Sunday, June 21, 2015


In what can only be deemed as a wasted opportunity, the Malaysian women's hockey team refused the chance to play in the Semi Finals of the World Hockey League.

Azerbaijan had failed to turn up in Belgium and FIH offered the spot to Malaysia who turned it down citing lack of time and preparation.

And France instead took over the chance by sending their team.

Who made the decision for Malaysia as some members of the Executive Board have no knowledge of the invite.

And more importantly no circular resolution was sent to the members of the EB or a public explanation given as to why a team was not sent.

Was it a decision made by Neelam Pari? For others were not aware of the invite nor consulted.

The CEO should come clean on this matter and clarify if the NSC was consulted as they normally finance the participation.

The irony is Malaysia played in Round Two of the World League in Delhi and lost out following a 1-0 defeat at the hands of Poland.

The team has just returned from the Sea Games thus preparation should not be cited as an excuse.

And by merely turning down the invite Malaysia wasted a chance to collect ranking points.

NSC Director Dato Ahmad Shapawi Ismail expressed his shock and dismay at what MHC had done.

"I am not aware of the invite and for sure we would have grabbed the chance to send our team there," said Shapawi.

"I will seek an explanation from MHC but am shocked we let pass a wonderful chance to give our players vital exposure."

It is hoped the MHC will shed light on what happened and why the team let slip a golden chance of exposure.

Citing late notice is not a proper excuse especially when partners such as NSC are not consulted.