Friday, September 20, 2013


There were several surprises when the national team of 30 was named by Paul Revington today.

With the national juniors out of bounds, due to their commitments for the Junior Word Cup, Revington was forced to recall several players that have been left in the cold for the past few years.

Among them are Mohd Madzli Ikmar who last don national colours at the Dublin Olympic Qualifiers in March 2012. Also recalled to the side is S. Selvaraju who last played in the 2009 Invercargill World Cup Qualifiers.

Other notable names in the list are Megat Azrafiq Mwgat Termizi, Engku Abdul Malek Engku Mohammad, Harvinder Singh, Ismail Abu, Mohd Noor Faeez Ibrahim and keeper Kairulnizam Ibrahim.

Some players like Dangerous Lee, Azrul, Harmesh Singh and Jiwa Mohan were however surprisingly left out.

“Dangerous/Azrul/Harmesh are still "U21" and I purposefully stayed clear of this group of players as per the arrangement with the Juniors Coaching staff last year when we drew up the calendar,” clarified Revington.

“These guys are for the Project 2013 coaches to train without any crossover with the Senior Squad. 

“I want to see if the experience of Madzli/Megat/Engku will add something to our defense over the coming months.

“Megat and Engku are only 29 years old and will be given a path in the absence of Faiz Helmi and Izad Hakimi and with the increase of Squad from 26 to 30. “

Meanwhile Selvaraju was elated with his recall.

“It is indeed good to be selected again and I will redouble my efforts during training and hopefully make the grade for the final 18 for the various tournaments,” said Selvaraju.

“It may be tough but I intend to fight every inch to get a place into the World cup squad.

“The journey will be tough but getting recalled is a good start.”

1.     Ahmad Kazamirul Nasaruddin
2.     Amirullah Zainol
3.     Amir Farid Ahmad Fuzi
4.     Azlan Misron
5.     Azreen Rizal Nasir
6.     Baljit Singh Charun Singh
7.     Engku Abdul Malik Engku Mohamad
8.     Faizal Saari
9.     Hafifi Hafiz Hanafi
10. Harvinder Singh
11. Ismail Abu
12. Izwan FIrdaus Ahamd Tajuddin
13. Jivan Mohan
14. Kairulnizam Ibrahim
15. Kumar Subramaniam
16. Megat Azrafiq Megat Termizi
17. Mohamad Sukri Abdul Mutalib
18. Mohd Madzli Ikmar Mohd Nor
19. Mohd Shahrun Nabil Abdullah
20. Muhamad Amin Rahim
21. Muhammad Azammi Adabi
22. Muhamad Ramadan Rosli
23. Mohammad Marhan Mohd Jalil
24. Muhammad Noor Faeez Ibrahim
25. Muhammad Razie Abdul Rahim
26. Nabil Fiqri Mohd Noor
27. Noorhizat Sumantri
28. Roslan Jamaluddin
29. S.Selvaraju
30. Tengku Ahmad Tajudin Abdul Jalil