Saturday, June 17, 2017

A humiliating defeat for Pakistan.

A dispatch from London
Pakistan are looking at a quick exit from Group B after another disappointing performance.

On Friday they found the going tough when Canada pulled out all stop to beat them 6-0 in a rare display of attacking hockey against a former giant.

For Pakistan it was their second defeat in the tournament. On Thursday in their opening match they fell 1-4 to Holland.

The Pakistanis still have a chance to salvage their pride and also seek a place in the quarter finals if they can beat India or Scotland in their remaining matches.

Only the top four teams form the group will advance to the last eight.

It was one of the worst performance by a Pakistani team who failed to put up any show of resistance against the world number 10.

No doubt the Pakistanis are three rungs below the Canadians but the score line suggest a big gulf in standard.

Scott Tupper (4), Iain Smythe (23, 24), Foris von Son (28), Brendan Bissett (50) and Gordan Johnson (60) were the goal scorers.

Pakistan coach K. M. Junaid was loss for words in what he described as their worst result for the team against the Canadians.

“I do not know what to say and I also fail to understand how we missed so many chances at goal.

“You do not win matches if you do not score goals. We had the right strategy but the kissed made it difficult for us. This is a personal embarrassment for me” he said after the game 

“Now we have a difficult task in the last two matches butb there is no choice but to stand up and deliver. It is unthinkable not to make the quarterfinals, “ he said.

Pakistan play India on Sunday