Sunday, June 30, 2013


Ketika perlawanan kumpulan A pusingan ketiga Liga Hoki Dunia berpesta gol, aksi kumpulan B membabitkan England dan Pakistan berakhir dengan satu lagi keputusan seri.



Pakistan and England played to a 2-2 draw thus keeping the race for the champion of Pool A only to be decided in the final preliminary matches on Tuesday.



Nam Hyun Woo pasti tidak tidur lena apabila menjadi punca kebangkitan Jerman, selepas menghadiahkan gol pertama kepada pasukan nombor satu dunia itu sehinggakan Korea menjadi ratahan .


WORLD No 1 Germany needed an own goal to spur them to beat South Korea 5-0 in Group A of the World League Semi-finals at the Taman Daya Stadium in Johor Baru this evening. 


Rampant Argentina registered their first victory of their World League Semifinal campaign in fine fashion as they thumped Japan 7-1 today.


Selepas mengikat Jerman 1-1 semalam, Argentina berpesta gol dengan membelasah Jepun ada perlawanan kedua dalam misi mahu menamatkan saingan kumpulan A, Separuh Akhir Liga Hoki Dunia, di Stadium Hoki Taman Daya.

Saturday, June 29, 2013


There were no winners in the opening day of the World League Semifinals in Johor Baru as England and South Africa also ended their match with a 3-3 draw.



Tiada pemenang mutlak pada hari pertama Separuh Akhir Liga Hoki Dunia apabila semua perlawanan berakhir dengan keputusan seri.



Malaysia blew a 3-0 lead against Pakistan and were lucky to come off with a point after the two teams played to a 4-4 draw in the World League Semi-finals at the Taman Daya Stadium in Johor Baru tonight.



Malaysia masih dengan tabiat sama, gagal mengekalkan momentum permainan di tahap tertinggi, biarpun mendahului 3-1 di babak pertama sebelum akur sekadar berkongsi mata dengan Pakistan apabila perlawanan pertama kumpulan B Separuh Akhir Liga Hoki Dunia itu berkesudahan seri 4-4.

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Jepun lambat panas biarpun beraksi di bawah bahang di Stadium Hoki Taman Daya, Johor Bahru ketika menyekat kegarangan Korea Selatan pada perlawanan pertama kumpulan A, Separuh Akhir Liga Hoki Dunia.




Jerman gagal menjelmakan kemenangan pada perlawanan pertama menentang Argentina, selepas sekadar seri 1-1.

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It was akin to playing hockey in the sauna. Those were the first words of German coach Markus Weise said after his team was held to a 1-1 draw by Argentina in the opening match of Pool A in the World Hockey League in Johor Baru.



Muhammad Imran is a familiar face for Malaysian hockey fans. It was only last month that the Pakistani skipper helped KL Hockey Club win the League and Overall titles in the Malaysian Hockey League.


Pasukan nombor satu dunia, Jerman tidak gembira dengan jadual perlawanan pusingan pertama kumpulan A Liga Dunia yang dijadualkan beraksi pada sebelah petang.




A veteran in the Korean outfit, 30 year-old Lee Nam Yong will be looking to guide the South Koreans into the 2014 World Cup by securing a top three finish at the World League Semi Finals which takes flight in Johor Baru today.

SA hockey men’s big weekend in Johor

The world’s 12th-ranked South Africa men’s hockey team embark on an ambitious plan to finish in the top four of the eight-team World League Semi-Final tournament in Johor, Malaysia when they take on world number four England in the first round of matches in Pool B Saturday.



Japan goes into the World League Semifinals as the lowest ranked team amongst the eight that will be doing battle beginning tomorrow at the Taman Daya Hockey Stadium in Johor Baru. 


Friday, June 28, 2013


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Round 3 Semi Finals Johor Baru can be found at 

while the twitter account is wlr3johor.


Paul Revington had undergone a turmoiled period leading up to the World League Round 3 Semis as the Malaysian National Coach. But he has put the past behind as he takes his motely crew into a tournament where a World Cup place is at stake.

Revs was kind enough to spend time answering questions and below are his thoughts on Malaysian chances and their opening match against Pakistan this Saturday.

Question: Matches number 4 and 5 are the vital ones for teams here. And it will be the same for Malaysia. How will you approach the group matches?

Revs: Group matches are important to build confidence and a degree of momentum for all Teams. I cannot see any teams approaching the group games "casually" as the quarter final stage is hardly the environment to be trying to rectify problems or structural difficulties. 

Question: How much has the team been affected with the issues that have plagued you over the past week?

