Tuesday, April 30, 2013


The battle lines have been drawn between the teams in the quarterfinals of the TNB and President's Cup in the Malaysian Hockey League. And judging from reactions from the coaches, the matches are going to be close.

Tenaga Nasional Berhad will square off against Terengganu while UniKL will be up against Sapura in the two legged quarterfinals. The winner of the TNB v Terengganu clash will take on Maybank while the winner of the UniKL v Sapura clash will be up against defending champions KL Hockey Club.

Sunday, April 28, 2013


Maybank lifted their game at the right time to inflict a 4-2 defeat over Sapura that gave them the vital three points to snatch the TNBMHL Premier Division runner up spot at the National Hockey Stadium.

The win by the Tigers renders the match between Tenaga Nasional Berhand against Terengganu HT of academic interest and the bankers move into the semi finals by virtue of finishing second

It was a tremendous achievement by Maybank given the fact that the last time they achieved success was in 1994 when they won the league and overall titles while in 1995 Maybank were the league champions.

Friday, April 26, 2013


KL Hockey Club were in no mood to let Tenaga Nasional Berhad roll over them as they came back from 2-0 down to defeat then 5-3 at the National Hockey Stadium this evening.

The defeat made things more difficult for TNB to finish as league runner-up as all Maybank needs to do is defeat Terengganu HT in a later game to take the second spot.

And on the adjacent pitch, Nur Insafi Warriors registered their first win of the TNBMHL by defeating Sapura 4-3, coming back from a two goal deficit as well.


Maybank blew their chance to claim second spot in the TNB Malaysian Hockey League when they were beaten 4-3 by Terengganu HT at the National Hockey Stadium.

And on the adjacent pitch TNB Thunderbolts defeated Bukit Jalil Sports School 5-0 to set up a title showdown against Uitm for the Division One League title on Saturday.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Sapura have been blowing hot and cold in the TNB Malaysian Hockey League. And while they failed to maintain consistency in the Premier League, coach Tai Beng Hai is hoping for a change of fortunes in the TNB Cup that will take off next week.

Wary of the fact that consistency is the key factor in the knockout stage, Beng Hai will be working on several aspects of his team over the next week and hopes that they changes will be visible in the league matches this weekend.

Sunday, April 21, 2013


Tenaga Nasional Berhad edged UniKL 1-0 to keep their hopes alive of finishing second in the Premier Division of the TNBMHL at the USM Stadium in Penang this evening.

The win puts TNB a point behind current second placed Maybank at 18 points with two league matches each to be played next weekend in Kuala Lumpur.


When the TNB Malaysian Hockey League got underway, many had written off defending champions KL Hockey Club, especially when they lost six national players to Terengganu HT.

But champions are made and not born, and with that in mind, manager george Koshy and coach K. Dharmaraj started building the team again and in that process made some intelligent signings, especially foreign players.

That was not all for even the youngsters turned out to be key players in their quest to retain the titles they had won. And today part of that journey for redemption was completed when KLHC defeated Maybank 4-2 to retain the TNBMHL league title at the USM Stadium in Penang.

Saturday, April 20, 2013


At times I do wonder why I bother. But lest be accused all the time that I only complain, that is what some quarters claim, I took the trouble to prepare a proposal for the MHC Competitions Committee so as to further improve the MHL.

This was done after engaging some of the team managers and coaches on ways to make the MHL more interesting in the TNB Cup and Presidents Cup, both which get underway on May 1.

But the proposals were thrown out of the window by the smart Competitions Committee and I hereby publish the proposal for the reading pleasure of hockey fans, both domestically and abroad.

What this proves is that no matter how much good one tries to do for hockey in Malaysia, it will never be accepted by those sitting in high chairs.


In a study undertaken for two matches of the TNBMHL, these were the outcomes with regards to time being wasted for penalty corners:


Sapura took the following time to execute their penalty corners:

1)   61 seconds
2)   65 seconds
3)   38 seconds
4)   56 seconds
5)   66 seconds

Hence a total of 286 seconds being 4 minutes and 46 seconds utilised

As for TNB, these were the timings as follows:

1)   65 seconds
2)   66 seconds
3)   73 seconds
4)   62 seconds
5)   54 seconds
6)   63 seconds

Hence a total of  383 seconds, being 6 minutes and 23 seconds were utilised.

