealing the number of teams qualified to play in the Asia Cup, the Asian Hockey Confederation made it clear that the groupings will be based on the World Rankings issued by the International Hockey Federation.

The teams that are eligible to play in the Asia Cup are defending champions Korea, Asian Games gold medallists Pakistan, India, Malaysia, Japan, China and two teams promoted from the second tier, Bangladesh and Oman.

" The draw will be done at the end of March after we receive confirmation of participation from the teams," said AHF Secretary General Tan Sri P. Alagendra who chaired the 62nd Council meeting in Kuala Lumpur.

" The grouping will be determined by using the FIH rankings."

Going by that decsion and based on the rakings, Group A will comprise of Pakistan, Malaysia, Japan and Bangladesh while Group B will see the likes of South Korea, India, China and Oman.

The Asia Cup was initially slated to be played in Singapore but the AHF decided to award it to Malaysia after the island finished 6th in the second tier tournament thus being ranked 12th in Asia.