Wednesday, February 23, 2011


There are indications that the coaching set up of the national team could well see some changes when the Management Committee of the MHF meets in Malacca this Saturday.

And the vocal Stephen van Huizen could well pay the price for speaking out on issues affecting his assistant Tai Beng Hai at the last Management Meeting held on January 29.

Stephen raised the issue with regards to the salary of Beng Hai as well as the delay in providing a new contract both for Beng Hai and him. And he also stated his displeasure that the issue had dragged on for too long despite the national team finishing their assignment at the Asian Games in November.

Though Stephen had raised this matter at the National Team Management Committee meeting held on January 16, the slow or rather lack of initiative led him to spill the beans infront of the MHF President.

And Stephen went a step further, by asking MHF to consider naming Beng hai as the Chief Coach and in the process redesignate him.

This riled up the Deputy President and his henchman in the MHF Committee and the process of eliminating Stephen began from then.

Though the President met up with Beng Hai, Stephen was not invited for the meeting.

And when the MHF Deputy President and Hon. Secretary attended the JKK Meeting ( Joint Committee ) with the NSC, it was told that a decision on the coach will be done on Feb 26.

Here is where it gets interesting as the meeting was also informed that the MHF President had rejected the proposal from Stephen to re-designate him.

So will Stephen pay the price for speaking up against the injustice his assistant had to endure?

We shall await the outcome on Feb 26 and have been told that it will remain status quo. Let's see.