Tuesday, April 19, 2011


For lashing out at an umpire, Nur Insafi player and ex international Keevan Raj was suspended for 21 months by the MHF Disciplinary Board that never called the player to present his defense.

In what must be a first, MHF held their DB meeting on April 6 under a cloak of secrecy and only informed Keevan of his suspension via an email on April 18. Speaks volumes of their efficiency .

And the umpire, who was seen on video attempting to kick Keevan was not even hauled up and yet rewarded by an appointment in the upcoming Sultan Azlan Shah Cup.

More details later as it's believed that there is evidence of MHF lack of professionalism in handling the hearing, if it's to be called one as the player was not given a chance to a fair trial as the decision taken was in absentia.