Sunday, September 26, 2010

Nine Teams For MHL

Although the Malaysian Hockey Federation has yet to release the numbers with regards to the number of teams participating though the closing date was last Friday, it is believed that there will be nine teams in the fray for the Premier League.

Six teams are those who participated last season with another two being promoted from Division One.

But it is the participation of the ninth team that has raised eyebrows. For Negri Sembilan has submitted an entry and it is not a club but just a team from NS. The bending of rules by MHF to allow a team from beyond those who participated last year is akin to allowing a parachute team direct entry into the top flight.

But it seems that MHF is basing the justification of the parachute team on the players that are representing the NS team that is said to be negotiating with six Indian players, amongst who are a goalkeeper, with salaries ranging from USD2,000 to USD2,500 per month for these players.

However the registration of players is only due in November hence MHF ought to come clean on their basis of selection of teams for Premier League or risk being accused of making decisions not on set guidelines or regulations but rather which side of bed their officials get off from each morning.

And the MHF Competition Committee ought to decide in this issue rather then be named as the Incompetent Committee.

And the team is set to be coached by S. Vellapan who was formerly coaching Maybank.

A budget of RM350,000 is said to have been set aside and though the effort of NSHA must be applauded, the blatant disregards of rules must be nipped in the bud for MHF seems to be changing it's tone akin to the English weather.

And if what is written is true, then the news about the number of teams participating in Division One must surely be of concern as it seems only five teams are going to be in the fray.