Sunday, October 11, 2009


The MHF Management Committee that met on Friday had only made statements with regards to the fate of Ismail Abu, Tengku Ahmad Tajuddin and Azlan Misron. But the meeting lasted some 3 hours and it comes as a surprise that MHF has not looked at the situation for Malaysian hockey as a whole, but rather limited their revelations to a matter that was discussed a couple of hours before at the National Sports Council Complex in Bukit Jalil.

MHF merely endorsed the decision taken by the NSC/MHF Joint Committee with regards to Ismail Abu as the decision in the morning meeting, which saw representation from MHF as well as the team coaches and management, was to accept the withdrawal and Ismail would no longer be punished.

I have one question though, should Ismail decide never to don the natiional jersey again, will he be entitled to the retirement benefit from Yayasan Hoki Malaysia? And if yes then why is Suhaimi Ibrahim, who did a Ismail Abu just before the 2002 World Cup is being deprived of his money?

But the million dollar question is what are the targets set by MHF given the fact that the team will somewhat be weakened and there is so much disunity in the team as well as between officials within MHF.

Deny all you want but there are factions within MHF, trying to "kill" each other of and one player was even told by a top MHF official not to retire should he be dropped from the final squad as he is certain that Tai Beng Hai will walk the plank after the qualifiers. And there are efforts to out the blame on the team manager, and some have even tried to take over the role of the team manager.

Well, let them carry on with their grand designs as the MHF/NSC Joint Meeting had made one pertinent decision though, that the team will be disbanded after the qualifiers, immaterial if Malaysia qualifies or not for the World Cup.

The scenario is such, if Malaysia does make it, then Beng Hai and company will retain their positions until the New Delhi World Cup. And this time Beng Hai will get his wish to select players and can no longer claim to inherit a squad.

However if Malaysia fails to qualify, then Beng Hai has to look for another job, the team disbanded and the quest to look for a foreign coach will begin. But they will not have much time as the MHL goes on till February and the foreign coach needs to get down to select a team for the Commonwealth Games as well as Asian Games next year, not forgetting the Azlan Shah Cup in June and the AHF Champions Trophy in April.

The fact of the matter is NSC has set the plans in motion to prepare a team for the Asian Games so that we can make the 2012 London Olympics on merit, but MHF is still in a denial mode, with one section praying Beng Hai will fail, the other for qualification, and the third force (to borrow a term from MCA) has no inkling how hockey should be run in this country.