Sunday, February 7, 2010


Due to Internet problems I have been unable to update the blog on a regular basis.

And probably this is my last update until after Chinese New Year as I will be away for a whole week, by choice as I want to usher in the Year of the Tiger with peace and quiet, and not having to read some postings of insane people in certain papers and blogs. Suffice to say I may go check on happenings in Everton and Slovakia and bring back engines from Uruguay.

So coming back to the MHF Coaching Committee meeting and my chanced encounter with the Chairman on last Friday at Tun Razak Stadium.

The CC decided on the following coaches I am told. But a word of caution though, the members were told not to leak the information to blogs and the media but at least some had the dignity to defy such a stupid directive.

Dissemination of information is something MHF needs to rectify and when there is something to hide then there will always be people with conflicting opinion or it opens room for assumption,

The list I am told is as follows:

Senior Team: Stephen van Huizen and Tai Beng Hai. If the foreign coach comes then the duo will be assistants failing which Stephen assumes the role of Chief Coach.

Juniors: K Rajan as Chief Coach to be assisted by Nasir Mydin and K.Dharmaraj.

Under 16: S.Vellapan assisted by S.Prakash.

Except for the coaches for the Junior team, the others were unanimous choices discussed and proposed with the correct decorum.

For the Juniors team, it was decided by voting and the results are as the lineup indicated above.

I have respect for all the coaches named by the CC but still will share my thoughts on the dropping of Dharma as Chief Coach.

While the members of the CC acted within their rights, my opinion is that Dharma should have been given the role of Chief Coach of the Juniors. Rajan had his chance but fell short , largely due to the fact that he did not have enough time to prepare the team.

So the CC should have let Rajan take the Under 16 team and let Dharma remain as the Chief Coach with Velappan and Nasir to assist him.

Dharma has proven his worth in the various tournaments and giving him another year to evaluate his performances would have been the fair thing to do but obviously it was not the case.

Now that the CC has decided, going by the constitution the Management Committee cannot alter the list as the formation of the Management committee is by itself not provided for in the constitution.

So it is only the Council that can send the list back to the CC for changes and the Management Commiittee is duty bound to endorse the list provided.

All of this could have been avoided if the certain personality in MHF who is still upset for me calling the MHL a circus had done his work last year and made the changes to the constitution so that MHF will not be in this situation.

So Mr.Jester, the joke is still on you and only when you realise that by being honest will Malaysian Hockey progress, then we shall continue to argue and fight over personal matters at the expense of hockey in this country.

And being dishonest is something that all religions do not condone and by doing so one is only cheating themselves.

So will we the Management Committee do something good for Malaysian hockey for once and reinstate Dharma and let Rajan handle the Under 16. Let this be a sign that we are all in the game for the good of it.