Saturday, February 20, 2016

Hockey In SEA Games

While it was great to hear that four gold medals will be up for grabs at the 2017 SEA Games, the challenge is now to Ensure Hockey will be competed at the bi-annual regional games.

Besides field Hockey, a five a side version for both men and women will make its debut.

At present only Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand are certain bets to compete in hockey at the SEA Games.

Indonesia are still suspended by the International Hockey Federation while Brunei may only compete in the men's category.

It is the Indo-China countries that need to be cajoled to participate, the likes of Vietnam and, Myanmar.

And this is where the Makaysian Hockey Confederation needs to play a vital role.

The time had come for MHC to spread its wings and play the big Brother role in South East Asia.

For starters we should offer these countries technical expertise in terms of attaching coaches to these countries.

Next is to get them to play competitively and the best way is to invite them to play in the Tun Razak cup and RNA Cup.

Open the First Division of the MHL to teams from these countries.

And for Hockey 5's start an invitational tournament by offering board Abd lodging to these countries to participate.

These measures not only helps Hockey develop in these countries but also will help Ensure Hockey continues its appearance in the SEA Games.