Revs: I don't think this past week has been the concern - it was the period between January and just prior to last week that definitely affected everyone involved in the National Squad. We managed to keep a lid on things through the SASC and produced some quality hockey as a Team and Squad. Immediately after the SASC the real issues set in. I am confident that we have managed to get control of the situation and there will be a further improvement from the SASC performance.

Question: In your mind, who are the front runners for the three places for the World Cup from Johor Bahru?

Revs: I think the obvious one is Germany. Outside of Germany - I think anyone can get themselves into the semi finals. 

Question: Having some young players in the team provides you with youth exuberance but at the same time they could freeze should Malaysia be on the verge of a World Cup place. Your opinion.

Revs: We have a lovely mix of youth and experience in this Squad and this Team. I also believe that the younger players are feeling a real part of this Team - which is important to ensure the mix of experience and youth is successful. 

Question: How are you handling expectations of a country that has missed two world cups?

Revs: I have not had too much time to even think of this to be honest! I have been flat out with other matters! 

Question: Your thoughts on the opening game?

Revs: Malaysia versus Pakistan has developed into a good rivalry over recent years. Pakistan are a very good side and we respect their ability. I think everyone in this event also knows that Malaysia have been improving year after year, month by month and have a group of players who can match any team in world hockey. This makes the opening game an exciting one.


During the course of blogging in this blog, I had in March I authored and published the following articles in this blog entitled, “The Asshole from KLHA” dated 24.3.2013; “The Dogs” dated 24.3.2013; “A Tribute to the Three Stooges” dated 25.3.2013; and “Now You Know Who To Blame” dated 25.3.2013.

I acknowledge that in the blog postings I made references to a particular individual as an independent member, a businessman, a member of the Finance Committee and Mr. Businessman (“Mr. Businessman”).

I acknowledge that the postings were offending in nature, which were written by me, and the allegations made were baseless, frivolous, untrue and without any foundation altogether with regards to an individual to whom I referred to as mentioned above.

I have since clarified the matter with the said individual who was magnimonous enough to accept the fact that it was not done with mala fide and I could have been provided with information by unscrupolous individuals. I do hereby acknowledge that Mr. Businessman has always conducted his affairs in the corporate world with honesty and is a highly respected member of the society.

It was untrue and baseless for me to hint or suggest that there was anything untoward, underhand or improper in the conduct of the said Mr. Businessman and that it is wrong for me to allege in the blog postings that Mr. Businessman has done nothing in contributing to the development of Malaysian Hockey.

In restropect Mr. Businessman has contributed immensly to the sport and this was never publicised and his assistance in the various positions he has held in hockey has no doubt helped to uplift the standard of hockey which I hereby acknowledge.

I acknowledge that the above allegations may have caused serious damage and injury to the reputation of Mr. Businessman as a well-respected Independent Council Member of MHC, Deputy Chairman of the Finance Marketing and Sponsorship Committee and an honest businessman of the community.

I unreservedly and sincerely apologize to Mr. Businessman for the grief, distress and damage caused to him, his family and his acquaintances. I undertake, in future, not to publish any defamatory statements involving Mr. Businessman.

In addition, the blog postings have been removed upon the publication of this article.

Monday, June 24, 2013


A total of RM640,000 was handed over by sponsors to the Johor Hockey Association and a simple yet meaningful ceremony that marks the countdown of an event where three more teams will qualify for the 2014 World Cup in Holland.

Thursday, June 20, 2013


When national hockey coach paul Revington said that he had no control over the national team, many had doubted the statement.

But that is a fact and it was proven today at the Royale Chulan Hotel when the national players trickled in one after another for a scheduled meeting with the MHC President Tengku Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah.

That goes on to show that even Team Manager George Koshy lacks control over the team.

When the MHC President arrived, flanked by two personalities who actually should take the blame for the whole issue blowing out of proportion,  there were only five players present.

At one stage at 3pm, half an hour after the scheduled time, only 17 out of the 26 had turned up. And the quorum was complete 15 mins later.

The MHC President reminded the players to remained focussed in the task at hand and at the press conference stated that qualifying for the World Cup was a team effort.

He even asked the Senior VP who had refused to comment to this blog the other day but went to town with his conspiracy theory to vacate the chair next to him so Revs could sit.

And when posed with a leading question as to any action against Manjit Majid Abdullah for his role in making public the whole sordid affair, the MHC President brushed it aside saying that it was in the past and it was time to move forward, that focusing on the task to make the World Cup was the priority.

Hiwever wuth Revington still playing with words at his own press conference after TM had left,  it was all the more clear that the actors had actually played their roles well and the bigger agenda had won the day.

Lers hope that Malaysia does not suffer the fate of India in Holland for the World League, promising so much but ending in a whimper.

