Thursday, September 3, 2009


Former national skipper S. Kuhan shares his views on the Malaysian team's chances for the World Cup Qualifier in New Zealand.

It really does not matter which group Malaysia is in. If you look at all the three groups, they all look tough. Being in a group with China and New Zealand is going to be tough.

New Zealand to me may have a slight advantage playing at home but we still have two months to whip up a formidable side. Teams like New Zealand and China have been playing quite well over the last few years, but I still believe they can be beaten.

The players must realise that playing in the World Cup/Olympics does not come easy and hard work and upmost comittment/dedication cannot be compromised. It is still very much possible to qualify and with proper planning , it certainly is something within our grasp.

A week ago England , a team no one gave a chance are champions of Europe.Despite all complaints and dissatisfaction about the national team (committment, attitude etc), every Malaysian sincerely wants our team to be in the World Cup.

So lets all work together, support the team put everyone's differences aside and hope our team qualifies.