Sunday, April 1, 2012


A power struggle to enhance their position seems to have broken out between two influential figures in the Malaysian Hockey Confederation.

And key to that struggle seems to be installing their candidate as the Secretary General, replacing Maninderjit Singh who resigned last Monday.

It is important for readers to understand the MHC Constitution which provides the President of MHC powers to determine the Secretary General.

In the past the Secretary was elected by the affiliates but a change in the constitution in 2010 saw it being turned into an appointed position.

And in 2010 the General Manager position was also merged together with the secretary hence one person wore two hats.

Coming back to the present scenario, while. DSP Mohinder Singh was approached and declined to fill the position/s vacated by Mike, some other names have also been thrown into the hat by these two office bearers.

Amongst those being considered it is learnt are former internationals Mirnawan Nawawi, Dato Poon Fook Loke, former TNB staff Johary Abdul Aziz, Malay Mail Sports Editor Johnson Fernandez, MHC Vice President Manjit Majid Abdullah and KLHA Secretary V. Rajanickam.

All of them have sound hockey experience and are administratively capable and can be counted on to fill up the vacant position.

But far from filling up the position, the battle amongst the two office bearers seems to be taking centre stage with each accusing the other of being the contributor towards the decision of Mile resigning.

And the stand of office bearers in MHC too seems to be baffling as some are willing to tell a white lie rather then make their stand.

It came about from the fact that Tengku Abdullah had informed the male office bearers of MHC that Mike had tendered his resignation and requested them to provide suggestions on a suitable replacement.

All but two of the Vice Presidents denied such a request was made by the President, opting to say that they are being left out of the decision making process.

So the drama continues within MHC and the poor cousins, the women in MHC seem to have been left out of the process, thus confirming the notion that they are just there to make up the numbers.