As the countries in South East Asia fight the haze, Malaysian Hockey is still figjtinh bush fires, and yet we dream of qualifying for the World Cup.

Its a hazy dream at the moment,  no thanks to those who back stab in the name of the interest of hockey in the country.

Hockey is a joke and so are those running it, so much so if they put up an act they will put to shame the Royal London Circus that used to entertain the masses in our country till the late eighties.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013


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Tuesday, June 18, 2013



In light of new developments with regards to the issue of the resignation of the National Senior Hockey Coach Paul Revington, the Malaysian Hockey Confederation Coaching Committee would like to thank the Youth & Sports Minister Yang Berhormat En Khairy Jamaluddin for his assistance and effort in convincing Paul Revington to stay on as the national Hockey Coach.

Firstly we wish to remind all parties that the Coaching Committee acted within its jurisdiction as provided for in the Malaysian Hockey Confederation Constitution and had no mala fide in coming up with the decisions made on Saturday.

The Coaching Committee acted within its limitations and on the facts presented, hence the decision to reject the resignation of Revington, appeal to him to stay on and recommend action on the two officials, namely K. Dharmaraj and Lim Chiow Chuan.

In the hindsight the Coaching Committee may have erred with regards to the terminology used, recommend to terminate the two officials, but should have been recommend for action to be initiated against the duo. The coaching Committee may have crossed certain boundaries unknowingly.

Thus the Coaching Committee, taking into consideration the views of Revington, and the initiative by YB En Khairy Jamaluddin, Youth & Sports Minister, to resolve the impasse, will now withdraw any recommendation against Mohd Dharmaraj Abdullah and Lim Chiow Chuan and will leave it to the wisdom of the MHC President HRH Tengku Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah to put this matter to rest.

In addition, the Coaching Committee is thankful to YB En Khairy for his hands on approach in convincing Revington to stay as Coach until the World League Semi Final Round 3 and is optimistic that all matters raised by Revington will get resolved as well.

And we reiterate our faith in the ability of Dharmaraj to carry on coaching the National Juniors Team for the Junior World Cup in New Delhi.

Thank You.

For and on behalf of MHC Coaching Committee

Manjit Majid Abdullah
18th June 2013


An long overdue pow wow was held at the National Sports Council this afternoon and a couple of hours later disgruntled national hockey coach Paul Revington was back on the familiar National Hockey Stadium, putting his charges through their paces in preparation for the World Hockey League Semi Finals Round 3 at Johor Baru.

No doubt there were smiling faces at the Press Conference, attested by several members of the media who were there, but one cannot help feel sorry for the members of the media as they could well have awaken from a dream that started last Saturday at the end of the Malaysian Hockey Confederation Coaching Committee Meeting.

Looking back the committee should be garlanded for bringing out ino the open an issue that has plagued hockey for the past three months, starting from an unfortunate incident on an eventful Saturday, some 24 hours before the Azlan Shah Cup final.

For those who are intrigued o find out what transpired, I suggest they read some of the main stream papers, one which turned this whole episode of Revington's resignation into a soap opera, linking it to conspiracy, when the truth of the matter was conveniently left behind as officials of the MHC start their election campaign early, running down each other with civil servants getting into the picture as well.

Suffice to say on record, none of the elected officials deserve a seat when the new MHC Execuive Board is elected into office. But then again its those who votes the likes of these incompetent personalities that deserve them, so live with the dramas and enjoy selling your toes over the next 10 months or so.

More to follow later as looking after my ailing mother is more important then wasting my time on a bunch of losers. 

Monday, June 17, 2013


Breaking News

Paul Revington will coach Malaysia for the World League after having held a heart to heart talk with Sports Minister Khairy Jamaluddin at his office in Putrajaya this afternoon.

The position of Revington post World League will be determined later.

This announcement was made by Khairy just moments ago to the media.

Now that was not to difficult to do right and some dragged their feet for well over three months to resolve a simple issue.

Well done KJ.


The national team resumes training at the National Hockey Stadium on Monday morning and one face will be missing, that of the Chief Coach Paul Revington.

Much has been said, written and speculated by interested parties with regards to the shock resignation of the South African, some 14 days before Malaysia opens it campaign in the World League Round 3 Semi Finals in Johor Baru.

One thing is certain though, Revington will not be on the pitch on Monday to coach the team who will hold their first training session after their four match Test series in South africa in early June.

From the time the decision on Revington's impending resignation ( because he has yet to submit his letter to the National Sports Council - his employers contractually) was made public, until this post is written, efforts are continuing to get Revington to change his mind, at least until the World League matches are over.

