Tuesday, April 2, 2013


There was an interesting news report about Malaysian participating in the AHF Under 16 Tournament in Singapore that gets underway on April 4.

What was interesting was the fact that a coach from the Bandar Penawar Sports School was appointed to coach the team to the five-a-side tournament.

Mind you, read correctly, it is a Under 16 Tournament.

Unless Malaysia has a team that has suddenly vanished, can someone elaborate as to why the players from the National U16 Team, aka the Project 2017 team was not sent for this tournament. And while it is perfectly okay to say some players maybe overaged, but it seems that the coach appointed was not in the country as he was performing his religious duties.

What baffles more is the fact that there is this so called 1MAS Project, that seems to have held a camp in Penang just recently. Why was those players not selected to represent the country in the tournament in Singapore?

So really is the right hand aware of what the left hand is doing in MHC?

Or do we take the words of the Secretary General that said he had no details of the team?

Talking about the Under 16 Tournament, the statement by National Juniors Coach K. Dharmaraj should not be taken lightly.

He made it clear that there was no talented players in the recent Under 16 Tournament. And this further proves that the 1MAS Project has failed to produce quality players.

And if the argument is that they are to produce quantity, then how is it that the increase in centres, as directed by Tengku abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah just remained words?