Monday, May 30, 2011


The Project 2013 Squad were in Australia and are heading towards New Zealand next in what can be described as a touring time for the various national teams.

For the National Under 16 squad are heading for Manhiem next week to compete in the 4 Nations Invitational.

And the national senior squad will be leaving for Europe soon as they have two matches lined up against Holland before a Test Match against Russia on June 20.

The senior side will then play in a 4 Nation Tournament in Moscow that will see the hosts together with Ukraine and South Africa competing for honors.

And after the Moscow the senior side moves to Spain as they will play two test matches against the Spanish national team and two against their juniors.

In all the senior side will be overseas for 24 days, playing 11 matches inna space of 18 days minus their travel dates.

The Project Side are not left out for after the Down Under tours, some players will play in the AHF Under 18 tournament in Singapore while the others in the National Under 21 in Johor Baru.

Following which the Project Squad moves to Europe on July 3 and will return a day before the Razak Cup proper gets underway in Malacca, which will see the Under 16 side competing as well.

It's in August where the troubles begin for the senior side as plans were made for five test matches in Argentina from 20 to 28 August.

However the fact that the Asian Champions Trophy in China is on September 3, that will make it virtually impossible to honor the Argentina dates.

But no such problems for the Project Squad as they will be in India it is said in August.

You read it here, not on the official MHF website though where information should be posted....