A meeting has been scheduled this Tuesday, supposedly to solve the issue between the three parties that first surfaced in March this year. But isn't this a little too late as those who were entrusted to do damage control should have done this much earlier.

The bottom line is Revington has resigned, so any effort to get him to change his mind through punitive action on Juniors Coach k. Dharmaraj will not appease Revington for he made it clear that it is not what he is looking for.

Revington had met Tengku Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah on May 27 and submitted his resignation letter and a whole three weeks has passed and nothing was done to salvage the situation. let us not even cross the bridge about deciding who was right or wrong as some narrow minded people rather see our hockey diminish then offer suggestions on resolving the issue.

It is people like these who are responsible for the whole scenario as they think that they are gods gift to Malaysian Hockey whilst they are just destroying what has taken much sacrifice to build over the years.

Many officials have shied away from commenting on the current situation facing hockey and from SMS sent out to the likes of NSC Director General Dato Seri Zolkples Embong, National Team Manager George Koshy, National Juniors Team Manager Mirnawan Nawawi, Juniors Coach Dharmaraj, MHC Senior Vice Presidents S. Shamala and Dato Nur Azmi Ahmad.

Those who replied and gave their comments were as follows:

" It is very sad to hear that he wants to resign. MHC needs to discuss the matter with all, Paul, Arul and all relevent parties to ensure we put all efforts to resolve the matter and for Paul to continue as Coach. The country must be placed ahead of everthing else and all responsible must ensure that the goals set for Round 3 are achieved." - S. Shamala MHC Senior Vice President.

"Revs was hired for a purpose, we have seen the benefits, the boys want him, he has unfinished business, he has to see it through," - George Koshy National Team Manager.

"I am surprised that it has come to this. I am told not to issue any statements and will continue to train my team as usual. I hope this issue can be resolved quickly for the sake of Malaysian Hockey," K. Dharmaraj National Juniors Coach.

Several senior players were also contacted to get their views and many of them echoed similiar sentiments and in a nutshell had this to say.

"We want Revington to stay and see us through for the World league. We are prepared to appeal to the MHC President to ensure Revs stays and want to remain focussed on the task at hand, which is to make it for the World cup. A quick decision and solution will help." - summary of what senior players said.

Revington and his wife had a brieft meeting with HRH Tengku Abdullah this morning and are expected to meet the MHC President again after the NSC pow wow on Tuesday which will see many officials and aggrieved parties sit together to come out with a solution.

Hence there has been no U-Turn by Revington, not until this article has been written and all the 39 year old South African would offer was a statement via SMS that read:

"I am trying to methodically and calmly work ( and think) through everything here.Yes I did meet briefly with HRH Prince abdullah today and we agreed to meet formallyduring the week. Yes, there is a meeting scheduled with Dato Seri Zolkples on Tuesday." - Paul Revington National Coach.

Now coming back to the decision made by the MHC Coaching Committee. It is obvious that the decision to take punitive action against Dharma was drived by personal agenda of some of the members without taking a serious look at the whole situation.

Dharma is a victim of circumstances and if he has any fault then it has to be that he reacts to situations differently from others in his position might do. He has a short fuse and says things that really he does not mean.

To remove him as Juniors Coach is anarchy as he has worked hard over the past three years and even Revington is not agreeable to any action against Dharma. Rightfully the Coaching committee should have formed a three man panel to look at the charges against Dharma and advise him accordingly instead of just looking to remove him, thus fulfilling a personal vendetta dating back to 2009.

To his credit, Dharma did not lose his cool when contacted by this blogger and had a 45 minute chat to clarify his position, most of it off record, something that I intend to honour. Not once did he hold Revington at fault for what transpired.

Hockey in Malaysia needs personalities who can think outside the box and not react to some insane personalities that are just out to demolish what good that has been been built through sheer hard work and effort by a group of talented individuals.

And I shall leave the readers of this blog with a quote from a senior MHF ( read MHF) official who had this to say about the whoile sage.

"This is a hockey problem and should be solved by the hockey officials. Giving it to NSC mkeans that they cannot run their own sport effectively and thus are nbot capable of making firm and tough decisions for the sake of hockey in th country. It is best that these officials vacate their positions and leave the running of hockey to NSC." - A former top MHF official.

Sunday, June 16, 2013


While others may rejoice when punitive action is taken against their foes, it was a different case for Paul Revington when contacted by this blog to comment on his resignation as national hockey coach.

" Please make it clear that I am not agreeable on any punitive action on Dharma and Lim and it is not a good decision for Malaysian hockey should they be removed from their positions," said Revington in a brief conversation after the MHC Coaching Committee had come up with a shocker of a decision.