Conclusion: A total of 11 minutes and 9 seconds out of 70 minutes of the match were spent on penalty corner preparations.


Maybank took the following time to execute their penalty corners:

1)   73 seconds

Hence a total of 76 seconds being 1 minutes and 13 seconds utilised

As for UniKL, these were the timings as follows:

1)   89 seconds
2)   49 seconds
3)   71 seconds
4)   58 seconds
5)   61 seconds
6)   59 seconds

Hence a total of 770 seconds, being 12 minutes and 50 seconds were utilised.

Conclusion: A total of 14 minutes and 3 seconds out of 70 minutes of the match were spent on penalty corner preparations.


When a Penalty Corner is awarded, umpires shall (for the purposes of defenders to put on protective gear etc) allow not less than 45 seconds to pass before allowing the Penalty Corner to commence.

The engaged umpire shall give both the defence and the attackers signals as the expiry of the 45 seconds approaches. Upon expiry of the 45 seconds the umpire may allow the taking of the Penalty Corner, whether or not the defenders are ready. If the attackers fail to inject the ball within a reasonable time after that then the umpire may disallow the corner.

Note: the 45 second rule will apply only to the initial award of a Penalty Corner and not to any retake, or to any second Penalty Corner awarded before the ball has moved 5m from the circle.


A match consists of 70 minutes played in four periods of 17½ minutes each, separated by an interval of 2 ½ minutes at quarter and three quarter time, and of 10 minutes at half time. Teams will change ends at half time only.

The team which has taken the first centre pass will also take the centre passafter the first quarter break. The other team will take the centre pass after half time and after the third quarter break.


Video Umpiring will be utilised in the live play off matches only (including any periods of extra time and shoot outs required)

One umpire will be stationed within the Astro OB to monitor the match and view the replays and communicate it to the respective umpires via walkie talkies.

The Video Umpire procedures will be provided to teams.



Friday, April 19, 2013


KL Hockey Club may have collected the three points in their march towards the TNB Malaysian Hockey League when they defeated Nur Insafi Warriors 7-1 at the USM Stadium in Penang.

But the win came at a cost for Australian international Timothy Deavin picked up a green and yellow card, thus ruling him out of the crucial match against Maybank where a win would give KLHC the league title with two matches to spare.


UniKL came within minutes of putting a big dent on the hopes of Maybank to win the TNB Malaysian Hockey League title. But the Tigers are fast earning the tag of escape artists as they managed to find the equaliser and in the end it was points shared as the two teams played out to a 2-2 draw at the USM Stadium in Penang.


Sapura put a huge dent in the hopes of Tenaga Nasioanl Berhad to finish as league runners up when they defeated the Charity Shield winner 3-2 at the USM Stadium in Penang this evening.

While Sapura were naturally elated as the win helps them to consolidate their fourth spot, for TNB it meant that whatever mathematical chance they had of catching league leaders KL Hockey Club was now thrown out of the window and even the chances of catching up with Maybank looks highly remote as the Tigers have a match in hand and three points lead.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Just befotre the season began, Mohd Noor Faeez Ibrahim had second thoughts about playing for UniKL in the TNB Malaysian Hockey League as was made an offer too good to refuse by Terengganu HT.

But he did not trek east as did many other players and it could well be the best decision this budding player made for the good of his career. For the diminutive Faeez, or Petak as he is nicknamed, is amongst the top scorers in the MHL.

Monday, April 15, 2013


The TNBMHL goes into its penultimate weekend as so far as the league title is concerned and there is really not much to separate the teams at the moment as the matches move up north to Penang.

Hence the situation will be clearer, at the top of the table as well as the bottom, for one team will miss out on the knockout stage for the TNB Cup, that has now been rescheduled to May 1 and May 3 due to the general elections on May 5.

