Saturday, April 5, 2014


Nope this is not a lewd posting but rather a question of balls being used at a premier tournament.

The balls being used are of training quality, alleged a team and they said that the match officials concurred with them.

And mind you the umpires and technical officials are of FIH standard.

But when the matter was raised to the relevant officials, it was brushed aside, and this happened twice.

Of course the Committee will not lift a finger on it as they lack scrotal gumption to do anything.

And after the unfortunate incident about the MRSM student who died tragically having been struck bylightening, one would expect due care for the poor ball boys.

While the Technical Officials strut around with their specially stitched shirts, spare a thought for the ball boys who do not receive a t shirt let alone a rain coat.

Would the committee let their own children work under such circumstances?

Truly living up to the Kampung League status.

Await the next story on how certain teams are privileged