Friday, August 28, 2009


After having a two parter interview with Tai Beng Hai, which was picked up in totality by The Malay Mail and in bits by Harian Metro, the Deputy President of MHF Nur Azmi Ahmad responded with a stinging attack on Beng Hai, calling him a coward.

It's either Azmi does not comprehend English well or did not read the articles and responded in a manner totally unbecoming of a person entrusted with the position of being Malaysian hockey's number two man.

The interviews Azmi, were done prior to the MHF President giving the ultimatum to deliver at the qualifiers or risk being replaced. So get your facts right before you decide to open your mouth and accuse someone of Beng Hai's stature.

Now as so far as coward is concerned, why is it that Azmi refused at the MHF Council meeting in July, a suggestion put forward that he resign should the team fail to qualify? Azmi for the record is the Chairman of the National Team Management Committee, a body formed after the "new" MHF was elected into office last November.

And at that Council meeting Azmi had proposed to do away with the Selection Committee with its powers handed over to the Team Management Committee. Just imagine this, a proposal to do away with a legally constituted sub-committee that falls in the ambit of the MHF Constitution and replace it with a committee that was formed under the powers granted to the MHF President.

So really Azmi, go get your facts right and read the article as a whole. You should be proud to have a coach that is honest and one that does not fear to voice his opinions. Just how many times has your committee met or listened to the coach.

If there is anyone who should be a coward, then it has to be you Azmi and if heads are to roll, then yours has to be the first. Period.