Wednesday, August 5, 2015


The failure of the Media and PR Committee to ensure the MHL matches are telecast can only mean one thing - that they are incompetent and must vacate their positions.

The idea of having a sponsor is to ensure that they gain maximum benefit in terms of publicity.

But here we have a scenario where the title sponsors name is not even mentioned once on TV or in the print media as all that is printed is MHL.

So where is the so called mileage to be accorded to TNB who pumped in millions into the MHL and are given a raw deal.

Word has it that the charity shield match between KLGx and Terengfanu was to be played in Twrengganu but was moved to KL due to telecast issues.

And it seems that the CEO further compounded the issue by claiming that the media will not cover the match in Terengganu.

That is shallow thinking and clearly shows that MHC has no interest to promote the sport nationwide and limits it to Klqng Valley.

The MHL has been in the calendar for a long time yet haphazard planning scares away the sponsors and with incompetent people running the show, it can only get worse.

Be accountable and resign Nagula Sivasothey for you have failed in an easy task.

Stop playing politics and own up that you have not  have a clue to what your job is.

And take this as a first step of the many failures I will highlight.