Sunday, April 14, 2013


Defending champions KL Hockey Club continued their relentless march towards winning the TNBMHL League title by blanking out pre-season title hopefuls Terengganu HT 4-1 at the National Hockey Stadium.

The win puts them four points clear at the top from their nearest challengers Maybank as the teams have four more matches to play each before completing the league fixtures.


UnIKL scored a sensational upset when they defeated Sapura 2-1 while Maybank had to depend on a goal twenty seconds from time to snatch all three points in a 4-3 win over Nur Insafi Warriors.

The wins were crucial for both teams as UniKL needed the points to boast their chance of a top six finish while for Maybank it was more crucial as it allowed them to stay within striking distance of league leaders KL Hockey Club.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Friday, April 12, 2013


KL Hockey Club lived dangerously before snatching a comeback 3-2 win over Sapura in the TNB Malaysian Hockey League Premier Division at the National Hockey Stadium.

And on the adjacent pitch, Terengganu HT exacted sweet revenge over UniKL following their 3-1 defeat last win to triumph 4-1 in the reverse fixture today.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013


National coach Paul Revington has been monitoring the TNB Malaysian Hockey League for the past three weeks and has given it the thumbs up from the competitive edge right to the ability of players and teams.
And he reckons the keen competition is good for Malaysian hockey as the national players are provided with good matches week in and week out thus keeping them on their toes as the new list of national trainees will only be revealed after the MHL is over.

Monday, April 8, 2013


The TNBMHL has reached its halfway stage and the issue of umpiring is once again being raised by the participating teams. While the teams are being diplomatic in their views on the umpiring standard, the majority however are concerned on the training and knowledge as well as interpretation of rules by the umpires.

Thus they hope that the Malaysian Hockey Confederation will stop providing lip service and take drastic measures to ensure the umpires get the right kind of support to officiate in a manner befitting the MHL. 

Sunday, April 7, 2013


Tenaga Nasional B erhad wrested the second spot in the TNBMHL standings when they defeated Maybank 5-1 in an ill-tempered match at the Wisma Belia Hockey Stadium in Kuantan.

At the halfway stage of the MHL, the two teams are tied on 12 points with KL Hockey Club having a four point lead over TNB and Maybank. And TNB deserved the win despite the fact there were several questionable decisions that went against the Tigers.

The match was littered with stoppages and the players questioned just about every decision the umpires Iskandar Rashdan and R. Anbanathan made.


KL Hockey Club edged Sapura 3-2 after coming from a goal down in a lacklustre display at the Wisma Belia Hockey Stadium in Kuantan this evening. And on the adjacent pitch, the woes of Terengganu HT continued when they were beaten 3-1 by unsung UniKL.

While KLHC will rejoice having retained their top spot at the halfway stage of the TNBMHL, they will surely be concerned at the sudden drop in form by some of their key players.

And as for UniKL, the win, their second in the MHL thus far will surely boost the confidence of the youngsters as they try to qualify for the quarterfinal stages.


" I never give them hell. I just tell the truth and they think it's hell." - Harry Truman

That is the state of hockey in Malaysia at the moment as I reveal things that certain personalities would rather see being swept under the carpet.

Take for example the competition calendar for 2013. It is in total shambles despite the fact that a proper calendar was drawn up last December and approved by the MHC President himself.

Ask any MHC official today when is the Razak Cup, and they will not be able to give you a direct answer.

Ask any MHC official why are the dates clashing between the Sultan of Johor Cup and the Women's Asia Cup, and they will stare at you with disbelief.

Ask any MHC official what and when will the Sultan of Pahang Cup be held, they will shake their head.

Ask any MHC official is the RNA Cup on as scheduled for mid April, you will get a look of disbelief and an answer like the forms are not out.

So the best thing to do is stop asking and make your own conclusions for getting answers from MHC is virtually impossible. They are so edgy that you will end up getting sued for asking the right questions.

Take for example to motion of no confidence filed by 12 states. Instead of taking any steps to resolve it, it seems that some of the 12 people who signed it received letters akin to show cause.

