Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Now if the MHC had an effective website, then this news would have been shared with the hockey fraternity. But until it gets into their minds that one way to appease fans is to disseminate news fast, guess all are stuck with my blog.

Talking of which there was no news from MHC with regards to the matches the Project 2013 squad played with their Japanese counterparts.

Perhaps I too should start charging to view contents in my blog.
The Irish Hockey Association will be web streaming all the Pool matches of the forthcoming Electric Ireland FIH Road to London, through its website –
Prices will be €3 per day or €10 for the five days of the pool matches. The National Hockey Stadium at UCD has 3 state of the art High Definition Cameras providing a top quality stream.  All matches will also feature commentary.
The web streaming provides fans an opportunity to follow the matches of the Malaysian team live as they compete for a coveted spot at the London Olympics!
Please Note -- The Final Day play off matches will be streamed through the FIH website.

Monday, February 27, 2012


Below is the list of the Dublin bound officials that are going as cheerleaders for the national hockey team tha will be playing in the Olympic Qualifiers.

The funny thing is that that this group will only leave on March 13, after Malaysia has played 3 matches and will be get to see the team in action against Korea and Ireland. And it is learnt that the cost for each of this cheerleaders is RM6,500.

Now while one can understand the inclusion of the state HA officials, why is it that even a MHF staff is included in the tour is baffling.

The argument put forward was that he is going because the Secretary/Assistant Secretary are not going.

So can the states replace someone with their wives or girlfriends if the Council Members are not free to go?


1. Y. Bhg. Dato’ Hj. Abd Rahim Md Ariff - Vice President
2. Encik Gobinathan A/L Murugiah - Vice President
3. Y. Bhg. Dato’ Haji Md. Yusop Haji Mansor - Vice President
4. Y. Bhg. Dato’ Anuarul Aini Bin Mohd Perai - Treasurer
5. Y. Bhg. Dato’ Dr. Surender Singh Mejor Singh - Independent Member


1. Dato Nur Azmi Ahmad - Deputy President
2. Dato Bustari Yusof - Vice President
3. Dato Che Khalib - Vice President
4. Encik Maninderjit Singh - Secretary
5. Encik Hashim Yusof - Asst Secretary
6. Encik Sathiaseelan - Asst Hon. Treasurer
7. Dato Radhakrishnan - Independent Member
8. Encik Ow Soon Kooi - Independent Member


1. En. Manjit Majid Abdullah - Vice President


1.  Lt. Kol Muthukumar A/L Balakrishnan - Armed Forces
2.  Encik Shahabuddin Royani - Johor
3.  Encik Sandra Gesan Balakrishnan - Kedah
4.  Encik Zahari bin Daud - Kelantan
5.  Encik Rajamanickam Veeramalai - Kuala Lumpur
6.  YBhg. Datuk Hj. Md. Yunus b. Husin - Malacca
7.  Encik P. Tamil Selvan Ponniah - Negri Sembilan
8.  Encik Zamri bin Mohamed - Pahang
9.  Mohindar Singh - PDRM
10.YBhg. Dato’ Dr. Gurdeep Singh A/L Mohindar Singh - Perak
11.Encik Shurizan bin Mansor - Perlis
12.Encik Avtar Singh Bal - Sabah
13.Encik Kuganeson Poologsingam - Selangor
14.Encik Mohamad Saberi Salleh - Terengganu
15.Encik William Lee Lip Kok - Sarawak
16.Encik Ranjit Singh A/L Gurdial Singh - Penang


1. Encik Krishnan A/L Narayanan - Status Unknown


These are good times for Indian hockey. Tears were shed at the National Stadium. Tears of joy!

It was not quite the renaissance of hockey but the victory on Sunday meant a lot. It meant a world of difference for the game of the masses in a nation that once won the Olympic hockey gold as a matter of right.

And then came Indian hockey's darkest hour at Santiago, Chile in March 2008. The team failed to qualify for the Olympics. Hockey pride was restored to some extent at the venue named after its finest exponent, Dhyan Chand.

Ironically, Dhyan Chand's son, Ashok Kumar, was missing from the players' gallery. “I was not invited,” he said sadly. Not one complimentary ticket for Ashok Kumar and his family. His son bought tickets for the final while Ashok watched the match on television in far away Bhopal.

“The ghost of Chile has been exorcised,” said a gleeful Ashok, who scored India's lone goal in the 1975 World Cup final against Pakistan. It remains India's only World Cup title.

