Monday, December 15, 2014


Sometimes humans are blinded by emotions so much do that they forget history.

But when the leading English daily goes on to parrot what has been said, it goes on to turn half truths to truths this misleading the readers.

This was taken from The Star Online report.

"Terengganu coach Sarjit Singh was delighted to lift the double.

“We are the first team from outside Kuala Lumpur to win the league and overall titles. It is good for the development of the sport in Terengganu,” said the former national coach"

A history lesson for both Sarjit and the writer is in order.

Yayasan NS lifted the 1993 league title, and in 1995 won the overall title.

And in 1996 Yayasan NS won the Charity Shield, League and Overall Titles without losing or drawing a single match in the season.

And to top it all its Junior side won the MJHL title double in 1995.

So unless Seremban is considered to be in Kuala Lumpur, the facts presented in the report is false.

The ringgit note can blind people into stating things that only they believe in but it cannot change history please.