" In particular for Dharma as he has worked on the juniors for the past three years and should be allowed to carry on with his responsibilities with the juniors. I had made it clear to MHC that any punitive action will not change my decision to resign."

Revington has however not shut the door completely on coaching the team further as he is scheduled to have an audience with HRH Tengku Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah soon and hopefully common sense will prevail.

While Revington did not want to reveal what would change his mind to remain in charge, he however made it clear that things started going downhill after the Champions Challenge in Argentina last year.

"There was a sense of despair when nothing was done by those concerned when I raised the issue of the email from Lim, it was as if nothing had occurred and I was just left to fend for myself,"said Revington.

"And there was utter confusion from the players when we regrouped as they were as confused as I was on what was happening.

"This affected my confidence, gave rise to a whole lot difficulties to carry out the responsibilities and above all shredded whatever confidence I had into developing Malaysia into world beaters."

Revington also remarked that he was initially warned about the Malaysian media but found no issues handling them but was disillusioned as to how his good intention s were misjudged by those in the hockey family.

It is also baffling as to why the Coaching Committee came up with Sarjit Singh as a possible replacement given the fact that it was only Revington that had resigned and his assistant Arul Selvaraj quite capable of coaching the team for the World League semis on an net rim basis.

In addition their proposal to recommend action against Dharma and Lim could be overstepping their boundaries to a certain extent.

Dharma stands accused of interfering with decisions of the national team and it probably has to do with the fact that the Malacca born coach had made a statement that he welcomed former juniors skipper Faeez Ibrahim to train alongside his charges when he was dropped from the senior squad.

To be fair to Dharma, he restrained the said player from taking to a TV station who wanted the duo to make a statement agai st Revington, telling the father and son to move on and respect the decision of Revington.

And as so far as junior players n the team not adhering to Revington's instructions, the senior coach found no such problems in naming three players from the junior side n hos16 for theWorld League on Friday.

Lim comes under the purview of the 1Mas Steering Committee chaired by NSC Director General Dato Seri Zolkples Embong.

It was the lack of action by Zolkples that probably led to the resignation of Revington as opposed to the lak of nii active from the MHC or its various committees.

Both Lim and Revingon answer to the same boss in NSC and realistically this problem could have been nipped in the bud had there been more discussions taking place instead of saying that the issue was solved when it clearly was simmering to the extent that the volcano erupted this week.

Rumors of the resignation surfaced in the middle of the week and it was on May 27 that Revi get on submitted his resignation letter to the MHC President.

However technically Revingon cannot to have been considered resigned as he has yet to submit a letter to his contracted employers , the NSC.

Lets hope that after sleeping it off tonight, all involved will have a cuppa on Sunday morning and settle their differences.

The hockey fraternity needs to show togetherness more then ever and I pray that all involved put the hopes and aspirations of the nation over everything else.

Actions and resignations will not help the cause and let's have closure....or more resignations are bound to follow.

Saturday, June 15, 2013


Paul Revington has resigned as coach of the national hockey team.

This was revealed at the MHC Coaching Committee this evening.

And the MHC Coaching Committee has recommended that two officials be removed from their positions.

Am putting pieces together as was busy attending to my mum who is admitted in hospital .

Suffice to say I have managed to speak to Revington.

More later.

Friday, June 14, 2013


There were no surprises when national coach Paul Revington revealed at a Press Conference in Bukit Jalil the 16 of 18 players to carry the Malaysian challenge in the World League Round 3 Semi Finals in Johor Baru from June 29 to July 8.

Another two players will be named next Friday, three days before the team moves to Johor Baru on June 24.

Malaysia play Argentina on June 25 and Germany on June 26 in their last lap of preparation for the WLR3 where they are in Group B with England, Pakistan and South Africa.

In Group A are Germany, Argentina, Japan and South Korea.

Revington had a chat with Malaysian Hockey on his views with the team's indifferent performances in their matches against a province team from China and their recent tour of South Africa that ended with three matches loat and a draw.

Malaysian Hockey: What are your views on conceding late goals - a Malaysian malady that has returned to haunt us. Azlan Shah final was the first, but now in two matches in South Africa?

Revs : It is never a good habit to be considered a team who concedes late goals – and you have to work extremely hard to change such a reputation. We went a long way in Azlan Shah 2012 to change that by scoring two goals versus Korea in the last 4 minutes; managing a 2-1 win in the final minute versus NZ; scoring the equalizer versus Australia (pool game) in the final minute; and scoring the equalizer versus India in the final minute too. The game against Australia in the final we conceded 2 goals in the final 3 minutes of the first half and 1 goal in the final 15 seconds.