"Indian hockey has been in a standstill mode for four years now. I am sure this win will lead to better hockey, better recognition. Hockey will be in the news for all good reasons now. Of course, it is time to rejoice, but also time to introspect. How good are we and good can we be in the big league! Let us be optimistic and enjoy these moments,” gushed Ashok.

Mohammad Shahid, a classy forward, was delighted too but had a word of caution. “We have qualified. Great! But the bitter truth is now the road becomes rough and tough. It is nice that we have made it to London. If not, hockey would have died in India.” Hockey will live now and the vibrancy would be dictated by the team's exploits in the coming times.

The surging crowd, mostly jingoistic, may have failed to appreciate the good stuff that came from the opponents' sticks but then it had come to support a cause; to cheer the team on the road to London.

“This is only the first step,” Zafar Iqbal observed. And rightly too!

Zafar was a sprightly 24-year-old member of the team when India last won the Olympic gold at Moscow in 1980. He was shattered at the Chile debacle. “It was sad. But then it is also sad that we have been reduced to this state. Going to London is a sign of progress but not a ticket to glory. In the public perspective it was important for India to qualify but I find it difficult to accept that our yardstick to hockey glory lies in qualifying for the Olympics. There was a time when we went to the Olympics to win a medal. No doubt this result will boost the game's image. It will bring some joy to hockey lovers. I will only be happy if we finish among the top six in London.”

For Balbir Singh (Sr), triple gold medallist at Olympics, the scenes of celebrations at the National Stadium were a sharp contrast to the gloomy experience of four years ago in his Chandigarh home when he refused to eat. He was in a state of shock when told that India had failed to qualify for the Beijing Olympics.

“I am at peace now,” the moist-eyed Balbir mumbled. Accompanied by grandson Kabir, the 88-year-old icon of Indian hockey, now frail and tired, insists on watching the game ‘live', in the company of hockey stalwarts in the players' gallery. Hockey and Olympics were so sweet when he was pursuing his dreams.

“I wish those days come back,” the grand veteran hoped. It can be the best gift this team can give to the hockey fraternity. Tough but worthy when achieved! Let the good times of hockey return.

Saturday, February 25, 2012



It has been brought to my attention that the said Umpire was late as the bus he was on broke down. And as a result the reserve Umpire was tasked to officiate the match.

This blog wishes to thank Lt. Col Muthukumar for the clarification and accepts the reasoning given as it could happen to just anyone.

It is the honest and open concept adopted by Muthukumar that I applaud and hope other office bearers in MHC can communicate when matters are raised that are of public interest. 

Umpires officiating in the MJHL are fuming that a colleague of theirs has been rewarded with two plum quarterfinal appointments despite him turning up late for league matches.

It is learnt that a report was submitted by the Technical Official as well as the Match Commissioner with regards to the failure of the said umpire to turn up on time and he only arrived five minutes before the said match.

And the same umpire was said to have missed a potential red card incident during a league match that almost resulted in a free for all.

Hence the newly appointed Chairman of the MHC Umpires Committee has to answer with regards to this scenario as umpires cannot write in to voice their grievances lest stand accused of misconduct.

Friday, February 24, 2012


There was a hive of activity at the National Hockey Stadium as officials from the Malaysian Hockey Confederation, National Sports Council as well as some sponsors of MHC turned up in the Sunday's best to watch the national team bound for the Olympic Qualifiers in Dublin hard at work.

There were concerned looks, with some becoming overnight experts of the team, although had you asked them many would not have been able to name some of the players.

But they were there, standing in complete unison and showing their faith and concern of the possible outcome in Dublin.

However it was a charade for they were only there because HRH Sultan Azlan Shah and HRH Tengku Abdullah were there to watch the players training before the final 18 was named by Manager George Koshy.

Except for the four pictured earlier in this blog who took the time and trouble to trek south last weekend to watch the final week of action for the Junior Hockey League and were also at the NHS, the others only show up when there are VIP's present as evident yesterday.

But enough of these personalities who are there just to cling on to their seats for self interest and to justify their inclusion for the Dublin Stout Junket and focus on the task at hand, that is making it to London 2012.

HRH Sultan Azlan was spot on when he spoke to the team with regards to staying focused and used the 1998 Commonwealth Games as an example. (Note how he takes a dig at current MHC secretary in the video).

Thereafter there was a comedy of sorts when it came to naming the team as a high handed staff of MHC opted to hold on to the list of names rather then hand it to the members of the media. Some were seen scurrying for notepads when team mamanger George Koshy, who looked more agitated than usual, named the team,

Prior to the Tengku Abdullah looking less convincing then he sounded spoke on the hopes and aspirations of the MHC as seen in the video below.

