Sunday, September 18, 2016

Understanding FIH Ranking System

The Asian Champions Trophy awards continental ranking points, not world ranking points. 

Continental ranking points affect the world rankings indirectly: from these points, a continental ranking is compiled which then translates to a certain number of world ranking points (1st within Asia equals 750 points, 2nd equals 700 points etc.) 

The change mentioned happens within the continental ranking for Asia. This is currently calculated on the basis of the results of the Asian Games and Asia Cup only, but in the future will be calculated from four tournaments in a four-year cycle, i.e. Asian Games, Asia Cup and two Asian Champions Trophy tournaments

To understand better let's take a look at the present scenario.

Malaysia is currently ranked 14th in the world rankings, 4th in Asian rankings based on the 4th place at the last Asian Games.

The total points Malaysia currently has is 866.

Pakistan is at 13th position with 935, Japan at 16th with 678 and China at 18th with 551.

The other Asian teams are India in 6th position with 1681 points and Korea at 11th position with 1025 points.

After the Asian Champions Trophy, at the next listing of the world rankings in January 2017, changes will reflect the positions team finished at the Kuantan tournament.

Meaning if Malaysia emerges champions, they will earn a maximum of 750 continental ranking points and adding to their FIH tournament points of 326 makes it a total of  1026 points overall.

But hold your horses as other Asian Trans too gain from the points depending where they finish.

Hence it is vital to know where the Asian teams stand based on solely FIH ranking points to further comprehend the whole matter.

Let's remove the continental points and just look at the FIH points

India - 911
Korea - 375
Pakistan - 235
Malaysia - 326
Japan - 183
China - 101

The points offered at the Asian Champions Trophy are as follows

Champs - 750
Runner Up - 700
Third - 650
Fourth - 540
Fifth - 495
Sixth - 450

One must also bear in mind that teams that qualify for the FIH Champs Trophy will gain points later this year as well.

So really for Malaysia to improve its world rankings it needs to break into the World Cup and Olympics and finish in a reputable position to gain points.

If not we will be talking on our rankings day in and day out, languishing where we are currently for years to come.

And before one seeks to twist the facts, the 2018 World Cup in India will have 16 teams. So qualification really is no big deal but finishing in the ranking between 1-8 will change our standings drastically. 

Friday, September 16, 2016

Teja - A life devoted to sports and history

He was easily identified as he always used to wear white turban and pants.

Serious and stern looking on the exterior but a man with such humility, warm hearted and friendly is the best way to describe Master Teja Singh Dhaliwal who passed away in Malacca on Thursday.

The 79 years old suffered a heart Attack at his home and breathed his last at the Malacca General Hospital.

Teja had undergone a by-pass operation in May this year and really never recovered from it.

My early introduction to a man that I later on admired upon learning more about him was at the Malacca Sikh Temple where Teja volunteered his services, also serving as the Treasurer in 2009/2012 especially during the annual prayers for Sant Sohan Singh Ji.

During my playing days I used to wonder who this gentleman was, always donning white pants, trade marks of his umpiring of Hockey and Cricket playing days.

A history teacher at Malacca High School, Teja also represented Malacca in both Hockey and Cricket and went on to become a Hockey coach that help mound the careers of players like Tam Chiew Seng, Tan Kam Seng, K. Embaraj, Lim Chiow Chuan, Chin Boon Ghee, Wallace Tan, , Sewak Singh, Tam Chew Meng even dating back to the years of Dato Dr. Mahinder Singh.

The MHS Hockey team held for years the record of defeating the Gurney School 36-0 in a Malacca schools Hockey tournament.

Former international umpire V. Sasidharan had the privilege of playing under the tutelage of Teja in Cricket for the government services tournaments.

" His managerial and human relation skills is something that I always admired and still hold on to as he taught me a lot, " said Sasidharan.

Teja was also credited with teaching history classes with distinction, often opting for story telling to make it more interesting for his students.

