Tuesday, September 10, 2013


The Malaysian Hockey Confederation inability to get a proper administration to manage hockey is a well documented fact.

But to shift the blame on others and hide their own inefficiencies is something that should raise concern for HRH Tengku Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah.

For the MHC has laid blame squarely on the shoulders of the Pahang Hockey Association, the state in the centre of the storm, and mind you it's not a storm in a tea cup.

For Pahang registered and fielded a player, Mohd Aminuddin Abu in their Razak Cup squad and the player went on to play for Pahang in their opening match of the Division One against Perak.

But this player who was suspended two years ago for a doping of fence still has more then a month to run for his suspension.

So Pahang HA registered him and played him. But now MHC says its Pahang's fault for not checking his status.

So what was the Managers meeting, the Tournament Director and the MHC Competitions Committee doing about all this? Are they not to be blamed at all?

This is not the only issue for Robert Alacantara and Mohd Rodhanizam Mat Radzi were suspended by MHC for playing in the unsanctioned Indian Hockey League but upon appeal saw the ban reduced to a RM1,000 fine each. They are to remain suspended till the fine was paid.

A week ago one of the players told me that he had yet to pay the fine. But they were registered and are playing for Pahang in the Razak Cup.

When the other teams asked about the status of their fines, MHC told them it was paid but could not produce the receipt for the payment of the fines, thus further casting doubts on the MHC, something Tengku Abdullah does not need.

Now back to fielding an in eligible player, the rule is simple, the team loses the match 3-0 and gets thrown out of the tournament, that is if MHC wants to adhere to rules.

It is clear that rules have been flouted and the MHC to cover their own deficiencies have opted to "close one eye" on this matter.

There is no doubt rules have been flouted and someone needs to answer for it, be it with resignation or sacking. But then MHC has always covered for each other, you scratch my back I scratch yours.

Wonder if things were to be handled differently if the team involved was not Pahang!