And finally it was coach Tai Beng Hai who spoke to the media, justifying the inclusion of two rather inexperienced youngsters, outlining that the team was ready under the best circumstances available to him, and that they were ready for the tough battle under the cold wintery conditions that await them in Dublin.

So there you have it, the whole works, from the fantastic academy award winning officials who play their role of supporting actors best suited for a fiction movie, to a concerned ruler whom I had the chance to speak to and who prays silently for the nation to make it to the Olympics after a hiatus of 12 years, to a President that really should realise that all that glitters is not gold, to a coach who has put his neck on the chopping block on 18 players that we all pray in unison bring glory to our great nation.

Thursday, February 23, 2012


The fact that MHC is incompetent is well documented and it became more apparent when at its first Executive Board meeting they decided that another four secretaries were required to give MHC the extra edge administratively.

Never mind the fact that some existing staff within MHC who act as if that they are gods gift to Malaysian Hockey are lobbying hard to be one of the four when it is apparent that they should merely take instructions but have in the Aston dictated terms to sub committees.

Well surfing through the Internet in the wee hours of the morning led me to an interesting finding , that Malaysia are participating in a 4 Nation event in Pakistan early April.

It is bad enough that the media have to contend with a struggling, beleaguered and sorry looking website of MHC for information, the very fact that even updates or results of the various national teams not made available on their official site.

But how is it that the Pakistani media are aware of our participation when MHC never made this disclosure public.

Read on and cringe on the incompetence as they all hide behind the President of MHC ......

LAHORE: While the Hockey India (HI) confirmed on Tuesday its participation in the four-nation tournament proposed by the Pakistan Hockey Federation (PHF), the negotiations are under way to convince South Africa to also authenticate its participation.

Well-informed sources told Dawn that the prospects of holding the tournament in Lahore in the second week of April are bright after HI’s confirmation.

The sources said that India, currently playing the qualifying round at home for the London Olympics, also need such events to prepare the team for the extravaganza. Therefore, hopes are high with regard to the Indian team’s visit to Pakistan.

South Africa is also a contender at the London Olympics and the competition would be a great opportunity for them to get prepared in the lead-up to the Olympics, the sources said, adding that the PHF has received positive response from the South African authorities and a final confirmation is expected in a couple of weeks.

They claimed that Malaysia as fourth nation of the event have already confirmed their participation and if South Africa opt for the tournament, a hockey extravaganza in the country after a long time will boost sports in the country.

The sources said the recent Chinese team’s visit to Pakistan has given a positive message to the world besides helping clear foreign teams’ doubts about security situation.

It is pertinent to mention that the PHF plans to provide at least 20 international matches to Pakistan before the Olympics.

Besides this tournament, Azlan Shah Cup in April, a European tour and later on some matches in London before the start of the Olympics are on the cards.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Well having read the Harian Metro today, I hope that Senior MHC Vice President Dato Nur Azmi Ahmad will care to check what's happening on his own backyard before trying to take on critics and ex players with regards to preparations of the team for the Olympic Qualifiers.

For in the semi finals of the MJHL at the Bukit Serindit Stadium, firecrackers were thrown into the pitch and that disrupted the match. A report was filed to MHC which has not been discussed.

With Malacca looking to play hosts to the Asia Junior Cup, perhaps Azmi and the journalist concerned would care to look into this incident.

The paper concerned just picks up stories from blogs or other main stream media and gets MHC officials to deny them, perhaps hoping to be included in the Dublin Junket. So much for unbiased reporting and ethical journalism.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


The Malaysian Hockey Confederation stands accused of breaching it's constitution by appointing Co Chairmans for its Committees.

The minutes of the October 8 MHC EGM have been made available to this blog and it clearly states that a resolution to remove Co Chairmanship was carried unanimously by the delegates.

Wonder what the Sports Commissioners Office, Asian Hockey Federation and FIH have to say on this blatant disregard of the constitution.

More later as I gather paperwork to prove that this blog was right all along on usurping powers by some high handed officials that misled the President and affiliates.


Some ten days after the MHC had their Executive Board Meeting, little info has been disseminated by the secretariat to the affiliates and the public.

One of the agenda's for the meeting was the appointment of Chairpersons of the various Sub Committees of MHC. And in accordance with the MHC Constitution there were 13 such Sub Committees.

