Friday, January 17, 2014


Zahar Epi, a former Malaysian national Junior goalkeeper passed away this morning at the Seremban General Hospital after a prolonged battle of health complications.

The 52 year old Zahar hails from Tampin and kept goal for NS after being spotted playing for Tunku Besar Seconday School.

Zahar worked in PKNNS after leaving school and we travelled together before he settled down and eventually moved to Seremban.

One memory that I wish to share with friends is how Zahar met his wife. She used to wait for a lift from her colleague at the Esso Station in Tampin while Zahar and me used to wait for our lift across the road.

After a few weeks Zahar took the decision to approach her like a gentleman and love blossomed.

That was Zahar, bold, brave and charming, and he displayed his qualities on the hockey pitch in between the posts as well.

My regret is that we hardly kept in touch after I moved to KL to work but will forever cherish our moments together for we shared many stories travelling up and down from Seremban to Tampin.

You will be missed my friend, and my condolences to the family whom I hope to meet someday soon.

I know words will not soothe not ease the pain of losing a loved one, and really time never heals, but keep your faith as god will guide us through these dark moments.