Well lets now ask this question. The MHC Umpires Committee has not met this year, so how is it that nominations of umpires were submitted for consideration to the Asian Hockey Confederation competitions.

This blog has now been given a copy of the nomination and will publish it in our next posting which is solely dedicated to the MHL and umpiring standards.

Coming back to the clash of dates for the Women Asia Cup and the Sultan Johor Cup.

According to AHF, which I confirmed during the AHF Congress on March 2, the dates for the Women Asia Cup have always been September 21-29. But the MHC calendar showed it for October.

The Sultan Johor Cup was slated for July but was shifted to September after Malaysia were given the hosting rights for the Semis of the World League.

Mind you September is a busy month as the Men's Asia Cup is from August 24 till September 1, and now we have two tournaments clashing.

But why fret, when knowing very well that the Men's Asia Cup is in August, somehow a Four Nation Women Invitational was slated overlapping the Asia Cup in August.

Baffled, confused, irritated, incompetence, choose what ever word that you want and risked being sued, for they do not make mistakes, as only bloggers who speak the truth are targets.

The truth is that all men having power ought to be mistrusted."- James Madison

Saturday, April 6, 2013


Tenaga Nasional Berhad warmed up well for their crucial match against Maybank tomorrow when they defeated Nur Insafi Warriors 5-0 at the Wisma Belia Hockey Stadium in Kuantan.

Had it not been for brilliant saves by Nur Insafi keeper Nasir Ahmad, TNB could well have walked away with a bigger margin of victory. But what was important to them was the three points and preserving their energy for the clash against the Tigers, where a win will elevate them to the second spot.


No wonder the Malaysian Hockey Confederation website and officials are mum about the results of the AHF Under 16 Tournament currently being played in Singapore.

For Malaysia were beaten, of all teams, by Bangladesh 6-3. It is really embarrassing as Malaysia has the much vaunted 1MAS program that is provided an allocation of RM3 million per year.

So after 3 years of 1MAS, we have shown tremendous progress, to be beaten by Bangladesh. I am sure the excuse will be there, ranging from that were not our best players to not enough preparation and so forth.

Well if excuses are to be dished out then how about answering this one simple question - why send a team in the first place?

Talking about excuses, the AHF website, run by top AHF officials from Singapore is really a joke. No wonder Asians are looked down by the rest of the world. All these Singaporean officials do is get places in FIH committees at the expense of the rest of Asia.

Look at the image below and see the level of incompetence. As for MHC, no need to lament over it, for the joke making its rounds is, it's on life support and affiliated now to the Bar Council.

Friday, April 5, 2013


Sapura moved into third spot of the TNB Malaysian hockey league when they defeated a gutsy UniKL 3-1 at the Wisma Belia Hockey Stadium in Kuantan tonight. The win gave Sapura eight points, two more then Tenaga Nasional Berhad who have a game in hand.

It was a well deserved win for sapura who employed the right tactics by allowing uniKL come at them before breaking out to hit their opponents on the counter.

The youngsters from UniKL played with commitment and passion but severely lacked composure. And they made several errors in defence that virtually handed the goals to Sapura on a platter.


It was to be the match of the week, but ended up being a mis-match as defending champions KL Hockey club humiliated cash rich Terengganu HT at the Wisma Belia Hockey Stadium in Kuantan.

KLHC walked away not only winning the match 5-0 and collecting all three points, but they also showed six of their former players now donning Terengganu colours that they made a wrong choice.


While the Malaysian Hockey Confederation gave its affiliates until December 31 to merge, it can now be revealed that as many as four states have yet to comply.

The mergers between the men and women bodies at state levels was a requirement following the dissolution of the Malaysian Hockey Federation and the Malaysian Women Hockey Association in 2011.

States were given the whole of 2012 to undertake the task of merging but it is now learnt that Selangor, Perak, Terengganu and Negri Sembilan have yet to merge, thus putting at risk the legality of the MHC.

It was the International Hockey Federation that wanted hockey in its member countries to be run by a single body. And MHC was formed while MHF and MWHA continued to run independently.

FIH called the bluff and Malaysia were at one stage risking losing its membership with the FIH.