While the EB disregarded the fact that they did not have the constitutional right to appointment the Chairpersons, due to the Secretary highlighting that the EB had such rights under Article 15 ( which shows lack of understanding of the constitution ), they adhered to 13 appointments.

But here is where it gets interesting for in the Constitution it clearly lays out the fact that only Vice Presidents can be appointed as Chairpersons and this privilege is not extended to either Independant Members or those not in the MHC.

It is therefore evident that some quarters in MHC have no regards for the constitution as they opt to interpret it according to their whims and fancies.

For not only did the EB go ahead and appoint the Chairpersons, they even went on to appoint Co-Chairpersons, something that was removed from the constitution during the MHC EGM held on October 8 last year.

Now over-riding the decision of the supreme body of the MHC is sheer arrogance or total dis-respect, that is for readers to decide for the affiliates will just keep quiet as long as trips are given.

Let's now take a look at the appointments and for the lack of official information I will just name them as was given to me by those at the meeting.

Chairperson - K.Maheswari (VP)
Co-Chairperson - Ken Pereira ( no post )

Chairperson - M.Gobinathan ( VP )
Co-Chairperson - Lt Kol Muthukumar (ATM)

Nat Team Management Committee
Chairperson: Dato Nur Azmi ( Senior VP)
Co-Chairperson - Associate Prof Dr. S.Shamala ( Senior VP )

Appeals Board
Chairperson: Tan Sri Anwar ( Ex President MHF)

Disciplinary Board
Chairperson: Bustaman

Marketing & Sponsorship
Chairperson: Dato Radhakrishnan ( Independant Member)
Co-Chairperson - Dato Yusof ( VP )

Chairperson- Dato Rahim Ariff ( VP )
Co Chairperson : from women

Chairperson- Manjit Majit ( VP )
Co Chairperson : from women

Chairperson: Dato Dr Ramlan ( ISN CEO)
Co Chairperson : Dato SS Cheema ( Independant Member )

High Performance Committee
Chairperson: Dr. Shamala

Chairperson: Dato Anarul ( Treasurer )
Co Chairperson : Dato Yusof ( VP )

Legal & Special Projects

To be continued.....

Sunday, February 19, 2012



The last time I checked, the distance between Johor Baru and Kuala Lumpur was just over 400 km while the distance between Dublin and KL was something in the range of 7500 miles.
But perhaps it has since changed as only 4 (FOUR) Malaysian Hockey Confederation officials made the trek down south for the MJHL matches today.

The four are pictured above and for those who might not know, MHC comprises of 1 President, 1 Deputy President, 2 Senior Vice Presidents, 10 Vice Presidents, 1 appointed Secretary and Treasurer and 1 appointed Assistant Secretary and Assistant Treasurer respectively.

And lets not forget the four Independent Members that are appointed by the President.

So in total of 22 officials, only 4 turned up and there are 28 going to Dublin, and from the four pictured only the two men are going.

The only twp other persons besides the group of 22 who may be going and was present was the Johor HA Secretary and Armed Forces Deputy President.

Go figure out if hockey is really their passion...

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Allow this blog to share the news that will be music to the ears of hockey fans in the country.

The FIH today announced the preliminary broadcast schedule for the Hero FIH Olympic Qualification Tournament set to being in Delhi, India this Friday.

The tournament will be broadcast in India (Ten Sports), Singapore (Starhub), Malaysia (Astro Supersport 3) and Europe (Eurosport) in addition to the games that will be offered through live streaming on the FIH website.

Delhi is playing host to the both a men’s a women’s qualification tournament featuring six teams on both the men’s and women’s side battling for a spot in the London 2012 Games. Only the winner of each tournament will earn a berth to the Games. The tournaments are the first of six Olympic Qualification events (three men’s and three women’s).

The schedule listed below is subject to change. The times listed are according to each individual market. The broadcast schedule is listed alphabetically by the broadcast provider.