This was purely down to physical fitness and not having the physical endurance capacity (yet) to think and function clearly under pressure against the number 2 Team in world hockey. In South Africa we suffered from mental and physical stress in the closing phases of the 2 games in question – stress that we knew the Tour would create but were disappointed not to cope better with as individuals and as a Team.  

Malaysian Hockey: Who is the penalty corner specialist, that was with the team in South Africa. Who he worked on in relation to penalty corners. Will he be in Johor Baru?

Revs :  Adel Fuentes is his name. He is Argentinean but lives and works (for past 12 years) in the Netherlands. He worked with 5 flickers (Faizal; Razie; Kazamirul; Fitri Saari and Firhan) throughout the phase in South Africa. It would be ideal to have him work in Johor Baru and Arul will present a proposal to the MSN to try and achieve this. 

Malaysian Hockey ; There was gaps/spaces between defense and attack in our team so why was this happening?

Revs: The South African Tour was designed to create physical stress for the athletes (playing at high altitude and multiple games in a row) and this proved to be a tough aspect of games to manage all the time (pushing up on attack; reverse pressing after ball loss) whilst in SA. Every one is aware of this issue and it will be rectified come the WL 3. 

Malaysian Hockey : Why name 16 now and not 18, what areas are you unsure off?

Revs : I don’t think we are necessarily unsure of various areas – more certain about 15 or 16 players and then keeping the door open as long as possible for all Squad players to fight for the remaining 2 or 3 places in the WL 3 Team in the coming week. Those players who did not tour SA will still have an opportunity to prove their worth in the coming week.  

The Squad of 16

Azlan Misron. Baljit Singh. Chua Boon Huat. Faisal Saari. Faiz Helmi. Izwan Tajuddin. S.Kumar. Mohd Shukri Mutalib. Izad Hakimi. Fitri Saari. Shahrun Nabil. Mohd Marhan Jalil. Mohd Razie Rahim. Mohd Nabil Fiqri Mohd Nor. Roslan Jamaluddin. Tengku Ahmad Tajuddin Tg Jalil.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Its with deep regret to inform you that former football and hockey international refree and umpire Mr Kathrivale father of Mr Ananthavale (CIMB) have passed away this morning.

May his soul rest in peace.

Funeral today at 5pm at Loke  Yew Crematorium this evening.

Please call Anand  HP 0123271174 for details.



in Randburg

South African hockey witnessed arguably its biggest-ever crowd at Randburg Hockey Stadium Tuesday night and the fans weren’t disappointed when the lads in green and gold beat Malaysia 3-1 in the fourth and final Test after leading 1-0 at half-time, a result that leaves SA 3-0 series winners.

SA won the first Test 2-1 and the second Test 3-1 while the third Test was a 4-4 draw.

SA opened the scoring thanks to Wade Paton’s 15th-minute penalty stroke after Clint Panther was upended in the strike zone.

Both sides had great chances during the match but a combination of superb goalkeeping and defending kept the scoreboard quiet.

Turnovers came and went as the game became looser but the crowd erupted in the 55th minute when SA conjured up a slide-rule move down the right for Pierre de Voux to smash the ball past goalkeeper Kairulnizam Ibrahim (2-0).

Malaysia hit back in the 57th when Chua Boon Huat set up Ahmad Tajudin Tengku’s magnificent reverse-stick blast that ripped into the net (2-1).

Malaysia won their first PC on the hour-mark but outstanding keeper Rassie Pieterse saved superbly before SA broke out fast for De Voux to get in a shot that was blocked, while Firhan Asaari came agonisingly close at the other end soon after. With three minutes left Rhett Halkett steered two Malaysian penalty corners off the goalline with remarkable skill.

And to rub salt into the wounds SA broke away with Jonty Robinson at first, then De Voux and Miguel da Graca combining, before Julian Hykes made it 3-1 with a quick-fire shot that cracked into the backboard.

The teams meet again in Pool B at the World League semi-finals in Johor Bahru, Malaysia on June 30 and SA will go in with the psychological advantage.

Mugg & Bean Player of the Series was SA captain Austin Smith. 

Tuesday, June 11, 2013


The old Malaysian malady of conceding goals in the final few minutes of matches has returned to haunt the national hockey team as evident in the Test Series against South Africa.

Who can ever forget the penalty corner goal Malaysia conceded Malaysia conceded at the 2000 Sydney Olympics against Pakistan that cost Malaysia a chance for the best ever finish in the history of our Olympic participation?

After that there were a series of events in which Malaysia conceded late goals. One would have thought that newly appointed coach Paul Revington had cured it as Malaysia went on to carve out impressive performances at the Champions Challenge 1 as well as the AHF Champions Trophy late last year.

But conceding a goal in the final four seconds in the Azlan Shah Cup final against Australia did raise some eyebrows.

