Tuesday, September 3, 2013


The Malaysian Hockey Confederation Secretary has shown that he is more keen in playing politics rather then serve the interest of the Confederation. And he has gone out to who that playing the right cards can keep him in the hot seat, at the expense of hockey in the country.

It is indeed a shame that while the President of MHC Tengku Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah has made much effort to bring the lost glory back to the Tun Razak Cup, some of his officials are guilty of ensuring the event remains just another dying domestic event in the country.

For the Secretary made his displeasure known to the Organisors, the Pahang Hockey Association who wanted to engage my services to do Media Services for the Razak Cup. He told hem off and said that under no uncertain terms should they engage me. Perhaps he has his favorites and thus his objection.

But barely 48 hours before the nations Premier event takes off, not a single story appeared in any major dailies or television stations and this speaks levels of the Secretary's ability to engage the media and social media to carry news on this tournament.

The bottom line is you have failed. Take for example the MHC Twitter that is more interested in promoting the Women Asia Cup, the fact that UPM wins Masum, everything related to a particular office bearer in MHC who has the Secretary General " under control".

Why is the MHC website so pathetic, so much so that even the Razak Cup fixtures are not up on this MHC owned and administrated website? Is the website only to carry news that is a mere cut and paste from papers and that too badly done?

But the blame lies on the politics that the Secretary General is playing as he behaves akin to a holier then thou personality, but in reality cannot write a sentence to save his life.

Grow up please and start working and doing your job, and if you want to play politics please stand for elections and not hid behind the skirt of someone.