SAT 18-Feb

16:30 (M) Canada vs. Italy
18:30 (M) France vs. Poland
22:30 (M) India vs. Singapore

SUN 19-Feb
13:30 (W) India vs. Ukraine [Delayed]
16:30 (W) South Africa vs. Ukraine
18:30 (M) Singapore vs. France
22:30 (M) India vs. Italy

MON 20-Feb
08:20 (W) India vs. Canada [Delayed]

TUE 21-Feb
16:30 (M) Singapore vs. Canada

WED 22-Feb
11:30 (M) Poland vs. Italy [Delayed]
13:00 (W) Poland vs. India [Delayed]
14:30 (M) France vs. India [Delayed]
16:30 (W) Canada vs. Poland
18:30 (M) Italy vs. France

THU 23-Feb
15:00 (W) India vs. South Africa [Delayed]
16:30 (M) Canada vs. India [Delayed]

SAT 25-Feb
10:00 (M) France vs. Canada [Delayed]
11:30 (W) Italy vs. India [Delayed]
13:00 (M) India vs. Poland [Delayed]
17:30 (W) 5th/6th Placing [Delayed]
19:00 (W) 3rd/4th Placing [Delayed]
17:30 (W) 1st/2nd Placing [Delayed]

TUE 28-Feb
17:30 (M) 5th/6th Placing [Delayed]
19:00 (M) 3rd/4th Placing [Delayed]
17:30 (M) 1st/2nd Placing [Delayed

Sunday, February 12, 2012


The 28 odd hockey officials that will be going to Dublin to watch and provide support for the national hockey team at the Olympic Qualifiers will undoubtedly be in "high" spirits.

This is because they will have a whale of a time based on the itinerary listed out by the Secretary General of the Malaysian Hockey Confederation.

Just look at the items highlighted in bold to further understand the situation. I believe that discretion ought to have been a key factor when listing out what these officials will be doing whilst in Dublin.

Wednesday 14th March
Met at Dublin Airport by Sports Tours Ireland representative. 
Transported by coach to the Hotel to check in.
Our tour guide will show you around some of the bars and restaurants in the area.

Thursday 15th March
Breakfast served in the Hotel.
Transported by coach to the Irish Hockey Stadium for the Olympic Qualifier.
Entry to the tournament provided.
Taken by coach back to your Hotel after the Hockey tournament.

Friday 16th March
Breakfast served in the Hotel.
A private coach will collect you at your Hotel and provide a City Tour of Dublin (all day)
This includes a tour guide and entry to the Guinness Storehouse Tour and the Croke Park Stadium Tour.
You will be dropped back to your Hotel after the tour

And for those who may not know about the Guiness Storehouse Tour, just a mild insight:

On the fourth floor we invite you to pour your very own Perfect Pint of GUINNESS®. Our experienced GUINNESS® Ambassadors will teach you the craft of pouring the Perfect Pint; you will receive a certificate,(...)

As the NST Sunday Feb 12 puts it:

IT is an uneven equation that will see the Malaysian Hockey Confederation (MHC) taking some stick. Twenty-eight MHC and  State HA officials will head for Dublin on March 14 to cheer on the national team in the Olympic Qualifiers on March 8-10 in Ireland. The 18 players, with    eight working officials and 28 MHC statewide officials, will bring the total Malaysians in Dublin  to  54. 

"Yes, 28 officials from the MHC and also State HA officials will be in Dublin to cheer the national players as agreed in an earlier meeting," said MHC president Tengku Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah after the first MHC meeting in Kuala Lumpur yesterday.

And his reasoning?  "We hope to qualify for the Olympics, and if that happens, it would be too expensive to take MHC officials to London for the Olympics and that's why a decision was taken to travel to Dublin and watch the players instead," said Tengku Abdullah.

The 28 officials will be from 16 state affiliates, six MHC vice-presidents, the MHC deputy president and three independent members, secretary and treasurer.

As The Star Sunday 12 views it:
The national hockey team will not be short of support at the Dublin Olympic qualifier from March 10-18.

A total of 28 high ranking officials of the Malaysian Hockey Confed-eration (MHC) will be in Dublin to cheer on the 18 players who will shoulder the burden of taking Malaysian hockey back into the Olympics.

In addition to the 28 cheerleaders, the team will also have eight support staff, which means a 54-strong contingent to the Irish capital.

The decision to send the officials to Dublin was confirmed by MHC president Tengku Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah after an executive council meeting yesterday.

Every stick has two ends

In a break from tradition, I opted not to ask the MHC President Tengku Abdullah Sulatn Ahmad Shah any questions during the press conference after the meeting held on Saturday, February 11.

My reasons were simple, for I would allow MHC to have their full say and then provide comments since whatever we say or write falls on deaf ears anyway. So why bother asking questions when it is clear that the notion is MHC cannot do anything wrong?

Besides I had posed questions to the President via emails but did not get a reply so thus my lack of desire to pose any questions.

I had the utmost respect for the President, but I have to perceive things differently from now onwards. I have always believed the notion that the leader is as good as those who surround him and that has not changed.