And now the performance at South Africa reveals that the reprieve was temporary.

While we call that a malady, the inconsistency in converting penalty corners must surely be of concern to Revington and his assistant Arul Selvaraj.

It is learnt that a penalty corner specialist from Argentina who is based in Holland was roped in to help in the penalty corner department.

Details remain sketchy as to who this individual is but from the results in South Africa, the hiring of this specialist has not yielded the desired results.

But to be fair it's the performance at the World League Semis later this month that matters and until then the critics are prepared to hold on to their smoking guns.

But lingering out there is another factor that is said to have affected the performances of the team and it all has to done with the inaction of the MHC and NSC.

We can only hope that it is not the case for if true then even calling Kuala Lumpur will not help the cause.

Monday, June 10, 2013


Hykes clinches series with equaliser 8 seconds from time

JONATHON COOK in Potchefstroom

South Africa men’s hockey team came back from a 2-0 half-time deficit to draw 4-4 with Malaysia in the third Test at University of North West Hockey Centre in Potchefstroom Sunday and clinched the series 2-0 with one to play.

SA had won the first Test 2-1 and the second Test 3-1 at UNWHC, while Malaysia desperately needed a win to give themselves a chance of levelling the series in the fourth and final clash at 7 pm Tuesday at Randburg Hockey Stadium.

Julian Hykes made the all-important equaliser for 4-4 with just eight seconds left in the match.

South Africa’s penalty corners were poor – just one of the six brought success - while a host of great combination plays were undone in field play when the final pass went astray just metres from goal.In the first half Malaysia made the most of what came their way and went into the half-time break with a 2-0 lead. 

Against the run of play Fitri Saari worked some magic up the left-hand baseline with exquisite stickwork to set up Izwan Firdaus for the opening goal in the 27th minute, Malaysia having scored first in all three Test matches.

Two minutes later Malaysia stole away again and Faiz Helmi conjured up a fine piece of skill to open the way for Chua Boon Huat and it was 2-0 by the 29th minute.

In the first half, two of South Africa’s three penalty corners were botched at the stage of trapping the injection pass, while the only one on target saw captain Austin Smith’s effort glanced safely away by goalkeeper Roslan Jamaluddin.

Three minutes after the break SA won a fourth PC but again it was fluffed and five minutes later Razie Abdul Rahim went on an unchallenged solo run to smash the ball from the top of the strike zone into the net for 3-0 after 43 minutes. 

Two minutes later, in the 45th, SA midfielder Taine Paton showed presence of mind to catch the Malaysian defenders unawares and finished with a cracking shot into the backboard for 3-1.

However, SA continued to miss gilt-edged chances in the goal zone, but they got it right in the 59thminute when Matt Botha’s assist was buried by Pierre de Voux for 3-2. 

SA’s fifth PC followed soon after and Ricky West’s effort was blocked by keeper Jamaluddin. Then in the 63rd minute Smith sent a stunning drag-flick from SA’s sixth PC high into the net for 3-3 with seven minutes left. 

Two minutes later (65th) Tengku Aad Tajuddin Tg Jalil dived for a fine deflection goal and Malaysia were 4-3 up.

Three minutes from full-time Smith made a courageous run-in from the left channel and Hykes’ reverse-stick snapshot cannoned into the near post and stayed out. 

Then with eight seconds left Taine Paton made a courageous incursion from the same channel and got off a shot, which Hykes deflected into the net for a 4-4 draw and a series win for SA with one to play.SA went into the match with Jacques le Roux the starting keeper, number one goalkeeper Rassie Pieterse on the bench and Gowan Jones sitting this one out. 

Vice-captain Rhett Halkett and fellow defender Ashlin Freddy, who both missed the first two Test matches due to injury, returned; Tim Drummond was still injured; Clint Panther was back after writing university exams on Saturday and his older brother, Brandon Panther, a new cap on Saturday, was rested, as was Nick Gonsalves. The Malaysia line-up remained much the same.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Paton brothers give SA hockey men thrilling victory over Malaysia

Malaysia were defeated 2-1 by South Africa in tyheir opening Test Match. In wake of the failure of \MHC to provide any details for the match, efforts were made to contact a friend based there. He was kind enough to send me the South African HA Press Re;ease and pictures as well. If only MHC will do the same.

Below are the personal observations of George Brink who runs the informative website. A gentle reminder to the media friens. you can lift the story and picture but please credit the original author and not write as if ypu were there in person. That is responsible journalism.

