Wednesday, July 29, 2015


The National Sports Council has decided no longer to sponsor the annual National U16 Indoor Tournament.

The annual event held for the NSC Director General Cup is the only indoor tournament held in the country.

Despite the effectivenessof indoor hockey, MHC has largely ignored it and the last national championship for men and women was held in Ipoh in 2013.

"I told MHC officials that they should find a title sponsor if they wish to continue with the tournament,"said NSC Director General Dato Ahmad Shapawi Ismail when asked as to why the government body pulled the plug.

"I feel it's time to set the priorities when it comes to funding tournaments as NSC is already assisting in other tournaments such as age group and the Junior League as far as hockey is concerned."

The decision by NSC is surely a bitter pill for the state affiliates who not only now lose an event they used to be subsidized to participate but also are voiceless following the removal of the governing council in the MHC Constitution.

And it goes on to show the failure of its leadership and administration in failing to handle sponsorship and marketing on the sport.

Word has it that a major sponsor has also withdrawn its support lately after the failure of hockey to meet its international targets.