It is clear that those surrounding the President have misled, deceived and above all kept the President from the truth. For the President had said in the past that he needed guidance and that he is getting, from all who just want to safeguard their positions.

If truth and betterment of hockey was the sole objective, then why was Tengku Abdullah not told things like how one official sabotaged the Junior Hockey League by coming out with unimaginable fixtures that clearly were an attempt to derail the efforts of the Technical Committee. At the same time perhaps the President will want to look at why there is lack of co-operation by the office staff towards the JHL when one is even given a vehicle?

Lets face the facts, the interest is not hockey but just what benefits they can get out of it. As the saying goes, give Tengku "cerita sedap" and all will be fine.


Having seen how hockey is being administrated in the country where personalities have total disregard to the rule of law in order to safeguard their positions, I have taken a long and hard look at the situation and decided to no longer administer websites for tournaments.

This is in line with the fact that MHC should be the body responsible towards providing information on hockey in the country.

And since the secretariat of MHC is so competent, the task should solely be theirs and thus the websites are available to parties interested to administer them.

I will only update my blogs and but these two sites will no longer provide results or news on tournaments or teams but will solely concentrate on matters affecting the running of MHC.

I thank you for the kind support over the years but believe that the underhand tactics employed by some personalities within MHC, some who lie while others who are more interested in trying to find out my source, with the Secretary even claiming I have access to their emails.

So rather then provide info, which is a free service so far, I will just comment. After all it was a blog that put most of these officials in their current positions

Saturday, February 11, 2012


Due to circumstances beyond my control, the following websites are available for takeover to any interested parties who wish to run them.

Kindly email me with your offer and the websites will be shut down effective March 5 should no offers be received.

It was a pleasure serving hockey fans and we shall leave the responsibility of disseminating information to the governing body of hockey in Malaysia.


Well instead of sitting down and writing what was discussed at the MHC meeting today, I have opted to list down some points that I shall elaborate upon in the next few days, amongst which are:

- incompetent MHC secretariat

- total disregard of rules

- clerk behaving bigger then the President

- list of Chairmen of sub committees

- Stout support for Dublin

- MWHA not dissolved

- Not learning from past in terms of preparation

- and a whole load of officials that could not care about hockey but there to save their sorry asses and positions.

So await the disclosures, facts and supported by evidence unlike MHC Secretary who cannot interpret the constitution correctly.

Friday, February 10, 2012


After the posting questioning the legality of the MHC Executive Board meeting, I had expected some form of response from affiliates. As expected a couple did contact me and agreed with what was written, even some former office bearers of MHF.

A day later the following email was sent to all affiliates, and only one affiliate contacted the governing body, seeking the funds for hockey purposes instead of going for the tour but rejected.

Suffice to say those who are invited for this junket never even turned up for domestic tournaments and I can safely say that from the 26 here, more then 22 did not even watch any Junior Hockey League matches.

And as so far as the domestic competitions last year, most of the office bearers never attended even the final of the matches, but for Dublin expect them to be amongst the first to line up.

Rather then take some office bearers who are only present when Tengku Abdullah is around, its best to take some budding coaches, development coaches and sports science experts who will contribute towards hockey in the future.
And as so far as the email is concerned, its put up to spot the mistakes....
Dear All
Further to Tuanku President's discussion in November 2011 after the MHF Council Meeting dated 20th November 2011 that a Tour will be organised to support our Malaysian Hockey Team to qualify for the 2012 London Olympic Games.
Tuanku President have agreed and provided the consent to go ahead with the intended Tour to Dublin to support our Malaysian Hockey Team. The representative that was agreed for the Tour were Office Bearers and each one delegate (preferably Council Member or nominated from the Affiliates).
Information on the Tour:
  • Total delegates - Office Bearers and 16 Affiliates (each one delegate, preferably Council Member). Expected about 26 to 28 people.
  • Is from the 13-19 March 2012
  • The Flight will be on the 13th March 2011 from KLIA to Dublin and leave Dublin on the 19th March 2012 after the event.
  • Hotel with Breakfast, Tour, Passes for Matches, Airport Transfer, Transfers for Matches will be provided.
  • Lunch and Dinner own arrangement.
Therefore, I would appreciate if each Affiliates could send me the following details so that the arrangements could be made - Flight & Accommodation in Dublin, Ireland:
1. Full Name
2. A Copy of Passport - front page only and make sure there is sufficient 6 months expiry timeline. 
3. If you need leave letter - please inform us as soon as possible with detail such as Employer's name and fax number.
I need this information latest by this Friday - 10th Feb 2012 and if I do not receive any details, I assume that your Affiliate is not keen to sent a delegate for the Tour.
The Itinerary:
                                                                                   Six days in Dublin:
Wednesday 14th March
Met at Dublin Airport by Sports Tours Ireland representative.