MHS had the proud record of being the best school in terms of History grades in the Lower Certificate of Education and Senior Cambridge exams with over 80 per cent scoring distinction when Teja was there.

Teja is the elder Brother of former international Harnek Singh and Brother in law of former MHF Umpires Board Chairman Lt. Col (R) Narinder Singh.

Rest in peace Sir and may the gates of heaven welcome this great personality as he meets his maker.

Good bye Teja, you will be missed but we will all remember you with sweet memories.

Pls be inform Late Master Teja Singh funeral will be held on Saturday 17/9/16 @4pm.. Cottege leaves residence 5204 C Taman Muhibbah Klebang @3pm to Jelutong Crematorium

Thursday, September 8, 2016

UniKL Sim for 4 points

It will be a crucial weekend for UniKL in the Malaysian Hockey League.

They will be up against Tenaga Nasional Berhad on Friday and take on table toppers Sapura on Saturday.

UniKL need to gather at least four points in the two matches to keep alive their hopes of making the semi finals.

It is the match against TNB that coach Arul Selvaraj is hoping to collect all 3 points to boast their chances of a top four finish.

" It is crucial for us to win against the likes of TNB and Naybank to make it to the semis," said Arul ahead of their TNB match.

" These two teams are our rivals for the semis as we have to be realistic that the current three teams occupying the top three positions will be hard to match.

" TNB are on a high after making the final of the knock out tournament but at the sane time may be tired as well as they played in the weekday.

" Hence my instruction to the players is to get an early goal and that will be the key to success."

UniKL had defeated TNB 1-0 in the first round league match but were on the receiving end in the knockout tournament, going down 1-2 in the last eight match.

An area that is of concern to Arul is penalty corners as UniKL have been wasting theirs as evident in their last three matches, scoring only twice from 21 penalty corners,

TNB are in great form both in conversion and Defence in penalty corners as Syed Syafiq Choulan has been scoring while keeper S. Kumar has been in his torment in defending shots at goal.

But UniKL have been pathetic  in both  aspects and need to improve on this to have any chance of beating TNB.

Players like Najmi Farizal, Mohammad Tousiq and Baljit Singh need to Herut act right.

And Arul might just opt to change Irish keeper James Caragh who has let it soft penalty corner goals in their last three matches.

" I cannot emphasise the importance of the match against TNB as it will be a make or break for our season," added Arul.

" We need to improve several notches to get the result we desire and I have faith in my players to deliver the crucial points." 

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Daunting Task Awaits UniKL

Going into the lions den is an intimidating task for anyone.

Thus one can only understand how UniKL feel as they take on Terengganu Hockey Team at the Batu Buruk Hockey Stadium on Friday.

What is more surreal is the fact that they will face the defending champions again on Sunday at the Pantai Hockey Stadium, the start of the second round matches.

UniKL have suffered two successive defeats in the past week, losing 2-1 to Maybank in the league and 2-3 to Tenaga Nasional in the knockout.

And they are well aware that they need to be at the best to avoid a mauling against a resurgent THT side that finally seem to have found its winning ways after a rather indifferent start to the season.

" It will be very tough against THT as they are several classes above us," said UniKL coach Arul Selvaraj.

" Getting one point off them in the two matches can be considered a huge bonus to us.

" We will have to play smart and not open ourselves at the back as they have players who can punish us.

" It will be important for us to make full use of any penalty corners that we are awarded."

UniKL have been poor in the penalty corners as evident in their last three matches where they only managed 2 goals from the 18 penalty corners awarded.

And they also were punished when conceding penalty corners as against TNB they let in two soft penalty corner goals.

With Baljit Singh and Mohd Sufi Ismat Rohulmin back in the team, Arul has a full team to pick from.

" We are injury and suspension free so we need to lift ourselves from the two defeats and get a good result this weekend," said Arul.

" It is a vital weekend and we have told the players that a point from a possible six is what we are looking at as we have to be realistic."