Now that these four states have yet to merge, it is indeed baffling that MHC has done nothing to overcome the situation and risk facing the wrath of FIH.

For starters MHC ought to bar these states from attending any of its meetings, and the same applies to its officials that sit on the various sub committees.

Next will be to bar them from participating in all MHC tournaments as they are not properly constituted thereby putting a big risk on MHC itself.

And should all this fail to resolve the issue, the sensible thing to do will be to cancel their affiliation, get a local leader within the state to form a protem body that will cater for the need of both sexes and move on with life.

A bit drastic one might say but remember that UMNO was declared illegal due to two members voting. Same principle here.

Thursday, April 4, 2013


"We will serve no group or party but will hew hard to the truth as we find it and the right as we see it. We are dedicated to the whole truth, to human values above all interests, to the rights of man as the foundation of democracy; we will take orders from none but our own conscience, and never will we overlook or misrepresent the truth to serve the interests of the powerful or cater to the ignoble in the human spirit." - Motto of The Texas Observer

There is a reason as to why this entry starts with that note on truth. For truth hurts and more so if the truth is the truth.

Events over the past week have revealed who will speak the truth and stick by it while others perceive the truth to be what they are preaching, no matter how it affects the sport of hockey, something that this blog is all about.

Thus this blog is in the process of removing adverts, will no longer provide news on events but solely dedicate itself to give the readers what they want - the truth on Malaysian Hockey, the sordid affairs and the exposes of wrong doing.

No matter how hard one tries to help hockey in the country, it is a thankless and unappreciated task that ends up with people resorting to underhand tactics to ensure that the truth never sees the light of day.

Various means have been attempted, from hacking, threats, and even to some extent throwing names so as to instill fear into this blogger. I have been called names, degraded by some, even to the extent that some resort to being shy of using names their parents gave and write poison pen letters, so much so any lesser of a person would have packed up and left. I have no intention of rolling over and playing dead.

I will continue to write the truth, no matter what happens. At most one can just leave the earth, but knowingly that he has always stuck to his principles. Which reminds me of a story in another sport where this big wig of an official tried to throw his weight.

This person had all the connections, wealth and above all power. And he said that he can make my life miserable, turn me into someone who will go around with a bowl and beg.

My response was simple, today you have everything, but on judgement day we will be on equal footing, wearing the same type of cloth, wait in the same line to face our maker. The stark difference is I may die a pauper but with principles intact, while you may die with pomp and splendor but lacking in principles.

"But, indeed, the dictum that truth always triumphs over persecution, is one of those pleasant falsehoods which men repeat after one another till they pass into commonplaces, but which all experience refutes. History teems with instances of truth put down by persecution. If not suppressed forever, it may be thrown back for centuries." - John Stuart Mill, On Liberty.

Hence since its war that the Malaysian Hockey Confederation wants, then who am I to deny their request.

This blog will now solely dedicate itself to highlighting the weakness, abuses, wrong doing, illegality of what transpires on Malaysian Hockey, without fear or favour, without colour or creed, without any love for anyone.

For you can only die once, not repeatedly, for you can only have one life, so do justice while you can, for we wake up to a new challenge daily.

The war drums have began, lets go to war.


The attention for the TNBMHL this weekend will be on the likes of Tenaga Nasional Berhad and Terengganu HT as they have not lived up to expectations thus far in the Malaysian Hockey league that reaches its halfway stage when dust settles after the end of matches this Sunday in Kuantan.

Playing on the blue surface is bound to give some teams the "blues" as picking up points and staying within touching distance of the table toppers KL Hockey Club and second placed Maybank should be the aim of the likes of TNB and Terengganu.

PHF to host Malaysia soon ?

This is interesting news coming out from Pakistan. maybe someone in the Malaysian hockey Confederation or the national team set-up might want to have something to say.

Last I heard was in January 2012 when Pakistan invited Malaysia and the then coach Tai Beng Hai was not keen, due to security reasons.