Transported by coach to the Hotel to check in.

Our tour guide will show you around some of the bars and restaurants in the area.

Thursday 15th March
Breakfast served in the Hotel.

Transported by coach to the Irish Hockey Stadium for the Olympic Qualifier.

Entry to the tournament provided.

Taken by coach back to your Hotel after the Hockey tournament.

Friday 16th March
Breakfast served in the Hotel.

A private coach will collect you at your Hotel and provide a City Tour of Dublin (all day)

This includes a tour guide and entry to the Guinness Storehouse Tour and the Croke Park Stadium Tour.

You will be dropped back to your Hotel after the tour

Saturday 17th March

Breakfast served in the Hotel.

Transported by coach to the Irish Hockey Stadium for the Olympic Qualifier.

Entry to the tournament provided.

Taken by coach back to your Hotel after the Hockey tournament.

Enjoy the St. Patrick’s Day festivities throughout Dublin.

Sunday 18th March

Breakfast served in the Hotel.

Transported by coach to the Irish Hockey Stadium for the Olympic Qualifier.

Entry to the tournament provided.

Taken by coach back to your Hotel after the Hockey tournament.

Mingle with other representatives of the competing Hockey Nations.

Monday 19th March

Breakfast served in the Hotel.

Taken by coach to Dublin airport

End of Tour

Thanking you and we will communicate from time to time towards a successful tour.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


The Malaysian Hockey Confederation meeting scheduled for February 11, 2012 ( Saturday) as per the notice below can be deemed as unconstitutional and ultra vires of the new MHC Constitution due to reasons outlined below.

This posting is to remind those who are holding on to their positions of the pledge one takes when assuming office, to safeguard the sacred constitution, and not interpret it to one's whims and fancies.

It is a wonder as to why this is being allowed to happen especially when there are supposedly so many personalities who claim to know hockey best and have the ability to convince the President of MHC into chairing it what can be deemed as an abuse of power simply by reading the constitution and understanding the provisions.

The notice of meeting states as part of its agenda that appointment of Chairpersons of Sub Committees will take place. And there are 13 sub committees, with 12 eligible persons ( as there are 10 vice presidents and 2 senior vice presidents). But with the Disciplinary Board to be independent and Finance Committee chairperson to be the Hon. Treasurer, so only 11 posts for 12 people, minus the Deputy President.

The above provision in simple English means that all office bearers of the previous MHC shall no longer hold to positions and thus an AGM or fresh elections ought to be held inline with the new constitution as approved on October 8, 2011. But as it stands the office bearers are clinging on to power.

It is very clear that the power to appoint the Chairperson of the Committees of MHC rests on the MHC Governing Council and not the Executive Board ( as stated in the notice of meeting above).

And to prove the shoddy work in preparing such an important document such as the constitution, read para O as pending the appeal to the Appeal Committee, the suspension remains in force until the Governing Council arrives to a decision. But where is the Appeal Committee in the constitution as no provision under formation of committees?

So if you are part of the new MHC and not doing anything about these matters, then you can be deemed as guilty by association...sounds familiar... not a cows tale.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


When mistakes are made genuinely then they ought to be treated as such, as mistakes.

But when mistakes are done through sheer arrogance, high handed ness and defiance, then they are not mistakes but actions aimed at deceiving.

The stark difference between the two is that the former can be corrected or put right, but only if those who made the mistakes appreciate that it was a mistake and are willing to make necessary changes to correct them.

But in the latter, the mistakes are ignored as those responsible seem to act as if that they are the know all and be all with regards to interpreting things.

Where is this heading to? Well stay tuned and once the legal experts have given their opinion this blog shall reveal as to who made the mistake and await if they are man enough to own up or continue to mislead.

Sunday, February 5, 2012


Malaysia produced another memorable win in their playing tour of Australia when they defeated Holland 2-1 in a friendly at Perth this evening.

While winning matches, especially against top notch sides like Australia and Holland is a morale booster, the team should look towards arresting their yo-yo form as inconsistency has been the bane of Malaysian hockey for many years.

