Saturday, April 6, 2013


No wonder the Malaysian Hockey Confederation website and officials are mum about the results of the AHF Under 16 Tournament currently being played in Singapore.

For Malaysia were beaten, of all teams, by Bangladesh 6-3. It is really embarrassing as Malaysia has the much vaunted 1MAS program that is provided an allocation of RM3 million per year.

So after 3 years of 1MAS, we have shown tremendous progress, to be beaten by Bangladesh. I am sure the excuse will be there, ranging from that were not our best players to not enough preparation and so forth.

Well if excuses are to be dished out then how about answering this one simple question - why send a team in the first place?

Talking about excuses, the AHF website, run by top AHF officials from Singapore is really a joke. No wonder Asians are looked down by the rest of the world. All these Singaporean officials do is get places in FIH committees at the expense of the rest of Asia.

Look at the image below and see the level of incompetence. As for MHC, no need to lament over it, for the joke making its rounds is, it's on life support and affiliated now to the Bar Council.