Saturday, November 20, 2010


Having purchased the URL after being told to look into having a website similar to the Azlan Shah Cup tournament, there has been no word nor confirmation on the subject matter.

Nonetheless work was done on the website with a counterpart from overseas who shares similar passion for hockey.

So there was a question mark, do we still go ahead with the website or dump the whole project?

We will proceed with the website, though it will be the UNOFFICIAL website hence no reference to the sponsors will be made. Funding to keep the website going will be sourced from various sectors.

However we will not carry the results nor report on the matches the same day they are played as it will be left to the official website.

But the unofficial website will strive provide a comprehensive information as you will be able to read views on the matches, plus get information on the teams.

We hope that there will be an official site for on our part we are opening options to teams  participating to use this website so that their exploits will be given good coverage for the benefit of their own sponsors.