And in Dublin next month at the Olympic Qualifiers, the squad needs to win matches consistently in order to make the London Olympics in July.

Still reeling from the 8-1 hammering they received against Australia on Thursday, the Malaysian players gave a better account of themselves to lead 1-0 at halftime courtesy of an Azlan Misron strike off a penalty corner rebound.

Holland equalised through Van Werden but Faisal Saari converted a penalty corner to record a memorable win, albeit in a friendly.

For the record Malaysia lost three matches against Australia ( 1-3, 2-5, 1-8) and won once (5-2).

Saturday, February 4, 2012


Well it was back to reality as Malaysia lost 1-8 to Australia in their fourth and final friendly against the world number one ranked team in Perth this morning.

Reality because even here in Malaysia some over zealous officials and journalists went overboard with praises after Malaysia had defeated the Aussies 5-2 in the third match on Thursday.

Obviously either these people do not know hockey or were fed with wrong information on the opponents line up.

Suffice to say that Australia did not field their first team in any of the four matches.

So a 8-1 defeat and the excuses will be learning curve, players not following instructions, defensive errors, not following game plan, over whelmed by the occasion and yes before I forget, we did not have our full team as Razie was out injured.

Let's face the fact, we still have a chance at Dublin, the players can do it as I am confident in their ability, just stay focused and be consistent as your coaches are in their excuses.

Friday, February 3, 2012


Encroaching the rights of a body that has complete jurisdiction with regards to hockey in a state is tantamount to challenging the authority of the recognised hockey body.

And that is precisely what the 1 MAS Steering Committee stands accused of doing in making changes to the structure in Penang without consultations with the state HA.

It is learnt that there is trouble looming with a veiled threat email dispatched from the island questioning the motives of the decision taken by the Steering Committee.

It is indeed baffling that personalities from the Steering Committee who are supposedly experienced have made a decision and despatched it directly without going through the proper channels.

It was only six months ago that the Chairman of the Steering Committee sent what can be described as a show cause letter to a state HA official who happened to be a MHF Vice President.

And the funny thing is that MHF or it's affiliates cannot question nor be allowed to query the accounts of 1MAS with the MHF Treasurer not even be allowed to sit in the Steering Committee as a member.

So what is so special about 1MAS or the Steering Committee?

God sent I suppose...

Thursday, February 2, 2012


Two goals by Tengku Ahmad Tajuddin Tg Abdul Jalil gave Malaysia a 5-2 win over Australia in their third friendly match at the Shenton College Stadium in Perth this evening.

It was a commendable effort by the Malaysians but the win was somewhat marred by a facial injury to key defender Mohd Razie Abdul Rahim.

Razie suffered the injury, above the forehead, in the 6th minute and after quick treatment on the sidelines was rushed to the hospital.

The player was hospitalized and kept overnight for observation and the injury will not affect his chance of playing at the Olympic Qualifiers in Dublin next month.

Australia fielded seven players from their Olympic bound squad with the likes of Mark Paterson, Liam De Young, Kiel Brown, Simon Orchard, Russel Ford, Brent Dancer, Mathew Butterini and Bevan George playing.

And having won the first two matches ( 3-1 and 5-2 respectively), the Aussies were expected to roll all over the Malaysians given that this was the first time the Malaysian players were playing on a blue playing surface.

But the injury to Razie somewhat affected their concentration as the players were visibly affected and conceded a goal in the 8th minute as development squad player Tom Wickham scored.

But Tengku Ahmad Tajuddin levelled the scores the very next minute via a deflection that had Aussie keeper Tristan Clemons beaten all the way.

Malaysia were then awarded a penalty corner and Mohd Amin Rahim made it count to give Malaysia a 2-1 lead.

It was strong performances from Mohd Marhan and Mohd Shukri Mutalib that ensured Malaysia walked off the pitch at halftime leading 2-1.

With Baljit Singh thwarting the Aussies efforts vis strong run outs for the penalty cormers, the Malaysians grew in confidence and Faisal Saari put them 3-1 ahead.

Firhan Ashaari and Tengku Ahmad then struck to give Malaysia a commanding 5-1 lead before Wickham scored the Aussies second goal.

The two teams will play their final match on Saturday befotre Malaysia takes on Holland on Sunday.

Footnote: The info on the match was provided by hockey friends who are not connected to MHF or MHC and nor from any team official in Australia who expect this blog to call them for details. And it's tax payers money that they use to go to Australia, while I pay my own expenses. So wake up from your slumber MHC and get your website working, clean it up.