ISLAMABAD - Pakistan Hockey Federation (PHF) president Qasim Zia has revealed that Pakistan would soon host Malaysia as they were in close contact with Malaysian Hockey Federation (MHF) and things were heading towards right direction. In an exclusive interview with The Nation, Qasim said on Wednesday: “Hopefully, the bilateral hockey series with Malaysia will be held soon as possible. We are also in close contact with other federations, but still the security concerns are holdin international teams from visiting Pakistan.”  He said their main task was the World Cup 2014 and the team would leave for Malaysia to take part in the World Cup qualifiers and Asia Cup while Pakistan would also participate in the Junior Hockey World Cup in Delhi. To a query about Pakistan-India bilateral hockey series, Qasim replied: “As far as the relations between both the federations are concerned, we are enjoying very cordial ties. It is the Indian government, which is the main hurdle in restoration of bilateral series.” “We will not play any direct series with them until and unless they fulfil the promises, but as the members of the FIH, we have to honour our commitments and have to play against them in international events, whether in India or somewhere else,” he added. He said the federation had given chance to young players in the Sultan Azlan Shah Cup to groom them at international level by resting key players Shakeel Abbasi, Rashid, Rizwan Senior, Waseem and Tauseeq. “I am quite satisfied with the juniors’ performance in the event.” He said Sohail Abbas was given too many chances but the age factor had taken its toll. “Imran and Atiq are doing fine job in short corners department and Tauseeq is also a very good addition.” “The main reason behind why juniors are not playing outstanding hockey is the fact that the international hockey has not been played in the country for the last few years. Though juniors are being given chances at national and international events yet we can't put too many young players in international events. But gradually the junior players will be provided chances to showcase their skills at international level,” the PHF chief said. When this scribe asked Qasim why the federation was not taking past legends on board and not listening to their genuine demands, he replied: “Soon after taking the charge as a PHF chief, I invited all the past greats and they were very much on board. They have same passion and affection for hockey, which we have and I also wrote them letters asking them to come and guide us how to regain lost glory of hockey. But I have not received any reply from them in this regard. My doors are always open for them. Taking this opportunity through this interview, I request all the hockey legends to come and discuss with us the ways and means to improve the standard of hockey. It will not only beneficial for hockey players and federation but also for the country to climb back to the same heights which we were once,” he added. “I am open to healthy criticism as I am very much open to suggestions. The hockey greats must come up with solid plans, ways and means, how to improve hockey and it is my promise I will do my best to implement all those suggestions in true letter and spirit,” Qasim concluded.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013


There was an interesting news report about Malaysian participating in the AHF Under 16 Tournament in Singapore that gets underway on April 4.

What was interesting was the fact that a coach from the Bandar Penawar Sports School was appointed to coach the team to the five-a-side tournament.

Mind you, read correctly, it is a Under 16 Tournament.

Unless Malaysia has a team that has suddenly vanished, can someone elaborate as to why the players from the National U16 Team, aka the Project 2017 team was not sent for this tournament. And while it is perfectly okay to say some players maybe overaged, but it seems that the coach appointed was not in the country as he was performing his religious duties.

What baffles more is the fact that there is this so called 1MAS Project, that seems to have held a camp in Penang just recently. Why was those players not selected to represent the country in the tournament in Singapore?

So really is the right hand aware of what the left hand is doing in MHC?

Or do we take the words of the Secretary General that said he had no details of the team?

Talking about the Under 16 Tournament, the statement by National Juniors Coach K. Dharmaraj should not be taken lightly.

He made it clear that there was no talented players in the recent Under 16 Tournament. And this further proves that the 1MAS Project has failed to produce quality players.

And if the argument is that they are to produce quantity, then how is it that the increase in centres, as directed by Tengku abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah just remained words?

Monday, April 1, 2013


Reality has finally dawned on Terengganu HT that life in the Premier Division of the TNBMHL is not a bed of roses. And the East Coast side is now looking to a change of fortunes having faced the stark reality that signing on established players will assure them of instant success.

In acknowledging this, Terengganu HT Team Manager and Hon. Secretary of Terengganu HA Mohd Saberi Salleh said that they were in the process of looking for a consultant to help the team in the coaching aspect.