Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Suhaimi Ibrahim will not get his dues from Yayasan Hockey Malaysia and the Malaysian Hockey Federation are doing little to help the former international.

Suhaimi, who hails from Gemenceh, a product of the Sekolah Menengah Dato Mohd Taha development program, last represented the nation in 2002, having opted out of the national team for the World Cup in Kuala Lumpur that year.

For his services to the country, and the number of international caps, Suhaimi was to receive RM20,000 as retirement fund, but got nothing till today. His case was brought up at the Board Meeting of Yayasan Hoki Malaysia but was turned down.

The Yayasan Hoki Malaysia Board listened to an appeal put forward by Maninderjit Singh, the General Manager of the Malaysian Hockey Federation and turned it down as they felt that Suhaimi had quit while his services was still required and that it was a case of indiscipline.

There are two pertinent questions that require some answers from the MHF. Why did they have their General Manager represent them in making the plea to the Yayasan Hoki Malaysia Board? Wouldn't it be more appropriate and politically correct to have its principal office bearers represent MHF, in the likes of its Deputy President and hordes of Vice Presidents? Or was it a case that the current set of MHF officials have adopted the "tidak apa" syndrome that is the in thing in Malaysian sports today? Mike did his level best, I will guess, but the fact that MHF top guns were not there in person to plead the case is peculiar.

Next we have the issue of being indisciplined. Now did MHF, at that material time, forward the case of Suhaimi abandoning the national team to its Disciplinary Board? Or was any form of action taken on him from 2002 till today. Its like a malay proverb, Kalau telan, mati emak; kalau ludah, mati bapa.

So will the MHF now be kind enough to pay Suhaimi his dues since he had served the nation unselfishly or are they opting to make him into a living example to threaten other players into continuing playing for the country?

Or will there be any sane person out there who has the interest of hockey at heart and start a campaign to collect the RM20,000 due to Suhaimi from the public via donations or staging of a match between players from Suhaimi's era and the present team?

Or will we let him suffer, as has been the case and lend credibility to the notion that only when you are needed you are cared for thus making it easier for parents to keep their children away from playing hockey.

The father of four boys who hails from Gemencheh first made his mark when representing Sekolah Men Dato Mohd Taha Gemencheh in the Champions Schools tournament before donning the YNS colours in the Junior League. He currently works for Maybank and has been their key player in the MHL.

And he will once again regret the day for taking up hockey I am sure. Or perhaps the article below will give Malaysian players something to think about...

To smoothen the affiliation process and promote induction of former players in administration, Hockey India has floated the idea of setting up athletes' commissions at the national and state levels.

Hockey India Secretary Mohammed Aslam said the commissions would ensure formation of unified bodies in the states and their recommendation would be final when it comes to granting affiliation.

At the state level, the commissions will ensure that the services of former players are utilised in team selection.

“All the players and officials have to get themselves registered with the athletes' commissions and players with national and international experience would be included in the selection committees,” Aslam told Hindustan Times.

“Like we have done at HI, the president and secretary won’t have any say in selection process, and even the technical committee people will be those with a hockey background,” Aslam said.

On the merger of the men's and women's bodies at the state level, Aslam said it was not Hockey India's headache.

“How can we ensure merger of the existing bodies in the states? But we will give affiliation only to new unified bodies.”

“Hockey India is a separate entity though it has involvement of people from IHF and the IWHF, it will have own bodies in the states. We will recognise only those bodies that are approved by the athletics commissions.