"The big difference between the teams last night was Malaysia left a big gap between the midfield and the forward line and SA filled that gap every time Malaysia tried to hit through it. When they worked the ball through that gap they gave SA a whole lot of problems. There was always someone waiting for a tap in pass and only great keeping from Rassie Pieterse kept them out. MAS had 4 shots on goal and scored once. Austin Smith for South Africa had 5 shots on goal all by himself and missed every time. SA just couldn't get anything on target last night. It was embarrassing to watch it was so bad. Had they been on target the scoreline would have been very different and Malaysia would have been on the wrong end of a hammering." - George Brink

Paton brothers give SA hockey men thrilling victory over Malaysia

in Potchefstroom

Missed chances in the first half cost the South Africa men’s hockey team dearly as Malaysia scored 30 seconds from half-time (35th minute) through a clinical finish by Marhan Jalil to take a 1-0 lead into the second half at the University of North West Hockey Centre in Potchefstroom Thursday, but goals in the 59thminute by Wade Paton and the winner 17 seconds from the end (70th minute) by his younger brother Taine Paton earned SA a thrilling victory in the first of the four-Test series.

SA deserved the win as they won six penalty corner to two against and got in more goal shots from field play, but on another day the spoils could have gone Malaysia’s way. Both goalkeepers were superb, with Rassie Pieterse in particular keeping his side in the game at key moments.

The pulsating encounter makes the second and third Test matches both at 3 pm on Saturday and Sunday at the same venue, an enticing prospect.

After early Malaysian possession, Julian Hykes won a turnover 30 metres out and fed Craig Haley, the SA striker getting in a backhand shot that keeper Rozlan Jamaluddin  parried away.

Then in the right-hand corner, attacking halfback  Lance Louw took a self-pass free-hit and slipped the ball to striker Miguel da Graca, who won a penalty corner – Jonty Robinson injected the set-piece, Tim Drummond trapped the ball and captain Austin Smith’s low drag-flick whistled past the near post.

Two minutes later, in the seventh, Clint Panther layed off a great square pass to Jonty Robinson who had time, but fired his shot past the far post. At the other end Malaysia’s first foray into the strike zone was cleared by defender Francois Pretorius.

The pace settled somewhat and Malaysia made another inroad into the danger zone before a midfield tussle for possession ensued over the next 15 minutes.

Into the second quarter, two superb moments of individual flair by Hykes led to another Robinson pressure shot that the keeper blocked successfully before SA stopper Pieterse cut off the danger at the opposite end.

The tide began to turn a little as Malaysia found their feet leading towards half-time but SA debutant Taylor Dart made a confident start, while striker Pierre de Voux was only thwarted by a superb tackle before Abdul Sukri made an electrifying burst down the left wing that SA did well to stop.

With 30 seconds left Pieterse blocked Nabil Fitri’s shot from close but it was desperate for SA after all their good work as Jalil buried the rebound into the backboard for 1-0 at half-time.

SA started the second half same as the first and Da Graca’s lunging effort was followed by a vociferous appeal for a goal before SA’s second PC saw the ball slipped left to Wade Paton but keeper Jamaluddin had its measure.

SA continued to stretch the Malaysians to breaking point and Da Graca twice came agonisingly close before Pretorius suffered the same fate, while Hykes appealed in vain for a PC after another great ball by Panther. Malaysia hit back when Izwan Firrdavs and Azami Adabi combined superbly only for Pieterse to save and Smith to clear as the high pace of the game took on new meaning.

Midway through the second half Faizal Saari and then Sukri fired Malaysia’s first two PC’s at Pieterse who saved brilliantly with glove and then stick while postman Jethro Eustice also did a superb job.

Da Graca again came within a whisker as Jamaluddin got in the way before SA won their fourth PC with 11 minutes left on the clock (59th) and this time Wade Paton on the slip-pass left was not to be denied (1-1).

SA came straight back and the on-fire Hykes duped the Malaysian defence with pace and ball control to win his team’s fifth PC, which led to a sixth – but Smith’s drag-flick off the top of the castle again whistled past the post, this time with height.

With three minutes left (67th) Malaysia won their second PC but SA first-wave defender Jonty Robinson got out of the starting blocks fast enough to deflect the rocket shot away from danger. SA broke out of defence and Taine Paton nailed the winner with 17 seconds to full-time for South Africa’s memorable 2-1 victory.

The second Test is at 3 pm Saturday with the third Test at 3 pm Sunday, both at UNW, while the fourth and final Test is at 7 pm at Randburg on Tuesday.


The "sickness" of conceding goals in the closing stages has returned to haunt the Malaysian hockey team as they succumbed to a 2-1 defeat in the opening Test Match against hosts South Africa today.

Malaysia led 1-0 via a goal by Marhan Jalil who scored minutes before halftime.

More details later....