Sunday, October 2, 2011


It is now clear that MHF leaks and should be held responsible with regards to news of two UniKL players being found using a banned substance in the MHL.

This blog is aware of the selective persecution of UniKL as three of their players were picked for a dope test after their first match against Uitm on September 18.

Though it was to be a random doping procedure, two of the three players hardly played in that match, thus making it clear that it was a targeted test.

The results came in on Wednesday and the MHF Secretary was the only one who had the details.

Though the team was informed, it was merely for them to get the players to exercise their option of testing the B Sample, and that was duly done.

So with only one person knowing the details, how was it leaked to the media?

It is now clear that the whole matter was planned by unscrupulous personalities that have no regards towards promoting the sport and will stoop so low for self interests.

Over to you President of MHF or MHC as you are the Chancellor of UniKL. The actions of some in MHF has now undermined the efforts of your university.

Let's just shut UniKL hockey Tuanku as these people look at them with distrust.

And why has the MHF not tested it's own Project 2013 squad.

By the way it was not a performance enhancing drug but a recreational drug, a social issue that youth in this age group are undergoing, not cheats as those who leaked out the story in the first place.