Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Gross inefficiency seems to be the key word in MHC of late and the fact is further illustrated with an update on their website this morning.

From showing scant respect to the title of Datuk to having not updated the Chairmanship right down to a blatant error of using MHF, is something unforgivable. 

Last I checked the Senior VP is Datuk Nur Azmi Ahmad. Chairman of Competitions Committee is M.Gobinathan.  Finance Chairman is Dato Abdul Rahim Md Ariff. And there is no such committee as Legal and Special Projects.

And its now MHC and not MHF, since a year ago.

The images below were taken from the MHC website this morning after their latest update.

Trust me they will take it down and make the necessary changes after reading this blog , but gotcha.

Its a crying shame when those holding positions have waged war when a simple five letter word will suffice.