Wednesday, November 21, 2012


After a journey that took almost 27 hours including transfers, the national hockey team arrived safely at Buenos Aries Argentina to participate in the Champions Challenge I that commences this Saturday with Malaysia opening their campaign against Poland.

With a time difference of 11 hours ( Argentina is behind us ) the players settled down right away and were on the pitch hours later.

And they defeated Ireland 3-2 in what can be described as a postive development for the Paul Revington coached side.

Faisal Saari scored a goal while Ismail Abu made a splendid comeback by smashing in two goals.

" The players are in high spirits and even though it was a long journey, it did not dampened their enthusiasm and are looking forward to the start of the tournament," said team manager when contacted.

"It was a smooth flight and no luggage what so ever was missing and thats a good omen.

"Though tired, the players did not show any effects in the match against Ireland."

Koshy added that every thing was in order and players were well focussed on the task at hand.