Saturday, January 28, 2017

Early start for MJHL?

Teams participating in the Malaysian Junior Hockey League are up in arms over a decision that does not make sense.

Initially the teams were told that the MHHL would start in late March but a revised circular has stated that the MJHL will now commence on Match 2.

But the National Under 16 has been scheduled from March 18 to March 26 in Kota Kinabalu.

Thus many teams contacted this blog to voice their displeasure that the  MJHL will take a break for the Under 16.

They cited two main grouses - states will not release players to the clubs and also inadequate preparations coupled with rising costs of training teams should there be a break.

The teams rather have the MJHL start as planned before, which is the end of March and to be completed before the fasting month commences in the end of May.

A total of 22 teams had initially confirmed entities in December but the figure has now grown to 32 teams with the closing date extended to February 6.

Ironically no calling of entities has been done for the National Under 16, which will cater for boys and girls yet despite the event being held in March in Kota Kinabalu.

Teams will have to cater for their own board and lodging and the question of flights payments also needs to be sorted out.

On top of that the Teo teams in the MJHL from Sabah want their home matches to be played in Kota Kinabalu and it will be left to be seen if this will actually happen as teams from the Peninsular might be put off by the cost of flying to East Malaysia.