Monday, December 12, 2011


The FIH today released its updated Men’s World Ranking following the conclusion of the Champions Trophy and Champions Challenge 1 tournaments in early December.

Malaysia moved one rung up, from 14 to 13 but before those at Bukit Jalil start thumping their chests, please note that only 3 points separate the two spots as Canada are in the 14th spot with 1116 points and Malaysia in 13th with 1119 points.

And mind you Canada defeated Malaysia 3-1 at the Champions Challenge.

So rankings will count for nothing if we do not qualify for London 2012 and to do that we need to win matches from the start and not depend on a format which MHF made a joke of and then relied to achieve their target of 5th. More on that in the next posting.

Australia defended its top spot in the World Ranking after claiming the gold medal at the Owen G. Glenn FIH Champions Trophy in Auckland, New Zealand. In fact, the first change to the updated ranking isn’t until the fourth position, which England took over from Spain.

Belgium moved up once place from 12th to 11th after winning the FIH Champions Challenge 1 in Johannesburg, South Africa. Belgium took over the 11th spot from Canada, which was the biggest mover in this edition of the ranking, falling three places to #14 after a last-place finish in Johannesburg.

FIH Men's World Ranking

Below are the current World Ranking positions for the men's teams.

The FIH World Ranking is updated after any major international events -- approximately 3-4 times per year.

The latest update to the World Ranking was on November 1, 2011 following the conclusion of the Continental Championships.

1 Australia 2188
2 Germany 1988
3 Netherlands 1855
4 England 1662
5 Spain 1650
6 Korea 1490
7 New Zealand 1395
8 Pakistan 1315
9 Argentina 1292
10 India 1288
11 Belgium 1150
12 South Africa 1130
13 Malaysia 1119
14 Canada 1116
15 Japan 865
16 Ireland 839
17 China 830
18 France 751
19 Poland 729
20 Russia 661