Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Update: I was rebuked for using the word unfriendly by one of the coaches and said that the correct word was being professional. One can be professional yet project a friendly outlook. And it is not as if it is the state secrets we are after. Well the parting words were "friendship on line", I live by the sword and am willing to die by the sword is my response.

Perhaps stung by the remarks from the Malaysian Hockey Federation President Tengku Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah the other day on the performances of the national players in the ongoing Tun Razak Cup, both the coaches Stephen van Huizen and Tai Beng Hai seem to evade questions regarding the national team.

Currently there are 25 players in the national training squad and the two coaches were given the option of adding another 5 players into the squad by the MHF and NSC. And the Tun Razak Cup was to be used as a platform to identify these five players.

But one could probably get money out from Bank Negara rather then get these two coaches to say something if any player had caught their eye. All one could get out of them was that the are evaluating players and MHF will announce the list.

Either these two have been gagged by MHF or they are just being unfriendly.