Wednesday, June 8, 2011


There was a function of some sorts in Seremban today, something to do with the much talked about 1 MAS Program. I will not touch on it for the simple reason I was not invited to the event.

But upon checking with other hockey writers, I realised that they too were never informed on the event nor received any invitation on it.

And my worst fears were confirmed, when I received a copy of the invite from another journalist friend and saw the list of email addresses on it. Clearly it shows that the administrators of the 1 MAS Program either do not read newspapers or they have no inkling what hockey is.

Or maybe the fact that the supremo of the 1 MAS Program was not in the country, away with the National Under 16 Team was something they wanted hockey writers to avoid asking. Was told the list of invites was vetted by him, so obviously he knows who the writers are.

Not only that fascinated me, but the invite said that the MHF President was to hold a Press Conference at 5.45 at the Seremban 2 Hockey.

Why did the MHF and the MHC not inform the media of meetings held at Allson Kelana in Seremban today? Where is the communication with the media on the part of the MHF? And mind you they have full time paid staff as well as a designated media committee.

Important decision were made at that meeting. And this blog will not write about it until tomorrow as I too want to see what kind of selective information is revealed by the MHF as once again no hockey writers were informed.