Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Below is the report from Mirnawan Nawawi from Poland, had no time to edit due to limited Internet access.

1st Test VS Poland U 21
Update match number 8

Project 2013 vs Poland U 21
Sroda Sports And Recreation Centre

Result: Project 2013 4 - 4 Poland U 21

Sroda is located about 30km from Poznan by bus.

1st half: In the 4th min, a move started from the Skipper Mohd Nor Faez everhead ball find Amir Farid who beat the Polish keeper and cooly pass to Firhan Ashaari to score the 1st goal. The Polish equalise in the 20th min via their 1st PC. However the Project's taken the lead again in the 21st min via 1st PC by Mohd Sabri. The Polish again scored the equaliser in the 24th min thru a FG.The Project's have the oppurtunity to take the lead again when they won their 3rd PC thru Syamim Yusof but Mohd Nor Faez fail to convert from direct attempt.

1st half PC - Project 3 PC's opposed to Polish 2 PC's

2nd half: The Project's started with the attacking mode and won their 4th PC's thru Syamim Yusof and Moh Sabri again scored the 3rd goal 2nd his personal with a top net direct attemp. However the Project's again let the Polish comeback to the game when they scored the equaliser in the 43rd min thru PC.The Project's won 3 PC's in 50th and 52nd but failed to score. The Polish too won a PC in 47th min but good goal keeping by Shahrul Azaddin denied the Polish. In the 57th min the projects gain the lead for the 4th time thru PC set pieces finished by Hizzat Hakimi Jamaluddin. The projects have the oppurtunity to add the score however attemp by Firhan Ashaari hit the post eventhough the Polish Keeper was beaten. In the 62nd min the Polish manage equal the score for the 4th time when they score thru a PC goal melee.

2nd half PC - The Project 4 opposed to Poland 3.

In considering the age factor and experience of the Polish, overall the team played well especially the forward Amir Farid, Firhan Ashaari and Syamim Yusof creating a lot of chances and creating PC's for the team. However they need to sharpen up their goal scoring skills in which only Firhan Ashaari so far has been scoring in most of the games. Positioning in receiving passes from the ball carrier in the D must be improve

The midfield exccept for Fitri Shaari and Joel Van Huizen need to buck up. Need to be more compose and be more stronger with the ball especially when facing the much more physical Polish. Need to cut down unforce error.

In defence need to be more tighter and taking their man fast. Need to stop giving some easy PC's to the opponent. The Polish scored their 3 goals thru PC.

Lastly need to learn how to keep the lead and do not allow the opponent to get back into the game not once, twice, third but fourth time.

The pitch too actually is one of the reason coz it's new and quite bouncy and slippery. Resulted the players late in settling down.

So far no serious injury to the boys.

Our team personal target is to win the 3 test series against the Polish eventhough we know that the Polish are U 21 and more experience. They are in the midst of prepairing for the U 21 European Championship in Poland starting 24th July and are in a good condition. We have set a high benchmark but it is possible to achieve. We have told the players that we need to win trow match if we would want to win the series. We want to see how they handle the pressure to win games.

We were host by the Polish Hockey Federation for a dinner after the game just now and again there will be an official dinner trow host by the Mayor of Sroda after the game. So far the Poland Hockey Federation has been nice to us. And we should take note of that for future reference.

Trow the 2nd test is at 6pm at the same venue.